Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reading the Sahabah Stories

One of the intermittent things we did when we went for the umrah journey is that I read out aloud to them the story of the sahabahs. There were many idle times time to kill. There was waiting time at the immigration, at the restaraunt waiting for food, at the hotel in between solah time in haram or whenever.

I decided to bring a book about the sahabahs. The reason being was because I rarely could cover this topic in the halaqah. They have short chapters. They are not very academic because they are stories. So its the easiest and most effective especially that we were on the move.

The book I used - Portraits From the Lives of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasalam Volume 1 & 2 - Abdur Rahman Al Basha. I personally find this one the best book for sahabah.

Haziq particularly enjoyed it alot. I personally recommend you to read, discuss and go through the seeraah and the stories of the sahabah especially with your boys the budding teenagers. Boys usually need someone - a figure - that they can look up to and emulate. Boys like to hear and know about men - real men.

OK we have different biography that we can introduce them too. The highly successful people. We can talk to them about Steve Jobs, Bill gates, Nelson Mendela, Malcolm X, Company CEO or whoever. I have nothing against telling them about non muslim leader. There are things we can learn from all.

However, I personally would make more gravity on conveying the Muslim heroes more and the non muslims as supplement only. If we keep shoving them worldly personalities that are successful in the world only - then the only success they believe is the worldly one. The ultimate objective is the greatest success which is the afterlife.

Not that we cannot have both. Why not? We do ask for hasanat in this world and after. So have balance. And balance must beaccording to the ratio of life of the hereafter against life of the world. You are better in maths than me. Go figure.

Anyway, try different angles to what spark our boys' (and girls) interest. Leadership, battles, strategists, linguists, businessman, courage, steadfast, strength, knowledge and so forth.

I am not sure what spark Haziq really. he seem to like any battle stories. That is why he prefers the seeraah of Madeenah and the battles during Khalifah Abu Bakar and Umar. I personally prefer seerah in Makkah. But hey this is not about me.

You could identify the personality that suits your children most and slowly live it. The teenagers will relate to this I think. Sya and Jack just take take this as stories but Haziq is already at the age of thinking another layer deeper into their personalities.

I can't wait for the time that I put more gravity on Sya's teenage interest and I will share here Insya Allah.

learning about sahabah is crucial for they are the ones that Prophet salllahu alaihi salam said are the best of generations after him. They are real people who are also exposed to mistakes and sins. We can learn from their struggle and their strive and how they go through their life in the worship of Allah and Insya Allah we also can become like them.

They are described as "Monks by night and knights by day."

What drives their discipline? What are their understanding? What are their motivation? Do they breathe the same air? See the same sun? Shade under the same moon? Do they belong to the same world?

A loooonnnnngggg project to be done. Time? Where is my time? May Allah expand my time for Him.


butterflutter said...

Tajuk buku masuk dalam list. Ada Pesta Buku end of the month di PWTC. Dakwah Corner will be there. Tengah intai2 masa nak singgah.

Amin to your doa.

verignac said...

more stories please..I'm enjoying reading it from u :)