Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's Day : Zachary

jackI bought Zachary a little hummer the other day. Actually I bought it with his own money. He got himself a QR50 Carrefour voucher. In fact Haziq and Batrisyia each got one too because they represented Malaysia team during the ASEAN Bazaar day sometime ago. They modeled the Malaysian clothes. Basically pakai baju rayalah. The pictures HERE.

So I got him a little hummer and even a littler (he he) ambulance. You know these car models in boxes, they usually tie up the car with wires to a board so that the car won't move around in the box. But this little hummer was not tied up with wires instead it was screwed to a plastic board.

Zachary wanted to play with it immediately we got home and asked me to unscrew the car off the board. Alaaa I am really lazy you know. Sure I can unscrew and screw for that matter. I can solder too. But I really do not want to go in the cramp storeroom. I have to half stand in the dark claustrophobic room to get the toolbox. And I am lazy to open up the toolbox. My lover also has extra bits in the toolbox that when you open it, you have to rearrange the things in order for the box to be closed properly. And I have no patience for all that.

So I told him wait for ayah. he said ok.

But just look at him. Patiently pushing the car still on its board. No complaints and no tantrums. Just slight disappointment.

And I am a mother after all. So I took the toolbox. half standing in the dark dingy room. Opened the box and took out the philips screwdriver.

Come Jack, let me open it for you.

And he gave me that look. That indescribable look. The look of thanks.

Little hummer :QR35
Littler ambulance : QR5
The look : PRICELESS

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother's Day : Batrisyia

When I picked Batrisyia from school the other day, Batrisyia's teacher told me that she wrote something in Batrisyia's message book. It is something about the reading session is cancelled the next day because the kids have a field trip.

That night when I wanted to start with Batrisyia's reading and spelling and maths work, I told Batrisyia to bring to me her bag.

But what Sya did was she first gave me only the reading book.

I said i want your whole bag with everything in it.

Then she brought me her spelling sheet. Without her blue message book.

I said I want your bag Batrisyia.

Then she brought me her bag but still without her blue message book.

Now where is your blue book Batrisyia?

She immediately said, there is nothing new in the book. Nothing. Mrs. Carla didn't write anything.

Huh? Why is she acting defensive?

"Batrisyia", I said, giving her a really angry look narrowing her eyes on her. You don't want to give me this look. Ever! "Mrs. Carla just told me she wrote something for me. Bring me the blue book now!"

I could almost swear Sya turned white when I said this.

Ho ho ho ho. Look who is caught with her pants down. Naughty little Sya was caught lying to me.

Then she guiltily gave me the book. "Stand there." I said. I slowly read the message and frowned just for the drama. Of course the message still say about canceling the reading session.

I turned to Sya and asked her, "What did you do?"

She slowly told me that at school she used Zoe's (her classmate) pencil and Mrs.Carla told her to use her own. Eh? That's all. I think she must have thought that since Mrs. Carla told her to use her own pencil (probably in a stern tone), I would be angry at her. "Why didn't you use your own pencil?" I asked. She said, in my own words, she is lazy to get her own pencil.

"Why did you lie to me then?" I asked her this because the lying part is my greater concern.

No answer. But can you imagine her face? The scared guilty face.

"Really Batrisyia, using Zoe's pencil is nothing compared to lying to me." And suffice to say she got a lecture of lying to me and something that all mothers will found out about their children lying.

Mothers have 100 eyes and millions of senses.



Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day : Haziq

I have been slightly cross with haziq a few times. Mostly because he did something , which I can't remember what it was, but definitely something that deserve to be barked at. Many times after that I told him casually that you should come and apologise to me. But he never did.

Last week, i got cross with him again. Again couldn't remember what it was about. i told him sternly after that, I am waiting for you to come and apologise.

he did not.

I even heard Sya told him, when are you going to say sorry to ibu. i didn't hear his answer though.

So last Sunday, which coincidentally was mother's day, I called him after maghrib prayer. I was alone in the room still in my telekung and on the sajjadah. (pergh macam dramalah pulak).

I talked to him about apologising to me whenever he did something wrong that is whenever I am cross with him. I told him, a mother's forgiveness and blessings must always be seeked by a child. For without it, life is without barakah. I am not sure about this actually. But there are countless stories (which I didn't narrate because I need to be sure of the actual story. Kalau cerita tanggang tu macam overlah pulak. Plus I told him the story before) of a child who has difficulty to die even because his mother did not forgive him for his wrongdoing. It's time to collect these stories. Can you pass me the stories, if you have any?

Don't let ego overcome you.The longer you wait, the harder it'll become. And believe me not, if these continue to repeat, they will become habit that will turn as a norm. And what am I then? Just another person in your life? You have been saying about kissing the heaven under my feet. Now Haziq, this is what it meant. My blessings. A mother's approval.

I want you to remember what I said today forever. Even when you are old. When you are 50. Even when I am not around in the world anymore.

Haziq cried.

I think he will be alright.

It is just the sign of the emerging teenagehood.


Monday, May 12, 2008

I took it off

Salute I must to most of the ladies here. They are indeed the truest domestic goddess to the very T. I am only a wannabe who is not putting any effort. Some of the ladies here are active in persatuan-persatuan kewanitaan which organise activities to fill in the otherwise "quiet" time for the ladies here. They have bowling, kelas masak-memasak, kelas menari which includes pocho pocho (however you spell it), kelas agama and macam-macam lagi. One of the most popular activities must be the morning coffee activity which I rarely go because of the limited time I have and most of the time not invited to any. :P.

But I was invited to one the other day, which I went. Now this one is organised by the Mistress of the domestic goddess. Siap ada theme segala. The theme of the day is blue and white. Wear anything blue and white. As expected the party was coloured with various shades of blue and white.

Now now, with my currently very limited choice of wardrobes, I really have nothing to wear. Then I decided to wear my frilly ala ala tudor white top and a slightly below the knee blue skirt (which i really love) and a band of white pearl necklace.

But of courselah now I cover all those under the abaya, he he. And took it off only at the all girls morning coffee. Hooray for abaya!

One of the teachers at my school do that too. She wears the niqab, but at the all girls centre took it off to show off her stylish self.

And not to mention the minah-minah arab during all girl parties. Woo all out. Dengan make up and baju yang harusnya sexy dengan rambut besarnya. (not necessary I agree with the fashion).

So, that's what I did. I think this is the best deal for me because I have now have the power to do that. And because I can, kan?

P/s : If you don't understand what I am trying to say here, I probably should tell you, that I have don the hijab, Insya Allah.

Pasal Ummi ada request, maka sedikit peek.