Monday, September 26, 2011

Whirlwind Start

School has started for the kids. And if you have been reading my past posts, you would know that this month is my new year following the new school term. Resolutions should be done now. Cleaning up and house keeping also should be done now.

We started this year with the kaput of our laptop and I believe will be followed suit with our two other desktops. The tell tale signs are there waiting for its end.

Not to mention, there was something wrong with the network, but it seems ok these couple of days. Insya Allah.

jackOur five year old car is also giving signs , with a few problem lights blinking now and then on the dashboard.

My phone is acting up also. Strange behaviour.

Did I tell you that my face is covered with zits and you don't have to look closely to connect the dots and form a picture?

And last Thursday Jack had a fall, and caused a slight hairline crack on his bone. Yeah on his left arm. The same arm as before. Just different bone. Read the old post HERE.I have been planning for a year of sports for the kids. I suppose swimming and football are off for him for a while.

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. Insya Allah khayr.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day Today

I am back in Qatar and the school new year has started.

It's a beautiful morning today.

There are lots of spreading-slightly-puffed cloud in the sky. The sun was rising and there are rays threading in the cloud not so high.

My children woke up early and happy. Their new pants all bright and crispy.

Their school shirts were last year's, which are still good even if you are near.
But the school has a new logo, which I am sure they will force me to buy the new uniform, and set the old ones forgo.

I will take my time to buy. Until the school threatens us or the children become shy.

The children even get their stuff ready from yesterday. Hey! That must be my day.

So today is a good day. The sun is smiling and the wind is playing.

My lover was kind to come with me and sent the children to their new classes. Meeting the new teachers. Greeting old friends.

Today is a beautiful day. I have a good tudung day and my dress didn't make me look (that) fat, I must say.

We came early to school and even had a good parking spot. We only had to walk a distance that is short.

I strut in my boots, and wore my large sunglasses that hoots.

All are well until of course I had to OPOCOT, terpelecot.

On my knees I fell and my ankle began to swell.

My boots gave way to uneven floor. And my tudung jadi berterabor.

Regardless, Subhanallah walhamdulillah for a beautiful day today.

Atooiii sakitnyaaa.