Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Kids and The phone

The kids particularly Haziq is very frustrated that they could not see their nenek (grandma). The big notice says that anyone below 12 are not allowed into the ICU to avoid the possibility of infection to the patient.

Haziq said whoever made up that rule are not anywhere near being genius. He also doesn't think it is right to deny the need for a grandchild like him to visit his beloved nenek. He said if they are worried about germs, they should get those safety suit or something. At least he can say hi to nenek.

Something for the Medical Association people to think about eh?

Haziq asked what happen to nenek. I said nenek is very very sick. She is now asleep.

She is sleeping for a looonnnnnnggggg time isn't she. Someone must have forgotten to send out invitation to the bad fairy, he said.

Bad fairy?

Yeah, now that bad fairy had put her to sleep for a long long time.

I suppose we need the prince to come and kiss her.

Not until I get the safety suit, said Haziq.

My mother is indeed a sleeping beauty.

Batrisyia is equally angry for not being allowed to see nenek. She has a lot of things to show and tell nenek. I can imagine. If mum is around she would pester almost to the point of bullying. She will be all over her nenek. My mother doesn't even have a chance. But of course sometimes my mum doze off even when Batrisyia was clambering all over.

Jack Jack? Well, he is fine as long as I am around.

Now the kids are pestering my auntie who came back today. Habislah Mak Itam

I must say sorry to my friends of whom I didn't even call since I got back. If you did try to call me, you will also notice that you can't reach me. You see I left my phone in Q@tar. :@

Now I don't have anyone's number. :@ except for the very few which I memorised for no apparent reason.

So this is my number. Do tinkle or sms.

Dibelenggu masalah? Terlalu gembira? Gundah gulana? atau apa saja hubungi nombor ini 019-653 6957

Yesterday, according to the nurse my mum moved a bit. But still no sign of waking up.


Jill Yusoff said...

Haziq is such a darling. Moving a bit is still a progress kan.

maklang said...

Take care and InsyaAllah nenek Haziq will soon be better.....

Anonymous said...

itulah nekbat - hati saya ada rasa sparkle sikit

mak lang - harapnya gitulah

Anonymous said...

haziq can take bay-ah from abuya :)

Anonymous said...

saudagar - bay-ah tu apa?

Anonymous said...

hugs from me

anne said...

Cutenya Haziq....and good to know you are hanging in there.

Anonymous said...

How sweet..... bebudak memang macam tu, imagination depa memang best punyer

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Bai'ah tu macam akujanji.

Anyways Riza mintak nombor handphone engkau? Aku dah hilang yang kau bagi hari tu.

Aku nye nombor
019-815 2016 dan
012-317 0261

Dibelenggu masalah? Terlalu gembira? Gundah gulana? atau apa saja hubungi nombor di atas itu.

Anonymous said...

anne and cik ni - haziq memang macam tu. banyak sangat idea

errr trust - banyaknya handphone number you. ni nak suruh i passkan nombor you kat riza ke?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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