Sunday, August 25, 2013


In the Arabic culture of old, the spice seller called the 'Attaar, was seen as somewhat a player due to much interaction with women, who were the majority of his customers.

One such 'Attaar was riding into a marketplace on his mule, carrying his product with him, and true enough, he was swarmed by women even before he get to where he was going. They crowded him and his animal, asking him about prices and product.

Unfortunately none of them were attractive, in fact they were all far from it.

Without descending from his mule, he said

واذا الوحوش حشرات
And when the wild beasts were gathered (Takweer : 5)

A woman heard him, and without missing a beat said,

وضرب لنا مثلا نسىي خلقه
And he presents us an example and forgets his own creation (Yaseen :78)

-Al adkhiyah, ibn al Jawzi

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