Friday, March 28, 2008

Pelaburan untung berlipat kali ganda

It has been two years today that my mum left the worldly life to meet our AlKhaliq. I still miss her the same. But it is ok now. I can talk about her bravely. I still cry to myself when I remembered her smile in the ICU seeing me. I still cry when I pray for her. Those prayers that you sit and raise your hands and you really really beg to ArRabb for His continuous rahmah on my mother (and me).

As you all already know, Allah, with his tremendous mercy, gives us the very chance to increase in manifold our rewards even after our death. Imagine that! And we all know this beforehand, so we can start putting up investment at this very minute!

The investments come in the form of giving charity, spreading beneficial knowledge and leaving the world with children of righteous qualities.

My mother, with little money that she had, was not a philanthropist. However, I pray, that her Quran teaching to the neighbour's kids will be a delicious reward for her. And if these kids (who are grown ups by now) continue to teach even their own kids, her rewards will increase, and if their kids continue to teach and read themselves, the reward will go on forever down to the very last downline till the end of the world. This is MLM at its best. Kalau kat dunia ni dah kira boleh dapat Mercedes sebijik.

I also pray that her teaching masak-masak such that a family, with the knowledge that my mum taught, can earn some living can be considered as spreading knowledge. Allah knows better.

I am praying that the little things and monetary that she gave will be rewarded accordingly. I believe that Allah is fair. Its good that we can be generous like Mr. Syed Mokhtar. But I am sure economies of scale applies.

All children who care about their parents should be grateful to Allah that He being AlRahman AlRahim has grant us a chance to do our last deeds for our parents. Punyalah sayangnya dia kat makhlukNya ini. Sampai macam tu punya peluang Allah kasi kat kita. If we are righteous the reward go to our parents too. Woo peluang baik ni. Mari kita rebut!

And as parents ourselves, we can start the investment with our children so that we can die happy, in the knowing that, Insya Allah, what we leave in the world will continue to work for us.

And that last one worries me most.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh and another thing

And actually there is another thing that is making me smiling from ear to ear. Sya can now ride the two wheelers.


The other day I helped a friend to move house from a big villa to a nice cosy apartment. (Ini kes kena suruh keluar by the landlords). He had to give away many things and the bikes are among them. He gave us two bikes which are good enough for Haziq and Sya. Alhamdullilah. Pity his kids had to let their bikes go though. Thank you friend. Penat berleter kat lover suruh beli basikal tau...tak beli-beli..

The only problem was the bike for Sya is slightly too tall for her. But she still manage to ride and balance it even though she had numerous falls trying to keep herself from failing. It must be quite mind boggling to practice thinking to paddle, to align the handle and to remember to brake when approaching an obstacle and also to balance and not fall.

Initially I had to help her hold the bike first before she proceeded to balance . But the other day, I showed her how to go off on her own. A bit hard, because the bike is tall, but yayy she did it.

And of courselah we don't want to leave Jack alone. We bought a proper bike for him. He has never paddle you know. Never ever. Mana nak kayuh basikal selama ni? He is nearly four and he still cannot paddle. My kids are deprived.


But kids learn it easily and there you go. Look at Jack happily riding his bicycle. And he can use the brakes too.

Ibu happy.

kidsBut Ibu is tired. To let them have a go on the bike is really an effort tau. I have to load all the bikes by MYSELF. Tak termasuk kalau nak bawak skateboard atau scooter. Drive all the way to Aspire and take the bikes out. Nak ikut hati, malas aje! But weather is still good. And I know I know it is good for them. Infact for me too. I had to sprint to chase Sya the other day. Rasanya turun sekilo..NOT! Ahaks.

Hip hip hooray for Sya and Jack!

For more pictures of them click HERE.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Something to be happy about

There are a few things that are making me happy and smiling. Like it's quite OK to live here kind of feeling.

First of all, the centre where I am learning my arabic and tajweed, now also offer classes for girls. Sya's age included. Woo hooo. So ok it's only once a week for two hours, much lesser than what your kids get in Malaysia. But this is enough reason for me to be elated anyhow. I felt so relieved.

She has attended two classes already. I must say that the class so far, is like fine tuning what she has already learn. They taught her AlFatehah. Correcting her makhraj and all that. Dalam hati ni legaaa Sya dah memorise Al Fatehah. So lepas ni sure Sya kerek dengan maknya ni. Tee he he.

And the other day I went out to this low budget shop that sells everything under the sun called AlRaunak. I wanted to get some files to fill in my homeschooling (janganlah terperanjat sangat dengan term ni) notes.

Biasalah nak cari satu benda, pastu merayau-rayau tengok benda lain. I managed to get myself in the book section. Oh! What a galore! I found the very kind of books that I was looking for.

You see the other day I was doing self complaining and sighing, that I don't have enough material for the homeschooling. I am not that creative. Of course I have been turning to the faithful internet and buku kerja ugama. I have been printing stuff and all that. But what I also want are real books. Islamic books for children which are either not many or are too expensive here in Qatar.

But I found them books in this shop! So many of them and also so so so cheap. At least in Qtar standardlah. Allow me to share the books' title so you can share my joy wokeh..

1. Angel Jibra'eel Returns Again

Photobucket Photobucket

This book for children is about Surah Ad-Duha which explains about it's history and about the Prophet. Wow! Masya Allah! I am the one who is really learning here tau!

The kids have not got to this surah yet. Err well maybe Haziq has but at least not with me. But when they do, I have my materials ready. Sangatlah syioknya.

2. The Gift of Jumu'ah


Haziq has learned formally about Jumuah prayers at his Friday Fardhu Ain class. And this book is a supplement to what he has learn. I like English Islamic Children book because the approach is more friendly than a Malay one. What he learn macam ala ala sekolah, but this book has different approach altogether. A great book to read together and learning about what is so special about Friday with your kids regardless of gender. All while making them knowledgeable about the blessed day of Friday.

3. The Gift of Ramadhan

books books

Self explanatorylahkan buku ni? Coming Ramadhan nanti adalah modal.

4. Abu Lahab and his wife Arwah

Photobucket Photobucket

Sya will be reciting this soorah soon. bestnya nak introduce bad guy dalam cerita nabi.

5. The surahs to seek refuge


Oh I am just so happy to find this bbok. Dengan kalernya yang terang. Dengan gambarnya yang best. Sya has just memorised the three Quls. (I know I know lambatnya. Hu hu. Mak ajar tak strict sangat kot?.) And I am currently putting in new routine at night that is to recite Fatehah, the three Quls, Ayat Kursi and syahadah before they sleep, followed by hugs and kisses. With the help of this book, I can explain to them
why we are doing all that.

Kan senang kerja aku Cik Bedah oi.

6. Those Who Backbite and Slander


This book is about surah Surat Al-Humazah (The Slanderer) which explains about backbiting and slandering others and its evil effects. OK..I definitely have not got to these Surah with the kids. I know Haziq has memorised it, but we have not discussed the story just yet. In fact I err have not betul-betul memorise this surah. *hangs head in shame*. Tapi learning about the story nanti should help me lah kan?

7. The Night of Decree

books books

Hah! Lagi buku yang sesuai untuk Ramadhan

8. The gift of friendship.

Alaa tak jumpalak kat internet and malas nak scan. But basically this book tells us the importance of friendship and it summarises the 6 duties that a Muslim has upon another Muslim like accepting invitation, blessing them when they sneeze and all that. Sungguh amat sesuai untuk story mory dan pengajaran with the kids when the topic arises in my homeschooling.

All these books are written by Shazia Nazlee and published by Darussalam. And each cost QR8. Surely it is cheaper in Malaysia. The books are printed on high quality paper, big font and fantabulous pictures. Children will like it. Myself being a child at heart person LOVES it.

booksI also got another book entitled Ammar in Makkah also published by darussalam. The QR3 book is about a young boy, Ammar, who went on a journey in Makkah with his family. This children book is for children to understand the journey. Ooohh definitely will be useful for Haziq especially. Can't wait to use this book for good.

booksAhh another book for Sya particularly. Sya has learn about Wudhu' and is able to do it without my constant supervision. I want to go to the next level of telling her which one is wajib and sunat. And to put down formally what nullifies a wudu'.

But err I have a questionlah. the book says one of the things that nullifies a wudu' is eating camel's meat? Ya ka ni? And the book also says "When in doubt, do not renew the wudu' unless you are absolutely sure that your wudu' has become invalid". I thought it's the other way round.

I bought a few books for myself. Tapi panjanglah pulak post ni. Tak penting sangatlah.

Some of you may find, alaa ini pun nak happy. But I have always find it hard to find good and cheap books here especially Islamic one in English. So I have all reasons to be astounded.

Subhanallah, I find that when I think of something, I will be shown the answer or the way. When I want something, I will get it. It is really easy to make me happy tau.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Power Suit

When I was working, my office was always involve with Secretariat job especially when we need to venture with similar departments from overseas companies. Somehow, my boss always insists that all the engineers do the PR job as well even though the company actually has a PR department.

Anyway there was this one time that my task was to make sure all the delegates that arrive in KLIA are safely tuck in the appropriate limo and be sent to a hotel in Malacca ready for our tender evaluation the next day.

I put on one of best power suits that day. A black top from Edmundser, sleek and sharp. And a long pencil skirt also from Edmundser. I believed I look good. very fofessional. Black always make me look good (read slimmer) and serious looking. I put on my black heels. First because black matches my all- black suit and the heel is in the hope that I look tall or at least taller. Put on my white pearl short necklace, simple stud white earings and a small simple pearl brooch on the lapel.

Yup! I look good alright. In the boardroom armed with the appropriate jargon, I could kill some members for sure.

I got to KLIA on time, another fofessional attitude. And you know what, when you think you look good, it will definitely show on your face. You feel confident. When I walk, I feel attitude. Yeah! Strut it baby. It must have shown so much, that I notice some people were taking second look at me. Ehem! Ehem! Definitely a feel good day that day.

Apparently there were alot of "fofessional" people in KLIA that evening. Many guys in all black loitering about. And there again, some guys are looking and smiling at me. All these "fofessional" guys. Ooohhh memang betullah aku nampak smart hari tu.

The delegate's plane was delayed and I had to wait longer. Agghh bosanlah kerja ni. And even when the plane has arrived, this important delegate decided to shop at the duty free. Arrghh lagilah bosan.

But to make the day, one of this fofesional guys came and chat with me. Mr. Pro his name. He asked, "kerja mana?". I said Tee Enn Bee. "Eh? Tee Enn Bee? Hotel mana tu"

Apa bengap mamat ni? So I told him the full name of this glorious company.

"Ohhhh. Ingat kerja hotel tadi."

Then only I looked a round. So many people in all black, waiting at the arrival section. Some holding placard, either the name of the person they are waiting for or the hotel's name. The dude from Ritz is the smartest one, I must say. he was wearing a really handsome vest.

Anyway..godamnit. I am in this powerful all black suit, looking ready to roar. Now I really look like on of the hotelier people. Forget roaring, I couldn't even meow. Suddenly I feel that I can't shoot anyone. I have lost my mojo. And all the hotel people start getting friendly with me which at that time wasn't at all flattering. Wrong suit! Get me out of here now!!!

And there was the other time, I wore one of my other best suits. A red jacket and a matching red pants. SSSSiiizzling I tell you. i went to the bank, then one of the guards who is always chatting with me anyway, finally probably had the courage to ask. "Ooohh anak ni kerja kat jaya Jusco eh?" And then images of Siti Nurhaliza as the spokesperson of Jaya Jusco kept popping in my mind. I refrain from going to Mid valley that day. Afraid of being mistaken as a Jusco personnel.

Another time I wore my orange batik kebarung. i don't like that material so much but since lover gave it to me, I wore it anyway. I had a conference at Sunway that day. Upon entering the big banquet hall, i scanned the seats to look for familiar faces. So that i could chat rather than hear the lectures. Ahaks! As i was about to walk, a man stopped to ask something that I can't remember. But his question was something a secretariat could answer. i looked around and as expected, the secretariats were all wearing orange kebaya/ kebarung or baju kurung. Aggghhhhh. Bencinya.

This is very akin to people mistaken you as the waiter when you are donning your best white shirt and black pants. Or even worst, your new organza is the same as someone's table cloth. I went home and changed that very minute!

dorothyOver here you might want to avoid those fabrics with either thin narrow stripes or small checkered of pastel coloured materials like the one Dorothy wear in the Wizard of Oz for example.

These are the favourite material and pattern for the maid's uniform here. They sell it ready made at carefour. Regardless that you know your shirt is a Chanel. But if you still insist, and when someone ask you where your mama (the endearment for maid's boss here) is or shoo you because you cannot stand at that spot, don't come back running and complaining to me.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pengubahsuaian Main Hentam

Ha Ha ha. Buruknya suaraku!

I translated this favourite children Malay song into Arabic.

Ana - saya
Uhibu - saya sayang
Ummi - ibu saya
Abi - ayah saya
Jaddi - atuk saya
Jaddati - nenek saya
Akhi - abang saya
Ukhti - kakak saya
Kul - setiap
Usrati - keluarga saya

Jom sing along

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tolong Tolong

Kalau sekiranya kita memerlukan pertolongan orang, dan kita mengharap sangat dia dapat menolong sebab situasinya sangat sesuai untuk membantu, lepas tu permintaan kita itu di tolak, jangalah kita marah. Mungkin kita akan kecik hati sebab itu adat manusia. kenapalah kawan kita ni tak nak tolong, walhalnya bukankah kita baik. Bukankah dia memang boleh membantu sebenarnya.

Sesungguhnya itu bukan rezeki kita untuk dapat bantuan dari dia. Ini apa aku cakap kat lover. Dia mengharap sangat di bantu oleh seseorang, tapi tup tup orang tu senyap aje. Tidak dapat menolong.

It's ok kekasihku. Tak ingatkah dikau pernah beberapa kali pernah berlaku begini. Selang setahun kita nampak the silver lining tidak di bantu. Mesti ada sebab kita tak ada rezeki bila tak di bantu.

So tak yah marah. Tak yah start permusuhan. Kita semua stil kawa-kawan. You'll never know what comes lurking in the future.

Lagipun bukan kita semua pernah berada on the other side of the fence ke? Di mana orang mintak tolong kat kita, tapi kita tak dapat nak tolong. Kita takut juga orang kecik hati. tapi sometimes bila kita tak boleh tolong, kita just tak boleh tolong. Some reasons may be selfish, tapi itulah pertimbangan kita. So kita kena ahamlah jugak, ada oang just tak boleh tolong.

Saja tak mau tolong atau apa bukan masalah kita. Itu prerogative dia.

Tapi now kitatolong keluarga periuk besar jaga anak dia untuk beberapa bulan sampai habis O Level dia. Semoga semuanya di mudahkan. dan peiuk besar yang sudah pulang ke Malaysia for good tak payah risau. Kami semua ikhlas, Insya Allah.

Monday, March 03, 2008

(Mis)adventure at the dune

I went to the dunes last Friday. It was good weather. Plenty of sun. Slightly windy. Not too hot neither it was too cold. There were about seven cars. A few newbies among us.

Everything seems good that day except that we just realise that without Mr Syam, our usual Zulu Leader who is the Malaysian expert in tracking the dunes, there is no one among us who is expert enough to lead the convoy deep into the dunes. A few of us have GPS. One without the off road data, one with complete data alas it is a borrowed GPS that no one really knows how to use it. Then there is mine with a rough keyed in data but has never been used on the off road on the dunes.

Since mine is the best among the worse, they aptly appointed my car to be the Zulu leader, with lover driving and me navigating.

And that was an adventure to be remembered on my part. Off road using a GPS is really not the same as the on road one. There is no voice saying turn right here, if possible make a u turn, turn left in 200m. In fact there is no voice at all. No instruction. All is up to you.

Basically there is just this line that shows where we went the last time. The thing about being in the dune, as you know, it is vast. Standing at one point, the landscape looks almost the same. I made a mistake even at the starting point. Thinking that it is ok to go parallel to the line on the GPS, I found myself and six other cars going higher on the ridge obviously on a more difficult route. We were going blindly up and down the slopes and suddenly we found our car really at the edge of the ridge.

I don't know what I am worried more, our car toppling and rolling down the dunes, or the other cars following suit behind me. I felt that we were going to topple and I quickly picked up the walkie talkie and alarmed the other guys to go to their right away from the ridge.

"Problem! Problem! Go to your right! Right! Right!"

At the same time my lover maneuvered the car and down the slope we went, gliding. Alhamdullilah, my lover was not panic and had skills handling the car. I was shaken after that. As we went down, I looked up and saw that the rest of the cars were really high up and two of them were stuck while one of them was slanting at the edge too!

duneAlhamdullilah again we managed to get the car down on one of the most difficult slopes I have been on. The actual saved route on the GPS and the route that I took, look so close to each other. I was going parallel so nothing should go wrong. But in reality the difference was a long runaway of tall dunes separating the two routes. I then decided to stick on the route and not divert much.

Even then, being the first one going up and down the dune, without anyone guiding in front was a scary experience. You don't really have a reference point to gauge what is in front, what your speed should be. Worst is people are depending on you, while you are not sure whether you are doing the right thing or not.

But soon I manage to get a hang of the route on the GPS and the sandscape (as in landscape) becomes familiar. And I began to relax and start making jokes on the walkie talkie with the guys. I even pointed to the guys the familiar spots that I named. They said I sounded like a tourist guide.

I remembered there was this one point when my lover had a hard bang on the sand. I think he went a wee too fast down the slope. My thermos of hot air mata kucing went flying and spilled the drink. Hu hu hu.

We were getting near to the Inland Sea, when my lover realised that the car's temperature was rising.

"Dr. Dr," I walkie talkied Dr. Azhar, "The car's temperature naiklah. Panas ni"
"Oh baik saya datang. Tapi saya tak bawak bag ubat nak check ni."

That was a joke

It was our radiator. It was leaking. Sikit retak. It must be due the bang that we had. Hu hu hu. This one is not a joke.

The guys then buzzed around the cars like bees trying to figure out what to do. I knew we couldn't get deeper into the dune. the only way to go is out. But how do we do it on the harsh track like we had earlier. Frequent stops are anticipated.

Then a Patrol car stopped and came out an arab man. He approached one of us. Assalammualaikum, he said. You don't remember me?

masyaAllah! Kareem. most of us knew him. He was our guide when we first went to the dunes last year. He looked at the car and finally said, it's ok. I help pull out.

duneHe pulled us out. Us with no engine on, only the gear at neutral and him being the soul machine pulling us up on the dunes. Hebatnya Nissan Patrol ni. The next time I am buying a 4WD, I am getting a Patrol. definitely!

And of course Kareem is a real pro. Pulling us, fully loaded is not a problem to him at all. It's like a normal thing to do. he pulled us out of the dunes safe and sound. Alhamdullilah sangat. Dalam sukar tu ada gak jalan keluarnya. Out of nowhere Kareem came to help.

My lover wanted to pay him but he refused. Wallah! Wallah! Ikhlas! But we had to pay QR300 to the tow truck to pull our car back home of course. Just to let you know, Kareem charge QR1000 or more to pull other people out.

And saja gak nak bagi tau, yang selama ni the locals selalu tolong kita orang tu, tak mintak duit pun. Salam terimakasih aje. Tapi mat salleh dia akan tekan QR4000 untuk tolong tarik simple aje.

All in all, I am thankful that all of us were safe. The rest of the guys went on with their trip using the other GPS. Dr. Azhar tried reading it, and he did ok, I suppose, knowing that he is back safe and sound now.

Our car is still at home awaiting for spare part which I believe would take ages.

But will this stop us from going again?

he he! What do you think?