Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mari Main Pasir

PhotobucketMy friend is coming over on a short stopover from London-D0ha-KLIA. Since she is coming early in the morning on Friday, which is a weekend, I thought the best place to take for sight seeing is the dunes. However, also due to time limit, we will not play at the big sand, Inland Sea, but only at the baby sanddune that is the Se@line area.

My children, like myself, really enjoy going to the dune. Jack loves it for the bumpy roller coaster ride. Sya likes it because she loves running around and get herself covered with water and sand and making shapes on the sand.

Haziq just love running up and down the rolling dune. I don't know where he got so much energy. Sometimes I get worried if he wondered too far and got himself lost. The dunes can be deceiving and look almost the same from any angle, especially if you are alone. And I also worry that the kids slip at the edge of the dunes.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I like going to the dune trip because it is exciting and an adrenalin rush activity. It's a fun way to go picnic in my opinion. Just to assure my friend, we put safety first and our driving is quite gentle. When we convoy, some of us use walkie talkie to warn each other for any oncoming danger. Or the co pilot would warn the driver whenever we are too close to the car infront. He he.

So my friend do not have to worry, for none of us are willing to risk driving like this.

and hopefully we do not experience scenes like this


k.d said...

Dune bashing is a must when you go to your region. I've been twice but the first time was better as the sand was softer.

I love the photo of Haziq was it, at the top. Classic!

atiza said...

best nya..tak panas?

idham said...

nice pictures! camera jenis apa tu? or was it the photographer's skill? hehehehe

and wow - scarryyyy.


Lollies said...

doc - perhaps the second time you went, the sand was slightly wet? and yes being in arab country ak dune bashing memanglah rugi amat

atiza - sekarang musim sejuk.time for outdoor activity

idham - heh heh. could it be both? but mine is a nikon.