Sunday, April 29, 2007

Al Fatehah

I was in pain yesterday. Unproductive cough and feeling feverish. My head was throbbing and I felt cold. Everything was cold despite the temperature showed 34C.

The children were their boisterous self. In fact so boisterous, Haziq broke one of my picture frames. I just couldn't bring myself to yell at him. Or probably I did. I told him to go to sleep.

I asked lover if I am feeling bad tomorrow can you send the kids to school. He was more concerned that Haziq and him would be late. I sadly retorted that I am in the worst position in my life and cannot afford to be sick, At least I could get an mc if i were working. Despite the throbbing head, I couldn't sleep. Or was it because of the throbbing head, it was hard for me to sleep.

Then morbid thoughts, which usually come now and then when I am feeling down got me. I thought of my own death. The imagination was very detail that I cried. I truly cried to my sleep.

I needed that cry I suppose.

I woke up feeling better at my usual time. Prepared the kids breakfast and no one asked whether I can send the kids to school. I am sending them by the way, thank you.

Then I got a call. Apparently there were numerous missed calls and a message. It was 530 in the morning and there was no number on the screen.

My one and only sibling passed away yesterday. Exactly one year and one month after my mum. He was only 32. Al Fatehah.

Now there is only me and my dad. I am feeling really sad now.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The End of My ASS

Last night marks the end of my work with ASS. I was quite worried the few days before the AGM night. Some clever dude nominated me for several posts. Mind you not that I do not like working with the ASS, but after a year..makcik dah penatlah (tired out). And plus don't you think the ASS needs a fresh face. At least someone who do not refer to them as ASS?

Last night when I went around shaking hands greeting people laughing my social butterfly self off, several people happily said the will vote for me like as if they are doing me a favour. Banyaklah ko. But when the ASS president said that he doesn't want to continue, it sort of cover all of us, en bloc. My name was striked out.

I was never elected to be in the ASS you know. Mrs. Twit pointed that out. I clarified, yes I was never elected, I was invited. Heh heh.

When I first came here to Q@tar, I hated every single thing out of this country. It is indeed a country very difficult for me to fall in love with. I was depressed leaving my job. I was depressed with the terrible public transportation. No network connection. This pot luck thingy. Being cooped up. People think I am an Asian thus I must be a cheap labour.

Things must have changed for me after my mum passed away. I realised that I really should stay with my lover. I was looking at my dad and I knew that there will be time that either of us would be alone anyway. Coming back from Malaysia, I have set my mind that I want to help out with something. Something to help me get out of the not-useful-except-masak-and-clean-up-house-aje-hari-hari feeling.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketRemember when I talked to the president and got myself in trouble. HERE. I got my hands dirty in photoshop tring to design a lousy card after that. They must have liked it, and invited me to be a permanent ASS.

I was elated. Lover was not. I got paranoid thinking of the littlest thing like what should I call them? Them being an all men group. Should I call them abang? Eeiii so endearing. I even wrote it HERE

But in the end everything turned out well. I have referred to them as aku engko for most of them.

I had tremendous time in the ASS. What my niyat was initially, was what I got in the end. I found new friends. Maybe new nemesis for that matter. I learned new thing. I helped introduce to them the wonders of what photo collection of themselves can do. I set up a simple multiply photo collection of the malaysians in Qatar. It is HERE. From then on, ramailah pulak yang set up multiply. Heh heh. Baguslah tu. Yesterday, a guy, whom I called Hang Kebun said to me, so who is going to take our photos now? Laa ramai lagi orang, kasi canlah orang lain.

The newsletter was what that had taken my time most. But I must say I have enjoyed them. I can't write, that I know. I guess this newsletter is a syok sendiri thing. But I don't know, i think or at least I hope, some of the Malaysians see it as one form of interface telling them that there is a place that you can be together. May not be much, but at least there is something. I introduced new columns writing about what to expect here in Qatar. From what to bring to the shamal phenomenan. Kalau nak harap embasi aje hmmpph..tak leh komen kat sini..mampus kang)

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There are more than oneA thousand Malaysians here in Qatar. You cannot please everyone. I have received a few slanderous mails. I tell you, being condemned is not a pretty thing. Funny, this is a voluntary work, not many want to lead but thousands rush to criticise. Worst, they used a pseudo name at that.

I was never an association person. When I was working, i was never bothered. Tak kosa makcik. But I guess it was a good one year filling up time. I was tremendously busy. I guess I needed that...and perhaps it was the only way for me to meet people. Because I am not good at meeting people and introducing myself. I usually will pass as a sombong person.

So today is my first day being de-ASS. No difference yet.

I am just thinking, if I take pictures of them during the new ASS event, err should I still go out and publicise them seems inappropriatelah pulak.

Now I need something to do pulak rasanya. First I need to clear the blog alerts and catch up with all of you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And the award goes to...

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Did you hear? Did you? Our sweet mummy [URL=""]Aliya[/URL] got nominated with the thinking blog award. *thumbs up.

And when i read theta's (the one who nominated her) nomination I must say I totally agree with hers. I myself learn a lot from her. She writes, speaks, reads and teaches arabic. Don't be surprise when sometimes she would seam her entries and comments with a few Arabic phrases. In the short time, I have learned many things from her serious but yet humorous writings. The first few I would not resist reading.

Anyway the real surprise is, she nominated me, Lollies, as a thinking blog. I have never composed any of my entries as to serve any thinking for any of my readers. I may have some opinioned pseudo entries in my mind, but I rarely put it up. I don't know. Perhaps I am afraid of criticism?

And as much as I want to be humble thus laugh at the award because that's the way I react in public when I received something as much as praise, but I can't do that to Aliya. She is a person with wise opinion. You cannot laugh to that can you?

Anyway, the rule is I must nominate five blogs of which in my opinion is, it is a thinking blog. And they are...drum no apparent order.

[B]1. [URL=""]Elisa[/URL][/B]

No surprise there right?

I have read Elisa since the UKS days (when I was more active). She pens down her stories about her children which may be funny but yet so real. So real that you can reflect it to your own life. It makes you wonder whether you are doing the right thing with your own.

She writes amazing fiction too. You can read it all [URL=""]HERE[/URL] but my favourites are [URL=""]LAST DAYS[/URL] and [URL=""]SOULMATES[/URL].
Even her fiction makes you think.

[B]2. [URL=""]Butterflutter[/URL][/B]

Butterflutter has now evolved from her fluttery self into the buzzing bee [URL=""]HERE[/URL]

Butterflutter usually writes about her family just like myself. What makes her stand out is the tips that she subconciously gives out whenever she writes. She is a very thorough person and also planner. She would chart out her plans, make tearly resolution perhaps even daily. She would write out what is to achieve and paste it big and bold for the whole family to see. She even make a yearly plan of what books she should be reading. This is a very structured and organised way to know where you are and the direction to be taken next.

Her systematic way of thinking also has spilled over to her children and I am sure her children would clearly know their goal in life. She made me think a lot about the way I organise my daily life.

Nothing to do with butterflutter, I now have a housekping plan. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and every six months plan. Planned maintenance gitu.

[B]3. [URL=""]Rotidua[/URL][/B]

Yup our one (or is two?) and only dua roti. Not because she actually wrote an entry repeating many times that she has been thinking a lot. My own criteria of thinking blog is not the writer thinks a lot rather, the entries made me think.

She writes with humour. When she writes down about the news, she puts in a perspective that is both humorous but true to the bones. Her sharp mind can be observed in her imminent comments. Mind you she definitely has a mind of an auditor. Don't let her catch you off guard in your entries, she will be able to sniff it miles away.

[B]4. [URL=""]Bucit[/URL][/B]

He is a low profile blogger. He rarely leaves his comments on people's blog except when he finds the blogger's thought process interesting. (private joke). He sometimes would write excerpts of books that he reads and narrate his opinion on the lessons that can be learnt. I have always love the books he picks. Generally stories of Arabian folks and books on sufiism and ulamaks. He would also write about the different Ulamaks that he had the opportunity to go to their lectures too. I have always liked the way he describes them. Simple and not imposing. He is a real person writing for real people.

[B]5. [URL=""]Captain Barbell[/URL][/B]

He is the stranger.

Riza is a person who if you know by surface loves to criticise. he criticises everything and laugh at issues that he find trivia. But yet uses trivia to put his points across. He always manage to dig little issues and put up posts that make you think. Otherwise he would just put up silly pictures of people he meets in the LRT, his daily transportation to his work.

Many times he would write about his working environment and would spell out all management tools that he memorised. Mr Robert Greene should paid commission to Riza for quoting his books many times.

Riza who is a mystical (spooky) guy is a cat person. Often than not he would use his cats to tell a story even about sufiism. A lover of Aesop and folk stories, he seems to be able to come out with entries that are not only funny but sometimes hit you where it hurts.

When he recommends me a book, I woud scramble to find it. Or scramble to force him to give it to me after he has finished reading them.

Now. at least a few of the people I have listed here, since I find your blogs ticking my brain, I wonder who ticked yours. Tell us.

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Sekadar gambar hiasan

Friday, April 20, 2007


I am tired off late. I couldn't find time to blog, what more bloghop. Haziq has been using the computer most of the time to do his research on Victorian era. I think it is high time we get another computer.

The chase to become the perfect domestic goddess is still on albeit slower. I have finidhed off all the shelves. I feel good and triumphy! I am now scrubbing the kitchen floors. Macam nak mampus. The accumulated oil and dust and food droppings have cemented certain part of the floor especially the one near to the stove. I need cabinets to hide the ugly stuff like basins and big pots. Such an eye sore. I got this laundry basket to hide away the plastic bags. The rule is now no more overfloing plastic bags. If it overflows,it is to be thrown!

The newsletter, the final newsletter from me is completed. The newsletter took most of my time. I needed time to think and edit photos and all. I almost neglected my house. Thus explaining my cleaning spree. You know when you are on to something, its difficult to stop your train of thoughts. That's what happen when i started my newsletter. Look at those pile of clothes to iron and to fold. Elisa's announcement to come was a good ticking clock for me for I rushed to do it after a long procrastination.

My head is full of things I want to do with and for the kids. I am taking them out almost everyday so they have something to do in the evening. Its taking a whole chunk of my time. Taklehlah nak tenet selalu.

And in my head, knowing that my term with the ASS is nearly over, I am planning many things that I want to do. For the house. For the kids. For myself. My head is like swirling swirling. Plotting plotting. Identifying identifying.

I am rambling here senselessly actually. So much in my mind but not good enough to spill it out. Since I can't use the computer much, I can't chat much either. It's driving me crazy in a way. I need someone to talk too. My so hardworking lover sometimes like to sleep than talking. Balik tidur tidur. weekend tidur. Bosan aku. When I am in need to talk, Haziq is using the computer. When he is not, the timing is off. So this lack of proper talking to adults I can trust is driving me nuts.

And there is no alone time for me. Even when I am in the loo doinf my business, someone will knock the door, Ibuuuuuu! this that this that. What is with this kids?

Busy busy busy week. The ASS had a bowling tourney last Friday. I have been going out nearly every night, even on school night, after Haziq's ngaji, to "train" bowling. But, you can ask Mosh and Gartlah, train so much, performance still hancus. But but but on the tourney day itself, despite started off had to wake up early and prepared seafood sandwich ala delifrance and then there is no bowling ball my weight, I did well. Ewah! Well I know notlah that good but oklah. I scored 135. Oklah tu and won me the second place for ladies. Haziq despite not winning, performed very well. A few spares and some spares were actually strikes. His ball also spins. Dasat gak tu.

Then after bowling, lover suggested that we had bbq at Mr Mail's house. Nampak tak? he suggested we mess someone else's place. Well my ugly harem has no lighting outside. I prepared chicken marinated satay style, peanut sauce and nasi impit and trifle. After bowling, I slaved in the kitchen and messed it up again.

What else? Oh I wish I am in Malaysia. I want to see baby Pashaaaaa!

I feel like overwhelmyish. If there is such a word. And if you know me you would know how kalut kalut kalut I am.

How to help? Can you get me a place to hide the pots and basins and ugly ugly stuff?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back On the Road to the Domestic Goddess Stature

God! Ihave been keeping myself busy. Blame this on me continually torturing myself watching the show "Perfect Housewife-Anthea Turner". And I was looking at my house, errkk, I am a mess (not as messy as the contestants though)

So I am inspired. So kay some of the things in the show are like super real, I think there is something to be learnt! Especially if you are a self claim domestic goddess!! The inspiration also came because I couldn't find my bloody handmixer when I knew Elisa wanted to use it. Of course I have only used it once like long long long time ago but where the hell was it?

I have been attacking the kitchen cabinets like crazy. Taking things out shelf by shelf. Wiping the racks. Now it is gleaming white.

TIPS COMING : When I chose my kitchen cabinets (the one in Malaysia) I went for the most simple no groove doors. If you are like me, a lazy house maintaner who doesn't find scrubbing each cabinet doors a loving task, you would chose this too. The one I have here is grooved. I had to use fork to korek the dust and minyak glued on it. Urrgghh! Why add to my life misery? And please get skirting to your cabinets. At least people don't see what underneath it. Trust me it accumulates so much dust stuck on oil, it's ugly. The one I have here does not have skirting. Bosan!

I found myself throwing heaps of stuff. Expired stuff. And redundant things that I bought because I thought I ran out of it. I suddenly found space too. Heh heh.

I am thinking of getting myself those rectangular baskets so I can compartmentalise the stuff I have in the cabinet. I have heaps of different kind of pasta: vermecilli, buitonni, soo hoon, spaghetti. Banyaknya. Tak masak pun! And spices especially curry since I got loads from Malaysia. I have so many flour too. 5kg of plain ones. Self raising one. Bread flour. Corn flour. Rice flour. Starch flour. Many kind of sauce bottles. Sesame oil. Four bottles of sweet soy sauce from Malaysia. The only soy cause for sambal kicap mee soto. Then the big bottle of thick sweet Indonesian soy sauce. Chilly oil which I bought but never use. Plum sauce oil also never use. Different type of drink. For tea alone I have more than five kinds. early grey, camomile, normal one, teh wangi, and apa-apa lagi rasa, coffee, two kind of chocolate drink : pahit one for me, the normal one for the kids, straberry. Milk in carton. Flavoured drink, cordials. Cofee malaya cap 434.

All these needs to be compartmentalised in a nice wicker basket. The only problem is I am a lazy shopper. So I will get the baseket, whenever I found them.

Elisa, I have also grouped the handmixer with all the blender stuff. Very easy to find, thus you would not be subjected to the whisk anymore.

Four more shelves to go. (And here I am blogging).

And I need to scrub the floor. Clear the top. I think I want to throw the fruit basket and get a small bowl instead. It is so obtrusive and takes up too much space.

Oh those little bottle of spices must be washed clean before refill. So it would be sparkling. And those chrome coloured utensil must be wiped often and polish with baby oil for the "ting" effect. Will get containers of the same type so top shelf looks coordinated. Good plastic wares to put loose stuff. Labeled. Please put the name of things in the ware along with the expiry date for future reference.

So once in every six months? WHat do you think? Better that once a year eh? Or non at all.

After this? The wardrobes! YEAHHHHHH

For that I have not bloghopped much. Sorting my house and my kids at the moment. They are all disorganised. So much of being a goddess eh?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Got Mail

I had been busy this week. Busy entertaining my first ever guest of honour, Elisa. As some of you may know she was here for a short five day stay.

I was worried at first when she wanted to come over and what more sleepover. Surely you have heard how terrible my harem is. No garden, plywood as walls, tiny ugly toilet and not to mention messy as well (my doing). So of course I malulah kan? Apa rumah expat ini macam ka? But most of it is not my doing, so I said I don't care. Well I do care but not that much to not get Elisa over. Tee he he.

And without realising it, it was already Friday. It wasa bonus actually because initially they wanted to leave on Thursday. And on the last day I got a mail, hand delivered. Well not me actually, rather it was Haziq.

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And in the letter, Ilham, ELisa's eldest son wrote "Thank you haziq, Patrisha, JackJack and their parents". Awwwww isn't that sweet?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAs many of you know already all Elisa's children are great and they helped make their parents trip easier. My children enjoyed them tremendously. Haziq and Sya miss them a lot. haziq said he has gotten used to them sleeping in their room. Sya wanted me to print Izani's (Elisa's little yummy baby)picture. Batrisyia and ANis (Elisa's only daughter) are almost alike. When Anis wore Sya's night clothes, I nearly got confused between them two.

I was wondering where should I take them though. Nothing much in Doha to see. But we did go to waqif's souq. Another entry perhaps. We went to the wakra beach. Took a dhow at the corniche. The kids played at amusement park in the mall and did ice skating another day. I am so determine to explore Qtar more next time because I am demanding a revisit.

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I enjoyed them coming over here. It keeps my mind and time happily occupied. Its a different feeling you know having someone over. We started off as internet friends and now, I don't know, I feel that we are almost a family. Kita dah sedara dah rotidua. Muahahahaha!

I am glad you came over. I enjoyed your company tremendously. I am only worried that I didn't do much for you to enjoy your time here.

And that new abaya you got Elisa, certainly rocks!

Here is a favourite photo of mine, for Elisa, perempuan melayu terakhir. Rindu trengganu tu gamaknya.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Sya is Six

Isn't it too fast? She turned six yesterday, 8th April.

A few weeks before she turn six, her two bottom front wriggled. Two days, we saw a permanent teeth jutting out already not alligned behind her still wriggling baby teeth. I took her to the dentist and have her two little baby teeth pulled out. She cried. I haven't seen her crying in pain since last one and a half year, when they needed her blood for our visa here.

I realised, it still breaks my heart. She is a big girl and yet still my baby.

Let me see what to tell about her. First of all she is really catching up in school. Her teacher pulled me out one day and pointed out that she likes to write her own story using her phonics sound which sometimes does not make sense, but laudable.

Some of the classmate's parents keep telling me that she is a very confident girl. She also makes wonderful drawings which is usually different and would stand out most. Funny..I have never really seen it.

I talked to her ustazah asking about her progress. her Ustazah is Indonesian. I wanted to explain to her that Sya still couldn't write very well. I was also worried about her in class because each time I ask what did she learn in Fardhu Ain, she would say, nothing. I don't understand her, she said. Her Ustazah, however, told me that Sya is very active and would ask her what certain words mean, and would tell some noisy kids off. I was excited and by the end of the conversation I promised I would do some read aloud using Islamic books of sort to the kids before class ends. Tolooonggg, I don't have most of my good books.

Sya adores all of us. her brothers, her father and me..but she draws me most. He he. Always with I love you mum. She likes pink. She likes furry stuff. She likes girly stuff. She likes to play baby with her dollies and Zachary. She can play tic tac toe. She is soft spoken and very manja. Despite that she has a strong character without being demeaning.

OhMyGod! I love her so much.

And here she is with a fringe and a chocolate mess on her six year old face.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007


If you have been stalking me since my modblog days, you would have known that I love gardening. Even though I have never had a big garden myself, just a patch of tiny land to plant some taiwan grass on, I really do enjoy them. I couldn't retrieve my old posts on gardening, I only have THIS.

But since coming over here, with a house of cement lawn and such cruel sun, I don't know... nothing seem to work. It doesn't help that sometimes when I go away, I would leave the plant for weeks. Most of my potted plants died on me. Even bunga tahi ayam. How bad can you get? If your bunga tahi ayam dies on you, the only sign you are geting is you are doomed.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHowever the other day, I saw some sign of hope. Apparently before it dies (the last one to die actually), it spread some seeds in the same pot. So I said ok I shall salvage this. I watered them. And so it grows.

And then it flowers. But it's not bunga tahi ayam. Infact I think it is some wild flowers. You know like weeds. Hmmpphh.

I am a beggar. So no choosing for me. I watered them anyway. Better something than nothing. Then came one fateful day, there was a ball like thing coming out somewhere near rhe flower. Upon close inspection, it is almost, nearly, could it be...a tomato?

TOMATO? Whoah! Where did that come from?

Well it is spring now eh?

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I went to get some fertilizers yesterday.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Introducing New Character

Some concern parents have been asking me when am I moving Batrisyia to Haziq's school. (For those who do not know, my children are not in the same school. I wrote it HERE) I said I don't think I would. I like Sya's school. I like Haziq's school too, but they have differentt approach on things. Sya's school is small, the parents know each other and would most of the time greet each other by first name rather than a nod. Sya is happy there. She has friends and I can see she is improving tremendously.

I, myself have found new friends. So Ladies and gentlemen, friends and foes stalkers and haters alike, I would like to spurt a few characters in this soap blog of mine. Gather round please.

We have Ms. Lizette. She is teacher. Jack calls her teacher. She is the coach for jack's playball group. I din't tell you? Jack is now busy every Tuesday with his organised playgroup thing called playball. Ms. Lizette is from SOuth Africa. Everyone says "HI MS. LIZZETTE." Ms Lizette has a way saying well done. When I say to Jack. "Well done Zachary", Ms. Lizette's way, jack would immediately say playball. No other well done is the same as Ms. Lizette's well done.

Now you kow Jana already. She is the pirate's mum. "HI JANA"

Jana is american. Like many american I know she has the most expressive and cheerful greetings. She would go, "OH! Hello Zachary. Good morning. How are you today?" Beaming smile and all. Zachary would of course be expressionless.

We have Hala. She is from Lebanon. "HI HALA". Please prononuce her "H" with a "KHO"

In case you do not know already, lebanese ladies are the sexiest ladies on the entire earth. And that even without much effort. Even if they plump up, they still carry themselves sexy. And Hala has the body very much to be envied. Hala reads alot. She insisted that I borrowed her "Tips on potty training" book.

Then there is Fifi from Jordan. "HI FIFI" Fifi has the bluest deep set eyes I have ever seen. She is always complaining about her being big size. But my goodness, isn't big sexy on her. All these Jordanian and Lebanese ladies carry big size very well. Fifi is also active iin voluntary work in school. Like most Jordanian, she is very jovial.

Then we have Kirsten. A German who speeks like an Aussie minus the crikey. She is married to an Oz of course. "HI KIRSTEN"

Then we have me, Lollies. The shorty.

I must tell you this, Kirsten is pregnant. Awwwwwwww. Like all pregnant women, she is going to have a baby. Awwwwwwww (But she doesn't look pregnant. Hmmpphhh)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSo we planned a surprise baby shower for her last week. You should see her surprise face. Priceless. No! I didn't manage to catch the photo. I was like oh oh oh baby shower. How exciting. I have only watched it on tv. Oh oh oh what should I get? I got her a baby photo album and a baby picture frame. All in neutral colours. Kirsten loved it. Errr I think.

This is a simple baby shower party. No games or anything. Just a quiet sit downs among the mummies stuffing ourselves with food. All omputeh punya foodlah. Again tak ada mee goreng and fried stuff. But the homemade scones were damn good.

Jana said she is really enjoying her time in Doha, and would be sad that she would have to go back to the states come this August. And as she talked further about her love with her newfround friends and that she would have to start all over again. And that she would be worried living in the states for she feels this country offer her reassurance of safety, tears began to trickle down her cheek. And here I am, hating everything about this country.

We talked about our dislikes of certain shows on TV with influences on our kids like dating. This goes to Hannah Montana. Oh I so don't like that serie. (sorry). And those teen sex prone movies. And cartoons so vain like Johnny Bravo. And most of all Britney Spears.

We shared our similiraties. Our concerns. I am learning alot from these ladies. We coming from different bcakground made us, I think, more tolerant of each other principals. We would say..oh this is the way we do it in my country. I told them about aqiqah and cukur jambul.

And all of us would listen and be amazed.

I am enjoying this. Really.