Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My house is very very near to my school (but very very very far from the kids' school). I always have the luxury of going out of the house 5 minutes from class and got there just in time. But then people would ask me why am I late? Traffic huh? Err yes.

Anyway, today a friend of mine said can I go to your house after class, for solat? Despite my house is very near, no one has ever come to my house after class. It is probably because no one ever dare to ask and also because I never invite anyone anyway. Not that I don't like inviting, but because I am always in the fast mode, it would be inappropriate to invite anyone. I only have time to get home, solat, prepare some juice for the kids in the car, grab some food on the road and go out again.

So a friend wanted to tumpang solat hari ni, which I welcomed very much.

But then my house was like tongkang pecah! Errkkss! The books that I read yesterday was strewn on the sofa. dengan notebooks. the kids book were on the floor. My camera siap dengan speedlite lagi on the dining table. Jack is in the mood of cutting using scissors, so imagine the little little rubbish. The small computer table was stacked with books, it was almost as tall as the monitor. And it was not stacked according to width lak tu.

The left over coco pops that the kids ate during breakfast were still on the kitchen table. And so were the funnily chewed toasts (not rotidua). Thankfully I still had some pancakes. I made extra so I can eat after class. I served that to my friend who ate heartily. (That I am very happy! :D) And a small bowl of leftover spaghetti was also on the kitchen table. And oh my telekung sedang di sidai di pintu. Adoi malunya!

Now I remembered the real reason for not inviting anyone.

Hmm..this call for a reschedule of vacuuming day, mopping day, lipat baju day, gosok baju day, lap habuk day. Those should be done a day before my class day. he he

I know I know. I am such a failed goddess.

Monday, October 27, 2008


It's nice that the kids are grown up. We suddenly find ourselves with tiny helping hands. We can device things that they can do according to their age. All in the pretext of character building.

For example the other day, my lover who is sitting the closest to the toaster, wanted some toasts. Rather than getting up and doing it himself, or asking me his faithful wife to do it, he called haziq.

"Haziq. Toast roti dua."

Haziq, being the dutiful son immediately got up and said, "Then I must go back to Malaysia and toast ROTIDUA."

I think that boy is mixing with too many of my friends.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

O2 Overdosed : Lata Berkoh

This was our last trip on the whole O2 overdosed series. We didn't initially plan to go to Lata Berkoh but decided to go anyway looking at the photos. And also the kids were pestering to have a swim in the river again. The rapid shooting dip was not enough. Which I agreed.

Plus Lata Berkoh is also a chance for us to go slightly deeper into Taman Negara. What we went earlier was just the outskirts of Taman negra.

So we made an impromptu decision and decided to go to Lata Berkoh. We checked out of the hotel. Stuff our bags in the car and get only essential gears.

Lata Berkoh is about 8 km from the "port" of Taman Negara.

MalaysiaI say port I don't really mean port like what port really mean. But the activities of taking travellers from the jetty which borders the mainland and Taman negara were so lively with people and boats taking people away, sending people in, crossing the river to and fro made me call it a port.

It took us about an hour of boat ride to get there. We went through quieter waters. We were shaded almost all the way by the canopies of big trees. It was a really nice boat ride. It was fresh and it felt like clean air filled my lungs. 20 minutes more I think Zachary would have fallen asleep. :p

You know going back to Malaysia is a hell ride for my respiratory system. I had continuous selsema and cough. But a few days in Taman Negara cleared it.

The river got shallower and sometimes I could feel the boat hitting some rocks underneath. The water was so clear. It was beautiful.


When we reached the place that we were going, we had to walk about 700m to Lata Berkoh. It was an easy walk. But I perspired all the way. Man it was humid. I just couldn't wait to get myself in the cool clear water. Inviting betul.

But when we finally got there, it doesn't look suitable for the kids. It was deep and the possibility of rushing water is there. Thus the possibility the water hitting us is there. But the mat salleh dengan anak kecik pun dive aje. It was so deep the water was almost black. Takutlah aku. Bukan kata budak kecik, aku pun takut nak terjun. It is more that 8 feet deep.


So we retracted back to a spot we saw earlier. The water was shallow and there were no drops with big rocks. A spot just nice for all of us to dip in.


Setelah tangan mulai kecut, we moved out and took a boat ride back. Halfway we stopped at the Kelah sanctuary.

If you like fishing, you'd want to go here. I am clueless about fishing but I saw a video on how they fished for Kelah, apparently the King of the River. Man they are hard to catch and even when you manage to catch them, they will fight. It can take hours to get them out of the river after being hooked. And sometimes, you'd lose too for they are quite strong to snap away.

At the river bank they allow you to throw fish food into the river to feed some fish that I don't know the name. I got myself in the water to get better picture. The kids after seeing me got in too. But I think it is quite gross to be swarmed by the big fish. Macam gelilah. And after that I smelt of fish the whole day long.


I would recommend this trip to anyone. It was nice to be in the tranquil of the rainforest.

Of course there are harder and tougher trips. There was even one called hardcore trip which consists lots of climbing I suppose. At my rate? Hmm takpalah. But I would go again for slightly harder trips when the kids are older. But that would mean I am older too eh? Uhuk uhuk

It was also a challenge taking photographs here. In the forest where little sunlight comes in, i had to control the aperture and speed. Ahh susahnya. Pakai flash glaring pulak. Slow sangat blur pulak. And sometimes due to the reflection of the water, the pictures are slightly overexposed and when I change the setting we got under the shades gambar jadi gelap.Penat betul. And taking the SLR memanglah memenatkan.

Anyway, after the trip we went straight back to KL. Stuff our smelly baju in the washing machine and later we had dinner with Elisa's clan at muhibbah and further lepak at her house until 12.

So amacam? Ada rasa mau pergi Taman Negara? Bessttt tau!

You want to see more photos. Click HERE.

Surah Ah Nahl : 15-18
And He has set up on the earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with you; and rivers and roads; that ye may guide yourselves; (15)

And marks and sign-posts; and by the stars (men) guide themselves. (16)

Is then He Who creates like one that creates not? Will ye not receive admonition?(17)

If ye would count up the favours of Allah, never would ye be able to number them: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (18)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

O2 Overdosed : Perkampungan orang Asli and Gua Telinga

Still aching the day after.

We went to kampung orang asli next. It's like a place that is a must to visit when you go to taman Negara. I went there before and I went there again.

The aborigines are the only people allowed to live and exhaust the produce from the forest of the Taman negara. Usually the one that allows you to visit them are the one most open to the "outside world". their main economic activity is from tourist industry and small crafts. They go to school and many can speak malay. Our tour guide who is an orang asli himself can speak english you. he is also the most highly sought after by tourist agents and any government functions concerning orang asli. There are other tribes who are not interested with this kind of life but prefer to live close to nature.

Malaysia Malaysia

They live in small huts with no room partition. They usually cook outside in the open. The kids wear normal kid clothes. I suspect it should be the best gown they have. And the activity for tourists like me they typically showed they light fire (since they don't have a stove and those tik tok thing to light fire) and how they use their blowpipe.

Malaysia,haziqHaziq had a tremendous time on the blowpipe. We all took turns to blow. Just as I begin to wonder how do they live without the basic amenity of electricity like water from pipe and electricity and grocery stores, I bumped into an unused VCD player on the ground. Hmmm..

Malaysia Malaysia

And at the end of the day, some malay ladies come with bags of goodies of lauk pauk and stuff. And the orang asli bought food from them! Hmm so much of nyalakan api and sumpit binatang! He he he

But still go and visitlah. It's good to know.

Pictures of our visit to the perkampungan orang asli can be found HERE.

Then we went to Gua telinga not knowing what to expect. I know it is a very small cave which has bats. But like they say, you will only believe it when you see it.

The cave is really narrow. My camera lens kept bumping on to the walls. Nasib baik gua letak bag camera tu kat luar cave. Kalau tak tak cukup tanganlah nak pegang semua.

The slightly leceh part when we were in the cave is the cave is slippery and there are quite a lot of climbing both up and down. The gap is narrow and very little space to maneuver. Because Jack and perhaps the other two kids also are still not very agile in their movement, lover had to assist them many times. We also had to assist another family (japanese) who has three kids younger than mine. And they are wearing crocs pulak tu. Asiklah kerja tercabut.

Pity the guide, he was trying to assist Sya by directing her where to put her footing, he himself fell into the water. He he.

Man it was a clumsy trip for me. Nak balance camera, pegang torchlight, pegang batu and dinding walls to balance myself, help jack. Tak cukup tangan!

But the kids were again very well behaved and cooperate in whichever way possible. they are the main reasons we never tire to go places. they are always eager to learn and not too afraid of unfamiliar territory and getting themselves dirty. Made just the way I like it. Alhamdullilah.

Malaysia Malaysia

Anyway, there were bats in the cave. They are the blood sucker one. Eeeewww, actually I felt goosebump looking at them black squishy beings.

bats are another great sign from Allah. the way they navigate themselves without sight to use except by the sound wave they produce. Subhanallah! But they look so squishy. Squishy things with red eyes.


If you are claustrophobic, this cave is not for you. If you are on a large side this cave is also not for you. If your child needs to be carried most of the time, the cave is not for you. If you don't see why caves can be interesting, then any cave is not for you.

But this Gua telinga is something else lah because it is underground. They actually go much deeper into the ground, but for safety reason, those do not become tourist area to go.

We came out safe and sound. My hands covered in moss or bats dung for all you know and sweat. It was another good day.

Pictures of our visit to Gua Telinga can be found HERE.

Friday, October 17, 2008

O2 overdosed : Rapid shooting and Night Safari

I went to rapid shooting that very afternoon. The name rapid shooting, especially when you are surrounded with river water, should suggests you that you will get wet. And I got wet indeed.

It is suppose to be like the white water rafting except there is no raft. and also the fast water taklah fast enough. Most of the time it is the boatman yg shake the boat about at the slightly rapid water.

But the kids LOVE it! I like it too. We threw water at each other including other people in the boat. And we threw water at other boats too.

So knowing that you will get wet, prepare yourself with the right baju. If pakai hijab, pakailah labuh sikit. Pakailah swimming suit kat dalam jadi tak melekat kat badan. Pakai sports bra supaya shape hilang. tee he he.

Then we had a dip. The kids lagilah suka.

One tip if you are taking kids for traveling adult style make sure a few of the activities include something fun FOR them.

I would recommend you to go here especially if you have kids. They will love it. err kalau dia tak takut airlah.

Malaysia,haziq Malaysia,syaMalaysia,kids

Malaysia,kidsThe very same night we went for NIGHT SAFARI trip. Pergh adventure gila bunyinya. Siaplah tok rimau, tenuk, gajah dapatlah ku tengok. Naik 4WD lak tu. Adventure adventure.

Time came, it was a 4WD pick up and all of us sat at the back of the open pick up. The kids were excited. Adventure in the jungle in the darkness of the night. We had torch in our hands so we can catch the animals and surprise them.

Then the car drove initially on the normal kampung road. he had a big spot light with him and was pointing to the trees at the road side, kat tepi rumah orang kat, kebun.

hah that is a little fox! he said. err where? where? I can only see the reflection of the eyes.

Hah! there can you see up on the tree? That is the Slow lorry!
Slow lorry?

I only saw the eye's reflection.

After sometime he was still on the kampung road. And I said to lover, is this all the night safari? On this road ke?

Then the car finally made a turn! What a relief!

But into palm oil plantation. Hah! Ladang kelapa sawit aje? Hmm perhaps into the jungle after this.

hah! Owl!
Hmm ok

Suddenly the cold night turned wet. It rained! Quite heavily! The kids were put in the car to their protest. We were given rain coats, which smell and has no hood.

So there I was sitting with mat sallehs and with lover side by side at the back of the 4WD huddling with him.

Very soon, I can feel the water trickling on my back and into my jeans. My socks and shoes were all wet. Cis macamana nak trekking esok ni?

And we didn't see any animals!

I looked at lover and he looked at me. then he said, "What the hell are we doing?."
I laughed really hard.
He said" Macam ayam hutan kena hujan aje kita ni!"
I laughed even harder.
"Macam pelarian pun ada!"

You should look at us. Merengkok kesejukan dan kebasahan at the back of the pick up. the kids are already asleep in the car. And we were going into the palm oil plantation seeing what we always see bila balik kampung.

The Mat Salleh probably enjoyed it. They asked us what is that sound? They were frogs croaking, which were quite loud but normal when it rains here. They thought they were cows. But you can excuse them of course.

from then on, each time we drive along some kebuns or kampung road we would go nght safari night safari. slow lorry slow lorry. hahahhaha

I wouldn't recommend this activity if you are malaysian. Unless you really really really have never seen palm oil plantation.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

O2 Overdosed : Canopy Walk and Bukit Terisek

This is a cerita basi but I feel like writing it. Otherwise it will go unrecorded. :D

We had an overdose on oxygen the last summer we went home to Malaysia (i told you memang cerita basi). We went to Taman Negara!

Prior to going, I receive lots of tips from the Elisa Clan. So I took most of the tips. I stayed at the hotel they suggested. Which is W00dland Resort. Look out for special promotion. We didn't take their package instead we took the one outside. We sort of saved here and there. Hotel is reasonable but food a bit on the bleargh side. No let me correct that, a lot on the bleargh side. But then if you are on an adventure get going vacation, food should not be the biggest issue (to me lah).

But tell you what, we found this warung for lunch, slightly further from the resort, like kena patah balik, which sold some fish tak tau apa nama, masak tempoyak yang rasanya beyond this world. Seriously, I am not a fan of masak tempoyak, tapi mak oi sedapnya lauk makcik ni. lauk kicap pun sedap. It is at the tapak pasar malam (which is on Wednesday night). Sigh teringat-ingat ni.....sedapnyaaaaaa.

Anyway the night we arrived, we went to NIGHT WALK activity. We were supposed to stumble upon exotic animals and insect of the rainforest. But what do you expect when about 10 people stomped the noisy trek? All animals would have scrambled away. We found some insects though..giant millipede, a pair of mating praying mantis (their love making lasts about three weeks and will end with a tragic death of the male, killed by the bitch mantis), big timber ants, big spiders and ular daun. Basically we found only insects that can scramble a mere few mm away. We also smelt sandalwood (kayu gaharu).

But at the watchtower we saw some deers. My lover suspect those are herded deers. We also saw an owl drinking from the salt lake. The salt lake is good for the animals antibody (so they say).

Zachary knowing that we are looking for animals in the dark with the help of the torchlight was excited as well. Suddenly he shouted, "I found something!". And we all huddle (the mat salleh and all) against his small being, only to found small black ants trailing its path. Hahahhahahaha! Everyone loves him immediately.

I would recommend you to take this activity especially if you have kids my age. Bila lagi nak jalan malam-malam and drench yourself in sweat. Even though you'd say to yourself (if you are Malaysian, especially if you have stayed in kampung), apa bendalah ni, but your urban kids will love it.

The next day we went to the canopy walk.

You see, I have been camping at Taman Negara like 19 years ago when I was very active and very fit. If you are in mukabuku, you can see my tagged photo of the trips I went. You're also allowed to laugh your head off looking at my supposed to be cool look back then.

Anyway the canopy walk was not of existence then. So I was more than jakun to go. Not bad! I enjoyed it. But I was pespiring like crazy. It was really humid.

Here are some photos. Hmm but it is actually difficult to show the depth in photos tau. I hope these photos do justice to the height of the canopies of Taman negara.

Malaysia,jack Malaysia

I would recommend everyone to go here. Appreciate the canopies of rainforest.

The canopy walk package also includes trekking up the Bukit Terisek. I remembered 19 years ago, trip to Taman Negara was a laughable trip. kacang gila! Apa ni? Tak mencabar langsung. makan angin aje. Assuming the same, I went up trekking. After all bukit je kan?

But adoi, it was trekking almost all the way up. Sakit peha! sakit betis! Adoidoidoi!

But the kids were practically running up. Worse when we trekked down. they took the route with stairs, which was terrible in my opinion. My thigh muscle, which was near non-existence, were screaming. And Zachary ran all the way down!

But overall it was a good experience indeed! Balik terus terlepek.

Oh they showed us some stones that can be rubbed with bit of water and produce some colours. We coloured our faces and we all look macho going down the hill. Walaupun kaki sakit. Surely most of us dah tengok ni masa kecik-kecik kan?

jack,Malaysia Malaysia

I would recommend this trip if you are generally fit. Kalau orang pernah masuk wataniah, this is like berjalan-jalan kat belakang rumah aje. I wouldn't recommend if you small children which is clingy or if you have a baby. Kalau sanggup nak dukung all the way up and down, teruskanlah.

I read in one of their notice boards, if you manage to climb Bukit Terisek, you are well on your way to trek up Gunung Tahan. err I don't think so! Gunung Tahan has about seven hills to climb. The hills are tough with steep ridges. Tak apalah...

Man this is such a long post. I have a few more days of the trip to tell. Sambung next postlah.

Here are some photos of the Canopy Walk and Bukit Terisek Activity.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Ramadhan Activities

Do you remember my post about the books that I bought for the kids some time ago? You can read it again HERE. Anyway, two of the book collections as the following came in very handy during Ramadhan.

books books

After discussing with them about Ramadhan and Laylatul Qadr, I was thinking how best should I conclude our lessons. How best to ensure that they understand. In fact I have been thinking for quite some time, how best to wrap our lessons up.

And Allah answered my questions, Subhanallah. I was directed from one link to another and stumbled upon LAPBOOK.

Apparently, lapbook is the hip thing among the homeschoolers.

Lapbook is a like a portfolio of work that can contain anything from worksheets, paper flaps, pockets to mini books. It is one tool that best summarises your work. nearly all thinkable topics can be made into a lapbook. It can be used from the little 4 year olds up to adults even. You can design it scrapbook like with lots of design and paper pasting. You can make drawings, graphs, stories, diagrams and whatever you want. I guess your only limit is your creativity.

Why is it call a lapbook? because it's in a form of a cardboard holder that is made into a book that fits on your lap. :D

If you want to read a better explanation on lapbook do read it here.

Soooooooooooooooooo, guess what we made?
Our very first LAPBOOOK. Yayyyy
And the title was OUR RAMADHAN BOOK.


The top picture is the cover page coloured by Sya and Jack. The bottom picture is what you see in the book. We pasted flaps containing information on Ramadhan, question and list of answers, time for saum, the Suratul Qadr, Quran verses and hadiths. basically everything about Ramadhan.

The kids tremendously enjoyed doing the pasting and the cutting. We used whatever we have in the house. Master Potty left us a lot of white carboards. I also cut up some paper bags, wrapping papers. I even pasted Jack's school artwork. I truly enjoyed making them getting a grasp of what they have learnt throughout Ramadhan. I hope it has been beneficial to them as it was for me.

There were a lot of planning involved before doing the lapbook, obviously. I certainly appreciate teachers who do activities with their students, for to create even one page requires a whole lot of research and planning. But of course I should not take the credit all for myself. I took most of the ideas from this site, RAISING MUSLIMS. May Allah bless the author for such wonderful work. Do click at the site, and explore other sites that she linked even further. I learned tremendous!

What I love most when the kids had to answer in their own words. One of the questions was

Good deeds that I can do

* prepare for iftar
* help ibu clean
* be helpful to people
* sweep the floor for ibu
* derma
* tolong ibu basuh pinggan
* be nice to people
* baca quran
* tarawikh prayers

See..a lot of things for me. Cikgulah katakan. tee he he

This lapbook shall be used again and again each Ramadhan time comes and I hope to add in stuff and make it even better. It is also an easy tool to make revision because nearly all information are there. When Jack can appreciate Ramadhan better, he would be using the book too. ALhamdullilah.

Anyway, I typed out a more detail contents of the Ramadhan lapbook in another site. If you want you can read it there.

Ramadhan lapbook : This is the first page of the book. It opens up a question to the readers on "Why do we fast?"

Ramadhan Lapbbok 2 : This is the middle page of the book. Look at our laylatul Qadr activities

Ramadhan lapbook 3 : This is the wrap ups. It contains questions the kids need to answer in their own words like "The good deeds you can do during fasting" and "what do we learn from fasting?"

Ramadhan Lapbook- Post review : This entry is about my plans for the next Ramadhan lapbook (which will be done come next Ramadhan). It will include on how to improve the current lapbook and also planned activities.

I am planning to use this new site to write up the syllabus of the lessons that I do with the kids. I have been making syllabus for the kids for nearly a year now. What I need to do now is to share it with a bigger audience. This is in the hope to receive better suggestions and constructive criticisms to improve myself.

My syllabus, however, was a collection of syllabus that I found from either textbooks or the net. With my very limited knowledge on the subject I am teaching, I certainly need help from all of you.

I hope also by sharing, we all can gain more towards the betterment of everybody. Do visit my new site now and again at

At the moment though, it only has topics on our current work : lapbook. tee he he. semangat je lebih.

sya,jack haziq

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lagi-lagi Jack

Life resumes yesterday for me.

However, as per the covenant between myself and lover, since he insisted that I move Sya and Jack to haziq's school, he is now to send all the kids to school while I will only fetch them in the afternoon.

Yesterday was the first day. And come that day, I was feeling a bit useless and less of keibuan not sending them. Especially knowing my lover just want to drop them at the gate and go off. I had to coax lover to send Jack to his class.

Jack was happy that his father is the one sending him yesterday. But today after kisses and hugs and big smooches, he turned and wept.

Huhuhuhuhu..I tell you, gua cair babe..cair!

Aku nak kena hantar ke?
Eh tapi nanti kelas aku start susah. Jauh tu.

Aku patut hantar ke?
He should learn to grow up.

Patut ke aku hantar dia?
Look at the luxury of time you have now (before class starts that is)

Aku ke yang patut hantar?
Wei kan dah buat perjanjian dengan lover. Perjanjian tetap perjanjian.

So it's ok, all of us will go through this phase, Insya Allah.

I called lover to quiz him (because I am a quizzer). Soo...did you send Jack to his class? And he replied (knowing it is exactly what I want to know),"and I stayed with him a 10-15 minutes longer as well" Hooray! I doubt the 15 minutes actually, but that's good enough for me.

Today when Jack comes back, I feel like berkubanging with him on the bed.

On another note, in my quest to teach Jack's on body function, we had a very interesting conversation.

"What if I take out your eyes?" I asked.
"Then I cannot see.". he said smiling.

"What if I take out your ears?"
"Then I cannot hear."

"What if I take out your bon-bon?"
"Then I cannot poo-poo. And poo-poo is good for you." He replied seeking for confirmation as well.
"Yes poo-poo is good for you."

"What if I take out your nose?"
"Then I cannot pick my nose"

Oh yeah! That's my boy!


Sunday, October 05, 2008

How much?

jack"Do you love me, Jack?", I asked.

"Yes!", he answered.

"How much?", I asked

"Sixty nine, thirty two, four, five, seven, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine!!" He answered confidently. "And that's a lot!"

"What about me?", my lover asked

"Same as ibu", he exclaimed. "ALOT!"

A lot indeed. i agree.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Raya di Qtar 2008

Seperti yang tidak dijangkakan, puasa di Qtar tahun ini cuma 29 hari sahaja. Sama seperti tahun lepas. Tapi tak sangkalah aku pisang berbuah dua kali.

Asalnya aku tak nak masak apa-apa pun. Sebab mengikut pengalaman yang lepas aku tak duduk rumah satu hari suntuk, jadi masak ni macam membazir pulak. Tapi tahun ni pulak ramai kawan yang aku rapat sikit tu dan yang senior sikit tu dan yang selalu masak dan yang aku selalu lepak sampai ke tengah malam tu nak pergi beraya-raya overseaslah pulak. Maka aku bercadang biarlah malam ni orang lepak kat rumah aku pulak.

Jadi, malam tu lepas dapat sms yang raya jatuh pada hari Selasa, aku pun dengan segera terus campak ketupat segera (saja suka pakai segera 2 kali dalam satu ayat). Nasib baik masa tu aku tengah vacuum rumah separuh jalan. Kalau tak harulah kelam kabutnya.

Tapi masa tu aku seakan emotionallah pulak. Esok raya? Ramadhan definitely had run its speed. Balik aje kekasih aku (dia pergi tarawikh asalnya) tak sempat-sempat dia nak letak santan tin yang dia jumpa kat kedai tu, aku terus peluk dia dan nangis. Don't ask me why, because I don't know why either. Err dan lepas tu dia volunteer untuk mop rumah. :p

Dan aku mulalah sessi potong memotong. Nampaknya, niat aku nak masak dan mengecohkan suasana rumah menjadikan malam raya tu lebih kecoh. Haziq dan Sya berebut nak tolong potong. Nasib baik aku ada 3 chopping board. Dia orang potong serai dan daging (terkecik pulak. Lack of supervision dari aku). AKu potong yang susah iatu bawang and other stuff. Oh aku juga tukang goreng kerisik.

Zachary malam tu memang lebih excited. berlari-lari satu rumah. Kelakar betul. Tak tau amenda excited aje lebih.

Kali ni sembahyang raya di tanah lapang seperti arab yang lain. Kita orang tak pergi embassy sebab embassy sembahayang raya lambat sangat. Pukul 830. Panaaaasss dah time tu. Macam pukul 1100 kat Malaysia. Pasal kita orang keluarga Lollies yang akan cair melekit kena panas, so sembahyang open air pukul 0600 pagi dengan matahari baru aje naik, angin pun sejuk-sejuk aje, dengan kawasan terbukanya, jauh lebih best.

Balik raya ada pulak makanan raya sikit. Sedaapp tu. AKu buat simple aje, nasi impit, kuah kacang, lodeh and rendang.

Pukul 10 kita orang start keluar beraya, berconvoy dengan The fath dan the Dans dan malam tu pukul 930 baru dia orang datang beraya rumah aku sampai pukul 12 lebih.

Semoga ini jadi kenangan indah beraya dengan rakan yang dah jadi saudara aku sampai bila-bila.

Psstt lagi indah sebab dia orang kata rendang dan kuah kacang aku meletops. Ahaks! Ahaks!

Rakan-rakan yang membaca blog ini, saya ucapkan selamat hari raya. Saya mintak maaf jika ada tulisan saya yang mengguris hati di sini maupun di komen box. Eid Mubarak. Taqabbal Allahhu minna wa minkum.