Saturday, October 13, 2012

Look at Our Food

I saw some food show or documentary (I can't remember) where the host is trying to show where food actually comes from. A chicken burger for example, comes from a chicken. The thighs and the breast pieces that they cut up nicely and sold in the food store actually comes from a chicken also. Slaughtered (or killed for them) and cut up to pieces. And if you have to start from scratch, there are wiggly yucky bits and stuff. Many were squirmish doing it. Some even look like they will vomit.

Like for real.

Anyway, I try my best to always point to the kids where their food comes from. Too bad I don't live in situation where there are much to be shown. I still try though to get them involved.

Like this is where you get buah cempedak, from a tree belakang rumah nenek, cut, mix with tepung and goreng and makan.
This is pokok tebu. It is Haziq's job to cut it into reasonable pices, peel off the skin (because makcik air tebu kata kalau tak buang kulit nanti mesin dia rosak) and send it to makcik air tebu.
This is coconut where you get the santan and i got to cook all the high cholesterol delicious food that you like.
This is daun kunyit.
This is kelapa muda petik rumah mak long. Tolong belah and ambik air dan isinya.
This is a cow. And this part where you get the rump. tenderloin. The ribs.

Haziq is also given a job to cut up the whole chicken to eatable pieces. Squirmish at first but getting a hang on it. Nak kena fine tune aje sikit insya Allah.

If you reflect on your food and go beyond the salivating part, you will come to realise how weak we are as human. None of us can produce our own food source even if you are the richest person in the world. You can buy food. You can buy ingredient but you have to get the source's ingredient from the earth.

The soil toiled. The sea fished. The fruits reaped. Can we produce any of these?

Sure there is some chemical "food" people produced, but those are not food. They are poison. And still they have to get the source from nature.

Reflect on your food, you will know that the One who creates you is Ar Rabb, the Provider and the Nurturer .  Food - we regard as an ordinary thing. Had Allah not provided the means for it, it was not in the power of man himself to have created the food on the earth in any way.

Allahu Akbar.

Abasa 80: 24-32

Then let man look at his food, (24)
We pour forth water in abundance, (25)
And We split the earth in clefts, (26)
And We cause therein the grain to grow, (27)
And grapes and clover plants (i.e. green fodder for the cattle), (28)
And olives and date-palms, (29)
And gardens, dense with many trees, (30)
And fruits and herbage. (31)
(To be) a provision and benefit for you and your cattle. (32)

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