Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh oh and another story

Continuation from the previous entry.

10 years and nine months ago, the office I was working for shared the same premise with one of the universities in Malaysia. Thus the dispensary that I went to is also the dispensary for the university staff and students.

So I happily drove in the borrowed car to the dispensary. The world was such a happy place that day. The trees were waving at me. The birds chirped gaily. There were clouds of bunnies and cute kitties in the blue sky. OOhh happy happy happy.

I smiled at everyone in the dispensary suspecting that they can tell I am pregnant. Oh I wish I could tell them the news now. That I do know even before your test my pee in the container, I KNOW! Lihatlah dunia! AKu mengandung!

However, the world turned a slight gloom when the counter makcik told me that I was positively pregnant. She didn't look excited. She actually looked angry. Hmm, is this the reality? That people are usually not happy when you are pregnant. But then who cares, maybe makcik-makcik ni tak ada perasaan kot.

There were no smiles but only frowns. Some were even staring at me. But I continuously smile and feeling like skipping in the rain and twirl around a light pole. Finally one of the makciks asked me something, itupun after I asked will they be giving me any folic acid. She asked what course am I doing now?

Course? No I am not a student. Saya kerja kat department rancang merancang.


Dah kerja ka? Then only uproar and then only they asked anak no 1 lah ni. Tahniah tahniah. Even the doctor (eh bukan doctor but medical officer) came out congratulating me. wonder they look at me one kind only. They thought I was a student. A student who termengandung luar nikah. Jeng jeng jeng.

If 10 years ago, I would happily tell you that the gist of the story was I looked so young that I can pass as a student. But uhuk uhuk as I don't think I can pass that look again, that would become a lost point now. So I want to tell you this.

These are all caused by berburuk sangka. To me lah. Kalau ya pun I was a student yang mengandung, I could be a married student kan? And plus kalau betullah I was pregannt luaran nikah, why would I be stupid enough to do my pregnancy test there? Cari nahas namanya tu.

Even my previous entry was about berburuk sangka. because I had buruk sangka to Mosh, I was rude to him. And because the makciks buruk sangka to me, they had their bad thoughts of me. Sebab tu lah kita takleh buruk sangka. Sebab macam-macam fitnah boleh timbul.

Having said that, we also should not allow the situation of people to buruk sangka on us without trying to explain ourself. For instance I might be seen talking to a young man alone in my house. I know some people saw me entering the house with him. He is actually my brother. (ini macam ada satu kisah filem melayu 80an. Rosnah Md. Nor kot berlakun). I know also that some people would be suspicious, but I never care to explain or sikit-sikit mewar-warkan that the man was my brother. Thus I continuously lead other people to think that I was with a man in the house.

I read this story about nabi Mohammad S.A.W. who explained himself quickly after someone saw him walking with a woman who was actually his wife. But I can't tell you verbatim, buku tu kat Qatar daa.

Syaitan will always take opportunity to whisper bad things to people and they would quickly spread the evil syak wasangka to people. So we must quickly explain ourselves before many people termakan syak wasangka syaitan.

Anyway, after the makcik counter dah tau the real thing, the day began to lit again. Tra la la la. And I gave Mosh's key back.

I have something to tell you Mosh. Tee he he. That was probably what I said after that, forgetting that I was rude earlier.

Added on 26th March 2009. Specifically for AzGrowlen. (even though it's difficult for me to call him by this name)

Anyway here is the story during the Prophet's time about not leaving room for Shaytan to instill suspicion in people's hearts

Bukhari and Muslim narrated in their saheehs that Safiyyah binti Huyay, the wife of the Prophet said: "The Messenger of Allah s.a.w. was in i'tikaaf, and I came to visit him one night and spoke to him, then I got up to leave, and he got up to take me back home." Her house was in the neighbourhood of Usaamah ibn Zayd. "Two men from among the Ansaar passed by, and when they saw the Prophet s.a.w. they quickened their pace. The Messenger of s.a.w. said, "Hold on! She is Safiyyah bint Huyay." They said, "Subhanallah! O' Messenger of Allah!" The Prophet said, "The shaytan flows thorough a person like blood, and I was afraid that he might have whispered some evil (or something) into your hearts."

Al Khattabi said: "This hadith recommends that a person should beware of every situation that may cause suspicions to arise in people's minds and theat he should try to keep himself safe from the people by explaining everything that may look suspicious."

In a similar vein, it is narrated that Al Shaafai (may Allah have mercy on him) said, "The Prophet s.a.w. was afraid that some suspicions may enter their minds thus causing them to commit kufr, so he said that out of mercy towards them, not because he was worried about what they would say."

Quoted from the Islamic Creed Series : The World of The Jinn & Devils by Sheikh Umar S. al Ashqar.


Nadia said...

aik.. kat medical card takde field occupation status ke?
kelaka la... tapi biasa la anak sulung.. perut tu slim lagi.. now (esp me) perut dah cembung! hihihihi...

Lollies said...

hmm tak sure lah. itu first time i pergi dispensary tu masa tu. iam sure i ahd to fill in my no pekerja. tak taulah stdents fill in apa

perut cembung? huhuhu. familiarnya

Anonymous said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yang alim.

Ya, buruk sangka itu amat teruk, kata Pak Malim sambil memeluk beruk. Mereka sepatutnya siasat dulu, sebelum berburuk sangka terhadap orang, kata kucing ray sambil memegang parang.

Anonymous said...

aha... memang tak baik buruk sangka. :)

mosh said...

eh I don't remember you telling me that story about people mistaking you as student? Or possibly because I wasn't listening to whatever you were saying? ahahaha!

Wow that was 10 years ago eh? Are we really that old now? lol. Imagine this, next year would be my twentieth anniversary of being the "king" of the secondary school, dayyum!

zan said...

hahaha...student mengandung ehhh? udahler u nie mmg petite, sah2 nampak cam student.

ada part 3 ker?

Lollies said...

pak malim - eh lama betul tak dengar cerita pak malim ni kucing yang boleh menaip dan click click di computer

abi - tak baik kan? mudarat tau

mosh -malulah i nak cerita. i don't think it would be an interesting thing for you to hear masa tu pun

zan - part 3 nya ialah saya beranak. he he

Nina Zan said...

eh hidup lagi kucing pak malin ni?? serious lama tak dengar dia merepet. hihihi

teruk la buruk sangka diorg ni. Tapi can't really control that..

TETAPI aku percaya kalau ko walk in balik that dispensary, diorg akan still ingat ko student.


KakNi said...

Tu lah kan, kenapa ada prasangka sebegitu kan...

Ini lah hakikat dunia...

Ramai jugak gadis yg kawin muda, takkan dia org semua akan terima layanan dan prasangka begitu...