Monday, October 04, 2004

Bumped into an old friend

I bumped into and old friend, SRY. That was unexpected. A pleasant surprise really. It has been a while since we last met. A while, is not even the right adjective. 14 years! 14 years is definitely not a while ago.

I went home still thinking about SRY. We shared some good moments. Which now thinking back, is amazing since we were not in the same class, not in the same clubs, not in the same social circle at all.

We had this thing during my ALevel time, English day or something, my class had to set some form of stall. We decided to sell those finger food/ fruit. Actually I picked that one, because I like it. Ahak! Ahak!

We sold watermelon, guava ith asam boi, pineapple, honey dew, fishball, nuggets, little fried chicken that is hard to chew whe it's cold. We also had this suppose to be our pulling factor. THE CALYPSO. It's triple scoop ice-cream, with chocolates, fruits and crunchy nuts on top. Yup I remembered SHRN and ANDY were the marketing people for that. They went round the block for customers.

"CALYPSO! CALYPSO! Try them (before it melts in my hand). Quench your thirst. Try our crunchy yummy CALYPSO!"

After a while.

"CALYPSO! Damn can someone get me tissues. This thing is melting.
Anyone..Hi sir! Care for some"

Even later

"CALYPSO! Anyone...anybody? Please..."

and later...

"Hey you! Have this OR ELSE!!"

Sorry digressing. Anyway, I was the boss. The head honcho. Naturally head honcho look for suppliers. SRY offered to help out. So went out rendezvous at our 'Pasar Malam' (local open air market). We went to nearly all who sell fruits and the fishball stuff. Bargaining was kinda fun. Our criteria? Cheap and also not "gatal" (pervert), dirty old man. There were the two of us walking around getting the best suppliers.

You know, there was this interesting stall, selling, you know, roses, apples and balloons for dedication. The girls with the most roses are obviously the hot chicks in town. I was hoping for at least one rose.




Oh! Well who needs those anyway. Superficial stuff.

What RHY has one too?! And she is no way near preety.

The boys' stall was FuN and WeT. They had this thing where you throw a ball, hitting it right and woossshhh the water comes down on the poor boy. Well 14 years ago, the boy were either skinny or has been fat since birth That was nothing much to see. Somehow they didn't get the girls to be the victim though. Put any 18 year old girl, the guys would be rich at no time.

Now, if they put SMRF on that one, I would definitely throw the ball, if not at the bull's eye, I will hit him instead. Better still if it is JPRT or MHDR. I would definitely throw the apples (that I bought for myself) at them. Now that would be really good.

Back to SRY. We had another project together. I was the Cutural Secretary for my block. Why? Because I am cultured baby..So eventually we had a cultural night. I had to come up with something. I put up the traditional Malay wedding thing. (OK it's not original. I know. But props are free). SRY was the groom. A handsome one as well. If you see her now, so preety and all, you won't believe that she is the groom.

SRY was a hit among the girls. I know what delivers. Ask Dato' Yusof, he knows what sells best.

I hope to have a makan-makan with SRY soon. She's going off to Manchester for her PhD. I AM SO JEALOUS. And I am not jealous about the PhD. I want to go back to Manchester. Send me pictures of the new Hulme, UMIST, Albert Square pleasee.....

Warping myself back to forteen years ago, sure bring back memories. Now why all the good memories are more than a decade ago?