Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ubat Jerawat

I got quite fed up with the jerawats on my face. I have gone to the dermatologists many times. I was also given antibiotics to be eaten and to put on the the said troubled area.

Alhamdulillah, Allah has allowed the ubats to reduce the pimples presence . But upon finishing the ubats, the pimples came back. Most of the time, big and prominent.

Anyway apparently the jerawat issue has been my concern since 2005. This is made apparent in the blog posts I have.

There is one here in 2005. Subhanallah, I remembered 2005 was a hard year for me. For us the whole family. HArd in terms of monies but I remembered being happy. So this is the post on jerawat in 2005.

Another mentioning of jerawat also in May 2005. An attempt to clear the skin by going facial.

In 2007 was the year the jerawat erupted full blown and caused alot of damage. I was already in Qatar then. HERE

In this post another mentioning that my past time hobby is playing with the jerawat. Hahhahaha

The jerawat was so bad that my children can play connect the dots with it. HERE.

Probably the last mentioning of jerawat in 2008 HERE.

Even though it is the last mentioning but it does not mean it has recede. Subhanallah I was too frustrated with it to even mention in the blog anymore. Like I said I went to the doctors many times. Qadr Allah, the jerawat just refuse to leave the face.

Finally I said that was it! I mean if the problem persists after so many attempts surely there is something wrong with the attempts. I decided to use traditional remedy. I have nothing to lose anyway.

I took out a cinnamon stick. Grind it at the bottom of the pestel. Bontot lesung. A bit of water to create the paste. And rub the paste on the protruding pesks. It hrts abit when you first apply it. But Alhamdulillah it didn't cause trouble like the ubat did. SOme of the antibiotics will only stunt the growth but will leave the jerawat like that. So I had millions (exaggeration) of stunted growth jerawat on my face. Add that to the newly coming ones.

Subhanallah the cinnamon paste, not only stunt the growth but made it smaller too. It would leave a black dot for a while. If at the right place on the face, some people might mistake me with Marilyn Monroe. But soon after, bi idznillah, it went away.

Yesterday I was visiting some friends who just came back from hajj. (May Allah accept their hajj). One of the ladies are now under the acne attack. So I shared them my experience. even made demonstration and seletkan kat muka dia. She felt a little stinging pain on the naughty acne. If Allah allows it, the jerawat will go away.

I used to bring my Dalacin-T everywhere. especially when I go back to Malaysia. Now I armed myself with a cinnamon stick. Bi Idznillah this will be an asbab for the jerawat to go away. Err not the lesung though.

So share lah if you have other traditional remedies.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cuti Sikit

In Qtar there are three public holidays. The major ones are for Eid Fitr and Eid Adha. Both are for good one week. The last one is for the independence day: 1 day.

Because break is so rare, I love them to bits. Many Msians take this time to buat makan-makan (plus it is raya time anyway), or have a break over the others sea, picnic and off sort.

And for me this time round, this cuti eid adha is another breather. I am really bad at housekeepinglah. :( I know and have told myself quietly if I were to allatul (another arabic word for you which means immediately) sort everything - punch papers, staple them put in a file - things will be kept tidy. Most importantly you can find it when you need it. Ni tak, for months there are papers stack here and there. And when I badly need them, I can't find them. And now ehen I am thinking of sorting them, I am stuck hours rereading them. Best pulak. he he.

Picture : My working table at slightly good time.

The new term has nearly end. I really should be writing down what I want to do mostly for the kids besides what I am already doing with them. I have quit some weekend classes, it is time to make full use of the otherwise used time for something good. But I feel the need to sort of schedule what to what and when and how, because my head is fill with so many things.

This for me that for me, those for them and this one and that one and those too and perhaps that also. Plus all of that. Ahah! this is good too!

Subhanallah! Breathe in and out. Ok kita kemas dulu!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I told haziq to pick up a rubbish that is so obvious and can be seem glaringly near the table. He picked up Sya and said, "she is too heavy!"

Anyway Haziq, my eldest, managed to sprain his arm muscle so bad that he needs a sling now. He was trying to climb a wall. This is the house wall that divides one house to his neighbour. Or what most of us would call a fence.

The fence in most Arab houses are very high and are usually wall like. It is usually very high. I suppose this is to make it easier for the women to go out and water the plant or clean the halaman without the need to cover her head. I am kinda enjoying this. It is probably also to reduce the sand that goes in the house. But i would probably be worried to have this fortress wall in Malaysia because of the possibility of crime. The house would be somewhat isolated.

Anyway, haziq climbed it because he is very clever. I think also he wants to peak at the neighbour's house because they have a pool. We so need to address this in our halaqah.

Anyway when Haziq was somewhere three to four years old, he definitely was no stranger to our nearby hospital: emergency department. So much so, the doctor had to interview us to make sure we are not abusing our child.

The first one when he was three. Lover was piggy-back him. he miscalculated Haziq's position such that when Haziq comes off him he fell and hit his head at the besi part of our beloved teak coffee table (it is no more beloved now) and the besi hit him at the most delicate part of his back of the head. And there was just so much blood. Non stop coming out. Serious panic!

Sometime later, he was running around our dining table and miscalculated himself and managed to hit himself on the corner of our dining chair. It sliced his eyebrow and nearly hit his eye. There is still a scar on the brow now. My advise is don't get the besi dining set. Wood is better. Or plastic? :P

One time he was playing outside and perhaps out of protest he pushed our house gate. Because he pushed it so hard, the gate bounced back and the ear of the gate, where you put your padlock, which was at the same height as Haziq's ears then, hit Haziq at guess where? The ears. Blood was trickling out from his ears.

Another time he was playing this funny looking three wheeled car. The one that you need to wriggle the steering to move about. But because he was and still is very clever, instead of looking forward to drive, he decided that he wants to face backward and paddle his way. The thing about this three wheeled car is tht, it has a heavy bottom. So when he sat the wrong way, it made the bottom heavier and the car lost its balance and lopsided. It lopsided with haziq falling face down, two front teeth first. More blood and two front teeth were loose.

I can't remember other smaller things but I do not wish for more.

In all cases, Allah has saved him and protected his head and brain, his eyes and sight, his ears and hearing and his teeth. The teeth did come out later like normal children though. Alhamdulilllah.

Ibu punya jantung manyak kali mau jatuh woo.

May Allah protect all of us Ya Rabb.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Matahari sudah bersinar kembali

I think my arabic teacher is realising something about the class. She must have noticed our blur faces. Two have quit the class. And a few more have said to me they are planning to do the same.

So last Monday she slowed down. Alhamdulillah. And the information she plans to give is little by little. She slowed down also on describing the nitty gritty details of the kana sisters and the i'rab(arabic grammar. You will find the word kana alot in quran). Instead she focused on vocabularies and encouraged us to build sentences describing pictures or giving opinions.

I went to talk to her to say thank you to her. i told her how much i love learning the language but understandably twice a week lesson won't be enough to expect all of us to be so fluent. She is a new teacher as in this is the first time she teaches non arabs. She realises also that non arabs observation on the language is different than the arabs themselves which she is slowly learning.

Then we can help each other. For her to be a better teacher as well as me to be a better student. Alhamdulillah.

The arabic classes here are the best for me. It suits my timing as a mother who has free time ONLY in the morning. It is for non arabs. And most of all, the classes are filled with reminders about Allah. At the end of the class, the teacher would pass out hadith. My arabic teacher would give hadith in arabic (without harakat) for us to read. I myself just hentam most of the arakats (of course strong sound i'rab will help you to read :P) and she will explain the meaning and peel short lessons from it.

I really love this. I love it so much that each time I think about it, I feel like crying. Even the books we used, the articles that we need to read would always include hadith or quran verses. May Allah bless them with manifolds of hasanat and bestow on the ilham to spread the deen.

Learning arabic languages at most places would be like learning any language but in the centre I am learning, it is really learning the language of the deen. (I am sure in malaysia is the same). Insya Allah tak mau quit!

So if i am not happy, I will tell (the teacher and err put a post here) because I want to stay as long as I can. Allah Musta'an.

Today's classes were great. We talked about good food, bad food. Describe pictures. Laugh. I can make jokes again. I had a great time even though more than three quarter of the words in the article are still alien to me. :P

Of course she ends the class by telling us there will be exam after eid.

Don't wanna be friend lah like this.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

First of Dzulhijjah already

Yesterday, i went to sent off some of my friends for hajj. Already? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was being sent off.

And as they were all getting themselves prepared and we talked or tried giving tips based on my own experience, I can't help feeling sayu throughout.

I remembered the times when I was told I am not accepted to go.
I remembered more the feeling of being told we can go later.
I can still remember the fajr prayer that I had, before we depart to Mina on the 7th Dzulhijjah.
And the silence as arafah hour was approaching.
I remembered the I-dont-care-if-lunch-is-late feeling when they served us lunch quite late while I want to run off in isolation armed with head and heart bursting with du'a.
And the final tawaf - tawaf wida' - when I cried and cried and cried in realisation that hajj is finally over.

Subhanallah. I cannot think about hajj but not drop a tear or feeling tight in the chest.

Alhamdulillah still I am allowed to go to another Dzulhijjah and experience the best ten days in Allah's sight. Grab this first ten days of Dzulhijjah like how you want to grab the last ten nights of Ramadhan.

Fast for nine days if you can. At least on the 9th Dzulhijjah.
If you can afford it, make qurban.
Say tahmeed (Alhamdulillah) as you cruise in the day. Takbir. Tahlil (lailahailallah. bukan buat tahlil arwah ya) and tasbih (Subhanallah. Bukan pegang tasbih)

Again, this sunnah is something that I see being practise alot here. As you do your grocery shopping, you can hear them doing the dzikir, made order and continue with their dzikir. Sometimes some men would recite the takbir (Takbir raya as you would call it). Of course I only realise this after I learn this. Otherwise what i can see is people mumbling or queue cutters or rude people. I guess you see what you choose to see.

May Allah grant the pilgrims hajj mabrur and May he make it easy for all of them.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Anak sendiri

Ni nak pergi kelas KAFA in 45 minutes.

Sebok mengajar anak orang, anak sendiri pun tak betul.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ash'uru bissuda'

I have a headache.

Subahanallah! The arabic class is now a challenge for me.Each time I finish the two-hour class, I have a headache. This somehow affected half an hour of my tajweed class which is after that.

I am finding my new teacher difficult to understand. She is also teaching in almost all arabic. And I find myself with vocabularies that are totally alien to me. I admit, arabic was easy(ier) for me earlier because I had a head start with some words.

My new teacher loves teaching grammar.For each new paragraph, she would be making i'rab (sectionalising every word with grammar rules), and it is making my eyes juling. Pages and pages of i'rab. And worse i find it hard to do the grammar rules when i do not know what the words mean. Huhuhuhu.

This month has been most bercelaru-in-the-head month. I am trying to cope with all the classes and the homework. Subhanallah! Allah musta'an.

It does not mean I want to give up. I am reminded that there are beautiful times when I read the quran, and I am beginning to understand the verses. It started perhaps with one word and sometimes it is the whole verse. No I am not into making i'rab of the quranic verses yet. And this (understanding the meaning of the verses without looking at the translation) is a big reward for me. Alhamdulillah.

I think I need to change attitude.
Errr I think i should be studying.

Lately i have been having mental block making it difficult for me to remember new words. This is another worry. My tajweed class is doing memorisation and tajweed. For now it is easy as we are still on the short surahs of Juz Amma.

I think I need to change attitude.
Errr I really should buckle up.

I felt like writing all the complaints about the kids (lack of discipline) and stuff that are going around me. When it rains, it pours. But then as I write it down or mentally blog it, the more I feel that it is me who is not doing enough. :(

May Allah make me steadfast in seeking the knowledge of the deen. And may He make it easy for me.