Thursday, December 01, 2005

I am Such A Friggin' Emo

This last few days in the office is making me really emo. Have been going for numerous lunches, breakfast, taking opportunity raya at people's hosues and saying goodbyes, calling people to my house and saying goodbyes.

All these goodbyes and kisses and hugs are making me even more difficult to swallow the big lump in my throat and cry as the days of my departure is getting nearer. I am so friggin' emo, am I not?

When I first moved to this new office, (Read my clever way of hiding secret stuff during movement here In Disguise), I was supposed to get a room. But of course in a big organisation, bureaucracy and budget allocation can slow things down. So only now that they are starting the office renovation. ONLY NOW! And yesterday I had to move my computers (so I can maintain blogging in the office. I don't do any real work here anymore) to a temporary corner while they make a room out of my cubicles.

So I was staring at it while they ripped my cubicle off naked. And I got friggin' emo.

People in the office are coming to me asking for my flat 17" monitor. One of them wanted my Altec Lansing speakers and subwoofer. They are now arguing over my vacant room which has windows. One of them already wrote necessary letters to ensure that he got my parking spot. And I got friggin' emo.

But it's okay, I am alright with all those. They are giving me presents also. I even got a 200GB external hard disc. Wah lau wei! Am I not the favourite rose here in the office?

Anyway, I couldn't stand it yesterday, listening to the wrecking, drilling and sitting through dust in the office being emo and all. I forced a friend for lunch. A friend who is outside my office world. I had lunch at KLCC even! I just need to get out of the office and I also wanted to see this guy before I go off. Mana tau boleh tap sikit berkat yang ada kat dia.

I was having lunch listening to his amazing stories and that's when my office mate smsed me. She said today is her last day for she is talking a one week leave. She wanted a last hug with me but I was out lunching and still lunching at three. She said something off mintak maaf jika diau ada buat aku terasa and all. And I lost all my machoness and my eyes got warm and watery. Focus Lollies! Focus! You don't want this guy to see you crying. Perhaps my lunch mate find me crazy and wondered what's with me. Sorrylah, I am just friggin' emo.

Then I went back to the office to find more presents waiting for me. Two beautiful coloured recipe books from a few of my office mates. I stayed for a bit and ran off driving around Damansara, Kelana Jaya and god knows where. I didn't even punch out yesterday. I was that friggin' emo.

In attempt to divert my mind's off this emo stuff, showed my friend some pictures off my camera. I showed his some art sculpture thing I devised out of two little patung kecil. One boy and one girl in a very compromising positions. Pornographic for some to be shown here.

And finally we were both convinced that I was supposed to be born as a boy. My parents must have secretly wished that they had a boy as their first child but had a beautiful girl instead. And the fact that the baby was beautiful, they thanked God and raised me accordingly.

I am running away at the slight notion of losing machoness, I cannot handle emotion well, I am mixing with the guys more than girls and they think I am their best friend, I like certain art too :-P. Could it be that emotionally, I am a man?

But that's only myth about man kan? Don't mind me, a friggin' emo person. They can't think rationally anyway


Anonymous said...

Selalulah bersedekah. Rasulullah bersabda:
"Sesungguhnya sedekah itu akan mengurangkan kepanasan(siksaan)
kubur daripada orang yang selalu memberi sedekah dan hanya
sesungguhnya orang mukmin itu akan bernaung dibawah naungan
sedekahnya di hari kiamat." Riwayat Tabrani.

shidah said...

* Virtual Hug * i know it is hard to say goodbye, leaving our comfort zone. I dare not think about myself doing the same, counting the last few days.... at least u'll be there with families...

bertique said...

eh what art are u refering to ler ?? u ni, so complicated.

lek aaa sis .. later kita video conference jek .. nak ?

sabor ekk ..

Anonymous said...


Jill Yusoff said...

I am sure Qatar would be a riot and it won't be long that we will all be envying you. For now, I am sending more hugs and wet slobbering kisses your way.

Anonymous said...

anon - ya

shidah - where are you going? not taking your families as well?

betik - no offense obviously do not know how to talk to a woman when she is friggin' emo do you?

nusayba - *hugs* back

nekbat - that has got to be the most encouraging word one can gice. smooch smooch slurp slurp

bertique said...

err ..

emo tuh apa??


dulu masa i amik saikology i di ajar 2 menda - kalau org emo, kita ada 2 options.
1. kita bersama-sama emo dgn kawan kita
2. try to break away from the problems - by pointing/discussing other things

i think i cuba buat yg later kot :D so today dah ok?

Lollies said...

psychologists? they said divert the issue? Divert issue is not a solution. Trust me. I am no psychologist but I am female who sometimes have an emotional drive like a man.

Read woman venus man mars.

Lazydaisy said...

i pulak yg sedey baca entry ni :(
ofis mate is leaving too, and i am quite close to her aiyooo all the best for you and your family in qatar, dont be too sad you can still keep in touch with them virtually hee hee :)

jauh di mata, dekat di hati

OneEE said...

ya jauh dimata dekat dihati...ada jodoh dan rezeki ketemu lagi..all the best!!! *hugs*


kaezrin said...

*big hugs*

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

i am feeling emo too. leaving the company you've worked for so long because of reasons beyond your powers is good enough reason to be emo. not only that, you are leaving home too. more reason to be emo.

i would be reeking with emo too if i were you.

*big hug*
*bear hug*

Anonymous said...

*virtual hug sambil tepok tepok bontot*

Lollies said...

onde - yalah harapnya gitu

kaezrin - group hug everyone

babe meilah sini aku nak nangis kat bahu ko.

riza - semuanya virtual ya.

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Alahai kena deleted dah comment akussss.

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Silap. I commented on other posts and thought the comments were here.

Ni said...

ada YM?

Anonymous said...

trust - tulah i dah agak dah.

cikni - ada. lozipoppies. tring tring lah

Anonymous said...

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