Friday, February 22, 2008

Mrs. Periuk Besar

Mrs. Big Pot.

I name her Mrs. Periuk Besar in this blog for obvious reasons. She has all those big utensils ranging from pots, ladle so big, the scoop can fit the size of a child's head, long spatulas, big big kuali and the portable tunku (spelling?) that people use for big kenduris.

And as the name is just so apt for her, she is an expert in cooking especially for hundreds of people. And she is able to do single handedly even. This is not surprising for she came from family who masak for kenduri kahwin, Malay style.

She has her little catering business here which she usually does for the Malaysians, Indonesians and Singaporeans and even Bruneians (betul ke term ni?). I must say she is one of those who can make tasty food even when she cooks in huge amount, which is a skill not many acquire.

If she invites people to her house, many would jump because it is rumah Mrs. Periuk Besar THE chef. And if she is the main cook for pot luck, guess whose pot would finish first?

Thus it it is not surprising that I often ask her for tips. One should only ask from the best.

I must say when I first knew her, she seems reluctant to give her tips. I still remember my first crabbing session, she brought those marinated BBQ chicken that we BBQed. The taste was beyond, in my opinion. When I asked her what did she put, she said ala campak-campak aje.

I understand that not everyone is wiling to give out recipes. And even if you get the recipe from them, not everyone is willing to share tips or their trade secret. But it is ok. I was not angry or kecik hati, because to me the act of learning must be shown by being consistently persistent and pastu kena nampak ikhlas. Nampak nak belajar bukan nak sebok korek rahasia.

Mr. periuk besar, obviously her husband, was also one of the ASS' committee members with me during our ASS stint. So Mrs. Periuk Besar and me often meet during meetings and on our functions. I got closer to her. And tanpa malunya I asked her to comment on my kuih and food. Which begins our chapter of her commenting albeit a bit.

We got closer last year because we were in the same Arabic and tajweed classes. She often "chop" the seat next to her for me so that I can help her with her english. And since than, she was generous with her tips and also comments for me. Yayyy!!

So I want to share one of her tips here with you. Perhaps you know it already, but its still good to share and you might want to chip in more tips here too. ;)

foodNever put your just used pot filled with food on the cement or tile or your kitchen top.

This tip is particularly useful when you are cooking for lots and with big pots. When you cook for say 100 people, you would need the space to cook other food and you would most likely need to cook the night before or early in the morning.

Put your pot (which ada lauklah ok, bukan periuk kosong) on an alas (what is it in english?).If you notice masa kenduri2 people use alas kayu or the kaki besi. And if you have none of those, like me, since I am not one those Mrs. Periuk Besar gang who has all these gadgets, you can use bekas telur (egg holder?)

And what is the reason? To avoid the food from going bad especially whose with santan (coconut milk). remember most of the time when we are cooking for lots of people, we have to cook early. the risk of the food going bad is there. Perhaps putting the hot food on cold cement would gave a shocking jolt to the food and insult it, giving the reaction of protest thus basi.

Mrs. Periuk besar gave this tip at Mrs. Captain's house when unfortunately Mrs. Captain's laksa johor and lodeh went bad at one of their dinner functions. Kesian kat Mrs. captain. Sedih dia.

Oh the other thing is, don't cover your pot when the food it is still steaming.

Thanks Mrs. Periuk Besar. You are number one.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bad Cough

I have been coughing terribly for nearly two weeks now.

My chest feels tight. Its like some sticky phlegm is squeezing my lungs. At each breath I take, the phlegm will all form little ropes and squeeze the bronchus as tight as they can.

It hurts and it also itches. I cough profusely. All the time.

I can't even sleep.

I went to a bigger clinic today. After a few visits to the gomen GPs without much improvement.

I am now on the inhaler.

I hope it is a temporary thing. And I hope I get well soon.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I am tagged by MULAN. The tag is, I am to list five of my favourite links of web pages. Since it is not too hard, I thought why not.

So here goes jeng jeng jeng.

Raqam wahid. (No. 1)

Ha ha ha. boleh tak? Well I google a lot. And when your kids are growing and they begin to ask you strange question, google is a life saviour. And thanks to google, I found more links to what could potentially be another favourite link.

Raqam ithnan (No. 2)

google reader

I visit my account on google reader everyday. Thanks to its capability to read RSS and ATOM, I am now updated whenever a new entry is made on the blog I subscribed too and that is the blogs that I read. This is real handy since I don't have to visit the blog ever so often only to find that it is not updated.

The other best thing about google reader is, I can read the entry in my account without actually going to the blog and err leaving my trails on the owner's blog stats.

Raqam thalatha (No. 3)

Resources for muslim children.

I use a few very resourceful links to prepare notes for my children. Well not exactly notes, but more like reinforcement for the children when we discuss topic about Islam. This is real handy. Some of the links I have, provide games and quizzes which were helpful. I have a few. Boleh ke masuk semua under raqam thalatha ni?

Islam for Children

easy language. colourful. short and easy.

I give you this linklah. Cheating ni. but this link will branch you to many other links of the same topic.

Islamic websites for children.

Raqam Arbaah (No. 4)

I am in the middle of making digital scrapbook for Sya. Thanks to mommyalif who introduced this, I am painstakingly doing one now. SO this must be my favourite link now.

Digital scrapbook

Raqam khamsah (No. 5)

Well, this is another cheat, but I really like you to visit this.

HUDA TV live streaming.

I don't visit this site for its live streaming because I get to watch it on TV. he he. But I really like to share this with you, because Huda TV can also be watched on the net.

Huda TV, is an Islamic channel. It has different shows, talks, documentaries, quran recitation and even music revolving about Islam. It talks about different aspects of Islam: its basics, its rules, its connection to our every day life, its relation to other religions, and many other topics. And the best thing is, it is in english. This not only help muslims all over the world to get inputs for their spiritual health, but hopefully it helps the non Muslim to learn what Islam is all about. Not the distorted terrorist, distorted jihad and what nots that the other media is publisizing.

So that's it five plus plus of my links. Oh another one. My friends and I have started a new blog. A mommy blog. We hope to share stories, tips and experience among us. Do drop in, and give your opinions as well. Click Bondablabber.

May I tag the bloggers below?

1. Futuredoc
2. Gartblue
3. Mosh
4. Idham

Friday, February 15, 2008

Feet can be a benchmark

Do you know that Haziq can now feet into my shoes?

Not that it would be any use for him, unless he wants to wear heels. (Noooooooooooo!!)

Haziq's little foot next to his Dad's

And soon, before you know it, he will be catching up with his dad.

Really, they grow up too quickly.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Pada mula aku tinggal di negara ini, aku selalu mengeluh dengan kekasih aku, kita duduk negara Islam tapi aku tak dapat belajar apa pun mengenai Islam kat sini. TV cakap arab. Masa tu kami tak ada kereta, tak dapat keluar kemana. Aku rasa kosong waktu itu. Dahlah keadaan tidak seprti yang aku harapkan. Marah aje hati ini.

Lama-kelamaan keadaan mula berubah. Ada segelintir masyarakat Malaysia yang berusaha untuk membawa Ustaz-ustaz dari Malaysia untuk memberi sedikit suntikan kepada kami. Semoga Allah memberi barakah kepada mereka semua. Tapi on top of that, aku pun sudah mula jumpa peluang disini yang menggunakan pengantaraan Bahasa Inggeris untuk belajar, tinggal nak tak nak aje.

Anyway baru-baru ni, Ustaz Hasrizal from SAIFULISLAM.COM ada datang nak inject "ubat" untuk masyarakat di sini. Aku pilih untuk tulis mengenai ini dan bukan Ustaz lain kerana pertamanya aku tak yakin untuk tulis point dari ustaz lain seperti Ustaz Hassan al Tahfiz, Ustaz Ismail Kamus, Ustaz Hussein Yee dan Ustaz Abdullah Yasin antara lainnya. Aku masih kurang untuk memberi tafsir sendiri nota-nota kuliah yang aku salin. Next time perhaps.

Tapi ustaz Hasrizal telah memberi slot khas untuk anak muda. Bukanlah aku perasan nak jadi anak muda, tapi lenggok bahasanya yang mudah dan yang pentingnya anak aku sangat teruja menyebabkan aku terpanggil nak coret sikit.

Pertamanya Ustaz Hasrizal's approach memang sesuai sekali untuk anak-anak generasi baru kita ni. He embraces technology. So presentationnya siap ada slide and projector, ada video, ada slot movie, ada slot iklan, ada soal jawab dengan audience menyebabkan anak-anak menjadi galak sekali. Berebut-rebut nak jawab! Syabas ustaz!

Si Haziq yang asalnya duduk di tengah duduk pulak ke depan dan seperti biasa bisinglah dia depan tu. Dah asik kerja menjawab aje sampai ustaz mintak dia beri peluang kat orang lain. Aiseh malu pun ada aku ni! Tapi good for him.

Anyway kuliah ustaz hari tu macam another perspective or apa kata orang meguatkan lagi Rukun Iman yang Haziq dan Sya belajar. His talk was about our purpose of life, reflecting on where we came from, what we are now and where are we going to.

He started off by showing a video clip of a person living in a small town by a lake. After zooming out, really a human being is even smaller than a speck of dust. Can we still find ourself so grand? And zooming into a human, there is just so much microbeing within us which is a miracle of Allah's work.

That started the momentum going with the kids. haruslah terkesima tengok DNA berpintal-pintal dalam badan. haziq cukup suka tu.

Then Ustaz narrated about stages of life. From Alam Ruh. He asked question of what possible question did Allah ask our soul before we were sent down as a vicegerent on earth. Syoklah dengar jawaban bebudak. The final answer, "who is your God" was somewhat near.

Soorah Al Aaraf : 172

God explained that when He created Adam He caused all of Adam's descendants to come into existence and He took a pledge from them saying:

"Am I not your Lord? 'To which they all replied, 'Yes, we testify to it.'"

I think that sent a jolt to the kids (me included).

Allah then explained why He had all of mankind bear witness that He is their creator and the only true God worthy of worship. He said:

"That was in case you (mankind) should say on the day of Resurrection, 'Verily we were unaware of all this'.''

From Alam Ruh, life was breathed into a baby in the womb for nine months. Ustaz reminded the kids that a mother had to endure hardship when she carries a child for nine months. Be kind to your parents.

Haziq was exceptionally nice that day and a few days after that. he offered to help me. Dan aku silalah mengambil kesempatan yang ada. Woo hoo.

And then a human enter the worldly life where the real test is. Ustaz reminded us all that we should know the purpose of us being in this world so that we can be succesful not only on earth but the world after.

He poked questions to the children to give ten benefits of a coconut tree. Berebutlah semua nak menjawab. And he twisted the question to give ten benefits of each of you on earth. Err sikit terkedu. Then ustaz highighted jadikan hidup ini bertujuan. bezakan hidup dengan hidup-hidupan yang tujuannya hanya untuk survival on daily basis.

Purpose of life is also with the knowing that there is another life after. Yang lebih penting dan kekal. the Barzakh and the resurrection and finally the reward or doom.

Ustaz reminded us to find peace within ourselves, get closer to Allah. The further you are, the more berkecamuk you become.

He showed videos of iklan-iklan petronas mengenai kasih parents and all that. Haziq aku tau memang sensitive dengan benda camtu. dengar lagu ayah dan ibu pun boleh nangis. Appreciate your parents and get closer to Allah. Itulah lebih kurang kata ustaz.

Do you really believe in these stages of life, tanya ustaz? If you do then do you practice to abide it?


I think I am the one who learn alot.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Friday night at Souq W@qif

I took my friend to Souq W@qif last Friday and my my was the souq vibrant with live music and there were so many people. It was almost like walking in one of the cerita P. Ramlee arab bazaar.

Souq waqif is one of the traditional markets (recently uplifted) here in Qtar. A typical Arab traditional market with many branches of little streets leading to more shops. Its almost like a maze. The walls in the old times are most likely made of clay. I suppose now its rebuild with plaster with uneven texture to make it look like clay. The doors are made of wood. If all of them are closed you would have to mark X to know which shop you went to earlier. he he. Teka macam cerita apa?

I have never really bought anything much here but seriously there are so many things to buy. Mostly house ornaments especially if you are looking for Arab feature. I think I might get one of those glazed glass lamps. They sell pistachios, nuts, raisins and the likes. Paintings and souveniers too. What makes it lively are the shisha and coffe shop in arab settings. And on certain days they have women selling things at the sidewalk. Some doing mehendi, traditional fabric, food and gold.

Last Friday we went, and the souq was at its most vibrant. There were live shows. I enjoyed it tremendously. I recorded one of the ghazal (?) show. Betul-betul best pada pendapat sayalah. Tapi panjang amat. About 8 minutes. Tapi the gendang, the music semua best betul. The best part is when some youth clapped to the rhythm of the music. Sharp shrilling loud clap. Rasa amat exciting bila dengar. Until of course we are asked to move to the ladies section. Oh sorry, I didn't know.





Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mari Main Pasir

PhotobucketMy friend is coming over on a short stopover from London-D0ha-KLIA. Since she is coming early in the morning on Friday, which is a weekend, I thought the best place to take for sight seeing is the dunes. However, also due to time limit, we will not play at the big sand, Inland Sea, but only at the baby sanddune that is the Se@line area.

My children, like myself, really enjoy going to the dune. Jack loves it for the bumpy roller coaster ride. Sya likes it because she loves running around and get herself covered with water and sand and making shapes on the sand.

Haziq just love running up and down the rolling dune. I don't know where he got so much energy. Sometimes I get worried if he wondered too far and got himself lost. The dunes can be deceiving and look almost the same from any angle, especially if you are alone. And I also worry that the kids slip at the edge of the dunes.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I like going to the dune trip because it is exciting and an adrenalin rush activity. It's a fun way to go picnic in my opinion. Just to assure my friend, we put safety first and our driving is quite gentle. When we convoy, some of us use walkie talkie to warn each other for any oncoming danger. Or the co pilot would warn the driver whenever we are too close to the car infront. He he.

So my friend do not have to worry, for none of us are willing to risk driving like this.

and hopefully we do not experience scenes like this

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lose a battle to win the bigger war

When I picked Zachary up from school the other day, he happily told me that he had safely put his car away in his pocket. I was packing up his bags and bundling his jacket when I barely heard what he said. But because he looked like he had something very good to tell me, I knelt down to talk to him.

When I finally got a grip of what he said, I asked him, whether it is actually HIS car. He suddenly looked concern with the question. I knew it's the school's little car that was in the pocket because I never allow my kids to take their toys out. The most is in the car.

So I slowly talked him about giving the car back to the careladies. the principle is, it is not ours and we should not take it home, especially without asking. Zachary was genuinely sad. I think its a mixture of feeling guilty for doing something that he knew was not really right (since we have always practice not to take things that is not ours) and also feeling that it is actually okay since he will be going back to school the next day.

Zachary is usually quite an easy boy. He never wail for things that he like in the store. When we go to people's house and when I told him to put away the other kids' toys that he was playing, he would usually put it away. I guess there is always a time to protest in every child. Syukur, it gives me the opportunity to hand down some "wise" words for him.

One of the careladies said he can keep it, but again in the name of principle, I had to say no. Zachary had to give it back with HIS own hand, not me peeling it from him. He must give it back unwillingly or not.

He gave it up in the end after alot of pressure from my coaxing. He was sad and I decided to carry him to the car. (I would usually ask him to walk on his own). Praising him along the way. Telling him how proud I am of him. And it was hard thing to do and I admire him for it.

He sobbed softly in the car. He sobbed when we went to pick her sister up. And he continued sobbing until he fell to sleep on the way home

I was heartbroken of course. I am a mother afterall. Listening to his sad sobbing did make me make me feel like crying myself. really it would be much easier for me to allow him to take the car home, and quietly return it tomorrow. Or even perhaps I can ask him to return it himself . No sad faces. No heart wrenching sobs. Much easier.

But there is principle to adhere. Things that he need to learn. Things that he need to understand.

He may feel that he had just lose this battle. Only if he knows that it is to prepare him for a bigger war. A war of self discipline. And a lesson to live in a bigger society.

During my coaxing I wanted to tell him two things which I decided against. I wanted to tell him,

1.if you put the car back I will get you more cars.

I decided not to because I didn't want to reward him for putting to back just knowing that he would get a reward. I wanted him to put back the car knowing the fact that we should put back the things that are not ours in the first place.

2. That Allah does not like us taking things that is not ours.

I wanted to assert this but decided to put it in a different mode. As I whispered how proud I was that he was brave enough to return the car, I added that Allah will reward him big time. I just thought the positive note would be better rather than the punishing one.

Praying that I am doing it right.