Saturday, November 29, 2008

Waaahh More Chance for Us

Did you miss Ramadhan? Especially the intimate last ten days of the holy month? And waiting for the next Ramdhan is too long? (Not to mention we might not be alive). And our ibadah is rollercoasting down?

Do not fret. Allah is Most Merciful. He is giving us another chance to pick up. More chances to build up on rewards.


It is reported by Abdullah Ibne Abbaas radhiyallahu anhuma that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, "No good deeds done on other days are superior to those done on these (first ten days of Zul Hijjah)." Thereupon, some companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, "Not even Jihadd ? " He replied, "Not even jihaad, except that of a man who does it by putting himself and his property in danger (for Allah's sake) and does not return with any of these things."
Sahih Bukhaari.

What can we do? What can we do?

You can fast from the 1st of Dzulhijjah all the way to the day of Arafah which is the 9th of Dzulhijjah. Sembilan hari je uols.

Tapi kalau tak mampu jugak boleh puasa on the 9th Dzulhijjah, that is the day of Arafah

The Prophet (PBUH) used to fast on the ninth day of Dhul-Hijjah and he said: “Fasting the Day of Arafah (ninth Dhul-hijjah) is an expiation for (all the sins of) the previous year and an expiation for (all the sins of) the coming year.” (Muslim)

Complete the Quran reading. Or at least do more than what you normally do.

You can try and do more nawafil prayers. 12 rakkahs a day.

You can do Qiyam.

You can do many good deeds as simple as smiling.

Wet your tongue with Dzikir.

Make good relationship with family and friends.


Sembahyang raya.

And Qurban on the Eid Adha.

Just chose one of the above or better still all of them or even more more more ibadah!

Rewardnya? The hadith explains it all.

By the way, each of the prescribed ibadah pun dah banyak reward on normal days, what more if its on virtuous days like the first ten days of Dzul Hijah.

Maka mari mari kita rebut rebut! peluang baik! Peluang baik!

p/s : I attended a talk on this topic yesterday and one thing she said in the talk that strike me most was. You said you want Jannah? You really do? But you don't even want to sacrifice your sleeping time for Qiyam?


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Welcome to the Internet World

Some of the ladies here have discovered the wonderful world of web and are very excited about what the e-mail (for instance) has to offer and also the delicious recipes they can find on the net. Good for them!

So they are forwarding a lot of emails to everyone, a group of ladies here. By the way I am talking about Malaysian ok. So I am getting emails which I have read before, I am receiving gory emails (by the younger ones), email Norman Hakim and Memey doing monkey acts, email gambar tudung Siti Nurhaliza, and also email on a lot of food product yang haram, yang tak boleh makan, yang ada babi, yang tak sembelih betul.

Most of the emails I ignore, sometimes I read sometimes I leave. Some also I would reply especially to rebut some of articles. Usually I do this if I have evidence of some sort that the article is outdated or incorrect. Some forward hoax email that I have recieved ages ago like the picture of a lady's' breast infected by some larvae, or the supposedly kaum Ad who is found in somewhere somewhere.

Not forgetting there are also email berunsurkan agama with wonderful power points and so on (beware many contain hadith dhaif!). Yesterday I received a chain mail which are agama related. Herewith I paste it



This is true.From Madina Sheikh Ahmed has sent this news.On a Friday Sheikh Ahmed fell asleep reading the Quraan. Then he dreamt the Prophet Muhammed (saw) standing in front of him and saying that in one week seven thousand people died but not even one was a true Muslim. None did what ALLAH wanted. He also said now is a bad time. These days Wives dont look after their Husbands,Girls go round without being covered they do not respect parents or others,Rich do not look after the poor,they do not give gifts or money or do not give fulfil zakaat.he also said to Sheikh Ahmed make people understand to give zakaat,To do prayer and to keep fast. The day of judgement is near. When There is a single star in the sky,straight away the path of forgiveness will close. The writing in The Quraan will disappear (vanish). The Sun will lower itself with Earth.

The Prophet said whoever reads this news to someone else,


If a poor person gives out this news to other people his/her good wish will come true. Sheikh Ahmed said if this is not true then my death will be off a Non-Muslim. The Prophet said


Whoever Forwards this will get his/her reward in three days. One Person forward it to 40 people he had 8,000 thousand, take prophet in his business. One Person did not believe this news and his son died. One kept saying he will forward it today, tomorrow but never forward this news he died as well.



How many chain mails we get spamming our inbox? Too many right? Usually I would ignore it sebab tak kuasalah. But somehow this time I felt like I need to say something. This is mainly because the one who emailed this is a person of piety. Dalam lingo kita kiranya makcik alim lah. Which she is! She is highly respected among the malays here and I love her. I do. She is a very kind lady.

I don't like this email because I think there is a form of syirik in it! Who is this author of the email who has much time in his hand to author this and threaten us with death when death is only in the hands of Allah?

So I thought this could cause fitna (trial bukan slander) on her. How fitna?

1. Since she is a respected person and her piety, people could construe that what she does is correct and would believe the content and forward it.
2. And also many people would just forward it without believing the content but still forward it because it is from this lady and the mail has the warning of qiamah stories and it should be a good thing to berpesan-pesan di anatra kawan-kawan kan?
3. Or people would melekeh-lekehkan this lady knowing the content is not right. What? She doesn't know better? Wallahu3alam.

So lollies have been morphed into lollyitchy and decided to reply


Alhamdullilah kita semuanya mempunyai semangat berpesan-pesan sesama saudara Islam. Indeed Hari Kiamat itu adalah haq.

maka dengan itu saya setuju dengan isi utama email ini (iatu tanda hari kiamat). Walaubagaimana pun saya tidak dapat menerima 'ugutan" yang seolah olah jika saya tidak memforwardkan email ini maka sesuatu musibah akan terjadi. Saya cuma akan forward dengan niat untuk menyampaikan pesanan dan bukan kerana takutkan kematian ahli keluarga saya. Ajal di tangan Allah Subhana Wataala yang menentukan dan bukan di tangan email ini.

Salam Sayang

After sending the email out, I felt worried. Alamak! What if orang kata aku macam bagus. Belahlah Lollies tu. Nak buat baklah kononnya. Macamlah orang tak tau. In a way I felt that I was at risk of getting into the infamous territory among the ladies here.

But I still felt strongly about saying something.

Alhamdullilah that very evening, this good lady replied the email apologising for her ignorance of not reading the mail properly and asked everyone to forget the email and stay away from syirik and to remember Allah all the time and know that only He has power over us.

I met her later (last night) and I also apologised for causing her unease. She thanked me so hard. She said her husband was really angry at her for forwarding such mails. Kena marah tak kasi can punya. *I am truly sorry to hear that*. But she said she did not read it properly pun. nampak macam kiamat-kiamat terus tekan forward. Understandable. She was shivering the whole evening (which I am not surprise with her. I told you she is a very nice person. Naive sikit but very nice).

In a way, this has become a good lesson for her to be aware of the responsibilities in the internet world. He he he. Not all that look good and virtuous are good in cyber space.

So I said to her, "Welcome to the Internet world".

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I consider myself not a shopping kind of person. I don't usually go out hunting for sale and I rarely window shop. Meaning also I don't buy too many things. However, it doesn't mean I do not like owning nice things tau. It's just that well, since dari malaysia lagi money has always been tight. Even here with the skyrocket inflation rate, we are feeling a big pinch, but that is another story altogether.

Anywaaayyy, so I am wondering about those good friends of mine who shop like there is no tomorrow, where do they put all their stuff?? I don't shop that much and I am already running out of space! They shop like nearly all the time, and they still continue to shop whenever there is sale or not.

Like when we go through our second winter here, I ran out of space to put all our thick jackets and mufflers, and trench coat yang sangat hensem (ehem ehem). In the end I had to buy those railing to hang them. Which I don't like because the jackets are all exposed and kena gantung elok-elok all the time. benci.

But that is way cheaper than buying a new cupboard. At least we have deferred one capital expenditure.

Then somehow we have accumulated more bajus. And the kids also. Jack use to share cupboard with mine. Now I put his with Haziq's and it is currently very cramped.

After finally coming to terms that I am not working, I unload all baju kerja, blazers and coats pelbagai. They are now neatly folded in the suitcase. Hah! Lega sikit gerobokku.

Somehow after sometime jadi sempit balik.

Then I came to term that there are some kebayas that I won't be wearing anymore because errr err tak yah citalah because why. So I unload that one. Adalah lega sikit aje. I took out really old baju kurungs as well.

After sometime sempitlah jugak balik.

Then after happily putting on the hijab, I took out all those not suitable skirts off and decided to fold them instead. But then another problem arise. I don't have space to put them. I still want to use them. Lawa lagi tau. So I rearranged all the clothes properly and somehow managed to divide them into sections. Baju siang, baju tidur and jeans.

I am not entirely happy because I do want to divide the baju siang into baju siang glamer sesuai untuk menyambut laki pulang dan baju siang potong bawang. And the baju tidur should be divided into baju tidur waktu tak period atau gatal dan baju tidur waktu period atau juga baju padan muka kau tak dapat.

But gerobok kecik. So oklah tu.

I have also changed most of the hangers to the thinner ones. Still sturdy, not flimsy like hangers from laundry shop, though.

I have rearranged the kids cupboard too. All the too small baju jalan has been folded nicely. Sya and Jack have quite good clothes which I have no one to hand down to. I am thinking of doing a garage salelah kat malaysia nanti. Just a thought.

All the bajus yang kecik dan tak cun, have been taken out.

Haziq's shirt and jeans which are too small have been folded nicely awaiting for Jack's turn.

The other thing which I cannot stand is the comforter, sarung duvet, spare duvet, pillows and bed sheets. Alaaa tak ada tempatlah nak simpan. I have finally gave up and agreed to wrap it up in layers of plastic and shove it under the bed. I hate stuff under the bed tau. Huhuhu. So far only Haziq's bed is spared.

All these efforts have deferred our investment in getting a new cupboard, which is a real yayyy. So I am monitoring more things to revamp just so that I do not need to buy ourselves anymore cupboard, selagi boleh. He he.

Hmm come to think of it, I haven't been playing goddess for quite sometime kan?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Out with the Gold Tooth

I had the gold tooth extracted today.


Sakit gila!

Serious sakit gila!

Bleeding painful!

The during sakit.

The cleaning up sakit.

The stitching sakit. Hmm yes I needed stitches.


I felt like crying.

The after pun sakit.

I really hate that lopsided no feeling on one side of the face caused by the anesthetic.

And the feeling as the anesthetic runs out.

Rasa macam nak demam.

So just to let you know I am in a bad mood.

But be rest assured that if anyone makes me angry, i won't bite. And that is because I can't hardly open my mouth (but I have a very strong will to eat though. Burp. Alhamdullilah)

I am really thinking hard whether I should go ahed with the wisdom tooth.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kenangan Memakai Braces

Miss KL Sentral's real name is Linda.

I remembered one day walking with her to attend the company's AGM. In the hall we saw our friends and immediately walk over to them. At least if the AGM gets boring, we have each other to entertain ourselves with.

Those were the days I was still working. Those were also the days I was still wearing braces.

As we approached our friends, they exclaimed, Hah! here comes Rosalinda and Ugly Betty.

general general

In case you don't know, both Rosalinda and Ugly betty are famous characters from must watch (?) telenovela on TV.

So we were Rosalinda and Ugly Betty. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH! Memang kena betul!

As for Miss Kl Sentral, rest assured that she is way prettier than Rosalinda.

As for me...well err nevermind.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hopelessly Romantic

I really should stop thinking that everyone shares my idea of romanticism.

Some of the good Malaysian ladies here in D0ha are planning to conduct religious classes for the children. I volunteered to do as much as I can. Nak mengajar tak pandai, jadi buat-buat sebok je lah.

So as part of my job, I asked a a few people whether they would like to enroll their children. I mean this is great news is it not? Finally we would have a religious classes conducted by the Malaysians themselves, most likely in a very conducive class setup, ada buku teks, ada blackboard or whiteboard to be exact, ADa permanent marker, apstu ada eraser sekali, ada kerusi meja, ada proper syllabus. Do you not share the worry that I told all of you numerous times here just how much I am worried coming to this Muslim country with no Muslim teachings? I took granted of these things in malaysia sebab kita kan ada sekolah ugama segala. I monitor their learnings, yes. But I do not have to create a syllabus to know what to teach and when. When everything befallen on you and you watch your kids grow not knowing how to recite Fatihah, not knowing what to say during sujud, and you look left and right and you only realise that no one there except you, then shiver. Pee in your pants if you like. The responsibility is totally yours!

So this is BIG. This is wonderful. This is helping the Malaysian Muslim children.

So I approached this lady. I see her quite often. She goes to the same centre that I go. I shared with her the great news expecting her to jump of joy with me.

So if you would like to join, just give me their names. We accept from age 6 and above.

She replied, hmmmm, I don't know. bebudak ni banyak homeworklah Lollies.

Hah? Alaa weekend aje. itupun mungkin 2 minggu sekali aje.

Tak taulah Lollies. Kena tanya bebudak ni minat ke tak.

Tapi mintak cepatlah sebab tempat terhad ya. We can't accept anymore kalau full.

Yalah tengoklah macamana

What?? She is not jumping? This is not exciting? She doesn't find this romantic? She doesn't find thiss oooohhhh ahhhhhh like I do?

And because I was shocked about the homework part, I blurted,

Homework tu reward untuk sekarang. Yang ni untuk akan datang.

Which I regretted saying because who am I to say that? How would I know whether she has done something with her children. Who do I think I am? What right do I have to think that everyone is willing to share my idea of romanticism.

Oh well.

She gave her children's name three days after.

Since coming back after the summer break, I have a feeling that this coming year will be a good year, Insya Allah. I foresee this year will be a romantic year for me. I want to try my best to make sure I akan mabuk cinta tahun ni. So whenever I smell politics are coming in and spoil the love in the air, I will try to sprinkle lollies and sweet flowers as much as I can. Hari tu ada sprinkle bunga sikit. Nampaknya dah berbau wangi masa angin bertiup. Cuma kekadang tersprinkle bunga tahi ayam jugak. tee hee he

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Looking Back to look forward

Like I said a year ago, September feels like new year when it comes to the children as they start their new term in September. I put some resolutions concerning them HERE.

So now is the marking time.

Sleeping time :

I made a resolution that the kids would sleep earlier and it works! Last year they slept the latest at 9:30. But this year I made the time earlier which is 8:30 because now that all of them are in the same school, everyones needs to get up earlier to rebut the toilet. And all of them go out earlier to school. It is quite a distance. Now they slept the latest at 9:00. Yayyy. KPI over exceed expectation.

Haziq's listening skills :

First of all I must say thank you to all of you who gave some tips last year. I remembered Jo's tip the most. I MUST LISTEN TO HAZIQ! Oh! Dusyum. This boy I tell you he talks too much. Gua tak larat. I try the best I could tapi kekadang tu gua hmm hmm hmm aje.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAnyway, earlier this year, my lover started going to Fanar for Jumuah prayers. He takes Haziq along. Fanar offers khutbah in english. Finally Haziq get to understand what khutbah jumaat is for and is alert all the time. Each time he comes home, we would discuss about the khutbah topics. And if we miss Fanar (sebab effort gak nak pergi ni), he would be quite disappointed.

Furthermore ever since I have Imam Anwar Al Awlaki CDs on nearly all the time, he is more alert and has sharpen up his listening skills. We would sometimes discuss the contents and it is amazing how kids see things in a different perspective.

However he still couldn't hear well when I told him to kemas barang.

But still KPI overexceedlah. Wow!

Sya's development :

She is doing well. Very good in fact. ALhamdullilah. Her reading and writing skills have soared tremendously. I found her either drawing or writing minibooks. She has memorised quite a handful of Surahs. Read it HERE. So I am satisfied.

New resolutions :

I need Haziq to be more organised in his train of thoughts. He has many ideas, Masya Allah. It is like an explosive of ideas. So what he need to do is calm down. I can't train him much here for I am a gelabah person myself. Perhaps I will make him explain things S L O W L Y. But seriously you should see our schedule. It is so hectic. Qucik! Quick! Quick! You know time is not on your side. Why waste?!! How on earth can I teach him to be calm like that? Huhuhu. Any tips?

Haziq, I noticed has quite good memory retention. Alhamdullilah. I want to utilise this to his benefits as much as I can. I am thinking of getting him memorise the Juz Amma as much as he can. So we talked about it and I thought perhaps I can promise some reward. I offered either a camera or an ipod. And he said I want none of those. I actually thought he will say something romantic like I will do it for Allah's sake. But instead he asked for a desktop. Laaaa. But then he also said, but its' too expensive. So tak apalah. The discussion stop sampai situ. So we'll see..But now I am rechecking all the tajweed for the soorahs he has memorised. We have casually mentioned this to his Ustadz.

And Sya..tsk tsk tsk. My only girl. Don't let her demure and calm face fool you for this makcik when she passes her room, she is like a hurricane. Semua benda bersepah-sepah. And she finds it so hard to keep things in place. Even after repeated instruction. Hmm maybe I need to be less berleter. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

But otherwise she really loves helping me in the kitchen. But the kemas part...malas lah nak cerita.

Jack is so happy to go to school now. Yayyy! He feels like a real big boy. No more the cute Pinocchio. He is picking up word really quick.

Now that they are all in the same school, I had to spend a long time on the road. You see, Jack finishes school at 12:30 while Haziq and Sya at 2:00. So I had to wait with Jack in the car for one hour (I only pick him up at 12:50. Malas nak ambik awal. :P)

So we spent the time doing ngaji a bit, reading his school reading books, brushing up on his letters, singing, doing dot to dot, reading story books, sleeping (sometimes aku tertidur dalam kereta). In other words I get to spend a solid one hour quality time with him. No distraction. I think he is very satisfied with that since he doesn't pull me that much after. So itulah blessingnya.

jack jack

So the resolution for him is to do Iqra' with him. He he.

Also in preparation for future long walking, we are visiting Aspire for brisk walk over the weekend. Dahlah cuaca tengah best. Pagi-pagi dalam 21C. Angin sedap-sedap aje. Bliss betul.

I don't know about you but I feel like time is running too quickly. So much I want to do but so little time. I am starting putting in daily schedule and weekly plan on paper. Serabut!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

QR4500 + QR4500

I went to the dentist today after slightly above two years of not visiting any dentist at all. I felt that I needed some scaling.

So they did the first-visit-to-the-dentist routine . I had Xrays and sort.

By the way the clinic was very impressive. Canggih manggih betul.

So the doctor displayed the results of my teeth Xray on the computer display above me as I lie down on the reclined dentist's chair. He asked so what do you need with your teeth, in a very difficult to understand accent. I said I need scaling. The plaques are crowding in.

Is that all? he asked.

Hmm probably one molar chipped a bit.

That's all?

Err I suppose so.

Then he started pointing on to the many many problematic areas on the black and white screen.

I tell you the computer display and system is dasat betul. he can zoom it the problematic area and change colours and add contrast and brightness. All in digital. I feel like my teeth are in good hands.

I had root canal like 15 years ago. And apparently within the gums under the molar roots some problem and he said may spread across other molars. He strongly suggested me to pull that out. That particular molar is also filled with gold. So he is going to pull my gold tooth out. Gulp!

He also said my wisdom tooth is coming out horizontally and is causing decay at the molar nearby and is also pushing other teeth to go forward. Alamak! I had braces to pull them before. Surely I do not want it to move forward pulak. He suggested extracting the wisdom tooth.

He also wanted to make new fillings for some molars.

I am using my lover's company insurance card. The problem is, now that I have realised it, it is expiring on the 30th November. And I have not used the card yet. I have in total QR4500 to spend on dentist for a year.

So he said we should spend the QR4500 in this very month. Come December you will get another card and you will get another QR4500 to spend for a year.

Err ok. Which means we need to do the extractionS and the refilling in this very month. We have 24 days to spend QR4500 on my teeth.

And I actually went there to do scaling and ended up not doing scaling at all.

Next appointment is on Tuesday though. And that one is for scaling.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I would like to make a correction on one of my previous posts. The post can be found HERE : Making the shaytan go away.

It is about Jack who was worried that he didn't have any ammunition to get rid of shaytan. Afraid that he would be outran by his ollder siblings who by then have already memorised Al Falaq, Annas and Ayatul Kursi, he immediately claimed that if you say the Basmallah, the shaytan will go away.

At the point of me making that entry, I thought that this is funny but was somewhat wrong. I immediately taught him the Alistiadzah.

Apparently he is not entirely wrong. Referring to the hadith below

Jabir bin Abdullah reported Allah’s Messenger s.a.w. as saying :

When a person enters his house and mentions the name of Allah at the time of entering it and while eating the food, Satan says (addressing himself : You have no place to spend the night and no evening meal; but when he enters without mentioning the name of Allah, the Satan says: You have found a place to spend the night, and when he does not mention the name of Allah while eating food, he (the Satan) says : You have found a place to spend the night and evening meal.

(Muslim 5006)

So there you go, if you say the Basmallah before you enter your house, Shaytan won't have a place to stay that night. And if you say the Basmallah before you eat, shaytan won't be able to share your meal.

Jack was correct alright.

This week we discussed the manners of eating. I tried to put in as much Sunnah as I can. Those that can be easily practiced for their age. I put some of the notes in my other blog. If you have the time, do read FOR THE LOLLIPOPS.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Hadith (حادث) means accident in arabic. I know it looks so much like Alhadith - the sunnah and the saying of Rasullulah (s.a.w.). I really cant explain it to you for I myself was told that the word for accident in arabic is hadith. ALiya can explain better perhaps.

Anyway, that was what I had last Thursday. Someone hit my car from the back.

I can still remember the moments of the accident based on what I saw and what I heard and what I felt at that time. I remembered that the traffic was really bad that day. I was nearing home and reached a major crossjunction. There was this huge concrete pump truck leading the lines of car stopping. The cars were also stopping for the red lights. Somehow the truck was trying to change lane to an empty lane on the left.

I remembered also, as I stopped, I thought to myself that this is a bad. Someone is bound to be hit. Because my lane was terribly long and the left lane was empty, but most were giving way for the truck to go to the left and no one wanted to go to the left for possibly you would be stuck behind a slow truck (my assumption). While myself took the right lane because that's the way I need to go later.

Like i sad, the traffic had been bad, but at this particular stretch, the traffic was moving and was a bit loose. I felt that those who had been trapped with the nearly deadlock traffic earlier would press the accelerator to release the stress they had earlier. It was a straight road and the chance to drive faster was quite nice.

I stopped behind a saloon car looking at the concrete pump truck. then I heard a loud screech, and I looked at my rear mirror and felt that I was going to be hit. It's almost like a slow motion show. I remembered looking at my right side mirror seeing if there was any cars so I can quickly swerve to the right. But cars were streaming fast. So all I had to do now is just to minimise the impact of collission. I turned the steering to the right a bit and that was when I was hit. BOOM!

And the impact caused me to jerk forward missing by mm to the car in front.

I remembered also after that seeing the cars in front of me dispersed as the red lights turned green.

I quickly went out of the car but not to check the damage but to check out the kids. Haziq was at the back seat. My car is quite long and it was hard for me to check him just sitting in the driver seat.

As I climbed the car, I turned to the man who hit me. My face should tell all I felt. The children were my most worry.

Haziq was OK and calm but noisy, which was a good sign. (he also has a very minor whiplash). Sya woke up because of the hit. Jack the sleepy head was still sleeping soundly in his seat. ALHAMDULLILAH! But I was also worried that Jack was not sleeping but err fainted or something. Upon checking he was truly sleeping.

Then the man came to me and asked whether the kids were ok. I then tried to start the car but couldn't which was perplexing because I was hit from the back. Why can't I start. I called the police. Over here you can dial 999 from your handphone (and not 112(?) or 122(?) like in malaysia) and their response was really quick. The policeman on the line asked me to calm down by telling me to be quiet, I think for the lack of better words in english. :D

So I still could not start the car. I was blocking two lanes and was causing traffic. People were honking and driving fast by me. I was afraid that another major accident would happen. I quickly took the children out. Imagine this, I was in the middle of the road where all the cars were driving really fast. I had to stop cars to allow me and my children to cross. I carried sleepy head Jack and he did not even stir for the next good 15 minutes on my shoulder. Bless my child O' Allah.

The children were all in good spirit. I think it is important that you stay calm and say positive things at this time as not to hamper their spirit. I kept telling them, Allah has actually saved us. Allah saves us. Allah was protecting us. Say syukur. Say syukur.

The man who hit me looked pale and shocked. I actually drew strength from him. Alhamdullilah, knowing that everyone is save and err I was also not at fault. Legaaaa.

Then his friends started streaming in. There were a lot of cheek rubbing and nose rubbing scenes. One of them asked me whether the kids were ok. Alhamdullilah, thank you for asking, I said.

Going back to my stranded car. It was already causing a major traffic at the back. Then a police car came by. Parking behind my car with his red and blue stroboscope lights on, honking at my car wildly. I stood by the road watching him. Since no one responded to him from the car (because no one was there kan?), he came out angrily. Then I waved at him. I said mafi start (what is start in arabic huh? mafi means no or cannot). he didn't believe me and took the keys to try it himself. I actually hoped that it won't start so that I won't humiliate myself. Aparaa.

The car still could not start. Then he called the sheikh who hit me to help him push my car to the roadside. heh heh. rasalah tolak kereta besar bagak camtu. But because the steering was already turned to the right, it was easier for them to push.

(Anyway just for your info, the car could start later on. One of my neighbors went to see the stranded car. he said this is one of Ford's safety feature that upon impact, it will immediately cut off fuel supply. But just press a secret button and the car can start. Taraaaa.)

Then the police belah.

Finally like four police came. The Qat@ris (the guy who hit me and his friends) all surrounded the police and told their story, whatever it was. I stood by the side not knowing how to interject.

Then when they asked who the owner of my car was, the all eyes were on me. Arabia au Inglizia the police asked. Arabiah shuay shuay, I said.

Then I told what happen in my very broken arabic. I still can't string a sentence properly mind you.
Murur Isyarah Akhmar (traffic light red)
Sayarah qif qif and I used hand signals to show that cars are lining up stopping or was it I said wuquf wuquf
Ana qif (I stopped)
thuma (then)
I made screeching sound and BOOM hadith! and I pointed to the sheikh.

That should be quite clear I believe. They took my details. And the man asked me where my lover was?

Aina zaujuki?

My lover was outstationed for a week in Abu Dhabi (ALiya, he also sempat jumpa your uncle there :)).

I said zauji fi abu Dhabi.

I called Mr. Adub who picked me up and sent me and my kids home. And the next day everyone asked why I didn't call them also. Semuanya nak berebut buat pahala dengan menolong aku kan? Alhamdullilah for I have friends like them. Actually I wanted to, tapi eeeii macam overlah pulak. If possible semua I want to call just to make things more meriah. he he

My lover sent the car to the service centre and the mechanic said the damage is quite bad. Oh dear. I am not worried that it would cost a lot for they will be claiming from the guy's insurance, but I know this will take a loooooongggg time. Because kat sini tak ada ketuk-ketuk. Accident kalu they'll change the whole part. And all these are imported and will be slow. And when he said the damage is bad...hmm faham-faham jelah.

You know since my lover was not here this week, I have been sending the kids to school every morning. Usually I would send them if lover has things to do elsewhere or when we sent every other car for service. This week, since I am sending the kids, i get to observe Zachary firsthand playing with his friends. And he was less clingy. On that Thursday, I watched him play and smiled looking at him. He was forgetting that I was there. Then he caught my eyes and smiled and came to me, it's ok you can go now Ibu. He was nervous knowing that I was watching him.

Then, I thought to myself, this is quite nice, sending the kids to school. I know staying at home gives me lot more extra time. And by sending the kids to school i would often be late to my school. But I still love sending the kids to school. And for a moment I wondered to myself, what other excuses will I have to send them to school everyday?

And that evening I got my answer. A hadith saghir. (a small accident).



It doesn't look too bad kan? The other car (Toyota Landcruiser) was worse. Bengkok depan dia segala. But bawah kereta looks quite bad.