Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Make Room for Haziq

Haziq has been pestering me for a separate room ever since he turned 10 last summer. He has been sharing room with Sya all this while. And Jack with me.

In the house I am residing now, we only have three rooms. My bilik beradu, Sya and Haziq's room and the majlees. If I give Haziq the majlees, I don't have a room where my guests can come in and sit and enjoy the glorious food I cook.

I thought for quite sometime about this, and I come to what I call a win-win situation. I am giving Haziq a room and I am also keeping the majlees.

The majlees is actually quite big. So I thought of dividing the room, half for Haziq's room and the other half can still be used as a majlees. Haziq was also asked to sacrifice his room for sleepover guests to which he delightfully agreed. As long as he has a room of his own.

And that is why we painted the room. Just to give it a fresher look. We went to get some new furniture for him. Haziq was ecstatic but Sya was a bit sad. All these hype of getting new stuff and she is not getting anything. Kesian sangat kat dia.

Today I want to be one of the bloggers yang show and tell. So some photos of the two-in-one room. Jeng jeng jeng..

Majlees first..




Alhamdullilah, even with the new arrangement, I can still use the arab sofas albeit it is in a smaller space. The good thing is guests can get more intimate.

To make a clear separation between the two areas, I used gobok and a partition. Clever kan? Initially I thought of putting up a plywood wall like. Scrap that idealah. I think this natural separation is much better. Yang lagi bestnya, we now have a new wardrobe. So duvet yang asalnya bawak katil telah di susun rapi. Lover took advantage and dump his suitlah, baju melayulah kat situ. To the dismay of Haziq. What? You think all of these are for you?

Of courselah you can still see the study table and the shelf and kalau gatal jugak nak peek, you can see the bed. Tak apalah..

And now presenting to you Haziq's room.


Well, the room is not so big, but sufficient I think.

I am actually very happy with the turnout. It's more than what I expected, Alhamdullilah.

Some touch ups (yang tak tau bilalahkan), new curtain and some canvas paintings to be put behind the wardrobe.

generalAnyway untuk Sya yang jeles tak keruan itu, I bought her a lava lamp. Sukaaa.

The new arrangement is that JackJack is to sleep with Sya. They love it. Ooohh sungguh adult. Tapi ibu dia di landa kerinduan.

Confession : There was this this one time when the nights were very cold. I was told by Sya that Jack woke up and told her, that he is cold. Then I errr broke all the SuperNanny's rule and whispered to Jack, if you are cold, you can come over to my room and sleep with me. And he did...many many nights. I don't know when he walk in, but in the morning I found him under my wangi armpit. *GRINS* And with very heavy heart told him, tomorrow you must sleep in your room ok?

But that was early of January. Now they make arrangement of their own. Either all of them bunk in Haziq's or Haziq menyelit in theirs. Hmm apa-apalah. Janji senang hati. And Jack has not come in my room since.

Kalau nak rehat-rehat boleh off lampu and baring-baringan


Sunday, January 25, 2009

A few Steps More

To tell you the truth, I was one of those who never really believe in the boycott campaign. I don't think, with the little power we have we can change the policy of those who strive to transgress.

However, my view has somewhat changed recently especially after the Gaza issue (don't think they have truly stop bombing. A few days ago they just strike Gaza's beach area. report by Dr Azh@r). I still think with my little boycott effort, and even with many people out there, we won't change policies. But this boycott is actually for me. For me to feel that I have done something to change. I must feel that I have done something in my power to try to make a change. When I pass by the food court and the only normal logical food to take is Mek Dee, I strive to not and pray that my intentions are ikhlas. I see it as something tangible I can hold on to, like a sacrifice I am doing in the hope that it will change ME.

Aliya tagged me to list things that I am boycotting, I am trying to boycott and 5 more things that I will find hard to boycott.

Perhaps we can inspire each other and we continue to blow inspiration. And while that we make our intention to pray for our brethren in gaza especially and also throughout the world.

Before I list the products, I must tell you that I am only trying to boycott the products as per the inmind recommendation. You can find it HERE. I am not boycotting just any products recommended by many flying emails just because. I personally think I do not want to make it too hard on myself. Furthermore the inmind site has put some evidence and explained their recommendation thoroughly. I find these reasonable. Lack of iman from my side perhaps, Astaghfirullah, but I prefer not to make a random boycott just because a product is an U.S. product. (Hmm will you shoot me for this?)

5 products that I have already boycott
1. C0ke. This one is easy for I don't take carbonated gas. I do occasionally sip mirinda orange but C0ke tak apalah.

2. Set@rbucks. Actually I do like their doughnut. But the Set@rbucks over here has no doughnut so I have not been visiting set@rbucks for a long time. Plus there are quite a lot of cafes everywhere. So this one can let go lah.

3. L'0real. Well I am not a loyal fan. But I do use their toner for now. Did I tell you that if I am currently using any of the boycotted product, I am not going to throw them just because. I will exhaust them and not purchase them after, insya Allah. And with L'0real, according to the inmind site, comes Lanc0me and Bi0therm and R@lph L@uren. All products I am using. So huhuhu..tapi tak apa I am willing to let go.

4.J0hns0n & J0hns0n. Even though I still have two big bottles of kids shampoo and conditioner. But I am already starting to boycott (after I finish the shampoos though)

5. Delt@ G@lil also supplies to Marks & Specer and G@p and R@lph L@uren and DeeKNY and C@lvin Kle]n. Thus Insya Allah I will try to avoid the apparels from these brands. Marks & Specer are on a big sales here. Sila pandang dari jauh saja.

Actually for me there is no distinguish between i have boycott and i will start to boycott bearing in mind that I have never boycott anything before. I guess for me it's the degree of boycott. The first five in the list are products that I rarely buy anyway perhaps one or two while the second list are things that I usually buy.

5 Products I will Start to Boycott

1. Timberl@nd. Huhuhu. Both my lover and I love their products. We love theire shirts, their jackets and their shoes. Sigh! It's a strive, Insya Allah.

2. Esteeee L@uder. I like their perfume and some of its affiliate companies. I'll stick to Ch@nel then.

3. Mek Don@lds. My kids were slightly not happy for this. But we have discussed this together. May Allah bless my children for their little jihad. Haziq loves the cheeseburger. I love fish fillet. And we all love the cheap QR1 icecream. But there is still burger king ice cream yang also QR1. (Burger king is not in the inmind's list)

4. Nest1e. Well well well, I am using nesc@fe, mil0, m@ggi, Nid0 (susu tepung) and sometimes K1t K@t. The toughest one is mil0. Is ovaltine nice?

5. Carfour. Initially I don't really want to boycott Carfour. According to inmind, Carfour's role is on their ladies intimate apparel and socks that are using Delt@ G@lil products. Delt@ G@lil is the one that you need to boycott. But then since it is not too hard to boycott Carfour for there are many alternatives. I thought why not.

5 products that are hard to boycott

1. 20th century F0x. Kalau beli pirate ok?

2. D1sney. Hmm I don't watch this channel much because the kids seem to have outgrown them, but I won't lie to you. I'll probably not stop them anyway. But I will try to avoid it. I will boycott their apparel and toy products though. About D1sneyland I won't promise anything.

3. 1ntel. This entry is processed by 1ntel.

4. National Ge0graphic.Not that I watch them everyday or buy their magazines. But seriously their documentaries are good.

I can't think of the fifth.

I don't know who to tag because I do not know what your stands are. If you are already boycotting or thinking about it or even not you are welcome to respond to this entry. Tell me when you do.

I also think that with all these calamities that are happening to our brothers should make us ask ourselves one thing..are we closer to Allah today than yesterday? I hope that none of us go berdemo and go home too tired to pray Isyak.

Bilal Philips asked this question, did you pray Subuh at the mosque (for men) on the day you went for demo? Gulp!

My teacher was very angry the other day when she saw big pieces of cakes not eaten in the bin at our class. She said, forget boycott if you are behaving like this. Our ummah will never reach success. If you don't come closer to Quran and Sunnah, we will all finish. Another gulp.

The question, however, is mainly for me and hopefully it serves as a reminder to all of us.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kisah Ngeri

The story of Barseesa is a story of a man from the Children of Isreal who was a worshipper, famous worshipper, aabid. He had his temple and he devoted himself to worship in his monastery.

Three men from the Children of Israel wanted to go out for jihad, al-ghazwa. They had a sister. They didn't know where to leave their sister, so they said "Where should we leave her, we can't leave her alone, where should we leave her?" They asked around, they said the best place to leave her is with that aabid, that worshipper, he's the most righteous person, he's the most trustworthy, leave your sister with him and he'll take care of her.

They went to the aabid, the worshipper, Barseesa. They told him this is the situation, we want to go out for ghazwa, can you please take care of our sister? He said "I seek refuge in Allah from you", stay away from me.

Then Shaytan came to him and said, "Who are you going to leave her with? If you don't take care of her, an evil person may take care of her and then you know what will happen. How come you let this good slip out of your hands?" Shaytan is encouraging him to do good, so he called them back and he said "Ok, I'll take care of her. But she's not going to stay with me in my monastery, she's will stay in that house near the monastery",

So she would stay in that house in the room, and he would carry the food for her and he would leave the food on his doorstep, he doesn't even want to go to her house, he would leave the food on the doorstep of his house and she would have to come and pick up the food. He doesn't even want to see her.

And then Shaytan came to him and said "What are you doing? Don't you know that when she walks out from her room and comes to your temple, people can see her? You have to the deliver the food to her doorstep." He said "Yes, that's true." Shaytan is not speaking to him face to face, this is was'wasa, inspirations. He said "That's true." He started taking that food and he would drop it on her doorstep. That continued for a while and then Shaytan told him "She's still opening the door and coming out to take the plate, somebody can still see her. You have to deliver the plate into her own room." Shaytan is telling him to do good things. So he started taking the plate and he would put it in the room and then he would leave.

And that continued for a while and these three brothers were late, the ghazwa took a while. So Shaytan came to him and said "You're going to leave her alone with nobody to take care of her, nobody to speak with" - she's been in there like she's in prison, speaking to no one - "so why don't you take that responsibility and go and speak with her - just socialize just a little bit to take care of her because she could go out and find another man and start having a relation with him. If you speak to her that will be an act of kindness towards her" So he would speak from outside her room and she would be speaking from in her room and they would be screaming at each other to hear each other. Shaytan told him "Why don't you make it a little convenient for yourself, instead of screaming and hollering at each other from far distances, why don't you go and sit in the same room?" So he started sitting with her in the same room, spending some time with her, and then slowly they started spending hours together.

Then shaytan came to him and kept making her appear attractive to him until her touch her on the thigh and kissed her. Shaytan kept making her appear attractive to him until the great abiid commiteed zina with her and made her pregnant, and she bore him a child.

And the story didn't end yet.

She became pregnant, she delivered a child. Shaytan came to him and said "What have you done? Do you know what will happen when the brothers come back? They're going kill you. Even if you say this is not my son, they're going to say 'Even if it's not your son, you're supposed to take care of her, it's your responsibility, we don't care who the father is, you are the person responsible for her.' The only solution for this problem is that you kill - murder - the child and bury it." The aabid chopped out the head of the infant and he buried him.

Shaytan came to him and said "Do you think that the mother will keep the secret after you killed her son? Do you think she will keep that secret?" What should I do, "You should kill her too." So he killed her. And he buried them both in that room.

Then he went up to his monastery to worship, and stayed there for as long as Allah willed that he should stay. The brothers came back, they came and said "Where is our sister?" He said "Inna lil'lahee wa inna ilayhee ra'jee'oon, she became ill and she died and she's buried in that place", and he went and showed them a fictitous grave, prayed for mercy for her and wept for her. He said, she was the best of woman, and this is her grave. So the brothers went to her grave and wept for their sister, and prayed for mercy for her. So they said "Inna lil'lahee wa inna ilayhee ra'jee'oon", they made dua for her and they went home.

At night time, one of the brothers saw a dream. Who came to him in that dream? - Shaytan. He told him "Did you believe Barseesa, did you believe him? He's lying. He committed zina with your sister and then he killed her and her son, and the evidence to prove that is that she's not buried in the place he showed you, but she's buried in her room under the rock." So he woke up and he told his brothers about the dream, they said "We saw the same dream, it must be true." They went the next day, they dug the fictitious grave, they found nothing. They went into her room, they uncovered the earth and they found their sister buried with an infant.

They grabbed Barseesa and said "You liar. This is what you have done", and they took him to the king. While they were dragging him to the king, Shaytan came to Barseesa, but now Shaytan didn't come in the form of inspiration, he came in a human form. He told him "Barseesa, do you know I am? I am Shaytan, I am the one who cause you all of that mess, and I am the only one who can deliver you out of it" - I'm the one who caused it, and I'm the one with the solution for it, it's up to you, if you want to go and die that's fine, if you want me to save you, I can. Barseesa said "Please save me." He said "Make sujood for me."

Barseesa made sujood for Shaytan, what did Shaytan say, he said "Thank you very much, (it's) been a pleasure meeting you" and he never saw him again.

Barseesa made sujood for Shaytan and that was the last thing he did in his life because shortly afterwards he was executed.

Imagine that. Imagine the last thing we did on earth is to make sujood to Shaytan.

Ngeri ke tak ngeri cerita ni kawan-kawan? A man who worships Allah all his life ends his life with prostrating to Shaytan. Shaytan who when ordered to bow down to Adam a.s. and refused

I pray that all of us remain on the straight path always and be steadfast against the fitna of syaitan.

The story of Barseesa is actually an Israeliyat story (reports from Jewish sources). We find many of our beloved prophet stories intertwined with the stories of the Israeliyats. Even though it is an israeliyat story it is still permissible to narrate it as according to hadith

Bukhari :: Book 4 :: Volume 56 :: Hadith 667

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr:

The Prophet said, "Convey (my teachings) to the people even if it were a single sentence, and tell others the stories of Bani Israel (which have been taught to you), for it is not sinful to do so. And whoever tells a lie on me intentionally, will surely take his place in the (Hell) Fire."

Thus the story of israeliyat can be neither believed or rejected, but it is permissible to narrate them. However we must always have in mind that all prophets are maksum yaani they are protected from major sins like zina or even lying. Prophets do make mistakes which are immediately corrected by Allah.

Thus the story of Prophet Dawood a.s. who supposedly has 99 wives and forced on a man for his wife to make the number of wives 100, should be rejected for a prophet is protected from doing something terribly wrong. Or the story of Prophet Moosa a.s. who put a burnt charcoal in his mouth when he was little causing him to have difficulty to speak. Or the story of Harut Marut the angels who were sent down to earth and were given shahawat like human and later sinned. Wallahualam.

The romantic stories of Prophet Solomon and Balqis or Prophet Yusuf and Zulaikha should just be ignored for the stories do not serve to increase our iman. Its just kesah romantic angan-angan yang di selit sana-sini to spice up the stories of the prophets. Man, I used to narrate these stories to people dulu during my working days. :/

The story of Barseesa is quoted many times in many tawheed books for it chills the heart and is a classic example on how shaytan sews up his target.

The one I wrote here is a mix of Imam Anwar Al Awlaki's transcript in his series : The Hereafter (listen to Anwar Al Awlaki story of Barseesa CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE YOU TUBE OF HIS LECTURE ON BARSEESA) and also from the book Islamic Creed Series : The World of Jinn & devils by Umar S. Al-Ashgar

I know many Israeliat stories for I have this thick book of Kisah Nabi written in very old jawi yang bergentel-gentel tanpa nokhtah. I used to read them over and over again and nearly came to the point of rewriting the stories into rumi font.

The best of stories are from the Quran and hadith.

Very much related to the story of Barseesa, we, as in the children and I, just made another lapbook entitled jeng jeng jeng AGAINST THE SHAYTAN.

wordpress inside against the shaytan

You can check it out in my wordpress at AGAINST THE SHAYTAN : LAPBOOK.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dear friends, muslimin wa muslimat,

Ghozah tahta annar.

Gaza is under fire.

As you all know. To me the whole Muslim ummah is under fire. When I look at saudi and Egypt and Jodan who refuse to do anything, I felt dismayed. Open up your doors and let the mujahids flow in. Show the taghut what war really mean.

What have we done for them today my friends? Please continue to make dua for them everyday. Every fard prayers. Every time we cry when we read, when we watch the TV, the net.

Do what we can. Part some of our money for them. Go read Elisa's for more possible ways to help them rebuild their lives after being ousted from their own country.

May Allah give the Muslims victory. O Allah relieve the Muslims from the Taghut Zionists! Give them patience and strength.

qatar There is this place called Z1kreet in the north of Doha as marked pink in the map. It has a very interesting landscape. Rocky desert with rock formation.

It's almost what we learn in the Geography Fizikal before. Eh! Ada lagi ke subject ni sekarang?.

I am still not satisfied visiting this place eben though I have been there a couple of times. I still have not reached the most North of the area. I intend to recce the place and get to know it better. But the last trip we went with some of my good friends here were quite nice.

qatarWe found some not-so-wild camels yang telah gave a chase to the pengantin baru. Sungguh lawak. kelakar tak kasi can. And finally when the camel quiet down, it strike a pose for us, turned her back and berak dengan banyaknya. HAHAHAHAHAH. Lagi lawak.

There were wild ostriches as well. They also said ada kandang kuda kat situ. kalau ada rezeki they allow us to naik the kudas. But we didn't find them horses. So Insya Allah next time.

Somewhere in the middle of the Z1kreet district, (N25 degree 34'41.6" E50 degree 50' 47.8"), there is this recently made up arabian village like. This is actually the site that they use to film the movie transformer. Oklah..But of course when you have seen an authentic fort and fortress, this is nothing. But still, it was quite nice.

I had a bit of an argument with the caretaker (can you believe I did that?). One of us on that day can speak arab (menantu Dr. Azhar yang first tu), so he spoke arabic with the caretaker. Then when all of the men went to the mosque (while we waited for our turn, mosque kecik), the caretaker was trying to tell us to do something which was really insignificant in my opinion. And we couldn't comprehend him.

So he mockingly asked why the other guy can speak arabic while we can't. So I tried to tell him in the most broken arabic I can muster,

Rojul. Hua talib fi Jamiah. Yadrasul lughatul arabiah. Nahnu rabbatul Manzil. Lughatul arabiayah shuay shuay.

The guy, he is a student in the university studying arabic. WHile we are domestic goddess. We know only a bit of arabic language.

Then he asked? Hal anti muslimah? Hal anti taqraunina alquran? Ma lughatul fil Quran? Lughatul Arabiah...sahih?

Are you not a muslimah? Do you not read the Quran? What is the language of the Quran? Arabic right?

Nadrasu lughatul arabiah al an. Shuay shuay. Ana maliziah. Arabiah shuay shuay. Aqraul quran ma3a tafseer.

We are learning the arabic now. Slowly. I am a Malaysian so my arabic is slow. I read the quran with the tafseer.

And he said more things in a very mocking manner and I kept saying lam afham. lam afham. I don't understand. I don't understand.

It was quite heated. The thing is I know he is right. Gimme a breaklah Sudanee. Sindir-sindir orang tak baca quran tu buat aku sungguh marah. Tapi actually the more I write it here, the more I feel stupid knowing that he is quite right. Tapi having said it to the face and senghaja menjatuhkan maruah aku macam tu, marahlah gua. Dahlah tu I am a tourist. Bila datang omputeh pandai pulak ko cakap omputeh. Grrrr

The rest of the ladies terbeliak mata aje tengok aku bertekak. I know I know, sometimes I do get carried away. Tak kesahlah tau bahasa ke tak. My bad..tapi marah tau!! If I can quoote that verse that human are made of different types and cultures so we can learn from it I so will.

There is this place called mystery valley. memang nampak macam mystery lah jugak. There were like some old ruins of things on the hills. And we were there masa nak dekat maghrib. Rasa eerie pun ada gak.



We played at the beach there or rather the kids played while the bapaks and some maks err tidur. Not together though. The beach scape was rather strange. Very rocky and ouchy on the feet. I suppose quite good if you like reflexology. But Haziq fell on it, biasalah kelam kabut gamaknya, and bled really bad. Alhamdullilah we had first aid kit. So for those going for traveling jangan lupa update your first aid kit box or if you never had one, do get one.



We went back past maghrib and it was absolutely dark. Slightly difficult to get a good route to get back. Almost all routes that we took were blocked by higher pile of stone. Pakai GPS on a non-existense-road route is not easy especially when it is totally dark. When we finally saw light, we knew we were nearing but we could not access it. So near yet so far. Alhamdullilah the groups who were with us memang gang outdoor. Getting lost is good, sah?

A must go again this one.

More pictures on multiply HERE

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I wanna be cool

Flip flip flip looking back at what I wrote about what I wanted to do or be for the year 2008. Read it HERE.

As I predicted, 2008 was a busy year. And when all of them moved to the same school, it sort of took more of my time. For I have to leave early everyday for Jack and still go back late because the elder finishes late. But it's ok. The activities I am doing with Zachary has been going on very well. Alhamdullilah.

2009, will take more of my time. I have added an extra day for a few more classes. I will blog about this Insya Allah. I now have only one or two free weekday morning free and one of my weekends are also taken up for a very romantic activity. *wink* will blog about it when it happens, Insya Allah. Suffice to say, if 2008 was busy, 2009 is busier. For a good cause, Insya Allah.

Goddess Role

Hmm. Somehow I have been lacking in this department. And after the last emberassing incident which have dented my goddess stature big time, I have this feeling that my ambition akan berkubur. I was really lazy last 2008. I rarely entertain anyone. For last raya I only invited two batches of people. Tapi adakah raya entertaining my benchmark? Err yeslah I suppose because I rarely jemput orang. Hari lain lagilah tak ada masa.

I rarely look out for recipe but I do make up a few dishes of my own. Mostly simple stuff. I have also served them to some people. Not too bad. And my last spring roll telah menarik perhatian orang sampai nak mintak order. Bior betul??? Tapi I am being real. Food catering is not my forte. I really hate cleaning up and I am not efficient nor am I consistent. Worse I am not punctual.

But I am proud with my gobok now. All the tees, jeans and bajus are folded in a very tegak fashion. I have also developed a system (wah macam bagus) that Insya Allah, housekeeping (for the gobok only) would be very easy. So ada up sikit my goddess stature. Sila tepuk tangan.


Do you remember the photo groupie I was trying to start before? Hmm hampas. Some guys (note please eh guys as in man) yang I jemput were like err apa nak cakap eh? Tak berani or tak confident with themselves. And the one yang agree tak pernah submit apa-apa produce pun. And the only one pulak dah pindah.

But this year I notice many people especially newcomers with big mean machine. Mak oi. Bagak-bagak kamera. And some one has started a new group and I joined. Which is good. I submitted a picture. And only one person comment. Itupun dahlah firstly he thinks I am a guy and his comment was why I put up a sickly avatar. My avatar is the big camel picture yang nampak gigi tu. *ROLL EYES*. This guy asked me to take the avatar down because it is torturing him. Pleaselah! And just because he asked, I am not taking it off. For the reason of just because.

I think somehow I am bad at presenting myself virtually. But I am not despairlah.
I'll learn at my own pace I suppose. Which is very slow.

You see I am trying to be very technical this time round. So I desperately need tunjuk ajar. Since dah go all manual ni, my pictures sangat tak cun. Kadang-kadang becaue of this, I miss moments. Not to mention wrong settings.

However I have improved some technical know how on photo effects and I am quite happy with them. I applied most of this new knowledge on the walimah pictures.

Living in Qatar

My house is still ugly but much more homely.

I have found good things in this country.

I like.


Too many books now. Too much homework also. Just today my homework is answering 20 set questions following the tafseer of Al Baqarah 2:67-73. And the questions themselves require a tafseer of its own.

Write about Khitamussolah.

Read about wudhu' and Ghusl for discussion.

Come up with sentences with a number and noun in arabic. Number must be between three to nine. One muanath. One muzakar number.

Boleh ke ni?


Hmmm this year, I want to improve everything I can about myself, Insya Allah.

I want to increase what I should increase and reduce what I should reduce.

But most importantly I wanna be cool. I want to spread that learning is cool. I hope to encourage more people to join the cool world of learning. I want to show that practising is cool. I want my children to feel that it is cool to be a Muslim. It is cool to tell people, I need to pray. It is cool to have Islamic knowledge and to spend a lot of time learning about it. I want them to have what I should have before but I wasted it. I want what I should have long time ago but have always ignored.

I just want to be cool. Insya Allah. May Allah guide me on the straight path always.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Great Difficulty

I am writing the previous post with much difficulty. Even though the walimah event was a merry one at that time, but the bleak scenario concerning the never ending sufferings now makes it difficult for me to be merry. But check out the walimah pictures there anyway. Click HERE.

My teacher who is also a Philistine, found it hard to teach us yesterday. My heart goes out for her.

Going for jemaah prayer at one of the mosques here, you'd observe their qunut. And it was a maghrib prayer. Ameen ameen ameen to the imam's dua even though I don't truly understand it. But Insya Allah, it's like a universal understanding. At least among the Muslims.

It's cold now in Doha. In the early morning, the temperature reads 6-8 Celcius. I believe it's colder at night. My children are complaining that it's cold. So I wrap them up in socks and sweaters and put on the heater. I also whispered to Jack that he can come and sleep with me, if he finds it too cold. (he is seeping with Sya now by the way) So taking advantage of my permission and my kerinduan, he's been found snuggling warmly at my armpit for two nights in a row.

When it's cold everyone gets hungry quickly. If I don't cook, I can always buy, Insya Allah. And the children will always have food.

Jack showed me a very micro scar on one of his fingers. He can't remember where he gets it.

But the children of Gaza only faces sufferings day and nights. It's cold. Food has probably run out. They don't talk about scars anymore..

O Allah most merciful grant their death a syuhada.
O Allah most strong perish the tyrants who are here to deny your religion.
O Allah most bountiful grant us victory.
O Allah to you we seek help.
O Allah show us the straight path.

Lagi lagi walimah

If you have been stalking me, you'd probably remember something about a walimah here in D0ha sometime ago. Yang ada gambar kadhi hensem tu? The entry is HERE by the way.

Anyway, luck struck twice to this family. During the summer holidays, their eldest son announced that he has found the one and they took their vows very soon after that. Two weddings in a year for this prominent couple Dr. Azh@r and Kak Lina. Alhamdullilah.

Now the aris and arisah (groom and bride) are here in D0ha. They are pursuing arabic course at the Qtar Uni here. And they held a walimah. This time in a smaller scale but meriah nevertheless.

It was quite a nervous thing to take their pictures for the groom loves photography himself. But snap I must and so I did.

Overall I am happy with the produce. It's just that I wish i could take more of their candids. But given te condition of the environment, it was slightly not possible.

Anyway sikit gambar di letak di sini.

Activity malaysian Activity malaysian

Activity malaysianActivity malaysian

Activity malaysian
Activity malaysian

Some more here



Tapi gambar yang private private tak dapat di tayangkanlah. He he he

May their union be blessed and they live together fulfilling Allah's commands.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Still a Goddess in 2009?

I had a few guests yesterday. They came traveling from Yemen and transit in Qatar for two nights before going back to Malaysia.

I made a few plans which I think will suit them. Since there are two elderly couple, duning is out of the question. Plus they don't have that much time anyway.

I planned to take them to the corniche on the Friday morning. We'll do some breakfast. Then the man (ada satu aje pun) will go to Fanar for Jumuah prayers. And I will send the ladies back to the hotel while I go back home and prepare for lunch. I invited the Faths and Adubs and also a dear sister of mine, Sis Far and family. After that I will either take them to Souq Waqif or the book fair. My guests memang book worm. I know this. Rumah dia orang ni jenis ada library ber rak rak.

Because of the going out in the morning and I need to rush for lunch right after, I thought of making something simple. Things I can prepare beforehand. I made nasi ayam. Made the soup the night earlier. Woke up early. Prepare for breakfast. I only made sardine rolls and kopi susu kampung. Thanks to the Adubs who teringin sangat nak makan lontong. So they volunteered to make them. Otherwise I would have to make a heavier breakfast. Mee goreng kot. Alhamdullilah for the lontong, I decided that too much food in the morning will only cause wastes. :D

I wasn't feeling very well. Flu and feverish feeling. So I slept out of drowsiness on Thursday. And only start preparing at night. Made the sardine filling. The soup. Marinate the chicken. Cut up the cucumbers and salads. Made the chilly sauce for the nasi ayam (fresh chillies ok. pijor tangan). Also made some popiah. And sago puding. Santan fresh tau. Perah lagi.

Woke up early and roll the bread. Made breadcrumbs and fried the sardine rolls. Made the nasi ayam as well. I should have time, I think, to prepare for lunch after corniche. Tinggal nak goreng ayam. Goreng popiah. kemas dapur, sapu and mop. Put out plates and cutlery. Sikit ajelah. Kerja enteng itu.

Had good breakfast and wonderful company. MasyaAllah! Then my guests also said they want to go to Fanar too and listened to Bilal Philips Khutbah. Asik baca buku dia aje kata mereka. They were all excited to go! Masya Allah! I am making Jumuah in Fanar as a permanent must visit itinerary for all my guests, Insya Allah!

So I should have time to kemas-kemas and prepare. Mrs Adub followed me home to help out. We got home only to realise that I do not have the house keys. It was with lover! Huwaaaaaaa

I can't call lover. So tunggulah aku and Mrs. Adub sampai tertidur. My guests wanted to stay on after the Jumuah for the question and answer session. Thankfully, the Fars went out earlier, so lover passed the keys to him and he came straight to my house. So I had half an hour extra time. Kesian Sis Far pun kena tolong basuh pinggan bereserak kat sink and the kitchen table.

The house was like tongkang pecah ok! I would have time if I have the keys. But now I don't and the guests were here and I am still running everywhere. MALUNYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

And when they finally came still tak siap lagi. Nangis!

And because it's cold now, everyone is hungry. When dah siap of courselah semua nak makan at the same time. Pinggan pulak tak cukup!!! I am burying myself alive!

Malulah wei. Amat! All my guests helped. Malu! Malu! Malu!

Dahlah Sis Far tu first time datang rumah. Kena singsing baju pulak tolong.

And this is only the beginning of 2009. I think I nak tukar titlelah from now on. The Goddess Wannabe.


They not only go to the book fair which they bought plastics and plastics of books. We also went to Rawnak for more books. Masya Allah! Book galores I tell you. You'd go crazy too. the Islamic books (mainly the IIPH (International Islamic Publishing House) ) are cheap! Hardcover bolehlah range QR30-40. Eh! Kat Malaysia berapa ya buku2 dari IIPH?