Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tree of Life

The pink shaded area, are the places very much mentioned in this blog

The ultimate holiday for the kids is hours and hours in the swimming pool. The rest didn't really matter. What they hate most is shopping. At least for my children.

There is a swimming pool at the apartment we stayed. I kept telling the kids, it would be cold. But since they think they can handle coldness, I let them have a dip. It was freezing alright. I dip my feet in it and felt like they were going to cramp. But the kids manage to get themselves up to the waist while Haziq and Ilham actually swam a few laps. Brrrr.

I tried using the gym facilities. I pretended to play pool. I pretended to play squash (alone). I pretended to lose fat on the bicycle. But I did work my butt off on the butt machine and had pain for a few days after. Adui sakit bontot I complained to Elisa. She didn't offer any massages though.

After heavily eating all I can at P0nderrosa, we went outing to Riff@ where the "Tree of Life" is. And we were all thankful to the new toy for it showed the exact point of the tree of which with the tourist map that we had would have made us go round and round clueless in the desert. I am still playing a lot and trying to find cheats. I'll write more when I am better.

PhotobucketThe Tree of Life apparently is a lonely tree which has lived for like 500 years in the middle of the desert without any clear water source. Of course now with the tarmac road, the tree doesn't seem to be in the middle of the desert at all.

AT first I thought, the tree of life is somewhat an elixir like the fountain of youth but alas its not. So my plan to steal a little branch was not executed. The tree of life is like a symbol to B@hrain, on how, like the mesquite tree, the B@harainis could survive the harsh condition and will prosper more. The tree is big alright. the branches are heavy and strong and it scoops the ground making it accessible for you to climb on it. The kids did, which later I wondered whether its ok.

PhotobucketI wish the authorities would take care of the tree better. It may have survived without clear water source for many millenniums, but it would have died easily in the hands of man. There are graffitis and cut marks by those who think leaving a mark of their presence is important to the rest of the visitors. Its a shame. A disgrace to the beautiful tree.

While we were there, we saw a small kabilah of camels in the desert. What a pleasant surprise. Like the tourists that we were, we went to take photos. Up close and personal with the camels. Look at their teeth.

Imagine traveling with the camels for mile and miles in the desert bringing salt and goodies to be traded to the next town. In the heat of the sun. In the freezing desert winter. No wonder many chose Landcruiser many times over.


Before going back to the apartment, we stopped at the Oil museum. But it was close when it really should not. Baahhh. I was hoping to get a free guide from Mr. Taufik since he is an expert on it.

Next to the museum is the first B@hrain's oil well which have been sucking oil since 1932 and apparently is still is. Fuyo! This is in Jebel Dukhan, just about 1.2kmfrom the tree of life. The cloudy mountain.

Then when we had enough of the desert, we headed back home. As we were going out, the other lane was packed with cars going into the desert.

Ok before that, I notice that people in B@hrain like to have picnic at any shaded tress they can find, be it next to the highway or any road. My lover and I went about betting whether there would be any car parking under the tree surrounded by the bushes up front. And most of the time there are. I find this strange, becaue coming from Malaysia, we go picnicking at a picnic spot which are ddefinitely not next to a highway.

In Qtar, the only place I see this is at the cornice where people put up chairs next to the road. But at least they are facing the sea. The labourers though, would lie down at any grassed area they can find, even on a roundabout.

But in the desert, there were tents almost everywhere. Its almost like a settlement area. I guess this is where they spend their weekend, partly reminiscing their older ancestors' life. What surprise me even further is that, the tents are everywhere even next to the sprawling oil pipeline. I am not sure whether PETR0NAS would have been happy if many people camped out along their Y-networked pipeline.

OMG! I wrote too much. I expected to finish up B@hrain on one entry but I kept on rambling about my unneeded observation. You know, just so I remember.

OKlah HERE are some photos

Friday, December 28, 2007

3 days 2 nights in B@hrain


I went to B@hrain on the second day of the trip. Elisa, a goddess that she is, prepared mee hoon, nasi goreng and cucur udang to take over. Cucur udangnya sangat sedap.

What was I expecting to learn and see in B@hrain? Actually nothing much. I expect a modern city with impressive buildings built on congested reclaimed land. I expected a country which consist more expats than locals. I expected an expensive country. A country sterile with modernity.

True the country reclaimed a lot of their sea. Their skyline spurts impressive buildings (not as much as Dubai and Qtar though). Among two modern buildings (that I manage to take photo off) are the World Trade Centre B@hrain and B@hrain Financial Harbour. From far the WTC B@hrain looks like Lord of the rings tower where the big Lord Sauron's eye is.

Photobucket Photobucket

However the country is not as expensive as Qatar. And B@hrain also offer things to see and history which was part of Mesopotamia. B@hrain seems more fertile than Qtar. I read somewhere that it has reasonable well water source under the ground.

PhotobucketAnd if you didn't know how the B@hrain ruler looks like, you will when you get there. King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa picture is everywhere on the huge billboards. Some serious looking, some smiling, a few of the Majesty's side profiles, on the horse, praying and many more posts. I know which one is the King, but I am not sure who the other two men are.

When we were on the way to the Al Areen Wildlife park, we passed through smaller town. There were graffitis on some of the buildings. Nothing like what you see in the states though. More of writings in Arabic font. But I must say the writings are quite nice. I couldn't take a proper picture though, because Jack was sleeping err on my lap, and my lens was too long for the close distance I was.

There were "FRU" like guarding certain part of Manama on the second day we were day. There were riot sometime in the middle of the year. Perhaps there were anticipating a new one. Apparently the majority of its people are Shias while the ruler is Sunni. But I don't know. Read one of the news (perhaps exploited) HERE.

We went to the Al Areen Wild life park. That is about 30km from Manama. Pity there were no shuttle service in the park when we went there.Without the service, we could not access all areas thus we didn't get to see everything. Baaahhh.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Its nice taking the kids to the zoo. They enjoyed it particularly because they had their friends with them. Izani enjoyed it too and refused to be carried nor put on the stroller. Cute gila.Best tau tengok bebudak aktif ni. We were starving there and gobbled up Elisa's cucur udang and her fresh new bottle of chilly sauce brought from Qtar.

On the way back we took photos at the B@hrain International Circuit or F1, where Elisa once nearly lost her F1 ticket. He he.

In B@hrain we stayed at an apartment, courtesy of Mr. Taufik. The apartment was really nice with the view of the sea.The furnishings were superb. Oven ada. Microwave ada. Stove ada. Fridge built in cabinets ada. Semua adalah. Dish washer pun ada. Penyapu aje tak ada.

When I told my friends I am staying in B@hrain, they would say ayoo hotel mahal. What is there in B@hrain anyway? I said I am not staying in a hotel. Or at least I am not paying for the accommodation. he he

On the second day we were there, eh eh eh..the entry is becoming too longlah. I'll put up another entry on Bahrain Part 2.

Pictures of a bit of B@hrain HERE
And at the Al @reen wildlife park HERE.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Back from Elisa's

I am back from a six-days rendezvous in the Saudi and Bahrain.

Visiting Elisa and staying (and wrecking her home) is akin to visiting your relative. Staying abroad doesn't give you much opportunity to do the balik kampung trip feeling. And having friends nearby but far enough for a few hours traveling offer me the very chance.

PhotobucketElisa and family's warm hospitality made all of us very comfortable indeed. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Not to mention my children. Btarisyia is so fond of Izani and stole chances to look after him.

In the car, on the way back home, we all went Aitcchh and Yaitcch, Izani's favourite word. JackJack who sometimes get annoyed being pull down by Izani, would rush to the computer to look at Izani's photo and exclaimed Aittchh, awww he is so cute. We all miss him already.

And not only Elisa's family warm embrace for us, we were also greeted by Elisa's wonderful friends in the Ar@mco. Ar@mco is the big heavily guarded township where most of the world's oil is being produced and managed. There are quite a number of Malaysians there. Such that we were invited to their houses, not one, but three houses.

I was worried at first because, you knowlah, I am shy and all. And what if Elisa leave me all alone, what should I do? Tolong! But Elisa didn't leave me alone until I had the courage to talk to the ladies. He he. And now I make more friends. In fact one of the families are coming next week to Qtar. Elisa tak nak ikut ke? he he.

I must say thank you to my lover and Elisa's hero, Mr. Taufik. If you really think about it, all these would not have happen without our better half's consent of entertaining us, goddesses. One of Elisa's friends ask me, how did Elisa and I know each other. Were we classmates? We looked at each other for like 3 seconds, quite unable to answer. My standard answer would be the internet.

From strangers to friends. And now family friends. Almost relative.

I want to write more but I want to put photos in the multiply first so it would go hand in hand.

But for now I'll show you a glimpse of what the kids get to do at Elisa's. Apart from freely playing outside the house and riding bikes which my children longed for.


PhotobucketMehendi done solely by Elisa. She happily entertained requests for little drawings on the little hands. Jack's hand are not in the picture which is a pity because he had the cutest picture. A little bicycle, which was his original idea.

Sya had cat and flower
Anis had heart and butterfly
Jack had bicycle and a heart and arrow
Haziq had a sword and skull.
Ilham had a sword and a tank
Ihsan had a guitar and the word Cool!
Izani had a smiley face,

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Know some of the places

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I like putting maps whenever I want to show a place I am going, so that you can gauge where the place is.

I live in Qtar. Can you see it on the map? Qtar is a part of GCC. Not all middle east countries are in GCCs. The six members of GCC are Bahrain, Kuwait, Qtar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE. Just so you know.

Tomorrow, after EID prayers, and also after makan-makan raya at Shidah's place. Oh btw, for those of you who knew Shidah (a retired blogger), she is here visiting her hubby. So I will be cooking some festive food, nasi himpit instant(yang shidah bawak), rendang, peanut sauce and the lot and bring it over to Shidah's place.

Oh back to the story, after EID prayers at the embassy, we shall be leaving to Elisa's place in Al Khobar. Some spell it as Al Khubar. If you have been reading Elisa, you can see she is busy preparing her abode. Malunya aku. She is the truest of goddess to the bone. Just look at her cushion covers! Pengsan!

I have been planning to go to AlKhobar for sometime now, but somehow the bureaucracies to get into Saudi has stopped us. But we have settled everything. First we have obtained the bahrain Visa. for a transit visa to saudi, we need to have the country's visa that we intent to go first. When we went to Oman, we got the Oman visa first before the saudi transit visa. Unlike the Bahrain's visa which is ready within one day, Saudi transit visa took eight days. My lover has done the exit permit.Legaaa. All ready to go now.

So tomorrow, I shall be driving to Al Khobar. And I will be testing my new toy while I am at that. Thank you lover.

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Elisa has in advanced made itineraries for my visit. Bless her. We shall go to Bahrain for two days. Bahrain, as you can see on the map, is a small island north of Qtar. They are planning a bridge to link B@hrain and Qtar. I wrote it here. And that will indeed shorten the time to go to Al Khobar even. My toy suggests that it will take me approximately 4 hours to drive to Kh0bar (not including immigration hassle). If the bridge is up, it will take me half an hour to reach B@hrain and another half an hour to reach Khobar (not including immigration).

And then we will travel down to Riyadh. Riyadh, as you know is the capital of Saudi. We will crash Elisa's friend's place. Malu jugak ni sebenarnya. Hope my children will behave. And they have made plans to visit a very interesting place there. I am actually worried about the camera. I don't know how friendly the Riy@dh authorities are with cameras.

My kids are happy that they will be seeing Elisa's children again. I certainly hope they won't wreck Elisa's place. I am bringing loads of chilly sauce and oyster sauce for Elisa to hopefully last her until next summer. I am bringing some othe stuff which can't be said yet. Surprise.

So I would be offline for about a week, and Insya Allah will be telling stories by next week.

I know I am going to have fun.

I just hope I won't put on too much weight knowing all these goddesses in Saudi.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Entertainer

I really want to bring all my photo albums from Malaysia. Als the weight for all of them would be a bit too much. And my priority is still on my cili kering and ikan bilis. But I still manage two of them. One is my thick, lacy wedding album. Adakah ini bermakna akan ada a scan photo of gambar kahwinku?. And one small photo album, the one that they give you for printing a roll of film.

The small album was pictures of the day before I gave birth to Zachary, also when I was in the midst of pushing him out of me, his bloody picture (literally) and the whole one month of Zachary in this world.

I was flicking the album earlier, and one photo caught my attention. It was this one:-

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I believe Zachary was somewhat one month old this time. perhaps six weeks. As he seems alert with his surroundings. Batrisyia was three and Haziq was six.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHaziq lives up to his role in this photo. He has always been the entertainer in this household especially among his siblings. Sya and Jack can never be the same cheerful children when Haziq is not around. So much so that there was one time I took only Sya and Jack to see Dory (our first meet), the two were grumpy and refuse to be happy.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe other day we went to the dunes (yet again). It was a foggy morning. So I opened the car door to enjoy the speed and the fresh air. Haziq stick out his head and came in with his hair sticking out. Sya and Jack tried hard to emulate but Sya's hair was too long while Jack's was too short. But they had fun laughing at their comical abang. But then haziq decided to go to another car because his friend was there. Suddenly the car became so quiet and the kids became grumpy.

I was bless to have Haziq who never show any form of jealousy when he first had a sibling. the moment he sees Sya, he began to play with her. The moment a baby was coming along, he'd plan things to play for the three of them. There was no attention deprive action from him. It was like he has so much love to give. he didn't have any problem sharing my love and his love.

He has always been Sya and Jack's source for entertainment and fun and games. Such that sometimes Haziq has difficulty to concentrate on his homework, with Zachary fencing the foam sword on him or Batrisyia continuously wanting him to do something with her. On top that he has a short-span attention capability.

Haziq so far never fail the role of being the one to create games and things to do. And you know something is happening around him because you can hear him miles away. Sometimes I wish for him to silence down.

But most of the times, I am just happy that he makes my life so much more cheerful with lots of happy noise. And my mothering work so much easier.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Minggu ni minggu exam kelas arab dengan kelas tajweed aku. Alhamdullilah aku dapat markah penuh untuk kelas arab. Pastu dapat 28.5/30 untuk tajweed. Yang 0.5 tu markah kesian yang cikgu beri lepas announce aku dapat 28/30. Kalau korang semua gamaknya mesti score penuhlah. Gerenti!

Untuk exam arab ada ujian bertulis yang put to test ruling yang baru sikit aje di ajar tu, ada imlak (dictation) and ada qiraat (reading). Yang tajweed cuma recitation aje yang harus di memorise, tapi ayat simple-simple ajele so far. Al Fatehah, Al Ikhlas, AnNas, Al falaq, Al Masad dan Al Nasr. Tapi of courselah kena hafal dengan tajweed yang betul.

Aku masih mempunyai masalah makhraj bagi huruf kha yaani yang huruf jim, kha, kho tu. Dia kata aku masih sebut "ha" lagi. Naik sakit-sakit tekak aku mecuba nak sebut huruf tu. Banyaklak tu huruf tu. Dalam Bismillah dah dua kali. Start Fatehah dah ada. Adoi! Lepas tu aku ada masalah betul nak ihfakkan huruf nun mati jumpa shin (ada dalam Al falaq dan An Nas). Aku ingat aku dah dengung baik punya. Ayoyo!

Tabik spring kat semua cikgu-cikgu di center yang aku belajar ini. Pelajar-pelajar dari pelbagai negara dengan cara sebutan yang beza-beza harusnya kasi masalah yang pelbagai. Rata-rata yang dari Malaysia ada masalah kha macam aku. Pastu mesti tak biasa sebut zal (yaani dal, zal), tha dan dzo dengan betul. Tipsnya kena keluar hujung lidah sikit. Yang dari Indonesia akan ada masalah dengan zal, mesti nak sebut jadi huruf "j". itu pasal rezeki jadi rejeki, izin jadi ijin. dan sebut sin jadi shin. Yang dari pakistan mesti tak sebut Allah dengan betul. Tak mufahammah sebutan lamnya. Aku sendiri masih tak betul lagi makhraj. tak apa tak apa shuay shuay (perlahan-lahan) lama-lama ok Insya Allah. Semangat tau.

So far aku masih istiqomah nak follow the classes. Infactnya aku puas hati amat. Walaupun aku masih lagi tak boleh buat convo in arabic. Tapi adalah satu dua dah hafal selain dari kaifa halk, ana bikhair. yang dah amat standard untuk di hafal tu.

Ismi Lollies.
Ana min Malizia.
Ana mutazauwijah.
zauji muhandis.

Nama saya Lollies.
Saya dari Malaysia
Saya dah kahwin
Laki saya sangat hensem. (hahahahahaha)

kelas tajweed tu pulak dalam dia nak suruh kita recite dia beri sikit-sikit arti ayat tu. Taklah macam harfiyah tapi bolehlah buat ingat dan ada oohhh factor sikit.

Walaubagaimanapun dalam kelas aku dah empat orang yang quit dan dukacita sekali, kesemuanya Malaysian. Hu hu hu.

Aku sebenarnya tak kesah kalau orang nak quit. Itu prerogatives masing-masing pada aku. Tapi aku kesah jugaklah kalau ada buat minor smear campaign. Seakan-akan nak melobi orang lain untuk quit sama.

Tell me engko malas. Rumah tak terurus. Takleh cope cikgu mengajar. Bahasa inggeris tak faham. Dah tak ada mood. I am ok with that.

Tapi kalau sebok tanya aku, ko tak bosan ke tengok cikgu tu dari pukul 8 sampai 11:30? Yang tu aku kesah.

Aku ni romantik tau. Aku defensive kalau orang kutuk cikgu aku.

Aku jawablah. Ko kan kerja dulu. Biasalah meeing sampai sebulan dengan orang yang sama. Tak ada masalahlah aku.

Most makcik kelas aku pernah attend beginner class last year. Aku aje lompat gi intermediate. Tak kosa nak belajar huruf. (kereklah katakan). Apparently cikgu beginner tu fun fun orangnya. The very the bubbly. Cikgu aku ni (according to them) ada sikit strict dan banyak laju. So pasal tu dia orang berhenti. Ada tu nak masuk balik beginner class. Tak mau progress. *sigh*

Yang aku tak tahan juga nak berhenti sebab orang lain berhenti. Aku jawab aku bukan belajar kerana orang tu.

Tapi aku takleh cakap banyak. Nanti dia kata alaa ko tak pernah dapat cikgu yang best tu. sebab tu kau tak tau. Or orang kata alaah ko terer. Senanglah kau. Pulak

Plus who am I to comment? Macamlah aku tak pernah quit belajar. Banyak kali apa? In fact to tell you the truth aku pernah belajar bahasa arab for three years and siap took arabic as a subject for SRP (ancient equivalence to PMR). I hated my teachers thus I hated the subject. Miracolously I got a C6 for it. Dan terus terang aku tak ingat satu apa pun yang aku belajar kecuali yang amat-amat basic. Aku dah tak boleh construct a decent sentence dah pun.

Insya Allah this is my payback time sebab aku tak pernah rasa serugi dan sebodoh berebel masa muda seperti ini. Adakah ini the silver lining aku dihantar ke negara arab? negara yang memang sah-sah tak mau pergi dulu! Ever! Ever!

Funnykan twist of life?

Eh jom tarik confetti. Aku dapat markah penuh woo arab exam hari tu.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


"Laa belajar tinggi-tinggi, lepas tu berhenti kerja. Sayangnya."

A makcik exclaimed this to me the other day.

"Kalau I tak kerja I rasa bodoh."

Someone else said on a different occasion.

It's ok. You don't need to pat me or tell me that she is wrong because I don't mind.

In fact i thought of that many times too.

I am feeling useless now. Sure sure i do things with the kids. They "love" it that I am always around and that their teachers and I are on top of things all the time. I cook tremendous and I am a goddess.

But I fell useless to myself. Being a thoroughbred left brainer, I have always felt that going to school and work is the ultimate way of life. So not working and not having something that feels ME does bring me down many times. Something ME which generates money for ME.

Why not work there, you may ask. I have thought of it many times. Looking at the same industry that I was working back in Malaysia here, I fell intimidated and worried. I know how most of certain kaum (tak semestinya arab) work here and I don't really feel I am up to it. Then issues about small house where to put helper, need to get drivers for the kids and finally not able to go back for a long summer in Malaysia. Excuses eh? Many women (Malaysian) work here too. OK je. Ko tu aje banyak sangat cari alasan.

For that i envy those who dared to quit and yet have something to generate for them. The ME factor. Sure money is not everything, but ME factor is quite a boost. Lack of talent and not apt enough to see opportunity, leaves me like this.

Not to worry. I am just expressing how I have been feeling. But I'm ok. A bit down but good. A mixed emotion just like my rojak here. A blob of my peanut sauce would make it extremely good.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Loi Loi

I have mentioned to you before that some people are happily matching Jack Jack and Loi Loi together. Loi Loi, if you must know is Mr. and Mrs Fath's youngest daughter. The whole family are very close to us. I must say I am very comfortable with them.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJack Jack and Loi Loi are always playing together in such if you are looking for one, you need to find the other. And Loi Loi would be very unhappy if Jack Jack is not at the same function she goes. Will Jack Jack be there, she'd ask. This is probably due to that in my circle of friends they are the only two of the same age. (Actually Loi Loi is older by a year.)They talk the same language too. And Jack Jack is quite a gentleman. He even took his time to buckle Loi Loi's sandal on, which was quite hard on his motor dexterity.

Not enough that everyone teases Jack jack and Loi Loi, but they will continuously tease me as the mother in law. Especially when they see me feeding Loi Loi. Suap tangan tu. Habis dah dia nak, suap ajelah.

I don't mind all these, mainly because I have always liked Mr. Fath and wife. I don't mind playing along because I respect them too. They are a delightful family. Lainlah Mr and Mrs Twit. Uhuk uhuk.

And don't get me wrong, I don't advocate girlfriend boyfriend games. But like I said, they are wonderful friends. And we all are almost like relatives.

Yesterday i got news. Not so good news.

Loi Loi fell off the car. A moving car. On the road. A busy road. Mommy's driving.

I was shocked last night. I tried calling them. But either it was engaged or it was not picked up.

My lover was on the phone with a friend, planning something for this coming weekend. I asked him to stop. I asked my kids to make prayers for Loi Loi. Jack Jack kept asking Loi Loi? Why Loi Loi?

I managed to sms Mr. Fath and was relief to be told that Loi Loi is miraculously ok.

I was so relief.

This morning, I bumped into Mrs. Fath in the arabic school. So I asked her what happened. From what she told me, Ya Allah, it was a near miss. When Mrs Fath got off the car, Loi Loi's hand looked like it was under the wheels. But amazingly it didn't hit her hands, instead it was only her sweater. Can you imagine that? And to think some more that Loi Loi fell onto the busy side of the road. And she is small. And in Qatar everyone drives fast. The only consolation was, she didn't fell head first. The other consolation was, Mrs fath just made a U-turn and was not in full speed yet. In fact Mrs. Fath managed to see Loi Loi holding on to the door half running on the road. ya Allah ya Allah!

Please don't bombard me with issues of childlock, seat belt and car seat. I am sure Mrs fath is already guilty as it is. And Loi Loi has never ever fiddle with the lock until that fateful day.

I cried listening to Mrs fath. I cried with her. Right there at the bottom of the stairs in the arabic school. I cried because I was and still am thankful to Allah that he wants to extent the loan of Loi Loi to fath's family, the loan for us to cherish this little bubbly girl. I feel that the family was given a second chance. And for that I was thankful. Syukur! Syukur Ya Allah!

I was feeling so overwhelmed that I could not concentrate in class. I was called almost all the time to the board and I made silly mistakes and then still manage to get myself lost in space only to be called ya Lollies, are you with us? I apologised to my teacher after that and explained why was I so spaced out. She gave me a hug.

I think this incident is a reminder to us all. Child lock. Seat belts. And what nots.

And our love ones can be taken away anytime.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Not enough time sometimes

I find it even harder now to sit down and put up my feet sometimes.

At the start of me becoming the domestic goddess nearly two years ago (coming to Qatar that is), I've already found the job quite overwhelming. It's never ending job you know. What's with to think what to cook nearly everyday. Ands the cleanups is continuous yet repetitive.

And then I started sending the kids to school. I spend two hours in the afternoon. Sometimes I got home at three (nearly everyday). Even limited time to do all the goddessy work. And that is why I am busy in the morning. I must make sure that lunch is ready before I go out to pick the kids up. So at least when the kids got home at three, they get to eat.

Usually after eating I will start muqaddam reading with Sya. And her bahasa malaysia work. And her spelling and her reading. And her supplementary ugama book. This may take one hour or two. Thankfully Haziq can do his own work with minimal supervision now. But still I do check occasionally depending on my time. That is in between cleaning up the kitchen and mopping and what not.

And I know I must not neglect the quality time like playing games together and reading together. Not to mention, I strive for the days that I take them out to the park which is quite a drive away.

And my house now is err not of goddess quality. But I have no shame to tell you this because all of you know I am a faux. And you still love me regardless. Err kan?

And as if those are not enough, I slaughtered myself to become an ASS comittee. And to put up the newsletter, making posters and managing projects and meetings took alot of my time. But after I finish my ASS, I was dead bored. I must do something. Classes of course.

And now with the classes, I am attending. Two of my mornings are taken up. So there will be two days that I run around like an amputated cockroach. And with classes there are homework. Wajib. And for tajweed, there is hafazan with correct tajweed. Oh sungguh gelabah gelabah.

Not to mention activities during the weekend. I find it even harder to do the bigger goddessy job. You know housekeeping the cabinets, the fridge, the wardrobes, the toilet, the dressing table, the stove. If I use to mop everyday, I skip days sometimes now.

I am squeezing time for my relaxing hours online like blogging, blog hopping, chatting, analysing photos, uploading photos and reading and replying mails.

And when Batrisyia's teacher asked me whether I would want to volunteer doing reading once or twice a week with the children, what do you think my answer was?

P/s : The children are lovely.

Oh some picturs of Sya's school's international day HERE.