Friday, September 15, 2006

The Walking Greased Pan

I am bronze to start with. And I get dark quite easily like in a few minutes of exposure to the sun. And this constant exposure to sun is making me darker and I think I will remain this colour forever. Of course I use sunblock each time I go out, now for the rays are merciless. Sunblock is not to stop you from getting darker. It just help prevent the harmful UV hitting on your skin and deteriorate it quickly, aging you with even more wrinkles and spots.

But I never like putting on sunblock you know. It is usually a bit sticky and it makes my face look oily especially those sunblock with higher SPF. What is worst are those sunblock that is suppose to make you look fairer. I will turn "kelabu" (grey) instead.

It is very humid at this time of the year as well. The moment you walk out, you'd be sweating. It is not as humid as Malaysia though. But Malaysia is not this hot. So here we are drenched in sweat and sting by the heat at the same time.

(source weather by CNN relative humidity: D0ha-62%, Kua@la Lumpur-69%. Hmm I thought it is higher.)

So look at me walking about in the sun, madly perspiring, laden with some oil substance on my face getting darker at each step.

I look like a freaking walking greased pan.


rad said...

Look at the positive side, you're still 'walking'! LOL
Eh, tak consider pakai abaya ke?

Jill Yusoff said...

me want bronze, bronze, bronze
best kan to swap for a day
my tan dah nak fade

and that's a haiku for you!

Lollies said...

rad - sekarang saya rasa cam nak pakai purdah segala je rasa. purdah yang macam kelambu tu. bijik mata pun tak nampak

jill - nah ambik ko kulitku. kasi aku kulitmu yang gebu da bomb itu.

Idham said...

u r goddess like from within...:)


Anonymous said...

cik kak, saya syorkan cik kak guna SKII Facial Treatment Essence...colourless, odourless..
sunblock memang block the UV, tapi kasi bikin muka berminyak..
dark skin rocks!!


adah said...

Never mind the oily SPF35 ke 75ke, just use them sis, you'll thank them once you reach 4 series ie 40's.

Lollies said...

idham - :D

nef - kat sini tak ada juallah itu skII. pelik betul. ke i yg tak jumpa lagi. dark skin memang rock kan?

adah - ya ya saya menggunakannya dengan penuh disiplin seklai

Ms. Blabs said...

Poor you. I pun benci guna sunblock. After almost 4 months in Egypt and going totally sunblock-less, I think I've turned a pretty kilat bronze myself. And hell, the highlights in my hair are in fact working against me now, making me look darker than ever! Urgh. But thank goodness Egypt is cooling down now. Can't wait for the cool months, which starts abotu now. Datanglah sini!! Oh, and Ramadhan Mubarak to you and family!