Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Haziq is now a man!!

Not that you are not a man if you don't sunat (circumcise) though. (Disclaimer)

I think I should start up writing about the things that I did here so that I won't forget. Especially about Haziq sunat. So when he grows up, I can reread it to just so he remembers

I got Haziq sunatted the first week I got back. This is so hopefully we get him to heal quickly and we can do other things later. Initially I wanted to do it in KL. I changed my mind and decided to do it in Melaka instead for many reasons.

Saves our precious holiday time.
Lover get to be mummy's boy longer.
Haziq got to be granny's grandchild.
Eat! Eat! Eat!
Free rambutans.
So much space for kids to run about.

To top it, my mother-in-law (I shall refer to her as mak here from now on) was sooo happy. Terharu. Plus plus plus plus point for me.

Back to the sunat thing. Haziq did the clamp way. I think everyone is doing it now. Unless you prefer the conventional tok mudim style, sit on batang pisang kepit dengan buluh. It was relatively easy to jaga Haziq. Not much blood. Less pain (relative). Heals quite quickly. No need major pantang.

Just to report, Haziq cried when the doctor injected the anesthetics. Yazid held him tight and was comforting him I was worried lover would shout at him. I underestimate my lover sometimes.

Everyone watched the procedure, including JackJack who was beside the doctor. I admit I admit. I cried when i watched the doctor snip snip. And Sya saw I cried and kept asking me about it. Even Sya looked like she was going to cry. What more with Haziq grunting in pain. At one point Sya covered her face.

Alhamdullilah everything went smoothly. It healed as expected. On the day the efxers met up and celebrated mr. aie's birthday, it was Haziq's one week sunat. He has not healed well at that time and we had to wait for this prince to walk like a robot.

He was in pain each time he was not doing anything. He complained all the time. However, the pain seemed to disappear when he played PS2.

I think it's good lah that he sunat lambat. Hopefully the pain taught him to be more empathy with his wife in the future. He semi enjoyed the attention but really appreciate the monetaries he is receiving. Jack on the other hand is already circumcised. So no sebok-sebok around him in the future. Macam tak bestlah pulak.

In order to comfort Haziq, my lover told Haziq how his experience was worst. He had stitches. I told Haziq my friend's experience. He did conventional style. No anesthetics. No stitches. No laser. Togel aje. (he told me). I am not sure whether the approach to say that he is actually lucky, despite that he is in pain suppose to comfort him or agitate him even more.

In the future he would probably laugh at himself just like all of us laughed at men who suffered this little pain.

Oh some pictures here


fayrahim said...


Ur hometown kat Muar ke Lollies?

So far yet so near ;) My parents kat Parit Sulong, Batu Pahat.

Musim rambutan kan sekarang?

KakNi said...

Hello Mr. Haziq, err... how is your ... err.... aiya sudah sihat ka?

Jo Kontan said...

I made a small mistake. Sunatkan Arip and Ajim while they were babies.

Sekarang dah tak thrill lagi nak nyakat diaorang "kena gigit semut"


Zaitul said...

oo dear...now im imagining how it'd be when my lil' haziq lak nk kena bersunat....huhuhuuu...i hope i will be able to go thru it well...hehehetp tkpe...lama lg kan :p

Lollies said...

fay rahim - ah ah saya orang muwor. oooo pt sulong ya. saya pi kluang hari tu ada lalu situ. musim rambutan kan sekarang. jalan kampung pokok rambutan merah aje. best tengok

ah ni - ya lorrr sudah lama sihat. sudah satu bulan wooo

jokontan - itulah tak best tak dapat kacau budak jantan ni kan?

ibuhaziq - ibu2 mesti boleh punya. lots of love (and teasing) Insya Allah

HEMY said...

emm..cik lollies..Just wonder, Haziq cried during the circumcising or after that?

Because during my circumcision, I didn't feel anything except the first needle shot me..mcm kena gigit semut, after that..tau2 dah siap..tp balik tu yg sakit

lion3ss said...

Lil Cub will miss on the experience sebab kita sunatkan dia masa he was 10 days old.