Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bermain Pasir Bersama Elisa

When Elisa smsed me, I cannot tell you how excited I was. I know she did mention about coming over sometime in December, but then I thought she just got back from Hajj, mesti letih. Plus I didn't have a computer to ask her anything.

But she CAME!!!!! Oh I hugged this mak hajjah really tight. jangan jeles ya! Ambik berkat you.

This trip with elisa is like an overdose of sand. We played sand either by bashing it or making them sing for two days in a row. It was a good trip I think.

Happen to be it was a long weekend in Qatar. And some people in Doha who have parents babysitting their kids while they go for Hajj also want to go to the dune. They want to show their parents the activities that they usually do in Doha. This is to the dismay to some of the parents though. hahahhaha! Tak boleh lupa convo ni, mak memeber I said, "Ko nak bunuh aku ke? Kalau ko nak mak mati, biar mak keluar aje dari kereta ni!" We were all laughing at my friend.

Anyway, the trip was mostly smooth. I strongly advised my friends to take an easier route. What with ramai parents in the car. Tak kuasalah nak tolak-tolak kereta. Errrr even though I tak pernah tolak pun. Hahahhahaha. I want to get there fast and stay long there. Tapi rupanya we did not stay that long. Sebelum maghrib dah keluar. Kalau dulu lepas Isyak baru sampai.

duneIt was an easy ride so some of us before going back took a slightly harder route semata2 nak turun the steep slope. And wehei Mr. Taufik deflowered the slope too. Hoyeeeehhhhh!

I blogged a lot about my trips to the dune and just how much I love them. I hope Elisa likes it too. At least it's a different experience to be in. But before the trip I was hoping that everything goes smoothly and refrain myself from talking about certain mishaps especially when we fell off the tip of the ridge. He he

Mr. Taufik and his baby

The following day, lover took Mr Taufik and the boys to Fanar for Jumuah prayers. On that day, they were lucky to witness a man reverting to Islam and announcing the syahadah! Allahu Akbar! I hope it was an uplifting experience.

Initially later in the evening, I wanted to take them to Souq Waqif because I remember them liking the place so much. And it was Friday. There are usually extra cultural activities on Friday. But nampaknya mungkin they are bored with it. Yalah dah pergi entah berapa kali agaknya. So I excitedly said why not we go to singing dune? It's only 40 minutes from Doha and it's unique too.

duneThe kids looovvvee the singing dune. They took something (I don't know what from Elisa's car), that can be made into a huge sled and tied the towing cable at one end and pull it to the top of the dune, and pull the girls down on it. Then with all the effort they have (and nampak macam effortless pulak tu), they climbed up the dune pulling the sled up just to repeat the same routine. You should hear the girls screaming delight as they come down. Not to mention the hum sound it produced.

The kids have too much energy lah. Baguslah discharge kat situ. It took me ages to climb up the dune. Dahlah dengan kamera bag and tripod. Macam nak mampus!

I love the singing dune. In my opinion it's the best and easiest place to take visitors to. It's a unique place too. It's a sign of Allah's power. He creates the sand in so many characteristics. Subhanallah! When you hear the sand hum or the pasir berdengung, you will be at awe.

It was a very cold day when we went there. I brought mee goreng and spaghetti and I ate it and it was so cold. I swallowed the noodles and only felt coldness going down the esophagus. Brrrrrrrr.

When I managed to get to the top of the dune, I can feel the wind so sharp on my face. It was dusk that time. I looked around the dune and felt the silence and the stillness of it. Then I looked down at my feet and saw some sand trickling downwards. There is life here. I know I am going to miss this when I do go back to Malaysia.


taufik lighting campfireIt gets colder as maghrib sets in. After maghrib, Mr Taufik, an ex head scout I was told, started setting up the campfire. It was hard. We had no lighter. So Mr Taufik used the car cigarette lighter. He picked wood and coal that are straying around from the past campfires. He had to fight with the wind and also the old coal yang dah serap embun and segala moist. But he finally managed to light up the fire. Bravo! Bravo! Elisa mesti bangga gila dengan kekasih dia itu. And she has all the right to be also. :D

I waited all the time in front of the fire and took pictures of the fire building up. Dari tak ada api sampai ke hidup. I was rewarded with this picture. I love the way the sparks frames the face. And the picture was all sharp except for the movement of the had fanning the fire.

And we gathered around it laughing to silly jokes given by both the kids and also adult. Listen to this

"Lucy has a big one and Mollie has two little ones."

Don't ask me why I only remember this one. Oh! I know why. Because I was the one who answered it without prior knowledge to the answer. Cubalah jawab.

We gathered until the fire subsided. The cold made me so hungry and went to eat Thai food afterward.

The next day we relaxed and went around to the mall and to a few invitations. Tak larat dah nak gi outdoor. he he

Before Elisa went back, we managed to shop for books sikit. Eh! elisa, ada book fair kat doha sekarang ni and the books are cheap. Sewel ni!

As Elisa went back, I couldn't help to wonder whether this would be her last visit. I certainly hope not. Kalau Elisa tak ada in Khobar lagi, rasa macam err tak ada sedara dah kat sini. Huhuhuhu

What are the things that you worry most if you have visitors over? As for me not rumah bersepah because biasalah ada budak-budak and having a lazy Goddess around. For me, I worry if they are not fed well. I worry kalau layanan acuh tak acuh. I hope also they felt as much at ease in my home as much I feel happy to have them as my guests.

It's so funny when people ask us how we know each other. Internet friends? Biar betul. I will be having some people coming over this Thursday as well. Transiting in Doha going home to malaysia from yemen. Mrs. Fath asked me, internet friend also? He he. Not this time.

Most of my pictures are uploaded into facebook. if you are my contact you can see them.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Back on Air

My computer died on me just when the school holiday starts. Oh man! I suddenly became anti social. I had no car (tapi kereta dah dapat balik like four days ago!). No computer! I became a hermit!

I had so much to tell. Hmm ya ka ni? Well at least so many things happen. Just before the computer died on me, I was editing some walimah pictures. Buat slide show segala. Upon detecting disaster about to happen, I managed to save all pictures in an external hard disc. Legaaaa. What I ralat most was I couldn't produce the VCD for the BBQ makan-makan at the pengantin's house last week. Will probably blog about it. Insya Allah.

Then I went jalan-jalan to Zikreet, Qatar. Interesting landscape. I want to explore this area more. Will blog more with pictures.

Then I received a surprise sms from Elisa. She asked whether we were having plans for the weekend. It was a three days weekend, and I quickly rope in people for a dune bashing trip. So her five days stay was an answer to my hermitness. Will blog about this the soonest.

But with the places that we bashed to, my camera's memory card is full up to the nose. Tolooonnnngggggg!

familyThen after Elisa left, we painted the majlis. I had this small project for the room. Will will will blog about it. I managed to rearranged some furniture as well. It doesn't make the room appear bigger or anything, but it gave a better sense of belonging for me.

The lack of computer has also made me more rajin around the house. I managed to iron all clothes in a short period of time.:D. I read books more. :D. But somehow I feel like spending and buying things more. Especially when I look around the house. Thank Goodness tak ada kereta. :D

So just a short one for now. Just to tell you I am still alive. And missing the internet loads. I want to mention the person who nursed my computer to life, bro silver. So many times he has help us when it comes to gadget. I owe him big time. BIG!

So what are you guys up to?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Carca Merba

Yesterday, my lover helped the Mails to move. I didn't go. But instead I invited them to break their fast at my place.

And then I thought why not make it more meriah and invited two more families and one mamat bujang (dah kahwin sebenarnya tapi bachelor status kat sini).

But then err this is an adhoc thing. And it was already 10 in the morning and maghrib is at 0440. Hmm no time to get anything from the groceries. Thank God I just went to kedai. remember my last leceh story? So I opened the freezer and decided to go carca merba. No theme this time. Whatever goes.

I had two garoupas.
So I made sweet sour garoupa, Thai style

Lover just went to the market for big prawns and calamari.
So I made prawn in buttered curry and coriander. This is Indian. Lebih kuranglah.
By the way this recipe I sort of made it up myself and is my usual choice for a real quick nak cepat masak punya food. And the taste I must say memang sedap amat. Percayalah. :D

I got 1 kilo of chicken breasts, no skin no bone. I asked lover to get me another kilo.
And I made chicken with cashew nut. Chinese style (to the delight of Mrs Fath)
Another favourite of mine. Especially on my busy days. All these small pieces of meat, (diced chicken, prawn and escalopes) are considered fast food in Lollies household.

Kubis goreng. Melayu style.
Ini aje sayur yang banyak dalam fridge tu. I finished up the whole labu.

Tiramisu. Italian style. mamamia! I tell you using the biscotti fingers tu memang ultimate betul. I don't think I will make tiramisu with any other cake after this. If I put kekacang on every layer memang sah jadi tiramisu Montez. I faint just thinking about it.

Pastu biasalah air oren and kopi panas Muar 434.

Oh man! Penat betul. But then again I haven't invited anyone for quite sometime. So that was quite nice. It was ages ago that people came to my place such and such everyone commented on my red wall. And you all know that it had been a year since it was painted bloodshot.

They stayed until 12 midnight. Terus sahur lah tu gamaknya.

But for raya tomorrow I am not doing anything special considering I am going to at least three houses tomorrow and possibly minimum two the next day. Kalau masak pun buat banyak waste aje.

The government announced that the prayer tomorrow would not be done in the open as it often is for Eid Prayers. Instead it will be performed in the masjids. This is in the view of the possible rain.

So friends, Eid Mubarak from me dengan ucapan masak apa tu?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Qtar Rains Today

On the 3rd December, the Emir of Qatar urged people to make the Istisqaa prayer (rain prayer). This prayer was performed in the open mussolla with the public. Among the jemaah were numerous sheikhs and ministers.

In the sermon by Sheikh Thaqeel, he urged the worshipers to repent and continuously seek for His forgiveness. Clean our money. Indeed, all of us need to be reminded always.

For the newspaper clip in the Gulf Times click this link.

Qatar is one of the countries whose rain is very scarce. Usually rain would fall in the winter season sometime in December to March.So rain in the gulf countries, unlike in Malaysia, is truly heaven sent, a blessing from the Almighty, Ar Razaq. So much so that when we were in Taman Negara last summer, the arabs were dancing in the rain when it rained.

However of late, the little rain has reduce to become only droplets.

They are relating to little rain or no rain as a sign of Allah's wrath. A disaster to befallen.
Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah.

I am turning on the water tap, looking at the free flow of water. The water that they churn from the sea and have it distiledl and sent out to public. Do we all think technologies can save us from Allah's wrath?

But today, Qatar was blessed with rain nearly the whole day long. Such blessings indeed. Alhamdullilah.

Even though rain can be a bit of nuisance here in the country where flash flood is everywhere (there is no drain here), my house wall would be soaked with water (yalah gypsum aje) but the blessing overcome all these.

Alhamdullilah for the rain. We the Malaysians can learn from this I believe.
Fear Allah. Seek His forgiveness. Clean our money. Beware of Allah's wrath.


Friday, December 05, 2008

Ini Sudah Leceh

Sometimes when I go out, to the groceries especially, I notice there are man who would eye me and follow me around the aisles. This is terrifying because I usually shop in the morning. At certain grocery stores, not many people are around.

So what I do is I would walk quickly to where there are more people.

And the next thing I do now is I don't go to that store in the morning again. Now I choose bigger stores where there are more people.

Today is my grocery day again. I found those biscotti finger things. Yayy boleh buat tiramisu. And bought this supposed to be less fat cream cheese. Hmm sedapkah nanti?

Anyway, I was looking closely at these aisles for biskut marie. Where the hell did they put them? Dulu kat sini. Then I noticed a man was watching me. Haiyoo!

Then when he noticed I saw him, he circled around the aisle I was at, trying to get closer and closer to me and nearly brushed my back.

I was scared. Scared sampai rasa sangat marah! So finally when he was in front of me I said to him, "You! Stay away from me! Understand?!"

He was quite shocked actually. Thank goodness he didn't get defensive or err angry. Because we wre alone at that particular aisle. In fact he was so shocked that he said oh! ok. and left.

Tapi as for myself forget the biskut marielah. Entah mana dia kedai tu bubuh agaknya. I didn't see him after that at all.

Then I went to pick up the kids. Eh asallak jam jalan ni? So the lane I was on was crawling. But the lane on the left tu laju sikit because they would turn elsewhere. Then I noticed this car was inching next to mine. And I turned, this guy was trying to get my attention. Hah?? And waved at me. hah??!!!

Then he slowed, crawling next to my car. In the process he blocked the rest of the cars behind him. And he was waving and waving trying to get my attention. By this time I was pissing in my pants already. Shit betullah. If the guy in the store tu at least he is a non local arab (sebab dia tak pakai thawb). This guy in the car is local. So that scares the shit out of me.

But somehow, I managed to get to the lane on the right. So we were then set apart. Legaaa

If any of you think that you get attention over here because you are pretty ke apa, sorry to tell you, that is not the case. They go for anything. Such a loser if you think prettiness and looking good is a factor!

I am not the only one yang kena harass ni. Ada yang kena lagi teruk. Ada yang siap rub his private parts lagi (tapi not local guys so far). Why the lady tak marah, you might ask. Well, kadang-kadang kita jadi takut kan? Kadang-kadang kita terkejut and really tak tau nak buat apa. Kadang-kadang kita malu apa orang fikir pasal kita kalau kita kecoh. Wallahu3alam. But then again this happen in any country kan? May we be given strength to defend our honour.

My theory is, these "predators" target their victims by vulnerability.

Being alone makes you vulnerable.
Being asian also makes you vulnerable.
being alone and asian makes you double vulnerable.

why asian you may ask? Sebab being asian kat sini can mean that you are a maid, or someone in blue collar. Harassment is many times about power. Who has more than the other. (teringat cerita disclosure).

Undeniably there are my friends who are arabs (but not locals because I don't have local arab friends) who are harassed. Tapi kaw-kaw kena harass dia orang ni. Tunggu depan rumah segala. And telling them you are married and have kids will not deter them. Ni my firend ni lah. Tapi I suppose in their case because dia orang ni memang lawa sungguh. Masya Allah! Lawanya dia orang. Anyway my friend finally had to tell her husband and her husband pergi bergaduh dengan predator tu. Siap kata I love her to the husband pulak tu. Such courage. So kulang ajaq!

Unfortunately also some asians love harassment. Especially kalau yang harass tu local with big cars and big money. Dalam kes ni it is not called harass anymore, it's called win-win situation.

being female or male is not a factor though. Not here.

So I am kinda feeling uneasy about it. This is not the first time. Funnily this only happen after I don the hijab. MAsa tak pakai dulu adalah jugak, but not as much as now.

Ini memang melecehkan. If it persists I might have to do something more drastic. Niqob may be an option.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What's the Matter?

I am wondering what is happening to me?

I have been crying a lot. I cry over little things. I can cry when I listen. I can cry when I read. I cry when I think.

Sometimes I cry so much, my chest hurts and I have to rub it.

If you know me in real life before, this would be a big surprise for you. For I don't cry easily. I think it must be the old agelah. I use to see old people are the one who cry alot. Yang kalau dulunya macho gangster pun bila dah tu they cry.

It must be the old age.

I think also, the gateway to the crying was since my mum passed away. It did something to my heart.

Yesterday I was preparing a seerah content for the kids. We would be doing kisah Nabi Adam this week.

And I was reading (to prepare them a children version, I need to read adult's version so I can truly tell them with conviction. So I was reading the Quran translation Al Aaraf ayat 19-22 (7:19-22) And also Surah Taha ayat 118-121.

How many time have I read the story of Prophet Adam a.s.. Countless times! Dari kecik I tell you!

But when I read this (Al Aaraf (7:22-24)

So he (syaitan) misled them with deception. Then when they tasted of the tree, that which was hidden from them of their shame (private parts) became manifest to them and they began to cover themselves with the leaves of Paradise (in order to cover their shame). And their Lord called out to them (saying): "Did I not forbid you that tree and tell you: Verily, Shaitân (Satan) is an open enemy unto you?" (22)

They said: "Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If You forgive us not, and bestow not upon us Your Mercy, we shall certainly be of the losers." (23)

(Allâh) said: "Get down, one of you is an enemy to the other [i.e. Adam, Hawwa (Eve), and Shaitân (Satan),]. On earth will be a dwelling-place for you and an enjoyment, - for a time." (24)

And in Taha in this particular ayat (20:121)

Then they both ate of the tree, and so their private parts became manifest to them, and they began to cover themselves with the leaves of Paradise for their covering. Thus did Adam disobey his Lord, so he went astray (121)

I was putting myself in Adam and Eve's position. And I wondered how they felt when they went in their nakedness after tasting the fruit. Kita pun bila buat salah dengan authority pun dah kecut perut. What more with our Creator which was in their vicinity of their dwelling.

When Allah said,"Did I not forbid you of the tree?" Adusss. Imagine the feeling.

And when both of them were sent down to earth. Of course humans will be made vicegerent on earth, but to be sent down because of doing the forbidden thing must be hard.

And Adam and Hawwa seek forgiveness. Allah is merciful and He forgave them.

And I cried myself to sleep. May Allah keep all of us in the straight path and not be astray by the devil. Curse of Allah be upon the devil!

And I also find it hard to blog nowadays. I think too much when I want to write.

So we'll see lah.