Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Advice to My Children

My dear children,

Let me share you a tip to save yourself from the agony in your ears and at the threat of disrupting the stability of your growing rebellious hormone. You know, how I go berserk when someone left their uniform, for example, on the floor? And as the built in characteristics that I have within me, if I go berserk on one of you, it means an Armageddon will come up soon . One person got the ear, the rest most likely would get plenty of ears from me too.

So, my advice is, if you see anything not at the right place for example pencils strewn on the bed and floor, soiled undergarment peeking from under the bed, damp towel on the toilet floor, books here and there and not on the table or bookshelves, bed not done, telekung not folded and on the bed, help each other by reminding everyone to get the things in the proper place. This also mean placed nicely and not thrown into the cupboard because the secret is, I check.

Make an alliance against me this way. Cooperate. Collaborate. Strategise. Get your line of defense up. Build a fortress (keep it neat). Do all of those before my big hundred eyes catch hold of the lopsided duvet.

This way you can save the agony of day long attack of loud sound and thumping and most likely the stinging cubit. Those loud sound, thumbing and stinging cubit will also guarantee you no computer, IPad games and IPod chatting and whatever you find pleasurable.

So if you work together, and that I do see you work together, I will very likely close one eye, but leave 99 open if you know your maths, on certain things.

May Allah bless you my children.