Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Word Sunday : Simulation is Stimulating

I am getting my brains all worked up chauffeuring the kids around. I find it rather stimulating actually.

You see, Haziq's school is quite far. Normal time for me to reach there is about 20-30 minutes. Batrisyia's school should take me a mere 10 minutes. But because of the traffic both due to large quantity of cars going out and many roads closed, it takes me 45 minutes to reach her school and coming home from haziq's school takes me more than an hour. Macam balik kampung siot.

So I had to adjust my timing and even the routes. There are no other better way to Sya's school. The only way for me to reach on time is to go out early. Which is working.

But for Haziq, I really have to try out a few different routes. The whole city of D0ha is interconnected in a mesh road network with parallel roads and roundabouts and intersections. The route I usually take is the shortest route but it took me more than an hour to reach home. Die. So I studied the map, marked all the closed roads, closed roundabouts, jammed road - to be avoided, identified possible routes and checked them out and timed them as well.

Sometimes a route looks good on the map, only that it is closed or half closed causing massive jams on the actual. Q@tar is forever changing and upgrading the roads. My map is getting obsolete by the day I think. I bought a newer map with all the little roads. He he.

So I was driving and constantly referring to the map for another route. It is like constant feedback loop to rectify the inputs to finally achieve the desired objective.

Then I got my brain all jumbled up. I was driving and I was thinking oh I can run a simulation on this. Get from point A to B, tell me which route is the best. And I must go through this point (marks Sya's school).

Of course to run a simulation you need to key in all the data, which I would be ready to collect. Distance from node to node. Road capacity (how many lanes). Load demand on road at different time differentiating peak time and off peak time as well as intermediate load.

Identify road on maintenance. I will identify all the ongoing projects and key in the commissioning date. I can immediately identify congested loads from this simulation and will try to find ways to avoid it or perhaps propose ways to elevate the problem (a bit far fetched of course)

I also can run a simulation on future load. A survey will be made based on the growth area of each location. Sectionalised to residential, industrial, commercial and farming area.

All these should help me identify what is the best route to take depending on the objective I want. To reach home at the quickest time? This however will probably require me to take a longer route. Then I need to balance fuel consumption and time.

Man I am telling you my brain got all worked up with all the virtual simulation. I am anal that way. Simulation is stimulating to me.

Boss, ada kerja kosong lagi tak?


1na said...

woohoo very interesting and challenging indeed.

tabik spring saya utk akak.

* bos dah reply lum permohonan kerja tu ?hehehehhe

rad said...

No-no, don't give up yet! Pls brush up your manoeuvre skills - mana tau, ntah2 FedEx ke PosMesia ke nak cari runner for their business in the Gulf! You'd be the perfect person & can make money too...(just a tot - did you read the Star on monday on how blogging may cause you to lose ur jobs or might even get you job offers? )

Anonymous said...

mmm...sound like u have used system dynamics in ur job..betul kee??

Jill Yusoff said...

Simulating is indeed stimulating. I run simulation in my head choreographing my movement to best fit the webcam :)

-AJK Tingkap-

Lollies said...

1na - boss tanya ni lu mau kerja lu balik malaysia. saya sangat serba salah

rad - oh tidak saya tak give up. sebenarnya mmg itulah kerja saya kat malaysia pun. drive sana sini buat simulation. sekarang ni dalam kepala jele. actually i did think of that. freelance delivery person. hmmm

ston - all the works babe load flow, contingency analysis, dynamics. ko pakai apa ston?

jill - hey i want to ask how do u get such delicious photos. how can u press the camera while you are lying down? i am anal tau. have been thinking about it for ages. teach me your simulation laling

anggerik merah said...

Ahahh...mind thinking abt simulation! Yes very stimulating indeed..

I am imagining the traffic that you hv to go thru everyday to send kiddos to school..

Me like you..love to be behind the wheel. and driving like Schumaker (sp?) but safe. Since I am here, my driving style change. Balik KL nanti, I will hv the clusterphobia of driving for a few days..hehehe

Jill Yusoff said...

Sila sediakan pengeras yang keras-keras ya.

anggerik merah said...

Lollies dear,

boleh email me this song tak?

bisutulibuta said...

Budak ni since dapat lesen,asyik citer pasal driving jer.Ayoyoyoyoyo...

Anonymous said...

aku pakai software "powersim"...engineer mungkin pakai matlab kot..betul ke? belasah jee nii...

Jo Kontan said...

1. Word Sunday !!


Ulat-ulating nii buat I stim.. Ooooops...,

2. I am drooling at the tachometer, speedometer, the signal stalk, and all those switchgears, rather than the Map.. Next time post ler gambor dashboard tuu..

Anonymous said...

ler..pusing punya pusing
pintal punya pintal..
kau tanya bos kau ada kerja kosong?

ops lupa..application of what you did in your previous life to the current situation..

good..good..bila boleh setat?

Lollies said...

AM - oh awak pun suka behind the wheels ya. rasa cam best aje kan. pastu pasang lagu linkin park sekuat hati. seswai untuk bawak di highway dengan lajunya. tapi saya bawa tak laju. 70km/h aje. :D

eh you want the song? can. emailnya?

jill - aduh aku tiada apa yang keras boleh diberi. aku serahkan kepada kuda jua.

BTB - muahahahaha. nanti kalau saya drive kat corniche ada org draw draw saya ambik gambar dia draw pastu saya tempel kat blog pulak. winter kot baru ada eh?

ston - oh ko pakai matlab eh. ada jugak aku pakai. tapi mostly aku pakai PSSE. PTI punya ko pernah dengar?

TJ - ulat? ha ha ha. pandai yo decipher words eh?

Mau gambo dashboard eh? nanti nanti.

aie - muahahaha. sebba ituler kerja aku dulu. buat simulation dan kadang-kadang aku distimulatekan.


anggerik merah said...

Eh...saya sudah banyak kali kena speed trap kat sini dalam town. Yang 30 m/hr saya terlebih 35 m/h ..hehehe ...tension.

my email:anggerik2005@yahoo.com


Idham said...

kata samy vellu
"itu jalann kalu selalu jem, kiter herus naikkan tol...Sumer kite kene bayar tol..kasik senang itu jalann sebab itu lollies mau lalu amek diaer punyer anak sekulaa"

kata tun mahathir
"Ini depa dok cerita pasai trafic jam ni pasai apa. Depa tak tahu ka perjuangan saya belum selesai!"

kata idham
"i miss u bebeh".



Anonymous said...

ako x penah pakai matlab ...skrg ni dah x buat keje engineering dahh...lebih ke busines simulation (boring sikit sebenarnya).... meramal masa depan... heheheh... software yg lain2 tu pun tak penah pakai/dengar...kat sini pakai powersim tu lee...hehehe..

Lollies said...

AM - polis tangkap dia ni

idham - dan semua quotation it adalah penyelesaian kepada keadaan traffik yang terlampau. :)lama tak chatting ya?

ston - ohh gitu. PSSE tu untuk power system. kalao ko pakai pelik jugak aku. aku la ni satu apa simulation pun tak pakai. domestic goddesslah katakan. heh heh