Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birds and Bees

jackOnce in a while, I still enjoy carrying Zachary around because he is still my baby and he is quite light actually.

One day, I told him, "You are still so small. perhaps you should go back in my tummy."

No, I cannot because then your tummy will be too big.

Then I asked him, "How do you think you get in my tummy in the first place?"

And he said, "Allah created me there."

Masya Allah.

I am save for now. Until he is big enough to question the sunatullah. The laws that Allah put on His creation.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Odd One In


The children are always playing "who is the odd one out". Generally who is the odd one out loses. So if most are wearing whites, and the only one wearing red is the odd one out. *roll eyes*

Anyway, they played it again a few days ago. Sya asked all of us which one do we prefer summer or winter. All of us like winter more except for Jack, he likes the hot summer. The most likely reason is he really has no fat on him and he doesn't like being cold. I, on the other have much insulation wrapping me.

Then Sya told him that he is the odd one out. Jack was unhappy with it but he refused to change his answer and insisted on summer as his preferred choice. He became quite upset because he was alone against all four of us choosing summer.

I think it is time I interjectlah.

There is no need to be upset about being different. Remember first of all being a Muslim already make you different from others because you are the only one worshiping Allah, the way he wants you to worship Him, bi iznillah. There are so many gods out there and they have no right to be worshipped except Allah. Since a Muslim is the only one worshipping Allah, doesn't that make him the odd

And also remember this hadith,

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said Islam began as something strange and will return as something strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers. This Hadith is Sahih and was reported from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).

When prophet Mohammad sallallahu alaihi wasalam spread the message of Islam, he (sallallahu alaihi wasalam) is viewed as strange. This is applicable in our world now. To the disbelievers, the one who holds on to obeying Allah and His Prophet salllahu alaihi wasalam are seen as the strange one. To top it, the one who tries to adhere to the quran and sunnah are also strangers in the land of masses of Muslims. A Muslim is the stranger, the odd

And also, we do not necessarily need to conform to people's agreement. Opinions are opinions. But not agreeing should not lead to fights. We must agree to disagree. Allah Mustaan.

That somehow, bi iznillah, made jack happy. Eh i didnt tell him the hadith though. He was all smiles after that and proud to be the only one who likes the hot drenchy summer.

The lesson today is you can be the odd one in.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Semua Mata Pandang ke Timur

Subhanallah! All the world are eyeing the tragedy in Japan now. A massive earthquake of 8.9 Richter scale causing even a more massive tsunami wiping out towns, radiation leaks and reactor meltdown, shifting the earth's axis off its tangent, moving countries, setting the world calculation of time faster.

The Japanese have proven to be the world winner on top of their many world claim titles of sony, toyota, honda, Nissan and the likes. Another world class product of Japan are their people themselves. Their discipline, their systematic, cost saving, their cooperation and their respect to shura and leaders.

And now the world are looking at the aftermath of Japan trying to absorb the destruction and the difficulties their people are facing. It is heart breaking.

I am sure also you have read on how calm their people are facing this calamity. How all of them collectively get together and help one another. There is no chaos among the people. No pushing and shoving one another to get any scarce food and water. People don't crazily stock food for themselves, only buying what is enough for them leaving more for people behind. The young helped the elder ones. Everywhere you read (in social network sites like facebook and twitter), the Japanese are saying, we are in this together.

People all over the world are watching the Japanese with much respect. We know how disciplined these people are. How they always work together and make decision collectively. How efficient oriented they are - I mean they created JIT and all those three lettered jargon. But in calamity like these, it only shows their true self controlled and unselfishness nature.

The word of the day is probably Gaman, a japanese word which is a concept that defies easy translation but broadly means calm forbearance, perseverance and poise in the face of events beyond one's control. Word gaman-zuyoi (gaman tsuyoi) also comes from the fact most of them are sensitive to the needs of others first.

And this is the culture that they build on for generations.

Now now now let's take a look at myself. Sometime ago, when the centre i am attending had to move to a new building, the centre ran out of chairs because of the in between transferring. The classes went on though. So some ladies had to sit on the floor and some managed to secure chairs for themselves. I went to scout for a chair and sat myself near the door. Easy access to leave later. My teacher came to me, "But you are young and stronger lollies. Give the chair to the older ones," She said jokingly. I just laughed.

But later it haunted me. I realised I myself am quite selfish. I don't think I am willing to give up my comfort for someone else. Not that I think much about it or the intention is such. It's just I don't think at all maybe.

I have a japanese muslim girl in my arabic class. You know what she does? She would collect her notes and photocopied them and also photocopy her scribbling on the books and give it to those who are absent. I only found out about this when i was absent myself. I have never even thought of doing that. Sure I assisted when someone asked but never to this extent, even though I do know that it is difficult to understand the lesson when you dont come and wished someone would help me.

I am ashamed of myself. There are many selfish incidents or too busy for others incidents that I did.

I believe that Islam taught me to think of others even more. I should be rushing forward for the reward that Allah promises right?

Sunan Abi Dawood that states, “The merciful will be give mercy by the Most Merciful. Have mercy to those on earth and the one in the heavens will have mercy upon you.”

But most of the times it just doesnt sink in. It is not embedded in us. We cannot feel the word mercy. Because it is in english? Can we feel the word rahmah? Can we think how wide the rahmah is? Such that Allah has given only one rahmah to the whole world that a crocodile does not kill her babies, a human is kind to others regardless they worship Allah or not. And He is saving 99 more just for those who believe in Him in Yaumul Akhirah. And only from His mercy will he let us enter jannah.

But we cannot feel the bigness of this.

If it does than we don't have cases like stealing spilled rice on the road leaving the injured unattended (one of the two died). Stealing coins spilled on the road. Taking the elevator filling up the space making sure you enter first even you come later than the disabled guy in the wheelchair. Or what about when we cut queues to get to the clown guy so our children get the dog-balloon first.

We even have to make commercial to give up the LRT chair for the elederly and pregnant woman. And take note also that the commercial run into issues of racism.

We do not fear Allah so much?
We do not fear that will be asked by Allah Himeslf?
Or we do not care about any promised reward which is better than the worldly reward and everything in this world?
Or we think jannah is guaranteed that we dont have to work as hard?
Or we think being a Muslim is a guaranteed jannah?
Or we think learning the deen is only for ourselves, we do not have to extent extra kindness to others.
Or we use learning the deen to bash others?

When I say we, i really do mean me, myself and I.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hati ada Bunga

My lover is feeling stressed out at work lately. Understandably his project is at their tail of completion. Lots of handovers, disputes, possible V.O.s and whatnots. He has never been as stress as this I think. He doesn't show much, as in he doesn't come home sulking and got angry, but whenever we talked this would pop out. And also I sort of can tell because man has worry face and it shows here and there.

Anyway he said this to me, "Each time I got to work my head feels like bursting. But it all became better when I got home."

And see me? *Grin*

And see you. Peck on the forehead.


Just a story to remind myself,

The Prophet sallahu alaihi wasalam came to Khadijah on the first day of Revelation, anxious, trembling and shaking all over. He told her, "cover me! Cover me!" Then he said to Khadeejah, "O" khadeejah what is wrong with me? He told her what happened, then said, "I fear for myself." Khadeeja said, "No, rather be of good cheer, for by Allah, Allah will never fprsake you. By Allah, you unite relations, speak the truth, spend money on the needy, give money to the penniless, honour your guests and help those beset by difficulties."

She spoke to him in kind and sweet words of encouragement, filling him with confidence, tranquility and firm conviction. Throughout her life with him, Khadeeja supported him and helped him to bear the worst oppression and persecution that he faced in his mission. She endured with him every hardship and difficulty.

Ibn hashim in his seerah,

"Khadijah had faith, and believed in what he brought from Allah. In this way, Allah helped His Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam. Whenever he heard any distasteful words of rejection or disbelief that upset him, Allah would cause to put his spirits high and revived when he would come back to her. She would encourage him and advise him to be patient, believe in him and make it easier for him to bear whatever the people said or did. May Allah have mercy on her."

Khadeeja was one of the greatest woman in the world for all the virtues she had.


And I am far from it.

Ingat! Laki balik aje rumah jangan bombard dengan bebelan dan komplen.

Monday, March 07, 2011

The best day of your life

Sya had an assignment to ask each of the family members to describe to her the best days of our lives. I, the mother of my children, in the effort to every now and again make my children feel good, told her that one of the best days in my life when I had all of them as my children. And I was not lying either because lying is haram.

Haziq mumbled something about getting recognitions and don't know what else. He mumbles a lot in his gruffy voice nowadays.

Jack confidently answered that the best days in his life are Friday and Saturday.


We all burst out laughing in the kitchen.

(Friday and Saturday are weekends here)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sentimental Soul

Continuation of reading habil and qabil story to Jack. HERE

Then a few nights ago, I read the another no frill straight to the point story of Prophet Yusuf alaihi salam. He was sad when Prophet Yusuf alaihi wasalam was thrown into the well and was even sadder at the fact that they brought a bloody shirt back to Prophet Yaakub alaihi wasalam lying to their father that Prophet Yusuf alaihi wasalam was eaten by the wolf. And to add to it Prophet Yusuf alaihi salam was also thrown into prison later on.

Indeed what we think is good for us may not be good for us, and what we think is bad for us is actually good for us. Allah is the best of planner.

I ask Allah to make him among the muttaqun and that my children remain in love with each other for Allah's sake.