Friday, July 27, 2007

I want to Cry

So I arm myself with "The Kite Runner book - Khaled Hosseini". (I know I know, the book is so basi to most of you already. I am a basi reader) The review says that this book will move even the hardest heart.

I rarely choose books that make me cry. In fact I usually avoid it. I sometimes think it is such a waste of emotion. You see I can't differentiate between fantasy and reality sometimes. That's why I call my self a goddess. However I do not mind inspiring stories, without reading motivational genres. So perhaps "The Kite Runner" will be a good pick. I need the cry.

My lover left for Qatar this morning.

Next summer trip I do not want this arrangement anymore. I will most likely go back to Malaysia early (two weeks the most. one month seems too long) and wait for him to come to me and we go back to Qatar together. I hate the feeling of being left behind.

Anyway after lover left, the kids ran all over the airport. They ran down the escalator. I tried to keep up, but it's my big fat arse you see. Then they ran up the travellator. Haziq then ran on the opposite direction travellator. Because he is a bigger boy and because he knows what he is doing, he ran at what seemingly so easy.

Zachary followed suit. But because he is smaller and does not know what he is doing, it wasn't an easy feat. In fact he couldn't do it. I saw him trying to run, but fell instead. He didn't understand that the travellator is going the opposite direction, like a treadmill. I saw him trying to get up with difficulty an finally he succumbed to the flow and cried all the way.

I was of course trying as fast as i can to run in my little stilettos when all these happen. I shouted at haziq but haziq ran off racing with Sya.

Jack cut his palms from the travellator's groove. Man, was i angry. A few minutes lover left, and a cut on Jack's hands.

He cried all the way to the car. And when all of us are in, Jack said he lost his slippers. Agghh, I ran back to look for it. After sometime, I found it terselit between the door and the car seat. Then I had to make sure I didn't exceed the allowed time to go out of the parking building. I didn't speed. I did not.

I am in Muar now. Plans are to do nothing and nothing at all for two weeks perhaps.

I am looking forward to my next adventures of nothingness.

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UglyButAdorable said...

auwww....sian you...i agree 1 month is way too long..

takpelah..u have the book to accompany you aight... and of course the children...