Sunday, February 17, 2008


I am tagged by MULAN. The tag is, I am to list five of my favourite links of web pages. Since it is not too hard, I thought why not.

So here goes jeng jeng jeng.

Raqam wahid. (No. 1)

Ha ha ha. boleh tak? Well I google a lot. And when your kids are growing and they begin to ask you strange question, google is a life saviour. And thanks to google, I found more links to what could potentially be another favourite link.

Raqam ithnan (No. 2)

google reader

I visit my account on google reader everyday. Thanks to its capability to read RSS and ATOM, I am now updated whenever a new entry is made on the blog I subscribed too and that is the blogs that I read. This is real handy since I don't have to visit the blog ever so often only to find that it is not updated.

The other best thing about google reader is, I can read the entry in my account without actually going to the blog and err leaving my trails on the owner's blog stats.

Raqam thalatha (No. 3)

Resources for muslim children.

I use a few very resourceful links to prepare notes for my children. Well not exactly notes, but more like reinforcement for the children when we discuss topic about Islam. This is real handy. Some of the links I have, provide games and quizzes which were helpful. I have a few. Boleh ke masuk semua under raqam thalatha ni?

Islam for Children

easy language. colourful. short and easy.

I give you this linklah. Cheating ni. but this link will branch you to many other links of the same topic.

Islamic websites for children.

Raqam Arbaah (No. 4)

I am in the middle of making digital scrapbook for Sya. Thanks to mommyalif who introduced this, I am painstakingly doing one now. SO this must be my favourite link now.

Digital scrapbook

Raqam khamsah (No. 5)

Well, this is another cheat, but I really like you to visit this.

HUDA TV live streaming.

I don't visit this site for its live streaming because I get to watch it on TV. he he. But I really like to share this with you, because Huda TV can also be watched on the net.

Huda TV, is an Islamic channel. It has different shows, talks, documentaries, quran recitation and even music revolving about Islam. It talks about different aspects of Islam: its basics, its rules, its connection to our every day life, its relation to other religions, and many other topics. And the best thing is, it is in english. This not only help muslims all over the world to get inputs for their spiritual health, but hopefully it helps the non Muslim to learn what Islam is all about. Not the distorted terrorist, distorted jihad and what nots that the other media is publisizing.

So that's it five plus plus of my links. Oh another one. My friends and I have started a new blog. A mommy blog. We hope to share stories, tips and experience among us. Do drop in, and give your opinions as well. Click Bondablabber.

May I tag the bloggers below?

1. Futuredoc
2. Gartblue
3. Mosh
4. Idham


idham said...

lollies...thanks for the tag! Nanti ada kelapangan saya buat ye.

and I am now surfing HUDA dan scrapbook site tu juga hehehe.

Am I in ur list of 'blog yang aku baca'?? kalau belum ada, sila masukkan ye...hehehe


een said...

allo lollies..thanks for the useful info for the kids to learn on Islam

Lollies said...

idham - take your time. no rush.

you were in my google reader account but somehow there was something wrong with your atom or RSS. it keeps linking me to your old blog. :(. i visit you directly in regular basis. he he

een - i hope you'd find it useful. :)