Saturday, November 16, 2013

What to Memorise First

After some observation among the children whom I have met, I am concern to just how much they know from the Quran. Many 10-12 year olds I talk to are not fluent in their basic three quls and some have not even memorised it. I asked them, if you have not memorised these short surahs, what do you read for your solah then?

I am not sure whether some of us expat parents realise this, but our children are not living in Malaysia where you probably would just leave it for the kindergarten school teachers to teach them basic surahs and basic du'a. Not in this country. Not when you are abroad.

Allahu Mustaan.

As expat, learning the deen falls heavily on us. HEAVILY.

I am making a list of what I believe the kids should have memorised by heart. It maybe my opinion only. P

In this order

Al Fatihah 
This should be memorised by age 5. You can stretch it to before 7 but seriously it should be before that because by 7 the child should be formally taught how to pray already. Having memorised al fatihah, would make the teaching process smoother Insya Allah.

The three quls
anytime before seven years old.

I cannot stress to you the importance of having these simple surahs as soon as possible. Not only these surahs are short, so kids can easily have this surah read in their prayers, but these surahs are so important in our daily like, from morning to before you go to sleep.

I am trying to cultivate the reciting of morning and evening adzkar to my K@FA kids and was surprised many have not memorised them yet.

Ayatul Kursi
I know this ayah is slightly long but it is such an important ayah in our life, I would personally make them memorise this before they reach seven also.

In the meantime, for me, I would casually make the daily du'a as daily routine. When repeated often, they would memorise this without much effort Insya Allah.

And of course even before seven, we would encourage the children to follow our solah. Ifthey have memorised al fatihah and some surahs, they can begin reciting them in solah.

Recitation in solah
I personally teach them the shortest ones. The one ruku'. the one in sujud. the one in between two sujuds. Then move to tashahud. and the last one Istiftah.

These should be tested and repeated often. Even when they are nine or ten, you must always ask them to repeat because I have caught my children reading tashahud for instance wrongly.

Again I am encouraging you to get your children to memorise the quran. The early surahs in Juzz amma is short and would it be easy for them Insya Allah.

But baby steps first. And I ask you in the name of Allah, if you have not already, take the responsibility in your hands. And take it seriously.

We are all answerable.