Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cerita Hantu

There are just so many cerita hantu/ bomoh aired for the six days of raya. Not to mention the tele series ular emas which is shown everyday even way before raya.

The consolation (?) is they also show that iman precedes syirik. So the good guys are naturally people with songkok kopiah and dzikir beads and recite the quran. Relative to masa cerita hitam putih where they need to call mambang to fight another mambang. There is no white magic against black magic such as those glamorise in Harry Potter. Magic are all evil.

But how come none of them read any of the quls and ayat qursi? Let alone Suratul Baqarah. Allah has armed us with these surahs to fight the evil. The only surah I heard (in the drama) read on a possed person was Suratul Kawthar.

Or there must be something I do not know. Plus I have never been involved in helping anyone possessed or catching flying lights or the sorts.

Oh filem ek?

for layman like me, I will stick to what is taught in the sunnah. That is to read the i. 3 quls three times in the morning and evening and also before sleep. Read the before sleep evidence HERE.
ii. Read the three quls after solah. For Fajr and maghrib prayer read it three times.
iii. Read ayatul qursi in the morning and in the evening and also before sleeping and after solah. Read the virtues of ayatul Kursi HERE.
iv. And Al Baqarah must be read often in one's home to protect the house from any evil, Insya Allah.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Calm Before the Storm

I am back in Qatar and the kids are already in school.

My school has not started yet though. So i have so much free time in the morning, i can't believe it. I cooked early and find hours and hours and hours for myself. Alhamdulillah.

That reminds me when i first came to Qatar. Out of job. Finding myself so many dishes to wash. All the time. The floor needs to mopped. All the time. Dusts actually exist. Baju needs to be ironed. And a baby who is clinging on me even though I am in the toilet.

I remembered wanting my own time.

And now I have it. So for those finding their hands full with their little kids, ENJOY THEM. After forgetting the wish of having my own time, i went ahead and enjoyed the time with them. And am still enjoying them.

Anyway this quiet morning are hard to get even though I am not working. LOL! I don't even have any free time last year (last year meaning September 2009-jun 2010). i didn't have my weekends also. I had classes everyday including weekend and I teach in the weekend too.

It has been fulfilling.

But somehow, I think i want to cut down some of them particularly the weekends one. I don't get to spend time with the kids. I mean I do, but it was always a rush. Even our halaqah was a rush and sometimes I forgot to put some creativeness in the teachings. I looked back at my earlier notes, and I was surprised myself. That was me? So many games and quizzes and fun activities. last year was very academic.

Because I had so many classes, i didn't have time to study what I learnt. I think my performance last year was not so good. In my books lah. But still I learned alot, Alhamdulillah.

So I am starting off this new year by wanting to put more quality time in what I am doing. And with that I am cutting off my weekend classes except for the tawheed one (ada lagi tu nak simpan). I will still continue to teach Insya Allah but currently weighing the teen group. Hmmm.

My priorities are still my family and children. I don't want people to threaten me concerning this. True children are one of the adornment of this world and boleh melalaikan kita and hindering us from doing righteous deed. but Insya Allah spending time with them to build up their taqwa and eeman is not in vain. May Allah make this as one of my righteous deeds. Refer to Al Kahf 18:46.

For now i am enjoying my quiet mornings with intermittent of chatting, cleaning up, reading and planning.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three Weeks Up

OK It's almost time for me to go back to Qatar. I am leaving on the very very early morning flight on Friday which is essentially as good as leaving on Thursday. So when people ask me when I am leaving, I would say Thursday night I am already at the airport.

The raya has been very good for all of us. It is so nice to be able to spend it with our parents mostly and seeing relatives. But mostly our parents and most most mostly my lover's mum. In fact I must say she is the strongest reason that I think we should go back for raya.

Personally I like to go back during normal months and not the fasting month. Fasting in Qatar is such a bliss and Raya abroad is nice also.

You don't get to do much when you travel during the fasting month. And worse because there is this feeling that I need to get certain things and people to see on my once-a-year annually trip, I still take a lot of time out. And this, errrrr, affected the fasting months time.

But because I am ALSO feeling that since it is a fasting month and only a once-a-year trip, we all stayed kampung for the longest time. Truly sorry that I don't get to meet the normal people I meet. Next year Insya Allah.

In the end everything is made wonderful because my lover's mum, mak, was so happy.There are lots of cries when she greeted us and even more cries when we are leaving. :(

Having lost my own mother, I feel that lover must, as much as we can of course, without sacrificing some of my must-go places in KL :P, spent upmost quality time with his mom, my mak. Other things fall to close second and third places.

May Allah give us health and strength throughout our predestined length of life so that we can worship Him more.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jack Broke His Arm

Jack fell down and broke his arm
and no one come tumbling after.

Qadr Allah Jack broke his arm a week before raya.

He was jumping at the hanging chain at the cashier counter. Probably miscalculated his jump and fell. It was a short fall but a hard one on his elbow. He cried unlike his normal cries and curl himself on the floor.

It took me a few seconds to asses the situation. I didn't even pick him up immediately but stared at his arm. It seemed wobbly. But didn't look broken. But that is also because none of us either have X-Ray visions nor do we know how a broken arm should look like.

Picked him up a few seconds later and began to swallow that for usual fall he doesn't cry this long. His cries were too little for a boy with broken arm and taking that cue, I didn't think it was serious. But in relative to his other falls, he looked more distress.

Took him to the nearest clinic amd the doctor didn't think it was serious also. But gave us Ibuprofen and told us to observe him for a few hours.

But lover did not buy it. Zachary slept most of he time on lover's shoulders sweating. So we took him to the orthopaedics (spelling?) and had a proper X Ray on him.

PhotobucketThere you go. A broken arm.

Had a cast on him or whatever you call it. t is like a bandage that the doctor wrap around his arm and it went hard a few minutes later. I thought they will slap him with those heavy paris cement. Alhamdulillah for new inventions. Itwill be cracked open in a month, Insya Allah. Obviously in Qatar because I am leaving very soon.

But that did not stop him from being himself a few days later. Still looking very cheeky in his baju melayu.

It is two weeks now that he is in the cast. He can make a fist, display peace sign and play the computer games (!!!!). And also the highlight is he can make sujud with two arms. Alhamdulillah.

Would you give him extra duit raya?