Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Habis romantiklah tu

My lover is here in Malaysia with me now, in case you are wondering. Somehow eating has become more exciting among many other things. We have been stuffing ourselves and have been piling on disastrous kilos. Gulp!

I have been quiet because we were at my in laws, in KL and also Taman Negara for a one week cuti-cuti Malaysia. No, I have not been making any bunga telur during my quiet blogging times. :p

Ni..nak complain ni tau cik kiah. Pasal laki aku ni hah.

One thing that I hate about my lover is his love to day sleep. Not just a short nap but a real sleep. Orang nak borak-borak, story mory, dia tidur. Grrrrr. And this habit of his has always been a factor of argument and my merajukness. But does that whimpering ever change him? Throughout this 11 years of marriage? Never! He still sleep di waktu siang. *roll eyes*

So I complained as usual. And this time I said, did you sleep during the day when you were in Qtar? During the one months I was not around? He said , no.

No??!! I am so ready to merajuk.

How come? How come you tidur siang only when I am around?

And he said because when I am not around, he worries about me all the time. Wondering what am I doing. Where I am taking the kids. Am I safe. What I am eating. How much I am spending..

And when I am with him, when I am safely in his sight, he feels calm. He knows I am safe. The kids are good. And malam tadi pun dah penat. So tidur sianglah!

Yelah tu.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two Years and 5 Months Later

My father got married today.

And tagged with her are three young children and a teenager.

I don't think I want to wish him the common "bahagia ke anak cucu" wish.

Bahagia would suffice.

And semoga pernikahan ini di berkati Allah.