Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mak kahwinkan akuuu

Dr. Azh@r is a very prominent figure among the Malaysians here in Qtar. In fact not only among the Malaysians, but also the relevant figures in Qtar. I remembered when I was about to go to Qtar, many people asked me to look out for Dr. Azh@r. One of them is PB (Primary Basic)'s mum. They were close friends back in the UK and were also neighbours in Malaysia. When I was taking care of my mum in the Hospital besar Mu@r, even the hospital director asked me whether I knew Dr. Azh@r.

My first encounter with Dr. Azhar was when I attended one of his talks of his mission with MERCY , I can't remember where, was it Bam Iran, or Peshawar or Kabul. But it was a place of calamity. I began to know him better when I was in the ASS and later on we took off with our numerous trips to the dunes.

Dr. Azh@r is a highly respected man due to his knowledge and his humbleness and his community get together. Everyone admires him and his family for all the good reasons. Thus it is not surprising that when he announced that his daughter is getting married, many jumped to help.

I am telling you, everyone really looked forward to help. Sampai ada yang tertanya-tanyalah, kenapa tak panggil-panggil lagi ni suruh tolong. And Dr. Azhar also has set up an AJK commitee to sort out this walimah thing.

The real purpose of this entry this time round is to tell that I was asked to help. he he. They wanted me to take the wedding photos.


I was nervous of course for when someone asked you to do something, the whole taking pictures thing become more serious. Not just the clickety click that I have been doing all these while.

I was even more nervous to take the solemnisation photos because the aqad was done at Sheikh Ab@ssi Madani's (ex president FIS party in Algeria and a very prominent figure here in Qtar) house. I was worried about being the female going about taking photos. Somehow this nerve wrecking thoughts did limit my freedom. So I tried my best to take from far angles. The dim light was a true challenge for my lenses are not fast enough. Hu hu hu. It was really frustrating. Sesiapa nak donate lens NIKKOR f/2.8 (or better)70-200?


He he felt like putting in the tok kadhi picture sebab hensem. I remembered the tok kadhi when he asked about the mahar and got a shock of his life. The bride's mahar (mas kahwin)was our normal standard (definitely waaaayyyyyy more than the minimum Johor's mahar RM22.50) but was too little in normal Q@tari standard. The Q@taris would usually ask for serba tinggal, with a big villa fully furnished come with maid and driver. Tu diaa. That does not include cash and jeweleries of course. So the kadhi was asking the bride whether she is really sure for more than three times. Still not satisfied with the bride's answer (yang tersipu malu ketika itu), he asked whether you want to put any condition to the mahar. When the answer remained a sweet no, the kadhi exclaimed, SUBHANALLAH! Reminds me of an entry by Saifulislam about mahar in Jordan. Read it here.

I spent many nights sleeping late editing the photos and putting it into videos with songs. And that was one experience that I tremendously enjoyed. And it also taught me what I am lacking off (which are many) and where I can improve (which are plentiful).

And then there was the wedding day itself which poses another challenge initially. they separated the male's venue and the female's. Thank God, they asked someone else to take pictures at the guy's place. I cannot imagine splitting myself to two. The photographers at the male's side were Mr. Zulu Leader and my lover. Tee he he.

It was a really tiring day doing all the standing and walking and clicking and more days editing, but it was best best best.

Too bad I can't show you the pictures of the bride, which is really the crust of taking wedding photographs, and kind of disappointing because there goes my portfolio (macam bagus) but I suppose these links of photos of the day are good enough.

Aqad Nikah


Walimah belah lelaki

Walimah belah perempuan


Both my lover and I were busy that walimah week (24/5/2008). Because I had to take photos of the bride and the rewang, I went out early in the morning and stayed late. He had to help with the tables on the guy's side. We forgot something very important. I only remembered the following day and quickly texted him,

"Guess who has been married for eleven years?"

Ada orang guilty.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Haziq Grins

haziqHaziq's school rewards those who tops the core subjects with a certificate and a 50Riyal book store voucher. The core subjects are English, Maths, Science, Arabic, Islamic Knowledge (they call it Quran)) and French.

Haziq got a 100 Riyal voucher yesterday.

It was Maths and science.

Ruffles Haziq's hair. Well done Haziq!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Ps and the Bs

Referring to my last post.

As most of my readers are able to read the arabic font (assuming all are Malaysian. Mostly Malays. Muslims.) you would know that the arabic font does not have certain letters as the roman ones.

Like for instance they do not have the letter "P", "C", "G" "V" and some other letters that I am too lazy to think for you. Arabic letters do have similar letters like roman ones like Ba(ب) for B, Kaf (ك) for "K" Zai (ز) for "Z" and many more letters that I am too lazy to type here.

So sometimes when they want to make a direct copy of a name, they would substitite the missing letters to an arabic letter somewhat closest to it. For instance, refer to this pizza hut banner.


Even though pizza starts with a letter "P". But like I said, Arabic font (the hijaiyah not the jawi) doesn't have a "P", they substitute it with a "B" or the letter BA (ب). And thus pizza hut is spelt BIZZA HUT.

The same goes with things like petrol becomes BETROL and err apa lagilah tak ingat.

Another thing is Arabic font does not have the letter "G". If in jawi we use the letter GA like Kaf with a dot on top. Over here they use JIM (ج). And also in jawi we have the letter nga, which is ain with three dots on top. Thus we can use the word king with better effect. Over here, anything with G is substituted with the letter JIM.

refer to this burger king picture.


Notice the Gs in the Burger King becomes a J (as in JIM)

However, when I went to Oman, I met this guy in Nizwa. We were talking about the mejestic Jabals in Oman. Jabal (جبل)means mountain. But he did not pronounce it as Jabal instead he pronounced it Gabal. I asked him why you said Gabal, is it not spelt with a Jim. Yes with a Jim but the pronunciation is Gabal. Hmm

I was later told by my teacher, certain dialects use Jim as a G. Especially in Egypt.

Anyway saja nak relate a story about a friend of mine who went for his driving test. Before that, a background knowledge for you. When you take a driving test, you do the theory first, then they would test your parking, naik bukit segala tu dulu. After that if you pass, you get on a bus with your fellow comrades where they will take you to drive on the road.

So my friend has completed his parking test and all that. No poles were hit. Reasonable reversing and all. Then the policemen (polis yang test kat sini) started
calling out names for people to get in the bus. There were a few buses. But my friend's name was not called.

"Why me no go on bus?" My friend asked
"You?!! You no bas" The police said.
"No bus?" wondering what he meant by that since there were buses not completely full. "When will there be a bus?"
"You come tomorrow. Tomorrow bas" Presumably the police said that there will be a bus for him tomorrow.

I know I know. How leceh things are. Sometimes you just do not want to argue. Mainly because of language barrier.

So my friend came the following day and asked for the bus. Another officer checked his particulars. And said, "When you want to take test again?"
"What take test again?" My friend exclaimed.
"You take test again. You no bas."
"The other man said I take bus today." My friend said.
"No! No! You no bas! You failed!"
"Ohhhhhh I no pass"

Blearrghhhhh. Hahahhahahhaha

Having said that, I just saw a documentary about the Islam missionaries in the old days after the death of Prophet Mohammad. Indeed they covered Europe and went to China. The documentary also said, because the arabic language requires one to use nearly all the vocal organs like the tongue, the throat, the sides of the mouth and the lips, it was relatively easy for them to learn new languages. These certainly helped the missionaries to somewhat blend in and spread the good word of Islam.

Indeed, now that I am learning arabic and tajweed (with an arab), I am practising a lot of throat exercise. the letter like Kha (ح) and Kho (خ) and Ain (ع) and Dzal (ذ) and Tha (ث)and Dzo (ظ) requires a bit more practice and tongue and throat exercise.

Oh if you couldn't read the banners that I put in the previous entry, do not fret, for the english version of it is everywhere. So you will never miss your favourite fast food.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Learn your fast food

in arabic that is.

err elisa dengan neeza and those working in the middle east takleh teka. tak aci. :p






Sapa teka first yang paling tepat dapat hadiah. :D

foodExam akhir tahun sudah selesai. That includes Haziq and ME.

Dengan itu saya nak buat pemberitahuan yang saya tlah lulus dengan cemerlangnya dalam peperiksaan bahasa arab hari itu. Markah penuh telah saya sambar. Alhamdullilah. Campur-campur markah lama untuk final marks dapat 99 and a quarter dan seterusnya telah berjaya menggondol tempat pertama dalam kelas.

Nah saya saji sikit trifle.

So class habis for now sehinggalah lepas raya tahun depan. Tahun depan Insya Allah, naik satu takuk atas. Dah tak ada relax-relax macam tahun ni. Nampak serious aje pelajar-pelajar dalam kelas tersebut. Gulp.

Next year Jack will go to school fully, which means I can go to more classes. Fuyo! and perhaps take up something else too.

But for now I want to share with you this phrase.

Ana Rabbatul Manzil (أنا ربّت المنزل)

I am a domestic Goddess.

he he

eh teka tau gambar kat atas.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

When Zachary Turns Four

Zachary is somewhat the same like when he was three except magnified those a thousand times. He chatters more (with familiar people). He is still a pleasant boy to be around with. A favourite among the uncles and aunties and also the teenagers.

One of the major milestones that Zachary has achieved before reaching four is that he has weaned off me. Now I am not sure whether it is his milestone or mine. I think it's more of the latter.

It was hard for me emotionally to wean him off. The thing is if I want and really put more thoughts and energy I can do it..but I don't really want to.

Zachary is my last child (if Allah wills) and I felt hard to let go the bonding of breastfeeding knowing that there won't be anymore for the rest of my life (unless Allah wills it otherwise). My lover prefers that we stop at three.

I have always wanted to breastfeed ever since I got pregnant with Haziq. With Haziq I had a hard time to lactate him. Especially when the hospital was not breastfeeding friendly (year 1998) and compounded with Haziq who had to be left at the hospital for several days for jaundice. Having been fed nothing but bottle (sometimes my milk whenever I come), it was hard to reintroduce to him the wonderful milk of mine. All these was made worst because I had a hard "berpantang". It was the most merimaskan time of my life. And Haziq just refuse to sleep. I didn't have support from my parents. To them let's make life easier and thus the bottle. It's a hard batttle to fight because the odds are all against me.

I persevered and finally I managed to fully breastfeed him a few weeks before my maternity leave is due. Oh I remembered the aches of retaining the milk throughout the working hours. I certainly remember the pumping session in the ladies' surau. *Smiles at Gart*.

Now comes that Haziq turns two, another fight need to be fought. I need to wean him.

The thing about me I like things in order. My order. I get stressed up when things do not abide to my unwritten rules. I wanted to conceive another one when the child turns two, but before that I want to make sure that I must wean the child first.

Weaning was hard on me emotionally. I cried when Haziq cried. I remembered putting nescafe on myself to make it look gross and sick. But he continued suckling it. I suppose nescafe and milk is a good combination.

I managed to wean him off eventually only to find him constipated with the bottle milk. There are always things to learn raising the kids.

With the two years experience of breastfeeding, feeding Sya was a breeze. I can hold her in one hand feeding and still cook. I was also emotionally ready to wean her off when she turned two.

As for Zachary he turned two when we are here in Qtar and I am not a career woman anymore. This made it hard to wean him as the hanging bottle is always in sight.

But the bigger issue was me. Surely if I had wanted to wean him, I can. Lacking of discipline and being emotional made me delay it.

But how did he wean finally? It must have triggered from school. Zachary was promoted to a bigger class and he was really proud that he is now a BIG boy. I slowly mentioned that big boy don't drink susu from Ibu anymore. This did have an effect on him. Initially he would deny and would claim that he is still small when it comes to susu time.

He was three

He only takes milk when we travel in the car or sleeping time. So I asked lover to put him to sleep. Zachary loved it. He enjoyed cuddling to his father too. The only problem was lover dozed off together with Jack. Ceh!

And suddenly he exclaimed to us that he doesn't take susu anymore because he IS a big boy. When he wakes up at night, I knew he wanted susu, but he would think first and just cuddle under my armpit. I confess sometimes I did offer him. You know for last time, but he was steadfast that boy.

jackHu hu hu. But because I know this is for the best and he was already three plus by then, I let it be.

I still miss it though. He still cuddles alot but I miss the eye. The way he looks at me or look at nothingness when he milks. Having cuddle so close I can sniff his hair and stroke him to sleep.

Indeed breastfeeding my children is definitely one of the best achievements in my motherhood cycle. I am thankful to Allah who provides me with abundance of milk. Alhamdullillah. Allah is most generous.

Oh another thing. Zachary can still fits in his two year old jeans. The waist is fine, but the length is short. His small waits (and size) makes it difficult to find jeans for him. The length is good, the waits is small. I would go for those jeans with the adjustable belt on the waist.

Anyway, on his fourth birthday one of my friends invited us for breakfast at their place. Since this is one of my closest buddies, I asked her whether I can bring over a cake and do the birthday stuff. *tak malu menumpang rumah orang*.

I recommend cake Sultan from Bateel. Sedap gilos.

Bebudak berebut cake decoration of chocolates and chocolate filled biscutes

Relevant reads

Jack Turns three. Look how he does his tahyat
Jack turns two : An interview with a two year old
Jack turns one : Read how he comes out of me
Also read my "concern" of weaning him

Monday, June 02, 2008

When Azmil Mustapha Came

I believe most of you know Ali Setan. especially those from my era. The least those who were born in the 70s. (even though I have remained 25 for a long time)

tapi rasanya tak perlulah pulak aku nak cerita pasal Azmil Mustapha. Rata-rata semua orang tau siapa dia dan perubahan diri dia dari artis dan seseorang yang terlibat secara langsung dalam dunia hiburan hinggalah ke penghijrahannya sekarqang menjadi seorang yang bertaubat dan berjihad fi Sabillilah.

Pendek cerita, he came to Qtar to give a talk.

Activity malaysian

Tapi kali ni, aku tak nak cerita pasal isi talk dia. Aku cuma nak cerita observation aku on people.

I guess some of us may find it harder to forgive. Or perhaps I should put it, harder to forget. Some masih lagi judgmental. Adakah tak layak kalau seseorang itu bukan Ustaz per se untuk memberi sepatah dua kata pada kita semua? Adakah kita cuma sanggup dengar tazkirah dari Ustaz yang bertauliah sahaja?

Bukankah kita boleh belajar sesuatu dari semuanya hatta seorang kanak-kanak jua? Mungkin mereka rasa mereka dah cukup bagus dan dah lama dah insaf, jadi pengajaran dari kisah trigger point taubat seseorang tu taklah relevant sangat untuk dipelajari.

Atau kita lagi forgiving kalau yang kembali ke jalan asal itu ialah Mat Salleh? Yang bukan lahirnya Muslim to start with. Heh heh. Kalau mereka yang lahir-lahir memang muslim ni macam tak worth kita dengar? Tak significant.

I don't know. To me that is just plain arrogant.

Allah gives us hope with his Alrahman Alrahim, he accepts repentance from those who truly repent. And we have no place to judge anyone for truly the difference between one person to the other is taqwa not that someone is an ex something.

Azmil's talk was like a talk, literally. It was like dia berborak-borak pasal kehidupan lama dia and kehidupan dia yang BETUL-BETUL jauh berbeza sekarang. Tanya diri sendiri siapa antara kita yang sanggup berubah sebegitu sekali. dari kehidupan dikelilingi wang duit yang SANGAT banyak dan sekarang hidup dengan as minimal as boleh. Semata-mata nak teruskan belajar ilmu agama.

Tak yah cerita nak berubah begitu sekalilah. cerita nak ubah cara ibadat aje cukup. AKu sendiri, ada beza ke aku punya sembahyang dari dulu sampai sekarang. Ada add extra ke? Patutnya kenalah ada upgrade. Hu hu..itu tazkirah aku sendiri untuk aku sendiri jua.

Aku membuat kesimpulan yang Hj. Azmil memang seorang yang bersungguh-sungguh bila buat sesuatu. Ini terbukti dalam kerja-kerja lama beliau. Tapi yang nak saya highlight kat sini, mula-mula nak belajar sembahyang he had to write down everything in Rumi. Bismillahirahmannirahim, letak sebelah dia masa sembahyang. he can't read the arabic letters. Funny to some. Apa punya orang, fatihah pun tak boleh baca dari dulu? Jangan cakap begitu. Atas usaha dia, Allah bukak dia jalan kasi dia mudah untuk belajar lagi.

Seriously, something yang so hard for us to do, tapi kalau kita take a step to improve ourselves untuk lebih dekat dari Allah, Allah akan kasi kita jalan. Bukanlah buat satu hari esok dapat jalan. Usaha kena jelas kelihatan. istiqomah perlu ada. Allahkan tau apa ada dalam hati kita.

haziqkelakar masa dia cerita masa mula-mula dah boleh baca Quran dan dah faham bahasa Arab. bersorak-sorak gembira kerana dia faham satu perkataan dari Quran. Panggil anak-anak dia. tegok-tengok abah faham ni. Apa tu abah? Yang mana tu? Ni hah perkataan wa (وَ)yang artinya dan dalam bahasa Arab. Abah faham! abah faham!

he he he. the point was, he said, bila kita dah faham bahasa arab, lagi mudah kita nak faham apa quran tu cakap dan lagi mudah kita nak hafal. I envy those who are in this level.

Semoga dengan kehadiran dia, dapat menigkatkan lagi iman kita dan seterusnya memperelokkan lagi usaha kita untuk terus rapat dengan Allah.

Aku yang tersentuh, menitis air mata sebab aku tak layak rasanya dengan usaha sikit ni, untuk dapat pengampunan dari Allah.