Monday, December 17, 2012

Jack Motivating Me

We went for our vaccination today. Part of preparation to go umrah. May Allah protect. We had meningitis and influenza. So 2 jabs on both hands.

As usual the after effect of the jab was tiredness in the arm. So I complained to Jack that I am feeling pain.

Then Jack said to me, it's ok Ibu. It does hurt a bit but if you could focus on something else and ignore the pain, it will go away. Let's think of something else ok Bu. It's ok. Then I put my head on his tiny shoulder.

Ibu's pain is gone.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sanusafiru ila Urdun wa Sa'udi Insya Allah

سنسافر الى ارد و سعودي ان شاالله

Sa - indicating in the future time (will)
Nusafiru - we will travel)
ila - to
Urdun - Jordan
wa - and
Sa'udi - Sa'udi

We will be traveling to Jordan and Saudi Insya Allah.

Middle east jordan road trip 2

The plan is to move out of Doha as early as possible (ya ka ni?) and we will drive all the way to Buraydah in Saudi. That's about 800 km more or less. Lover doesn't favour driving driving longer than that. Well maybe +1000km is fine and we have driven 1000+ km but we prefer to limit at 800 and have a good rest. And plus, when I plan I prefer to take the night cap at relatively a big town or city where you can easily find good hotels. Otherwise I have to sleep in the motels along the way. Hmm tried it once and don't feel like trying it again. We slept there once. read it HERE. Eh in this old post I wrote, we like to limit the drive to 500km. I guess we had to make changes to suit the vast area of Saudi.

The following day, on Saturday, we'll continue to drive to Tabuk, still in Saudi. Quiz : Anyone familiar to anything related to Tabuk in the Prophets seerah?

PhotobucketOn Sunday, hopefully we can move out immediately after fajr, we will enter Jordan and stop at Petra. We'll be staying there for 2 days. Settle some laundries. And hopefully no issues at the immigration we will get there before noon so we can shoot out to Wadi |Rum down south for some dessert Lawrence of Arabia experience.

The next day we'll walk into Petra. Very likely for hours.

Then we'll drive futher north along the King's highway stopping at some Crusader's castle - Shobak and Karak. Then we'll stop at Mu'tah, pick up a student there who will assist us in Amman later. And of course will not miss the Mu'tah battle field. This is the land of history. Quiz lagi : Who were the famous sahabah who died in Mu'tah?

We will stop at Madaba and Mt. Nebo along the way. This has now become a Christian town in Jordan and they have claimed many of the historical sites as relating to Prophet Musa. But it's ok. Even though we love Prophet musa alaihi salam the same and even more, where he once stood to look at his promised land, didnt become any sacred to us than any other sites in the world.

We will sleep at Amman, the capital city of Jordan for two nights. Hoping to take advantage of some numerous sites to visit in Amman. Also will be driving to Azraq and hope to see some oasis and the Umayyad castles in the desert. And hopefully get to go the famous Habibah sweet shop. Heard the khunafa is over the top.

Then we will drive further north to Umm Qays. Along the way we hope to stop at Jerash for some roman ruins, and at Yarmouk to feel the battle site of Yarmouk for ourselves. And probably Hittin too. At Umm Qays we hope to climb up the hill to view Lake Tiberia and Golan Heights. Hope the weather is good. It's cold, that's for sure.

We'll sleep in Umm Qays for a night and the next day will drive down south to Aqaba for the last leg in Jordan. Along the way we'll stop over at the Dead Sea.

We'll sleep in Aqaba. See the point of Red Sea. Will most likely not dive nor snorkel.

The next day, we hope to go out early and drive all the way to Madinah. And the following day to Makkah for umrah in winter. Can't wait.

I ask Allah that our journey is safe and that we may reap lessons from these journey. Will talk about lesson plans in the next post Insya Allah.

(On second thought tengok lah rajin atau tidak nak letak kat blog.)

Monday, December 10, 2012

What's Your Fear?

Haziq told me the thing he thought was the coolest thing he did was to pray in congregation with the boys in his group at the Central park, New York. While his mat salleh teacher stood by waiting for them.

He did well in the competition he entered, Masya Allah tabarakallah. Got second place for science quizzes and arts. Won two debates out of four and receive honorouble mention. Allahuma Bareek. But all these came out pale compared to what he told me.

I hope this doesn't come out like bragging to you. May Allah protect me. Praises all go to Allah, the One who bestow tawfeeq and hidayah to the young men to be steadfast . And Yes I am proud of them. And I am happy that this is the group that my son is with. May Allah increase their eemaan till the end.

I have been in this situation. In the western place. Surrounded by mat sallehs. Public place and not knowing where to pray and not very willing to openly pray in front of them.

Will they watch me? Will they target me? How will I react after that? In the train cabin in Europe crossing countries, I felt worried what if someone walked on me? In the park near Gare du Nord, Paris, how do I wear the telekung?

Many I know, resort to fitting rooms and even toilets. Store rooms. Also made self fatwa not to pray.

May Allah guide my son and his friends for not being afraid to pray in the land where Muslims are better known as terrorists, where Muslims are the one accused of flying planes onto buildings. Where Muslims are the general targets. I am not sure how Haziq really felt. I asked him did you not feel afraid, he said no.

Until the day that we fear Allah most above everything else, then only we will achieve true victory.

And this is what I wish for myself, my family and all of you.

Monday, December 03, 2012

When Haziq is Not Around

Haz\iq is not around for a week. He got selected, out of the last W0rld Sch0lar's cup round in Bangkok (HERE), to go for the summit of the game in Yale University, New Haven, the United States. He will later become a tourist in New York. He is having fun in the freezing cold weather, I am sure.

But Ibu is also finding herself with extra work in hand when he is not around. I find myself having to water the plants, wash the dishes by myself, angkat kain jemuran, fold his clothes. Bless him. Don't be too impress, he grumbles all the time.

Sya is taking up the dish washing but not in the full scale now.

Anak makin besar, kerja kurang sikit you (tapi kepala pening banyak).


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

English Worksheet

I bought some english worksheet book for Sya and Jack the last time I went back during summer. It was Building writing skill workbook, Singap0re syllabus.

We did the first exercise. It was a picture story where you need to describe the pictures ad make it into a story. It was a picture of an accident between two cars. One of the driver looks like she fainted or maybe dead (I suppose up to you whichever way you want to write). So you need to describe the story.

I didn't think much of it until I read the following exercise.


And I thought how gory the description is.

Then we proceeded to the next exercise. Here is teh picture


OMG! What picture is this? Someone fell from an HDB flat? Or or or suicide? Are those suppose to blood splattering on the floor? And you are suppose to describe this story. Oh sorry, an eight year old suppose to describe the story? Blood and all?

Another picture. Less gory but still on subject of mishaps or series of unfortunate events.


A boy tripped on the stairs carrying a big bag.

That's it! I think, I had enough of these examples and very likely not proceed with the book.

Look, it's not that I am protective much. I read them stories of battles and so forth and the kids had their doses of Gaza and Syria. Those are real and heroic. While these story builders are just odd and not suitable to be in a child's exercise book.

It's probably a one off case. I am sure other publishers fare much better.

I'll just stick with online stuff after this.


I found this interesting STORY STARTER. Cute and simple and you can be imaginative as well. and no gory stuff also.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Lost Honour

As we watch in despair the happenings of the world, we can't help to note that most of the headline news revolve around the Muslims.

Where has our honour gone?

Sayidina Umar r.a. said
"We were the most humiliated people on earth and Allah gave us honor through Islam. If we ever seek honor through anything else, Allah will humiliate us again.”

We are now humiliated at the cost of massacre of Muslim's life in the view of the whole world to see.

Allah said in

Munafiqoon 63: 8
But honour, power and glory belong to Allâh, and to His Messenger (Muhammad SAW), and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not. 

I fear reading this. Are we not mu'mineen as how Allah describe that we are now being humiliated?  Ya Rabb.

I cringe in agony, each time people mention the glory of our past Muslim scholars coming up with wonderful innovations be it in medicine, inventions, engineering, astrology, maritime, pharmacy, mathematics and so forth. But where are we now? At least from my limited scope of perspective, Muslims are one lazy lot. This is generalisation of course because I have seen really good ones. 

I have nothing to offer to what we can do about this but hope is not at lost Insya Allah, for Allah promises us us this

Fatir 35: 10
Whosoever desires honour, (power and glory) then to Allâh belong all honour, power and glory

And thus, what is left for us to do, is to turn to Him. To do what he pleases. These entails many things because it is not just a saying of the mouth. It should translate into actions, choices of course in life made, direction for the children, Quran, ilm, leaving sins, discipline and and and...

Allah Mustaan. To You Ya Rabb, I seek help to what capacity I can do.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Smart Stuff

I remember when I first came here, among  the changes I enforced in the family is to have an all together sit down dinner. No eating in front of the tv, on the couch, upstairs, in front of the tv. Even though we cant do it everyday with lover because of his odd timing, but I insist the rest must come down and be there.

I personally feel that there is so much bonding during this family get together. And since I am not working, I should make the best of the time I have.

But something evil is creeping in lately. This doesn't happen much at home though. It is mostly when we have our dinner outside. Enter the restaurant  Myself, lover, haziq and the kids will take out our respective Iphone, S3 (TRAITOR!), ipod and ipad. We will check the wifi, and our eyes are glued on the phone or tablet whatever.

Look we are not talking to each other. Sometimes even if we do, we wont be concentrating on the convo. Evil indeed this whatsapp that makes me pay attention to others more than my own family at this hour. And all these smart gadgets became so addictive that my heart yearns for it almost all the time.

Do you not see this happening almost to all. Sitting together but all are quiet staring at the gadget? I am a believer in a good old conversation. Jack, is in his talkative phase. He talks non stop and can go from one topic to another. Haziq, less talkative, but I enjoy the convo I have with him. Sya talks less but play alot with jack (oh by the way she must stop reading at dinner table too). I don't think I want to miss all of these.

Time to take action! No more smartphones, tablets and even story books at dinner table. I must stop this before this evil become permanently stuck on our hands and we lose the ability to talk to our loved ones, and only LOL and emoticon faces with those far away from us.

Who is with me?

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Among our routine in the evenings now is, me and jack have to wait in the car for Sya while she finishes her memorising class. I would usually park the car conveniently at the mall nearest to Sya's class. This is the best place so I can have easy access to musolla and toilet and food in case Jack needs any.

So to not waste time, Jack would do his memorisation with me, while I listen and check. Usually I would use the IPad IQuran HD. Alhamdulillah for technology. We can play our favourite sheikh reading a certain verse and repeating it many times.

Reflection of FBSo we were there again this evening, him reciting, me errr chcking the IPad. When suddenly Jack asked me what am  I doing. Apparently he can see the reflection of the screen on the car window.

And Gosh it was FACEBOOK!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Tight Space

I am beginning to love my new house. Its smaller but very cosy. It's easier to clean up as well (relative). But there are a few things that bug me initially.

Like for instance, my compound is right at the smack of the heart of traffic jam. AFter a few route run, I have found a reasonable route that I think is the fastest. This route, will force me to take Salwa Road which is actually a very long road, running from the central Doha up to Saudi. It's like an extended Jalan Tun Razak.

traffic light qatar deco

This road however has been on construction for ages and just recently managed to install a new traffic light set very near my house. And because the road is still under construction, it has a lot of diversion and winds about.

To get to my compound, I have to be careful that the car behind me is not trailing me too near because I have to make a quick swerve into my very tight compound entrance and pray to God that my car doesnt scratch the compound gate.

To top it, to actually get into my garage, I have to make another swerve into a tight corner and quickly get my car straight again to enter the garage.

The parking garage space is long. Yes, it can fit both our cars even though my lover prefers to park outside because to park both, it really is a bumper to bumper situation and I have to drive up close and personal to the wall and the other car have to get up close and personal to my car. Suffice to say, it's easier to park one car outside.

But that is no matter. The bigger matter is, it is a very loooonnng, narrow parking space.

parking space

To ensure easy exit out later, the getting in must be good. All eyes must be set to 360 degree so that the car doesn't rub onto anything. And to exit, will be another round of carefulness.

Now I am getting a hang of it.

Yeah I am. The moment I get onto Salwa Road and had to swerve left right at a speed and avoid slow cars and diversion and must finally maintain the middle lane to get a good spot later - I am already feeling like Stella Bridger (Charlize Theron) in "The Italian Job".

Charlize theron in italian job

I am Stella Bridger with a Hijab

And when I swerve into my tight compound entrance, I am her again, swerving and making 90 degree turn into the metro line and making continuous calculative judgment and more tight corners. All eyes on the road. Sharp and quick!

And into the long garage with very little space to maneuver. There is no room for mistake! Do not even sweat!

And then halt!

Alhamdulillah safe and sound. And back into mummy's mode.

My Stella Bridger moment.

Nevermind my shortness, I have got a huge SUV instead of a mini cooper to compensate for it.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pick Up Line

I hope I make you smile

Mostly I hope to be your righteous friend

And you, mine.

BIG PRINT : Not to be used on non mahram.


May we be bestowed with righteous friends of whom when they speak, they remind us of Allah. Their actions remind us of Allah and that you love each other for His sake.

May the companions rubbed off perfume on each other.

The Prophet ﷺ reminds us of the importance of good company in this hadith (record of the Prophet ﷺ):

“A good friend and a bad friend are like a perfume-seller and a blacksmith: The perfume-seller might give you some perfume as a gift, or you might buy some from him, or at least you might smell its fragrance. As for the blacksmith, he might singe your clothes, and at the very least you will breathe in the fumes of the furnace.” [Bukhari, Muslim]

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Look at Our Food

I saw some food show or documentary (I can't remember) where the host is trying to show where food actually comes from. A chicken burger for example, comes from a chicken. The thighs and the breast pieces that they cut up nicely and sold in the food store actually comes from a chicken also. Slaughtered (or killed for them) and cut up to pieces. And if you have to start from scratch, there are wiggly yucky bits and stuff. Many were squirmish doing it. Some even look like they will vomit.

Like for real.

Anyway, I try my best to always point to the kids where their food comes from. Too bad I don't live in situation where there are much to be shown. I still try though to get them involved.

Like this is where you get buah cempedak, from a tree belakang rumah nenek, cut, mix with tepung and goreng and makan.
This is pokok tebu. It is Haziq's job to cut it into reasonable pices, peel off the skin (because makcik air tebu kata kalau tak buang kulit nanti mesin dia rosak) and send it to makcik air tebu.
This is coconut where you get the santan and i got to cook all the high cholesterol delicious food that you like.
This is daun kunyit.
This is kelapa muda petik rumah mak long. Tolong belah and ambik air dan isinya.
This is a cow. And this part where you get the rump. tenderloin. The ribs.

Haziq is also given a job to cut up the whole chicken to eatable pieces. Squirmish at first but getting a hang on it. Nak kena fine tune aje sikit insya Allah.

If you reflect on your food and go beyond the salivating part, you will come to realise how weak we are as human. None of us can produce our own food source even if you are the richest person in the world. You can buy food. You can buy ingredient but you have to get the source's ingredient from the earth.

The soil toiled. The sea fished. The fruits reaped. Can we produce any of these?

Sure there is some chemical "food" people produced, but those are not food. They are poison. And still they have to get the source from nature.

Reflect on your food, you will know that the One who creates you is Ar Rabb, the Provider and the Nurturer .  Food - we regard as an ordinary thing. Had Allah not provided the means for it, it was not in the power of man himself to have created the food on the earth in any way.

Allahu Akbar.

Abasa 80: 24-32

Then let man look at his food, (24)
We pour forth water in abundance, (25)
And We split the earth in clefts, (26)
And We cause therein the grain to grow, (27)
And grapes and clover plants (i.e. green fodder for the cattle), (28)
And olives and date-palms, (29)
And gardens, dense with many trees, (30)
And fruits and herbage. (31)
(To be) a provision and benefit for you and your cattle. (32)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Jim Mim 'Ain

We were discussing surah adiyat (me and my children) sometime ago. And we reached the 5th verse.
 فَوَسَطۡنَ بِهِۦ جَمۡعًا  Penetrating forthwith as one into the midst (of the foe)By the way it was a great discussion and I learned alot  of general knowledge concerning Arabian horses doing this surah. You  can read part of it here
So we got to ayat 5 and I pointed out the word جَمۡعًا and I briefly mention the word comes from the three root letter which is جمع. Which in general means group or join or unite. And as most arabic words, they are derived from a three  root letter.  And they can then means similar but different. So from the letters jim mim 'ain, you can get the word 
jumuah (Malay) pronounce is Jumaat. جمعة 
Jamaah - as in solat jamaah  جمعة
Jamek - as in Masjid jamek. جامع
Majmuk - مجمع
Ijtima' (meeting or gathering) - اجتماع
Can you see, the changed word still have the root letter jim mim 'ain?
Then, suddenly Sya asked me, what would jima' mean? It is spelt like this جماع

It means having sex Sya.

Then Haziq roared and Sya went red on the face..and Jack laughed even though he did not fully understand what was happening.
The other day, I was casually talking to haziq about how some music videos are like porno especially the arabic ones particularly if they singers from Lban0n. 

Then Sya asked, is porno like jima'?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Advice to My Children

My dear children,

Let me share you a tip to save yourself from the agony in your ears and at the threat of disrupting the stability of your growing rebellious hormone. You know, how I go berserk when someone left their uniform, for example, on the floor? And as the built in characteristics that I have within me, if I go berserk on one of you, it means an Armageddon will come up soon . One person got the ear, the rest most likely would get plenty of ears from me too.

So, my advice is, if you see anything not at the right place for example pencils strewn on the bed and floor, soiled undergarment peeking from under the bed, damp towel on the toilet floor, books here and there and not on the table or bookshelves, bed not done, telekung not folded and on the bed, help each other by reminding everyone to get the things in the proper place. This also mean placed nicely and not thrown into the cupboard because the secret is, I check.

Make an alliance against me this way. Cooperate. Collaborate. Strategise. Get your line of defense up. Build a fortress (keep it neat). Do all of those before my big hundred eyes catch hold of the lopsided duvet.

This way you can save the agony of day long attack of loud sound and thumping and most likely the stinging cubit. Those loud sound, thumbing and stinging cubit will also guarantee you no computer, IPad games and IPod chatting and whatever you find pleasurable.

So if you work together, and that I do see you work together, I will very likely close one eye, but leave 99 open if you know your maths, on certain things.

May Allah bless you my children.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Simpanan Hari Gemuk

My lover lost a lot of weight this Ramadhan. Actually he has been losing it even before Ramadhan by simply reducing the portion he takes (still more than mine) and perhaps the new habit of fasting each Monday and Thursday. Allah knows best.

So he went to get himself a new pair of jeans, one size down. He is also, with full confident, thinking of giving away all his "gemuk" jeans.

I, on the other hand, have put MANY clothes on the side because they have miraculously shrunk. In the hope that one day I'll get to wear it. This is what I call "simpanan untuk hari kurus".

So out of perhaps uhuk uhuk jealousy, I asked lover, eh why you want to give them away? Tak nak simpan ke dulu? Simpan for what, he asked.

Simpanan untuk hari gemuklah, I retorted. Pessimistic ke optimistic ni?

Allahuma Bareek to him.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Out Today

So we are moving out today Insya Allah. The mover will be coming in sometime at four in the evening. Of course I hope it is earlier so we could finish early and retire early ready for tomorrow suhoor and all. I suppose they want to escape from the afternoon heat. I'll be in the house in the morning to clean up and all Insya Allah. I have hired a cleaner as well Alhamdulillah.

The current house looks like tongkang pecah. Can't wait to get it done and over with. :D

So I'll be off the internet for a while until probably when I got to Malaysia at my parent's house or any intermittent free wifi I find. I like to share this video with all of you about sincerity by Muhammad Mukhtar Ash Shinqitee. At times like this, I need reminders over and over again to calm my heart and to renew my intention.

I am afterall a weak human being and I ask Allah to bestow on me ikhlas only for His sake. And one of the tests for ikhlas is that, you do not remind yourselves on any of the help that you have given other people only to ask later why did they not come to help you when you are in need. When you are sincere, you don't go "janji di tepati, kini masa balas budi".

If you are sincere for Allah, the only reward that you are to expect is from Allah. And He is the One who gives the best of reward and He may reward you now in this world in ways that he sees fit or He may reserve a bigger reward in the everlasting Hereafter.

In my last post I quoted a verse from Surah Insan that I find most beautiful concerning ikhlas. Sincerity requires strength of eemaan and tawakkul. Hatta you feeding to your stray cats. *chuckles* refer to last post.

May we be granted this.

See you on the otherside.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Stray Cat

Since we came back from last summer, we are frequently visited by a stray cat. She was pregnant when she first came. We fed her leftovers. She was a relief to us because sometimes I do not know what else to do with some of our protein leftovers.

She gave birth. I never saw her kids. I only can see the tell tale sign that she has been breast feeding. Then a few months after she got pregnant again. I never saw any of the kittens. And then pregnant again! Such is the life of a female stray cat!

The kids love her and they get nervous when they hear her cries for food. Quick! Quick! feed her!

When I feed her with leftovers, I would feed her outside the house because usually what she would do, she would pick one chicken and eat it on the floor. And i don't like this. However if I feed her from can food, I would feed her within our compound (because she doesnt take it outside the bowl). The problem with feeding her outside is, there are other bigger and meaner male stray cats. They would hog her food because they are gangster that way. I had to guard her food sometimes. Even then, she would surrender her food and hide away. Pfftt.

Despite a year she has been coming over and we have been feeding her, I never get to pat her. She would run when you try. She makes so much noise when we are late feeding her but hisses when you approach her to give her food.

I would sometime bebel, wah wah wah, after a whole time of feeding you, this is what you give me? Taik di bougainvillea ku (I have solved this problem), hissed at me, no showing of gratitude? Enter my house lagi enjoying the aircond. Amboi amboi amboi. Sungguh amat melampau!

But then I am reminded of these verses from Surah Insan 76: 8-11

And they give food, inspite of their love for it (or for the love of Him), to Miskin (the poor), the orphan, and the captive, (8) (Saying): "We feed you seeking Allâh's Countenance only. We wish for no reward, nor thanks from you. (9) "Verily, We fear from our Lord a Day, hard and distressful, that will make the faces look horrible (from extreme dislike to it)." (10) So Allâh saved them from the evil of that Day, and gave them Nadhrah (a light of beauty) and joy. (11)
Astaghfirullah. Why am I asking gratitude from this cat when I should expect reward from Allah? :( I am so weak.

I am feeling sad because I am leaving the house on Sunday and I cannot bring her because I cannot afford to keep cats in the house. And how am I suppose to catch her when she doesnt allow me near her. And I don't know where her kittens are and you should not separate a mum and her litter.

Allah is the one who provides. Allah will replace me with another rizq for her.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rumah Impian

Some people exclaimed that THEY are sad that I had to leave this house. Undoubtedly this is a very nice house, masya Allah. It has every quality I need in a house and in fact even more. The landlord has been very good with its maintenance and in this country, this is rare unless you working with big companies particularly the one that hire loads of mat sallehs. People like us, have to succumb to shabby houses and non existent maintenance.

Am I sad? I suppose I am not that sad. It is inconvenient, yes. Especially I had to scout for a house and cannot find anything suitable with the budget I have.

The truth is I have always had this idea that this is temporary. When I first entered the house and got the furniture to fit in, I have always wondered, what if Allah takes this ni'mah away, will  I be sad? And I suppose I don't attach my heart to it greatly, Insya Allah. This is temporary in the dunya sense especially for me who is living in foreign land and job may be uncertain.

In a larger scale - nothing is permanent anyway.

Put your dunya in your hand and not to let into your heart.

I pray, though, that Allah does not test me on the loss of my beloved ones.

Somehow my mind is playing over and over again of the verse that Allah strikes the example of the example of the best woman - Asiyah wife of Firawn.

Tahrim 66: 11

 And Allâh has set forth an example for those who believe; the wife of Fir'aun (Pharaoh), when she said: "My Lord! Build for me a home with You in Paradise, and save me from Fir'aun (Pharaoh) and his work, and save me from the people who are Zâlimûn (polytheists, wrong-doers and disbelievers in Allâh). (11)
This has nothing to do with my house episode. It's just that I was thinking, Asiyah had the best palace of her time. She was the queen of a powerful king. But that didn't stop her from recognising the truth. And all the wealth and palace didn't matter to her. And there she was, the Queen of Egypt, tortured for her eemaan. And she yearned for a palace in Jannah that will surely be better than the one she has in her life.

And this also remind me of my sisters in other part of the world - displaced from their homes, tortured and raped.

I ask Allah that their heart remain steadfast and that they are granted martyr upon their death. Otherwise May Allah grant the highest patience. Ya Rabb give them respite speedily.

The other life is better. It is nothing that the eyes have seen, ears have heard and mind can imagine.

All of that is nothing compared to the house I am leaving soon. This house can never be equal to the "Baitan fil jannah" that Asiyah asked from Allah.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Subhanallah I am getting worried about this moving. For the past week the still occupying tenant of our future house has not confirmed when they can vacate the house. We were hoping they would move out this weekend, so we could merrily move in on the following weekend. That would be a perfect date since we prefer to move out before August thus not incurring another month rent in this current house. (The August rent for our future house is already paid).

Qadr Allah the still occupying tenant of our future house will only be moving out on 28th and 29th July. Which is Saturday and Sunday. In my perfectionist book, I want to take time to move. I want to clean he house first, get some boxes by myself put stuff in the kitchen cabinet and in the already existing wardrobes, and only move in 2nd August. But lover is so against it.

So despite that the still occupying tenant are still moving out on Sunday, lover insist to start moving in on Sunday itself. Maybe the boxes first then big stuff the next day.

Allah Mustaan.

Sunday is a weekday here.
Lover is not taking any leave on Sunday nor Monday.
Mover can only come after 1, because the still occupying tenant is probably still moving out.
This is end of July.
In the mid of summer.
Where weather is most cruel. Scorching more than 50 Celcius most of the time.
And it is the month of Ramadhan.
And did I tell you that lover is working that day?

Allah Mustaan.

My mind is all over that I cannot focus on Ramadhan this time round and partly its making me sad. But then what I know I will try my best, Insya Allah.

Cannot focus on Quran? What about dzikir? What about striving for patience? (Ya Rabb). What about making up with charity? Alhamdulillah there are many ways for ibadah.

And the one thing good also, I will be out of internet until I go back to Malaysia. So after moving, I won't be sitting in front of the computer much. Time to make up while i clear the house?

Again, I hope your ramadhan will be much smoother than mine. That you get to plan out your ramadhan activity which involve getting closer to Allah. And that Allah makes it easy for you.

And at the end of it, we come out winners and become among the muttaqun.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sakit Belakang

We have already found a new place Insya Allah. The thing is, the thing is the tenant is still living there awaiting for their new house as well. I pray that they move out by next week. Because then only I can move possibly the week after. We have only weekends to play with and on the seventh, I am flying off for my summer break to tanahair tercinta. So the later I move out, the more jittery I become.

Regardless, I am slowly packing my stuff. Subhanallah just by cleaning up the kitchen, I found loads of expired stuff. OMG! I hope this serves a lesson not to be overzealous when I balik Malaysia. berangan nak buat macam-macam kuih melayu konon. In the end tak buat apa pun.

But I managed to gather up all the kids' small jackets and decided to sell it off for charity. Alhamdulillah the gir;s' stuff sold ok. The boys' punya kurang mendapat perhatian. So if any of you like to purchase branded (From Mothercare to Zara) jackets and sweatshirt, do tell. We donated to syria and Somalia from them. Alhamdulillah. I also have some girls jacket and a few girls' dresses.

I have gathered all the children small clothes and given them to charity as well. And finally admitting to myself that I cannot fit in some clothes anymore, thus I'll being it to Malaysia to give away as well.

We also gather loads of rubbish. I pray that we don't have to move every two years for me to spring clean the house like this. What have I been hoarding huh?

By the way, it is very likely that I'll be moving during the fasting month. Allah Mustaan.

I hope your preparation for Ramadhan is smoother than mine.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jack Sad When Abang is Not Here

Haziq is in Bangkok now. This year, we see him flying off to Dubai a few times and now to Bangkok for the final rendezvous this school year. He has been participating in several school debates, parliament style debate in Dubai, World Scholar's Cup Regional Round in Dubai. They were among the finals in the Dubai round and now they are in for Regional Round in Bangkok. Allahuma Bareek.

He participated in the same thing a few years ago. They didn't that well for that round though.

I hope the experience he gains from this will shape him to the best of character. May he become the leader of the muttaqun.

He left in the middle of the night when the kids were sleeping. So Jack woke up in the middle of the night finding his abang not in the bed. Cried, picked up abang's stuffed cat and his stuffed cat and walked to my room and slept next to me.

Weeee.. Ibu suka.

A brief introduction of what the World Scholar's Cup is all about.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The First Crack

Imagine this setting.

Sayidinna 'Umar before him becoming Muslim.

He was a fiery man and was known to be harsh with the Muslims. He beat up his slave upon knowing of her conversion. He was feared and respected in Makkah.

His matching rival was perhaps Abu Jahl himself, another staunch enemy of Islam.

So much so that prophet sallahu alaihi wasalam raised his hands and ask Allah,

"O Allah! Give strength to Islam through either of two men you lov more, "Umar al Khattab or Abu Jahl bin Hisham."

One night 'Umar al Khattab set out from his house and headed to the Kaabah. Lo and behold, he saw the Prophet Praying towards Kaabah. He thought this would be a great time to ambush the Prophet sallalhu alaihi salam. He sneaked behind the kiswah, the Kaaba's covering.

Kaabah at that time, would be generally dark. there are no lights like we see now in the area. It is not surprising, if one can sneaked behind the kiswah unnotied.

Umar came quite close to the Prophet such that he could hear the recitation of Prophet sallalahu alaihi wasalam. Prophet Muhammad sallalhu alihi wasalam was reciting Al Haqqah surah no 69. I have already put up the surah in my last two posts.

Umar thought the words are beautiful and the words were  poetic. He said to himself, this must be the words of a poet just like what the Quraysh has said. Then the Prophet sallalalhu alaihi wasalam said still reading surah Haqqah,

That this is verily the word of an honoured Messenger [i.e. Jibril (Gabriel) or Muhammad SAW which he has brought from Allâh]. (40) It is not the word of a poet, little is that you believe! (41) 

Shocked of this recitation which as if was responding to him, he said, "He must be a soothsayer/"

Then prophet sallahu alaihi wasalam continued his recitation in surah al Haqqah

Nor is it the word of a soothsayer (or a foreteller), little is that you remember! (42) This is the Revelation sent down from the Lord of the 'Alamin (mankind, jinn and all that exists). (43)

And thus the kufr of darkness in his heart cracked.

Indeed Allah guides whom He wills.

I guess each one of us at one point of time in our life (except those who have remained steadfast since they are young) has a turning point or realigned point in our life. Allah gives plenty of opportunities for us to see this point, most of the time we ignored it and brush the whisper of our hearts.

Allah will continue to give His signs in various ways until we ourselves chose not to from our words, actions and most importantly our hearts. 

Allâh has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearings, (i.e. they are closed from accepting Allâh's Guidance), and on their eyes there is a covering. Al baqarah 2: 7

Indeed Allah will never lead anyone astray after he has shown them guidance.

At Tawbah 9: 115

and Allâh will never lead a people astray after He has guided them until He makes clear to them as to what they should avoid. Verily, Allâh is the All-Knower of everything. 

It's us who refuse to follow.

As Saf 61: 5

 So when they turned away (from the Path of Allâh), Allâh turned their hearts away (from the Right Path). And Allâh guides not the people who are Fâsiqûn (the rebellious, the disobedient to Allâh). (5) 

May Allah continuously give us His Tawfiq and Hidayah for us to be steadfast and make it easy for us to please Him the way He commands us to.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Someone is Eight

The littlest boy in this house has turned eight.Masya Allah.

Zachary has been harping about the date for ever so long like as if he couldn't wait to become a big boy. When asked how do you feel yesterday in a seven year old body to today's eight year old body. Err it feels the same.

Kih kih kih really we get old every second of the day.

Let's see what he's done. Hmm he can read and apparently may get emotional when he reads. he was reading a sad story about a girl losing his mother and started sobbing to himself. Hey! Who got him this book in the first place??

However, having said that he is not an avid reader. I hope just not yet. Perhaps we can still build that soon.

He said he likes maths and he doesn't like english. I hope he would like both later.

I still carry him even though he is getting longer and heavier.

Lover still help him change in the morning even though I told him Jack is a big boy now. But lover said, otherwise he is too slow.

He talks alot! Still remember him not talking when he was littler.

He probably has fairly good memory retention. I hope we will be able to nurture this to what pleases Allah the most. May Allah instill quran in his heart and make his studies easy too.

He doesn't like doing homework and not bothered with it too. This is made worse because I was too busy to look at it too. This has got to change!

He loves his siblings but play mostly with sya. However when Haziq had to go Dubai for a few days the other day, he cried. Yeah it has been established that he is a sensitive boy.

Yeah he is still my baby. I don't know how long can I kiss him like how I kiss him now until it would look weird.

He is everyone's baby really.

I ask Allah that we will be happy family smiling and laughing all the way to jannah.

Surah al Inshiqaq 84: 7-9

Then, as for him who will be given his Record in his right hand, (7) He surely will receive an easy reckoning, (8) And will return to his family in joy! (9)
We will concentrate on aiming to receive the book on our right hand for now. Ya Rabb facilitate us.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Parenting Skills

If there is any in me. Allah musta'an.

Every Friday morning (which is the weekend over here), I will tell the children to clean up my little garden. Pull out the weeds, pick all the dried leaves, sweep and sometimes wash the steps. The have been doing it every Friday not whole heartedly I suppose. But this is what I call character building Insya Allah. And plus because I can.

Last friday Jack came snuggling beside me and complained and complained like he usually does. He complained to me about Haziq. That Haziq is always angry at him, that Haziq accused him of being slow and Haziq always take his job away when he was going to do this. Abang is always angry at me.

I always watch them when they are together supposedly working and Jackjack being the youngest and sometimes either clueless or just plain lazy is always working ever so slow. He would sometimes get so involved in his own imaginary world of fighting zombies and stuff, he would be playing by himself and sway his broom or brush everywhere.

He usually gets the easiest job which is to put the collected leaves in the plastic and put it near the bin. But he would spend his time "fighting" that the he forgot about his job. And usually he would rush when I am down there for inspection or when his abang and akak are nearly finished. Then he got panicked and complain even more.

So after he complained, I hugged him and said to him, maybe you are playing too much and not doing your job properly. He retorted, I am doing my job!" It's abang who always take my job away! So I told him today, you must quickly put the leaves away in the bin, so abang doesnt take your job away and he doesnt get angry. Of course he would say, "Abang will still be angry." Yeah he complains a lot. Peck in the cheek. A tickle. He was fine Insya Allah.

Then later, haziq came to me complaining about Jack. he was only playing. he never does his work. And when I told him to be quick, he got angry. Then because I cannot wait any longer, I had to finish his work for him, then he got angry.

Then I told him to be patient. he is only seven and very imaginative. Give him small task, and remnd him often because little kids need more reminders. Never finish his work for him. You can slightly punish him by leaving him when you are all done, or threaten him sometime before you are going to actually finish. But as the bigger one and also the leader you have to know his talents and his weaknesses and play with it. Gentle but stern. And in the end, you have me to report to. You have to instill team work and keep the team happy so that all of you achieve the same goal - i.e. please me (and a clean frontyard).

And remember Haziq, I had to deal with you when you are at that age.

This is all so funny I think. Their squabble. Their argument. But I need to skill to be somewhat fair and also not demotivating either. Otherwise I can easily say, O shaddap!

I pray that they are close with each other even after I am gone.


It is worth to note also, that no one has a fight with Sya. Sya diligently pull out weeds, cut off unwanted branches and throw things away. Allahuma Bareek.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Two Groups

Allah mentions opposites alot in the quran. Often he would mention two different type of groups as well.

For instance some of them found in Juz 30 and 29 Insya Allah.
Al Qariah
the one with heavy balance (of good deeds) and that he will a'shiatir radiah. (pleasant life in Paradise)
the light balance (of good deeds) who will have his home in Hawiyyah (abyss in hell)

Al zalzalah
Those who do good equal to size of an atom shall see it
Those who do evil equal to the size of an atom shall see it

Al Bayyinah
Those who disbelieve in Islam from the people of the books and the al mushrik will be in hell. They are Sharrun bariah (the worse of creatures)
Those who believe and do righteous deeds they are khairul bariah (the best of creatures)

Al Lail
Those who gives in charity and believe in Al Husna, Allah will make smooth his path of goodness
Those who are greedy miser and thinks he is self-sufficient and lie against al Husna, Allah will make smooth his path for evil.

Al Balad
Those who believe and recommend one another to perseverance and patience and compassion, they are the companions of the right hand (Paradise)
Those who disbelieve in Allah's signs they are the companions of the left hand (hell). The fire will shut on them

Al Ghashiyah
Some faces that Day (Yaumul qiyamah) will be humiliated, weary. They will enter narun hamiah (Hot blazing fire), will be given drink from ('ainun aniah) boiling spring, food will be dori' (poisonous thorny plant)
Other faces will be joyful and glad. they will be in jannatin 'aliah (lofty paradise), in it will be 'ainun jariah (running spring), on a throne raised high, and cups in hand, and cushions in rows and rich carpets spread out.

Those given book in right hand. They will have easy reckoning and will return to their family in joy
Those who are given the record behind his back, he is invoking destruction and shall enter burning fire

As you progress into Juz 29, the description that Alah make (in my opinion) gets stronger and scarier. As most surah in here deals a lot of yaumul qiyamah and punishment and reward.

I like to highlight you surah Al Haqqah. Surah no 69. Also in Juz 29 also known as Juzuk Tabarak. Please pay attention to the two different group that Allah mention in this surah

Beginning from ayat 19-24
Then, as for him who is given his record in his right hand, he will say: Take, read my book! (19) 
Surely I knew that I should have to meet my reckoning. (20) 
Then he will be in blissful state (21) 
In a high Garden (22)
Whereof the clusters are in easy reach. (23) 
(And it will be said unto those therein): Eat and drink at ease for that which ye sent on before you in past days. (24)

And continue to the opposite group from ayat 25-29

But as for him who is given his record in his left hand, he will say: Oh, would that I had not been given my book (25) 
And knew not what my reckoning is! (26) 
Oh, would that it had been death! (27) 
My wealth hath not availed me, (28) 
My power hath gone from me. (29)

and listen with a contemplating heart the arabic verses of what Allah will say from 30-32
(It will be said): Take him and fetter him (30) 
And then expose him to hell-fire (31) 
And then insert him in a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits. (32)

Personally I think, one feels more by saying it in arabic or hearing it in what Allah sends down the quran with. Thus I cannot stress more on memorisation that will bring this ayah to live in your heart will strike fear when you hear the oncoming punishment. It will envelop a sense of longing and fear for not being able to attain the beautiful reward. However contemplate on the meaning and fear Allah at all times.

Ya Rabb protect me from an Narr and enter me into jannatul firdaus.

Here is a clip of surah Al Haqqah for you to listen and contemplate Insya Allah.

May we live the quran.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bouncing Back Up

I finished my final arabic exam today. Alhamdulillah


What a year! Subhanallah I can half way understand the meaning of istiqomah in learning this deen because this year alone I have been fighting between myself not to quit the arabic class. Sometimes I felt really stupid, but upon some jolt by the teacher, then I find something exciting about it. It usually comes in the form of an exciting and doable challenge.

But for the past month, I suppose  my mind has been swirling. I couldn't conetrate much.  Most of free time is spent on scouting for a house on the internet and on the road, calling people, calling agents, visiting houses scouring residential areas but did not find anything to my liking. As much as I have said, it's ok, we will find one, but the prospect looked quite bleak. The price also has hiked up.

In the midst of this, was the looming exam.

And everyone else seems so competent.

I got tense up. In fact in one of the arabic classes after reading out my very weak structured essay, I could not concentrate anymore. I couldn't hear what the teacher was saying and sat there dumbly refusing to cooperate with the teacher.

That must be, sadly to say, my lowest point of eemaan. Yeah I snapped and I am not proud of it.

I went to see the teacher and apologised for my strange behaviour. I told her how I find it difficult and the fight I am having to quit. She babied me and gave me words of encouragement (despite me being rude earlier).

I had a lot of time thinking and thinking and making self retrospection and weight quit and no quit.

I thought perhaps I can finally listen to the arabic lessons online - a one to one lesson. This will be more beneficial to me as it follow my pace.

Maybe a private teacher. Hah! Good idea! At least it will help me build up sentence like school kids not big sentence like what I have now.

Maybe I should take a break and studied properly what i have learned. You know I have been rushing to learn, but had no time to absorb.

But I decided not to quit.

Because this self studying is like lying to self when it comes to me. I know I wont have the discipline doing it alone.

Because If I don't stay on this opportunity, I will never get it.

Because I shouldn't be so stress. I have learnt a lot of words compared to four years ago.

Because did I not find sweetness in reciting or listening to a quran recitation and understand the meaning allatul (immediately)?

Because nothing in the world is achieved without struggle.

Because I have health.

Because Allah has given me means - wealth, understanding husband, brain to use, hands to write, eyes to see, ears to listen I shouldn't be wasting this blessings.

Because I desire learning the quran so much.

Ya Rabb, make it easy for me.

SO I finished my arabic exam today. I don't know whether my short essay is ok or not but it's ok even if it is not the best. If not for the hardship and cries and tense, i wouldn't be able to come up with words to write "the difference in dealing with the youth and little children."

Alhamdulillah ya Rabb. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ihsaan to the End

I was scrubbing the kitchen top the other day and I was thinking to myself, that since I am made to leave this place and they are going to demolish this, then why bother scrubbing it properly. Sufficient that I just wipe a bit so as not to live in grease of the little time I have left. Do i need to even bother water the plants when it will wither even before they demolish the place. Or bother about the ants nest which are beginning to take place. Or bother anything about maintenance of the house.

But then I remembered this story. It is quite famous. It came in a few different versions. The one that I know is the main character is a carpenter. But there are other version that he is a boat maker or something to that effect. The one that the late Yasmin Ahmad coined for a petronas ad took the latter version.

Anyway, there was a carpenter who worked for another man. After sometime he got tired working for him. Perhaps if he retires and become his own boss, he could do much better. Or perhaps he could just retire and enjoy his time with his family.
Of course quitting totally would mean loss of income. But what the heck, he is tired working for other people! It is time to be liberated. So he announced his intention of retiring to his boss.
The owner was sad because he was a good employee. He then pleaded that the carpenter to do just one more house for him. The carpenter, half heatedly agreed. Irked because his heart was full of wanting to quit and felt that his boss was just trying to make things difficult for him.
So, reluctantly he build the house. Not taking much care of the finishing, materials nor workmanship. The result was a shabby house. Not his usual work. Thus he ended his working life with his employer with shabby work unlike his previous usual produce.
Upon completing it, the employer inspected the place and handed the key to the man and said, "This is your house, from us."
Thus the carpenter stared at his own work and regretted on how he chose to end.

This is Yasmin Ahmad's work.

Anyway, back to my main lamenting. Even though it was not me who wanted to leave the house but rather I was told to evacuate, the lesson remains, that I should be treating things the way that it should be treated until the end and the best i can.

This is ihsaan. Doing things in perfection.

Before I was practising, I have always thought that Islam encourages only Zuhood and not perfection which probably explain why many "practising" Muslims are satisfied with mediocre results. Rather, Islam demands ihsaan mostly in worship and also in our daily work and relation with others. Allah has mercy on those who are ihsaan.

Indeed the Mercy of Allah is near to those who do utmost good. [Al Aaraf 7:156] 

This knowledge made me, how shall I say it, bersemangat! To strive my very best in what I do. the best I can. (can't say the same about my arabic lessons though. :( ) May Alah help me. For a bit more reading on how to obtain Allah's mercy on my other blog HERE.

And there is this hadith, Prophet Muhammad sallahu alaihi wasalam said, 

"If the Hour starts to happen and in the hand of one of you is a palm shoot or seedling; then if he is able to plant it before the Hour happens, then let him plant it." As-Silsilah as-Saheehah

A good read HERE insya Allah.

And me moving is not even the end of the world.

May Allah have mercy on me and all of us.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

We are Going on a House Hunt

We are going on a house hunt
We are not sure which one
What a beautiful time
We are not sad.

My house contract will be ending this coming 20th June. We wanted to continue staying because we loved it. Qadr Allah the landlord didn't want us. He in fact has bigger plans. he will demolished all his 6 villas to build flats on the very spot.

What a pity. the houses are very nice. Well maintained. Wonderful finishing. Well sized. It is almost ideal.

I guess we can see it coming. Our house is currently surrounded by the giant flats. The house is a dwarf compare to its surroundings. We also see potential parking hazard ver soon once the flats get occupied. Man it is beginning to be a trouble now. I am an expert in writing NO PARKING in arabic now and putting it on the respective windscreen.

Jack cried when we told the children. Awww he has a tender heart. Almost upon cue, I consoled him.


Insya Allah we will find another place. I love this place too. But it is temporary. All places are temporary. In fact everything is temporary. Allah has given us a nice place to enjoy temporarily, and we have occupied it to the best we could, it is time to move on. Let us pray that Allah will replace this house which is something better for us in dunya and akhirah.


Now, I am going out almost everyday hunting for the house. Am scrolling adverts. Stuck like glue on the monitor screen. Dive my head into the papers. The market doesn't look very exciting. the price is slightly up.

And worse nothing can match what we have now.

I need to read again what I told Jack.

Goto begin

May Allah replace us with a better house that will only bring us closer to Him.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Reading the Hadith Cautiously

I am trying to make a habit to bring  a book when we go out together - me and the kids or when lover is around. So I could read a story to them while we wait for the food. We have not finished the sahabah book yet so I have been taking the book everywhere.

So we read about Abu Ayub al Ansari the other day.I didn't manage to finish the book when the appetizer came, but continued reading. While we were munching the Apple Bees delicious boneless buffalo wing in honey and barbeque sauce  and the celery dipped in the sour cream, I got to this part of the hadith.

Ibn Jarir recorded that Abu Hurayrah reported,
Once while Abu Bakr and ‘Umar were sitting, the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam came to them and said,
“What has  caused you two to sit here?”
They replied, “By He who has sent you with the truth, nothing has brought us out of our houses except hunger.” The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam said,
“By He who has sent me with the truth, nothing has brought me out other than this.”
So they went until they came to the house of a man from the Ansar (Abu Ayub al ansari), and the woman of the house received them. The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam said to her,
“Where is so and so?”
She replied, “He went to fetch some drinking water for us.” So the man came carrying his bucket and he said, “Welcome. Nothing has visited the servants better than a prophet who has visited me today.” Then he hang his bucket near a palm tree, and climbed it and returned to them with a cluster of dates. So the Prophet sallallah alaihi wasalam said
“Why you didn’t pick (some of them)?”
The man replied, “I wanted you to choose with your own eyes.” Then he took a blade (to slaughter a sheep) and the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam said,
“Do not slaughter the one that gives milk.”
So he slaughtered a sheep for them that day and they all ate. Then the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam said
“You will be asked about this on the day of Judgment. Hunger caused you to come out of your homes and you did not return until you had eaten this meal. So this is from the delights.”

We knew the hadith from our at Takathur lesson so I was feeling a bit jittery reading it. haziq was  also looking worried.I read the hadith real slow as I and we actually were worried for we were enjoying the ni'mah more than the Prophet and the sahabahs were in the hadith.

Let me share it with you. Here is the full at Takathur notes in my wordpress.

May Allah forgive our sins - the one we know and we don't know. May we feed ourselves with halal and attain it through halal means also.


Anyway in case you are wondering who Abu Ayub al Ansari is, he is the sahabah from the ansar, that Prophet Muhammad stayed in his house in Madinah when he made hijrah before the masjid an nabawi was completed.

Here is a short story about this great sahabah.

Khalid ibn Zayd ibn Kulayb, known as Abu Ayyub Al Ansari, came from the Banu Najjar, and was a dear and close companion of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).

He enjoyed a great privilege many of the Ansar in Madinah dreamt of having.

When Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), reached Madinah after the Hijrah from Makkah, the Ansar of Madinah greeted him with great enthusiasm, love and longing. Their hearts betted for him and their eyes surrounded him with great admiration and love. They wanted to receive him with the most hospital reception they could give.

Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) entered Madinah on his camel. The chieftains of Madinah walked next to him, each and every one of them hoping to get the honor of Prophet Mohamed’s stay at his house. They stood in the way of the procession and addressed the Prophet saying " O Messenger of Allah, please do accept our hospitable accommodation, for we are influential people who are great in number and wealth. We can also guarantee your support and protection.”

Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) mildly urged them to get out of the way of the camel, for it was ordered by Allah to stop at a certain place.

The camel stopped at an open space in front of the house of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. But Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) did not get off the camel. After a few minutes, the camel started moving once again, however, it turned around, retraced its steps and kneeled in the same place where it stopped before. Abu Ayyub’s face shone with joy and satisfaction. He went out to Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and greeted him with great enthusiasm. He took the Prophet's baggage in his arms and carried them so close to his heart as if he was carrying the most precious treasure in the world.

It was not the first meeting between Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari. They had met before when the Madinah delegation journeyed to Makkah to take the oath of allegiance to the Prophet (PBUH).

Abu Ayyub's house had two floors. He prepared the upper floor for Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) to stay in. however Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) preferred to stay on the lower one.

Night came and Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) went to sleep. Abu Ayyub ascended to his room, but when he closed the door, he shook with regret and told his wife:

"Woe to us! What have we done? The messenger of God is below and we are higher than him! Can we walk on top of the messenger of God? Are we standing between him and the Revelation? If so, we are doomed."

They were extremely worried, and had no idea what to do. They got some peace of mind when they moved to the other side of the building where they were not above Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).

In the morning, Abu Ayyub said to the Prophet(PBUH):

"By God, we did not sleep all last night, neither myself nor Umm Ayyub."

"Why not, Abu Ayyub?" asked the Prophet.

Abu Ayyub told him how terrible they felt because he was staying below them.

"Don't worry, Abu Ayyub," said the Prophet. "We prefer the lower floor because we have a lot of visitors.”

"We submitted to the Prophet's wishes," Abu Ayyub related, "until one cold night, the roof was damaged and the water spilled on the upper floor. Umm Ayyub and I stared at the water. We only had one piece of velvet, which we used as a blanket. We used it to wipe the water fearing it would seep through to the Prophet. In the morning I went to him and said, 'I do not like to be above you,' and told him what had happened. He respected my wish and we exchanged floors."

The Prophet (PBUH) stayed in Abu Ayyub's house for about seven months until his mosque and his dwelling were built. Thus, he became the neighbor of Abu Ayyub.

Abu Ayyub loved Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) with all his heart and the Prophet also loved him dearly. There was no formality between them. The Prophet (PBUH) continued to regard Abu Ayyub's house as his own.

These are glimpses of Abu Ayyub's life during peacetime, but ever since the Quraish tribe began to fight against Islam, to raid Al-Madinah, the land of Hijrah, and to instigate tribes and organize armies to eliminate Islam, Abu Ayyub became a professional in warfare. He was in the front rows in Badr, Uhud, Al-Khandaq and the rest of the battles and wars. He devoted himself, his money, and property to Allah.

He did not stay away from any battle the Muslims fought from the time of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) till the time of Mu'awiyah unless he was engaged at the same time in another.

Even after Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) died, Abu Ayyub never turned his back on a battle that the Muslims were destined to fight in.

The slogan that he kept reciting to himself day and night, secretly and openly was that verse of the Qur’an “March forth, whether you are light or heavy”.

He never missed an expedition, except once. He refused to fight in an army, which was lead by a young Muslim assigned by the caliph. Abu Ayyub rejected this choice. This one and only mistake shook his innermost self, and he was always full of regrets as he repeated, “It is none of my concern whoever Ali appoints.” Ever since he made this mistake, he never missed a battle.

It sufficed him to live as a soldier in the Muslim army, fight under its slogan, and defend its sanctity.

The last battle Abu Ayyub took part in was the one prepared by Mu'awiyah and led by his son Yazid against Constantinople. Abu Ayyub at that time was a very old man, almost eighty years old. But that did not prevent him from joining the army and crossing the seas as a graze in the path of God. In this particular battle, he was wounded. The commander of the army went to check on him. He was breathing heavily as if his longing to meet Allah made him impatient with the few minutes left in his life. The commander, Yazid Ibn Mu’aawiyah, asked him, "Do you need anything, Abu Ayyub?"

I wonder if any of you can imagine what Abu Ayyub’s last wish was?

He asked Yazid to carry his body to the furthest point inside the enemy lands and bury him there, then to break through the enemy line until he reached his grave so that Abu Ayyub might hear the sound of the galloping Muslim horses clattering over it and realize that they have achieved victory. Do you think this is poetic verse? No, this not a poetic verse nor a whim of imagination. It really happened. It is a fact that the whole world witnessed one day, and stood there watching and listening, not believing that this could be true. Yazid carried out Abu Ayyub’s will to the fullest extent.

Finally, the body of this great warrior was buried in the heart of Constantinople — Istanbul nowadays.

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