Friday, June 08, 2012

Someone is Eight

The littlest boy in this house has turned eight.Masya Allah.

Zachary has been harping about the date for ever so long like as if he couldn't wait to become a big boy. When asked how do you feel yesterday in a seven year old body to today's eight year old body. Err it feels the same.

Kih kih kih really we get old every second of the day.

Let's see what he's done. Hmm he can read and apparently may get emotional when he reads. he was reading a sad story about a girl losing his mother and started sobbing to himself. Hey! Who got him this book in the first place??

However, having said that he is not an avid reader. I hope just not yet. Perhaps we can still build that soon.

He said he likes maths and he doesn't like english. I hope he would like both later.

I still carry him even though he is getting longer and heavier.

Lover still help him change in the morning even though I told him Jack is a big boy now. But lover said, otherwise he is too slow.

He talks alot! Still remember him not talking when he was littler.

He probably has fairly good memory retention. I hope we will be able to nurture this to what pleases Allah the most. May Allah instill quran in his heart and make his studies easy too.

He doesn't like doing homework and not bothered with it too. This is made worse because I was too busy to look at it too. This has got to change!

He loves his siblings but play mostly with sya. However when Haziq had to go Dubai for a few days the other day, he cried. Yeah it has been established that he is a sensitive boy.

Yeah he is still my baby. I don't know how long can I kiss him like how I kiss him now until it would look weird.

He is everyone's baby really.

I ask Allah that we will be happy family smiling and laughing all the way to jannah.

Surah al Inshiqaq 84: 7-9

Then, as for him who will be given his Record in his right hand, (7) He surely will receive an easy reckoning, (8) And will return to his family in joy! (9)
We will concentrate on aiming to receive the book on our right hand for now. Ya Rabb facilitate us.

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Mommy Ummar said...

Oh happy birthday jack. I tot he is seven, like ummar.
May he become a good son, i can see he''s already in the right path.