Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh so green

What is wrong with efx?

I am in Malaysia now in case you are wondering. I touchdowned last errr bila eh last Saturday. Jetlags and all. Been sleeping late till today.

Batrisyia exclaimed, there are so many trees in Malaysia. bestnya. There are even trees in the airport.

Jack loves my house in KL. He said this is a BIIGG house. And my house is not so big.

It rains on alternate days, and on the day its not raining, there are nice puffy clouds in the sky and the heat is tolerable (tapi berlengas amat). Even the 1.00 o'clock sun that I use to dread before is pleasant. Walking out at 9:00 a.m in Qtar already scorches my skin.

I went to KL the other day. You know to do a bit of tempah baju raya thingy before they don't accept any tempahan anymore. And also to check out my house.

I sort of know what to expect now from my house. As expected, as I opened the door I can smell the dust. Do you know the smell of dust? I know. After many times going through this, I know that dust smell. A 10 months piled up dust sticking on your floor, on your wall, your curtains, chairs, hanging in the air. It is everywhere in your abandoned house. You just can't escape the smell.

When you breathe, you are breathe dust. You walk through dust. If you gazed at the ray coming through the slit of your windows, you can see the dust moving slowly in the air. You would think that dust only follows the ray, but because of that sharp dust smell, I know I am swarmed by them.

They are evil, them dusts. Evil! Evil! Thy really do hate you interfering their luxury living for many months. And they'll do everything to get rid of you.

At one breath of the clearly not fresh air in the house, your body starts building up its defense mechanism. And you would start to sneeze. Alhamdullilah for the sneezing for there would come a moment that it won't sneeze no more. The dust has managed to climb further into your nostrils and mucus starts building up. You would be able to blow it initially when finally you would have blocked nose. This usually happen when you want to go to sleep. Your eyes gets watery and worst itchy and red. Your whole face feels prickly like small bugs walking all over it. You wake up the next morning with a light sore throat.

Last year I suffered with flu for days. Terrible. Clarinasse in hand please.

This has become my routine. To quickly strip the bedsheet. Vacuum not only the floor but the walls and the doors. Wipe everything reachable first. Strip the curtains. Do it many times and then mop.

As expected also many things broke down. The fridge is out. The TV is out. I had to nick my dad's 14" TV so the kids can play PS2 and therefore save my life.

But its so much better than finding your top floor flooded and half of your bookshelves drenched in water and some wooden stuff soggy and covered with strange looking moss. That was last year.

Its so tiring. This is the part that I hate being domestic. The next round I am going to KL, I am calling the cleaners to do the fine tuning. Fine tuning includes doing climbing job wiping the dusts on all the hanging lamps and fans and curtain rods (that I have not done). Cleaning up all the toilets. Basically doing things that I don't like. And that are many.

It's a war, this dust and I.

And hmm I didn't know that megasales has started.


ummi365 said...

you are back?.. have a nice in msia

-akuni- said...

Dah habih kemas ke belum nih? Oh bibik lollies....

mamarawks said...

I called it bau kepam!... eiii kita pon tak suka...
what happened to your electricity device?

oh.. lupa pulak.. welcome home... bila nak gathering nih?

Theta said...

Welcome back Lollies. Enjoy your stay! :)

Theta said...
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Lollies said...

ummi - yup! back for two good whole months

akuni - kemas memang takkan habis habis punya

mamarawks - kena sambar petirlah. tv tu i rasa memang dah sampai time kot.

i will be ging to kl sometimes 20th plus plus. bolehlah story story.

theta - definitely

mosh said...

welcome come home honey :D

IbuHaziq said...

eh....ur in malaysia...

welcome home....have fun :)

Neeza Shahril said...

bestnya balik malaysia..
dapat lah makan buah2an tempatan kan..
sekarang musim durian kan..

dlt said...

2 months lama gak. leps ler gian nak makan apa2 yg takde kat qatar, kan? welcome home...

zan said...

bila sampai kl, dun forget to call us :)

tunggu u free, nanti kita set time for that.... ;)

Myra said...

Hi Kak Lollies.
Welcome home. I think we should welcome masing2 kot. Hehhe..

Im currently here..
until efx2 is back on. Apehal la diorg tu. Geram btul la.

BDP said...

lollies... apa phone number ma?? kita naik main2 kat umah u laaa.. :P bawa pasha jumpa akak dan abangs.. :P

Lollies said...

mosh - naik fonkius pulak apa you tulis tu. :P

ibuhaziq - he he. I will Insya Allah

neeza - ah ah. musim durian dah nak habis. tapi masih dapat merasa lagilah. rambutan tengah banyak ni. besssttt

dlt - kali ini i taklah jakun macam last year. tapi i nak makan stuff like kepah, kerang, siput sedut and the likes. dah lama benor tak merasa tu

zan - err i tak ada no fon orang. can you email me your hp.

myra - terpaksalah selalu ada alternative site

diah/ bear - eh mintak email. so i ca pass u my number. or you email me your number.