Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This trip is much as for me as well as it is for the kids. I have got them involve in this experience from the start of my decision so to speak. I told them stories now and then about Makkah, madinah, Kaabah and the likes so that they would develop the love to this place. Masya Allah, they are excited to go. Their excitement is very motivating.

Zachary would say, today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday and Thursday is UMRAH time!!

Sya is not feeling well today. She has eye infection and also feverish. She is not happy about it. She is worried that she won't be well for the trip. I kept cheering her up today.

Here comes the Sya.
Here comes the Sya,
and I say it's alright.

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here
Here comes the sya, here comes the sya
and I say it's all right

Tee he he

Suffice to say, our discussion for the past week is mostly on this trip.

Also to get the engine throttling, for the past two weeks, we had a good sitting down discussing the Umrah rites. OKlah more like me lecturing. We went through the rites, interjecting with stories and naseehah.

But I think the most fun part was when we made simulation of the umrah rite. Haziq trying to handle the ihram garment and doing the pretend tawaf and sa'ee. The whole work! They are motivated alright. Of course because the simulation only require a few steps for tawaf and a few steps from saee and marwa. I pray that Allah will make it easy for all of us.

I prepared a simple umrah guideline for the children to read. I have given this to the faths for their children. i hope it will be beneficial. Take a look at THE CHILDREN GOING FOR UMRAH.

For this trip, I prepared some quizzes to fill up the children's time. Some easy questions. Just so we can discuss more after that, Insya Allah. I hope the question can be expanded into examplary actions in their (my) everyday life.

At the moment I only have 50 questions. Will try to crack my brain for more. Tapi hmm rasa nak demam lah now. Tengoklah.

Wanna try some of the questions?

The food tastes bad. What should we say?
a. Ewwwww
b. Mama! Why you cook this food???
c. Cry
d. Keep quiet and leave it.

What was Allah’s promise to Abu Lahab?
a. Wealth
b. Health
c. Hell fire
d. Happiness

Which Surah is equal to the third of the Quran
a. Surah Al Baqarah
b. Suratul Mulk
c. Suratul Fatihah
d. Suratul Ikhlas

Simple kan?

See if you can answer like this child in the video below. May Allah bless her parents. Jazakillah to Diana for sending this to me. She is too cute, Masya Allah.

Then I gave each child a goody bag containing a drawing block, pencil colours, magic pen, stationery, the guideline book, cards containing the supplication so that they can memorise it. Oh yes. remind me to print a Saudi map for all the kids. I have a fascination for geography and I like taking opportunity when I travel to point out places for them.

Now, I am thinking of things for jack. Other than colouring. Bosan wei. Any ideas?

Other than that, I am listing ubats and stuff for all of us. I am gathering all the lectures in mp3. And the normal stuff that you take when you travel.

Oh I need to brush up on histories. You know how much I love history kan? Mak oi sempat ke ni? The possible story to look back are Battle of Badr, Battle of Uhud, Conquest of Makkah, Abdul Mutallib found Zam zam, Asmaa bint Abu Bakar and her underground work for Islam, the first revelation. All in terrible order apparently. It shows what is in my head. Tapi sebenarnya most likely is over ambitious aje ni. Ahhh i know, I bring the booklah apa susah. tee he he.

These activities are just fillers with the children. In between other more pressing-in need activities, Insya Allah.

I pray that the children will benefit their time in this trip. I pray that this experience will help them develop their love to their Lord, their Prophet and their Deen.

Monday, March 30, 2009



Insya Allah we will be going for umrah. We plan to leave this Thursday, Insya Allah. We will be driving enroute Doha-not a known stopping destination yet-Mekkah-Jeddah-Madinah-Riyadh-Doha. Doha to Makkah is approximately 1,500km. We will be going with the Faths.

Alhamdullilah we have received the relevant documentation. I am praying hard to be accepted as Allah's guest. Labbayk Allah..

Anyway, the plan is to leave this Thursday. I made a mistake on taking account of the children's holiday. I checked the school's website and it says the school ends on the 1st April. Thus leaving on the 2nd April sounds really good. I only realised, after doing the arrangement, that it is actually a 2010 calendar. *DOINK!*

Since the arrangements are made and changing dates would involve other parties and taking leave of sort, I had to sacrifice the children's 1 week school days. I am just grateful that by then the exam is over. (It's exam week now)

So I was saying, we are planning to leave this Thursday and drive as much as we (and I mean the men, since I cannot take turn to drive in case he gets sleepy. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi) can. We will stop, Insya Allah, at any small motels which are quite aplenty on Saudi roads, Insya Allah.

The next day, after hopefully a good rest, we will drive off to the town Taif. We anticipated that we will reach there sometime around Isya'. We will go off to Qarn un Manazil which is the meeqat (the place to pronounce the niyah for umrah for people coming from the Najd area i.e. the arabian planes). Qarn Un Manazil is about 75km to Makkah.

We will take shower there, put on our ihram garments and do the necessary. Make niyah and proceed with talbeeyah all the way to Makkah. I can almost imagine the feeling. Even the little simulation we had are uplifting. *tak sabaaaaarrr*

Insya Allah we plan to perform umrah on the very same night. May Allah make it easy for us.

We plan to stay in Makkah for a few days. We will leave for Madinah on the 7th Insya Allah stopping at Jeddah to hunt for books. This is a bit of side track. More of taking opportunity that is. Insya Allah the english islamic book selections in Saudi are more varied and not to mention cheaper.

Then we will leave for Madinah and stay up to the 9th. I wish we can stay longer. :(. It's okay. I am more grateful for this opportunity if Allah wills that we go.

We will then leave for Riyadh on the 9th and will go hunt down Mak Nenek's (a fellow blogger. Very famous with her banner design) house. Mrs Fath is planning for ikea. Me? Another round of book hunting would be good too. <--- sungguh over.

Okay this entry is edited. We have made a bit of change in the plans. Instead of going straight back to Doha with the Faths on the 10th, we will split. He will drive to the South back to Doha while I will drive up to the North to Elisa's. :D

Thus status quo is we will depart to Doha on the 11th.

The trip look too short to me now.

Friends, do pray for our safe journey and that Allah make things easy for all of us.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Name the places

Can you name the place : no 1, No 2 and No 3?

Clue : Alaa so easylah.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Agent of Change

I don't really remember the exact date that I decided to don the hijab. But I think it is sometime this month (or was it February or err april :P) last year.

I still love wearing skirts which are slightly below the knee. However I am happy to tell you that now I have found even greater pleasure to wear the skirt at the right place and the right time. Over here sometimes the ladies host morning coffee, girls only, and this is the time when most of the niqab ladies would go all out. Dengan full flash make up, earings and baju bergaya. And the compliments among ladies are really refreshing you know.

Let me recall back why did I not don the hijab earlier. Perhaps it can be beneficial for you, Insya Allah.

It started of as a rebel action. *oh please lollies*. Somehow when I was younger I felt the "alim" people are belittling me. They are always giving strange fatwas like don't leave the prayer rug after you pray for the shaytan will pray after you. Isn't that a good thing?

For one reason or another, those people (whom I met) do not seem to be doing well in their academic nor in anything much except preaching. And somehow I associated that being Islamic and being thankful for what we have made them complacent and not wanting to strive better.

When I was younger I felt that most hijabis are timid and lembik and lack in self esteem. And they can't speak for themselves.

And as I grow up I begin to see hijabis with bad behaviour especially backbiting, jealousy among sisters, hati busuk, loving status, taking bribes (bribes come in many forms) and backstabbing. Then we see also hijabis making out with boyfriends, beromen in public and entah apa-apa lagilah.

What irked me the most is the hijabis who like to tegur the non hijabis sister (me that is) and do it out loud so the world can hear. I have been to islamic inclined majlis (which I actually like even when I am not hijabbed) and sisters stayed away from me or look at me from far.

While the guys, they talk about hijabs, tutup aurat, but they are wearing shorts when they play. And when they tuck in their shirts, I can see the shape of their bum. And many of them prefer non hijabi themselves.

Look at them hijabis, with a headscarf on but with foul akhlaq. What is important is our heart. Sah? Why put on the hijab and be those who slander? It's better that I don't wear than be like one of them.

Somehow, slowly Allah began to flash upon me a few exemplary hijabis. Those who do tremendous voluntary work. Those who have clear objective of their life. Those who speak with conviction. Those who are opinionated (in a correct way). Those with tremendous akhlaq. I enjoyed learning about these sisters from far and some I managed to have the privilege of their company.

Then it dawned on me. This not being a hijabi due to bad hijabis are excuses ONLY from me. Because I want to comfort myself for not donning it, I take the easier way out. I used the blame syndrome. It's easy to say look at her, she has the hijab but she cheats. Look at her, she has hijab on but tak get ngaji pun. Look at her she has hijab but always envious of people. A Hijabi but materialistc.

Was I not just like the ignorants who immediately judge a person just because they are muslims? Am I not like the ignorants who see a hijabi or a bearded muslim man and immediately accuse them being terrorists?

Hijabis or not, muslim or not, there will be people with bad akhlaq. The common factor is not because they are hijabis. The common factor is because they are human.

Was the hijab wrong or my lack of knowledge were wrong?

True, if you are a Muslim, you should carry yourself like one. When you don the hijab, you become an ambassador for the Muslim community. Abiding to Allah's rule, you should continuously please Allah and display the best of manners.

So I am not happy with some hijabis attitude.

Who should I change then? The hijabis?

But I cannot change that sister. She has foul mouth!

Why not ourselves?

Are you are among those, like the previous me, who have been withholding this bit of Allah's order of worship because of bad exemples of other hijabis? And you believe that what is in the heart is more important than just appearance. You just cannot fathom how can someone who obeys the hijab part, disobey many others. If you detest bad akhlaq. Then Masya Allah sister, you are among those who love the principle of virtues. You believe in doing something it should be done right all the way and not half way done.

May I then suggest you to take this goodness to another level. Bring it up further to please ONLY Allah. Not for fashion. Not for pressure of conformity. But for Allah.

Propagate good things and be the agent of change yourself. Show them what is right. Walk the talk. Set examples yourself. You'll never know where good akhlaq can carry you. What more when Allah is please with you.

Then we an talk about making things better. Our family. Then those around you. The community. Perhaps the whole nation. Perhaps the world. Insya Allah.

If you wait for the hijabi masses to change, they won't. But you can.

Join the bandwagon.

This bandwagon are filled with sisters who are strong. Those who equipped themselves with the right ilmu. Those who speak from the heart because of their faith. Those who are opinionated because they believe in Allah's word. They believe in Rasullullah's words.

This bandwagon are filled with sisters who are equal, if not, more than some man in their worshiping to Allah.

This bandwagon are filled with sisters who are clear of the reason we are here.

This bandwagon are filled with sisters who are clear on the way we are heading.

Who want to be righteous and raise more of them.

Those who are doing it right, Insya Allah.

This bandwagon is the most pleasurable place to be in this short journey. And there are still a huge space.

It will only come rolling to you, when you are it.

For those who are on the hijab, project the best of examples because it is just the right thing to do. For all you know your bad examples is an excuse for people not to don the hijab.

For those who have been donning the hijab, covering the bosom, making sure the three quarter length sleeve compensated by some form of arm covering, lowering down the top to cover the curves of the thigh, practising hayak (feeling of shame)and abiding the orders of Allah and His Messenger, I am envious. For you do not have to worry day and night whether your tawbah is accepted by Allah.

This is more of a reminder for myself. I am praying that it will also be to all of us.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Contradict Each Other

Some people are asking for my help. I did eagerly want to.

But somehow some of the words they say contradict themselves. One day she says this. On another day, she said something else that contradicts her own words earlier.

She probably doesn't know that I have a memory of an elephant.

And also I rarely delete my sms messages.

I am having doubts now.

And I don't like feeling like this.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Post Sneezing Effect

My children are having post sneezing effect. Everytime someone sneezes, he would say Alhamdullilah loudly, making sure that others hear it. And if whoever hears it but does not respond Yarhamukallah on time, will be bombarded with why did you not respond, I just sneezed. What? You didn't say Alhamdullilah. I did so! I didn't hear you. Then you'd better be sure you say Yarhamukallah.

Zachary, the oompa loompa is perhaps the most zealous of them all. If he sneezes in the kitchen, he would go around the house finding everyone to tell them that he sneezes expecting a Yarhamukallah. Sometimes I would be praying when he sneezes, and he would wait until I say the final salam, then quickly tell me, "I sneeze".

Masya Allah

It's not my doing I tell you. We have never actually discuss about sneezing per se. I did mention it casually when we discuss the topic of Spreading peace. It was when I mentioned this hadith about the right of one Muslim to another;

Muslim :: Book 26 : Hadith 5379

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Six are the rights of a Muslim over another Muslim. It was said to him: Allah’s Messenger, what are these? Thereupon he said: When you meet him, offer him greetings;when he invites you to a feast accept it. when he seeks your council give him, and when he sneezes and says:” All praise is due to Allah,” you say Yarhamuk Allah (may Allah show mercy to you) ; and when he falls ill visit him; and when he dies follow his bier.

by the way my dear friends, I sincerely pray that we can abide to this beautiful sunnah.

But I never really teach the kids what to say. Informally perhaps. I didn't want to go to this topic because I think it's a popular topic that will be touched in the school anyway. :P

It was Batrisyia actually. She learned it in school. (toldja). So they also teach you that when the other person say Yarhamkullah, you need to respond Yahdikumullah yuslihu balakum. I said, I don't know Sya, I need to find the hadith to confirm this. (But I wasn't putting effort. If you know do tell)

Oh man! I didn't know that one and it was haaaaarrrd for me to remember it. Batrisyia took charge by writing this phrase down, putting it on the fridge and bringing it to me whenever I struggle to remember it.

Apparently we sneeze a lot. Like A LOT. After sometime I am forced to remember it. :P


Subhanallah. I was going through my email. And then Allah guides me to find this hadith.

Bukhari :: Book 8 :: Volume 73 :: Hadith 243

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, " If anyone of you sneezes, he should say 'Al-Hamdulillah' (Praise be to Allah), and his (Muslim) brother or companion should say to him, 'Yar-hamuka-l-lah' (May Allah bestow his Mercy on you). When the latter says 'Yar-hamuka-llah", the former should say, 'Yahdikumul-lah wa Yuslih balakum' (May Allah give you guidance and improve your condition)."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Are your plastic bags goddessy enough?

Adakah puan-puan menyimpan bag plastik bising?

Jika ya, bagaimakah caranya puan-puan menyimpan beg plastik puan-puan?

Adakah ianya di biarkan merata-rata di rumah anda? Tsk tsk tsk

Atau ianya di simpan dalam satu tempat khas?

Jika ianya di simpan dalam satu tempat khas, tahniah! Anda sudah masuk satu langkah ke taraf domestic goddess. Ianya satu anugerah yang di dambakan oleh rata-rata semua wanita. Walau pun mereka tidak minat kerja rumah, tetapi diam-diam sebenarnya mereka mahukan anugerah ini.

Soalan selanjutnya ialah, jika ianya di simpan dalam satu tempat khas, adakah ianya melimpah ruah seperti gambar ini?


Tsk tsk tsk.

Ianya perlu di perbaikki (<---adaka perkataan ini?) puan-puan.

Tahukah anda jika anda menyusun bag plastik anda dalam keadaan yang teratur, selain dari kelihatan kemas dan langsung membuktikan bahawa anda adalah homemaker yang bijak menyusun atur kediaman anda, anda juga dapat menjimat ruang bekas plastik khas anda itu. Anda dapat menyimpan lagi banyak bag plastik yang boleh anda gunakan sebagai kitar semula samada untuk membuang sampah, atau bungkusan tapau kawan-kawan ataupun untuk membuat bunga plastik hiasan di rumah.

Bagaimanakah caranya?

Senang sahaja puan-puan. Cuma ikut sahaja langkah seperti rajah-rajah di bawah.

Mula-mula tenangkan bag plastik bising anda itu dengan mengurut-urutnya lembut


Nota kaki: Tidak perlu memakai sarung tangan hitam semasa proses urutan tersebut. Sarung tangan adalah sekadar gambar hiasan sahaja

Setelah bag plastic anda tenang, bahagikan plastic itu kepada tiga bahagian dengan melipatkannya seperti dalam gambarajah. Kalau tak pasti, sila gunakan ruler yang berukuran 30cm. Jika lebar plastik itu ialah 18 cm, ambik pula calculator dan bahagikan 18 dengan 3. Untuk memudahkan anda, saya akan tolong bahagikan untuk anda, 18 bahagi 3 jawabannya 6. maka setiap lipatan mestilah berukuran 6cm tepat. Ulangi proses ini sampai mendapat ukuran yang tepat.


Seterusnya ialah proses mentigasegikan plastik. Kita mula dari bahagian plastik yang tidak bertangkai. Lipatkan bucu plastik itu menjadi rupa tiga segi. Teruskan lipatan mengikut garisan tiga segi yang paling hampir ke plastik yang tidak berlipat. Ini adalah satu proses yang paling mengasyikkan dalam banyak-banyak proses penggodessan bag plastic ini. Maka nasihat saya enjoy while it lasts.


Teruskan lipatan sampai ke hujung bag plastic yang bertangkai. Proses mengemaskan tangkai ini memerlukan keprihatinan. Panjang tangkai yang tertinggal hendaklah berkesusaian dengan kedalaman poket plastik. Poket plastik ini terjadi semasa proses lipatan itu berlaku. Selitkan tangkai kedalam poket plastik. Jika ianya terlampau panjang, gunakalanlah common sense puan-puan.


Inilah hasil kraftangan puan-puan. Plastic goddess tiga segi.


Lihatlah pula banyaknya ruang dalam tempat khas pastik anda itu? Bijak bukan? Ituah anda domestic goddess yang bijak susun atur.


Impress your friends with your new found skills. Tapi ingat, perbetulkan niyat anda. Jangan takbur dan riyak. Orang riyak nanti jadi orang kenit macam semut masa judgment day. kena stampede dengan semua manusia. Tak cukup dengan itu rugi aje tak dapat good deeds, silap-silap kena campak masuk AnNar. Naudzubillah!

Perbetulkan niyat anda dengan niyat untuk mengajak kawan-kawan semua jadi bijak menyusun atur rumah mereka.

Berita baik untuk puan-puan. Aktiviti ini boleh di lakukan oleh seluruh ahli keluarga terutamanya anak-anak. Janganlah pulak puan paksa suami puan-puan. Kita jangan paksa kekasih kita dalam hal-hal menguruskan rumahtangga. kalau mereka mau membantu, itu adalah bonus bagi kita. Alhamdullilah. May Allah shower him Mercy and May Allah makes them love us more. Tetapi rakan-rakan lelaki yang membaca, Rasullulah s.a.w. selalu tolong isterinya tau. Kalau uoll buat dengan ikhlas, bayangkan berapa banyak deeds yang uoll dapat. Isteri pun happy, Insya Allah. Rumahtangga pun penuh sakinah, Insya Allah.

Anyway, ajaklah anak-anak puan-puan melipat plastik. Ini boleh jadi family bonding. Kalau buat kraftangan biasa nanti buat kumpul habuk dan puan jugak yang kena lap. Kalau tak puan, Andes yang lap. Asik-asik lap habuk ngomelnya. Suruh anak-anak anda lipat plastik. Lihatlah betapa gembiranya anak ini menolong ibunya melipat plastik.

I love you Ibu, kata kanak-kanak ini.

Silalah cuba kaedah ini puan-puan. Semoga puan-puan tidak lagi memmpunyai masalah bag plastik yang melimpah ruah.

p/s : Anugerah domestic goddess ini di beri oleh tuan punya badan sendiri. You judge yourself. be honest and true. :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jack-Jack banyak Cakap

generalI was making a road direction map on the power point earlier, when Jack came up behind me. he looked at my sketch. And then commented, "Your traffic light is upside down. The red should be on top and the green should be at the bottom. the orange is fine though."

Eh ya ka? Bukan green on top ke?

This confirms that some of my memory cells are depleting. Too many bad sectors. I really cannot remember the arrangement of the colours anymore.

He even brought me a book to prove his findings! Oklah oklah.

We were at the clinic yesterday. While waiting for the ubat, he started a game of guess-what-animal-is-this? He started with asking us to guess an animal with four legs, orange in colour and has black stripes.

Then I asked him an animal with two strong legs and has a pouch on his tummy. Sometime there is a baby in the pouch. he doesn't know this by the way.

Then he asked, "What has two legs and has a face that is like peach or brown and talks."

I guessed,
monkey? no.
Chimpanzee? No
Gorilla? No
Parrot? No
Then what?

It's you! Pointing to me.
Cis! Boleh ke ini macam punya soalan?

jackI asked Jack
"Do you love me?" (soalan standard lah ni)

"How do you know you love me?"
"Because I always kiss you."

"Where is this love that you feel?"

"Where do you feel it? In your eyes?"

"In your ears?"

"In your mouth?"
"No." he was eating while I am bombarding him with these questions.

"Where then?"
Still munching, he pointed to his stomach.

"In your tummy?"

I must say that is quite close to his heart. He is a fine boy indeed.

On another thought, I am getting to him through his stomach.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Belajar itu nombor one

From the news that I read or heard or watched, I noticed that the Palestine people put school and learning in general as their utmost importance. Just a few days after the recent ceasefire, the kids are crowding the school again. Subhanallah! This spirit is just truly amazing!

I can never imagine myself sending my kids to school after terrible war where I have lost my husband, my sons, my neighbours and knowing some of the teachers are dead and many of their school friends are gone. In fact I can never feel that life can go on as normal. And the need of education when the country's future and my own future seems bleak. This is post war! Everything is ruin!

Dr Azh@r gave a lecture the other day about his recent experience in Gaza. He confirmed that the people there are very resilient and their spirit is nothing like what we can never imagine. Life goes on. And they make the most of what we have and even better. Their education institution is just amazing. masya Allah. And everyone takes education very seriously despite bad seemingly seem to pour on them for what seem like forever.

My lover's friend who is from Palestine told my lover, he remembered when he was little, if you have little fever you still have to go to school. Sick is nothing compared to the loss of one day not learning. Because at anytime when war is on they would have lost their school time anyway. So they savour all they can.

I looked at some photos. Subhanallah! So the school is ruin. Mafi mushkila (no problem. Please learn this word already for I will use it often). We'll teach in a makeshift tent. No tent? Mafi mushkila. We'll teach in open air. teacher is dead. O! Allah make their death a syahid. Forgive their sins. Mafi muskila. Others will come in to teach.

I am at awe at their woman really. The mothers who drive and push their kids to the betterment of their education. I have always believed that mothers are the anchor person to ensure this. It saddens me to see our people who live peacefully and having children who do not care about their education nor their future life. Future here I mean both world and hereafter.

I, for one, can learn a lot from their strength and their spirit. This reminds me of the strength of the mother of Imam Bukhari. The mother of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Women who raised their children single handedly and their children became great scholars.

More name throwings. May we all learn from these great women.

Zubayr ibn Al Awaam was indebted for his greatness to his mother Safiyah bint Abdul Mutallib, who instilled in him the good qualities and distinguished nature

Ali bin Abi Taalib received wisdom, virtue and good character from his distinguished mother, fatimah binti Asad

Abdullah ibn Ja'far, the chief of the Arab generosity and the noble of the youths, lost his father at an early age. It was his mother Asma' bint Umays who took care of him and instilled him in his virtues and noble characteristics,and she herself became one of the great women of Islam.

Imam Ash-Shafiee. he never saw his father who died whilst he was still a babe in arms; it was his mother who took care of his education.

Quoted from The Ideal Muslimah: Dr. Muhammad Ali al Hashimi

I am not saying this as not to recognise the father's role in the children's upbringing. I am highlighting this because I just realised how important we, the women, are in shaping our children. Sure we know all this, it's becoming a cliche. I am just wondering whether I myself have the real spirit to drive.

To all my female friends. I call this the true woman power. Behind the success of your child, is a strong woman. May we be the strong woman ourselves.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bu, Jack's Awake!!

I was browsing through my camera and found these video that Sya made. It's like those short movies which has no motive. Many people call them art.

I just thought Sya's one is funny in her own way.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Otak Berkarat

Haziq was selected to represent his school for Grade 6 in the Mental Maths Challenge. I went to see the quiz. There were from grade 5 up to grade 11. In his grade alone, there were 20 students from the numerous international school in Doha. I stayed from the qualifying round till the final.

From the 20 students in the grade 6, they narrowed down to three. And I listened to the rounds of questions and made mental calculation myself. The children need to answer mentally within 10 seconds.

Haziq managed to be among the three.

haziqFor the finals, they now had to go the hall and stand on stage answering in front of everyone. What is worse, I think, was there was no podium. I hate it when I had to stand bare on stage without a podium for me to hide behind (I am short. The podium can cover nearly the whole of me). It is nerve wrecking. Let alone you have to be quick answering the questions.

For the finals, everyone get to watch from the grade 5 up to 11. I suppose everyone would also be calculating all the questions in their head. The question ranges from
what is 23 add 39? to 0.68+3/5 (give answer in decimal). There were also questions on percentages like decrease 60% out of 50. An easier one like 62 take away 28. Multiplication like 12x12 or try answering 33x52 in ten seconds. And many more I can't remember what.

I did the calculation in my head, sometimes uttering the answer slightly loud under the breath and the person next to me said, yeah I got that one too. By the end of one hour concentrating and doing hard calculation, I got a headache. To be under the pressure of 10 seconds made it even worse.

There was this guy (really cute. Year 11), probably under the pressure of the stage fright and 10 seconds to answer and all that, or perhaps the presence of some eager cute girls at the side of the hall, he could not even answer what is 1000 divide by 50.

Seriously makcik pening kepala dah balik tu. Dah berkarat dah otak ni dik non oiii.

Haziq didn't win. He got second place.