Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lollies' New Toy

Because lover refused to indulge me into a macro lens, I had to seduce him in getting me another toy. Way way way cheaper. And because it is five times cheaper than the said lens, plus the benefit of CHILDREN's education, he agreed.

So we got ourselves (notice I used the pronoun we. I am that generous) a pen set for the computer of sort. A Bamb00 from Wac0m. What is it for? It's for drawing. Drawing? Why can't you draw on a paper like everyone else? Because I can't draw. Using mouse on paint is still good right? Yeah, but I can't draw. And you can draw on this? I sure do. And why would you be using it for then? draw of course. And more other uses that they claim I can do but I don't know how to do it yet. You know lots and lots of things.

I have mastered it enough to allow the kids use it. And here is Sya drawing spider web in front of a cave for our last session on Jabal Thawr.


I told you it's for the children's education.

PhotobucketAnd here is my attempt for our Quran worksheet front cover.

I made enough drawing such that lover is convinced that his investment has yield its return.

Return? I am not even getting anything out if this.

Neither does he actually.

But he got luuurrrvvveeee. Yielding return jugak tu kan?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After 37 Years

This time round it began to dawn on me on the importance of going for the Eid prayers. *Ashamed of myself*. It is so important that some scholars even made a fatwa that it is Fard Ain. I shall not discuss this, but the essence here is it is important for everyone to go.

I use to think that ahh it is just sunat. Because you see, the way I define what sunat was, it's ok if you don't do it. The sahabahs, instead, will ask did the Prophet s.a.w. do it or not. If he s.a.w. did it, so will they. (Do you feel differently if I say sunnah instead of sunat? :D) Of courselah I cannot be anywhere near the sahabah and sahabiyats. But I can try as much as I can.

And I use to think, only the men should go, the women stay behind (and prepare the food and pakai baju cantik and siapkan anak). Whereas in a sahih hadith from Bukhari, the women were ordered to go out even though they are in their menstruation. Of course care should be taken not to glamourise oneself with makeup and perfume and baju blink blink. :P

The Two Festivals (Eids)
Bukhari :: Book 2 :: Volume 15 :: Hadith 97

Narrated Um-’Atiya:

We were ordered to go out (for ‘Id) and also to take along with us the menstruating women, mature girls and virgins staying in seclusion. (Ibn ‘Aun said, “Or mature virgins staying in seclusion).” The menstruating women could present themselves at the religious gathering and invocation of Muslims but should keep away from their Musalla.

So for the first time in my 37 years of life, I went for Eid prayer. Hmm that makes me and my 8 year old Sya and my 5 year old Jack the same. We have deflowered Eid Fitr prayer. :P

I went to the one organised by F@nar Islamic Centre here. As the sunnah, they perform Eid prayer in the open. Err the women's one is enclosed in a makeshift wall though. And we did it after syruk which was sometime at 5:40 in the morning. Subhanallah it was wonderful. The sun were sleepily rising. And the cool breeze was blowing. My shayla was gently ruffled. And I love everything about it even though my forehead and tumit (what is tumit in english ah?) were hurt because I can feel the sharp stones underneath the sajadah.

It is too bad that the emb@ssy here have their prayer at 8:30 in the morning. At 8:30 in the D0ha morning is as hot as noon. So I passed.

And also for the first time I listen to a live khutbah.

I have all the right to be jakun I think.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Malam Raya 2009

JackJack accidentally knocked his head on my nose. Right smack on my batang hidung!

It hurt so bad. So bad that I felt that I am losing my mind and that all function of the nose. It's like having the effect of brain freeze except this is snappier.

It hurt so bad that I immediately cry and ran to the toilet because I felt so much like smacking him. I cried and cried in the toilet profusely. I locked myself in and refuse to answer my lover when he called.

And then there was blood! My nose is bloody bleeding! But because I was crying so much the blood diluted and trickled down.

After twenty minutes or so, I still can't feel my nose. Is it still there I wonder. I reached out, yes it is still there. I wonder if it has become penyet causing more damage to the already penyeked nose.

But I was still crying because of pain and also uncontrollable anger.

I went out anyway because the toilet was not very comfortable to sit for long. Now I am feeling a mix of blood and saliva trickling down my throat.

Lover went out for Isya'.

JackJack and Sya were standing there. I can see them at the corner of my eyes. Finally I turned to them and signaled for Jack to come over. He handed me a big card with two pictures of a lady wearing hijab. One says "before" and the other, "after". The before lady was looking sad and the after one, smiling.

Jack said sorry Ibu. And I hugged him, I am sorry too. And we cried together, hugging each other. Then i signalled Sya to come over since she was crying by herself. And I know she was the one who initiated the card anyway. And there the three of us were crying.

A patah hidung can do this to you.

Anyway Jack wrote this in the card (Sya wrote it)
Oh Allah, heal my mother on her lips on her eye and on her nose and on her forehead.

and from Sya
Oh Allah, make my mother a very strong Muslimah from the ummah.

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alamin

And from me,

Oh Allah make my children the comfort of my eyes and them the leaders of the muttaqun. Bestow on me patience in dealing with them.

Then lover came back with Haziq from the masjid announcing that it would be Eid tomorrow.

Itulah dia drama pada malam raya tahun 2009.

Eid Mubarak my friends. May Allah accept our deeds.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pesanan Untuk Layth

Pesanan tidak berbayar ini di tujukan untuk Layth dan mereka yang seangkatan dengannya. Pesanan ini ditaja oleh Ahmad Zachary.

Senario : Perbualan yang penuh kasih sayang antara Zachary dan ibunya

Zachary : Ibu, where does a baby pee?
Ibu : They pee in their diapers.
Zachary : They pee in their diapers? All the time?
Ibu : Yeah almost all the time.
Zachary : Then where do they poo?
Ibu : In their diapers also.
Zachary : In their diapers too?
Ibu : Yes.
Zachary : They pee and poo in their diapers??? Eeeeewwww Yuuuuccckkkksss!!

Eleh! Podahlah! Dulu nak potty train pun satu hal. Lagi yucks konon.

Perbualan di akhiri dengan usikan yang sesungguhnya Zachary juga pernah poo dan pee di dalam diapersnya satu ketika dulu. Usikan ini disusuli dengan geletek-geletek manja berserta ugutan untuk memakaikan diapers padanya sekiranya beliau nakal. :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

Obey Your Husband

I enjoy it when my lover follow me shopping. This is because I would otherwise have to lug in all the plastic bags by myself. If you know the condition of my current house now, you would understand why I grit my teeth to stop myself from cursing.

With him, he would carefully select the plastic bags. Taking the lighter bags and passing it to me, while he himself would carry all the heavier and bigger bags into the house.

So I asked him, "Why do you give me all the lighter bags while you carry the heavier ones?"

"It is because I want to make it easy for you."

Hmmm, then I said to him, "But then why don't you carry them all?"

Sungguh over.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Feminist Tau!

Before we went for umrah (eh tak habis lagi ke kisah umrah ni?), my children and I brainstormed the dua's that we want to make. The list of dua's were particularly helpful to help us focus on what we want most especially during tawaf. Alhamdulillah.

By the way, if you can read Aliya. she has an entry of making a list of dua's. You can divide your needs according to types and what nots. It is especially helpful this coming last blessed nights of Ramadhan.

Anyway, Haziq, during our brainstorming, came up with the idea that he want to ask to be a syahid. Masya Allah. May Allah fulfill his dua'.

And May Allah grant his mother peace and contentment.

Anyway, upon hearing this, Sya said she also wants to be a syahid(ah). To which Haziq answered, eh syahid for boys onlylah Mana ada girls jadi syahid.

It's one thing to say a wrong fact like this but it is another thing to say it in front of his mother!

Now let me story about one of the greatest Muslimah, Sumayyah.

Sumayyah is the mother of 'Ammar bin Yassir.

When the mid-day heat was at its most intense, and the desert sands were boiling, Banu Makhzoom would drag her and her son and her husband out to an exposed area, where they would pour burning sand over them, place heated shields on them, and throw heavy rocks at them.

Sumayyah remained steadfast and patient, and refused to say what the mushrikeens wanted to hear. The despicable Abu Jahl stabbed her with a spear, killing her, and thus she had the honour of being recorded as the first martyr in Islam. The first syahid(ah)

So so so the first martyr is a woman my dear son.

I told this story to Sya and Haziq. And both were wide eyed listening to it. And I also told them, in the history of Islam there were many women who endured even worse torture for the sake of Islam. May Allah place them in the highest of jannah.

There is a clip here. An excerpt from an old film, "The Messenger". The woman tortured is Sumayyah, while the man being tied up to the pole is Ammar bin Yassir, her son. The man in black who comes at the end of the clip is supposedly Hamzah bin Abdul Mutalib, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w uncle.

It is the last ten days of Ramadhan. Let's sprint now, Insya Allah.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Alahai Sayang Ibu

I knew it! Jackjack has been showing his not so happiness about going to school when the break almost end. One week before school starts, he was saying, I wish I am sick. And why is that? So I don't have to go to school. Oh Allah make him a healthy boy.

And yes as expected he would make sad faces. Eh no! He didn't make them. He was (and still is) genuinely sad.

Yesterday upon waking up in the morning for school, he claimed he has tummy ache. I was very agitated actually. Don't imagine me being like the sweet caring mother who would hug her young ones and rub his tummy and all. I was quite angry. He was probably feeling groggy yes, but I doubt that it will affect his schooling time.

Nevertheless, the outcome was still the same. He didn't go to school. And because I suspected he was not really sick, I did not allow any computer nor TV while he was at home. Which he adhered. But he was stuck on me like glue. And was trying to please me most of the time. He even prayed for I don't know how many rakaats reciting the fatehah and the 3 quls ever so loudly. Masya Allah!

Today he went to school. But the minute I parked the car. And he had to jump about in the car and managed to hurt himself in the knees. He still has to go to school, I said. And he was teary eyed the whole morning. I had to stay with him until the bell rang. And more teary eyes.

Alahai sayang ibu sorang ni.


Friday, September 04, 2009

Not Too Bad

When the kids' school started, I have anticipated the series of bracing the strong heat sending them and picking up from school. Ramadhan this time round is at the final quarter of summer. And if you have been following my complaints you would know that summer here is no joke.

So I have been keeping a mental self assurance that patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded.

And the sisters also have been forwarding emails about the virtues of fasting during the hot days. If you like to read it click HERE. It is motivating indeed especially for those who will need to brace the heat yang panas! Patience will be rewarded.

I remember a story that I have been trying to think of the actual situation of the event for weeks but still could not grab hold of it. Camni cerita dia. A man was asked, I think he should be in heaven or something. Would you like to live in the world again. He said if to live again only so that he can fast in the long summer days and pray in the long winter nights. Agghh. please help me remember this story.

Anyway. So I was mentally prepared for the heat. Splat sunblock. Selet deodorant. Man it is humid now! Payung dah siap. Patience will be rewarded.

And then I went out and it was not too bad. The highest it reached was 45C so far. Most of the time 42C.

So that was not too bad. Not too bad at all.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Budak Kecik yang Dah Besar

Today is the first day of school for all my children. After a looooooonnngg summer break.

And today Haziq is officially in the secondary school. What? Sekolah menengah??? Dah besar dah tu!! Tapi suara tak pecah lagi pun?

Haziq is only 11. He should be in Standard 5 now in Malaysia but the different age in the school system here makes him in Year 7 now, equivalent to Form 1.

And there he was in his oversized secodary school shirt. The shirt, the smallest size they have, an XS actually is still big on him. If he tucks in his shirt, he would look like he has a big bottom.

I sent him to his building this morning. His friends were all there to greet him. They eagerly told him which class he would be in. And I can see they were all too eager to jump on him already. So I said, I think you'd do fine. Yeah I would, Insya Allah.

He hold out his hand and I took it and he kissed my hand. And I naturally kiss his forehead. And told him to be good. And reminded him where he should wait for me later.


Wehei, he still allow me to kiss him in publiclah. In fact those hand kissing and forehead kissing were right smack in front of all his friends and strangers too.

I like.

I walked a few steps and turned back. he was at a corner with his friends already. A few seconds later he turned and saw me and waved.

He is the budak kecik yang dah besar.

And now let us go back to JackJack's class because I think he looks like he was going to cry.

O' Allah make my children the comfort of my eyes and make them leaders of the Muttaqun

Ayah dan Haziq