Sunday, March 23, 2008

Something to be happy about

There are a few things that are making me happy and smiling. Like it's quite OK to live here kind of feeling.

First of all, the centre where I am learning my arabic and tajweed, now also offer classes for girls. Sya's age included. Woo hooo. So ok it's only once a week for two hours, much lesser than what your kids get in Malaysia. But this is enough reason for me to be elated anyhow. I felt so relieved.

She has attended two classes already. I must say that the class so far, is like fine tuning what she has already learn. They taught her AlFatehah. Correcting her makhraj and all that. Dalam hati ni legaaa Sya dah memorise Al Fatehah. So lepas ni sure Sya kerek dengan maknya ni. Tee he he.

And the other day I went out to this low budget shop that sells everything under the sun called AlRaunak. I wanted to get some files to fill in my homeschooling (janganlah terperanjat sangat dengan term ni) notes.

Biasalah nak cari satu benda, pastu merayau-rayau tengok benda lain. I managed to get myself in the book section. Oh! What a galore! I found the very kind of books that I was looking for.

You see the other day I was doing self complaining and sighing, that I don't have enough material for the homeschooling. I am not that creative. Of course I have been turning to the faithful internet and buku kerja ugama. I have been printing stuff and all that. But what I also want are real books. Islamic books for children which are either not many or are too expensive here in Qatar.

But I found them books in this shop! So many of them and also so so so cheap. At least in Qtar standardlah. Allow me to share the books' title so you can share my joy wokeh..

1. Angel Jibra'eel Returns Again

Photobucket Photobucket

This book for children is about Surah Ad-Duha which explains about it's history and about the Prophet. Wow! Masya Allah! I am the one who is really learning here tau!

The kids have not got to this surah yet. Err well maybe Haziq has but at least not with me. But when they do, I have my materials ready. Sangatlah syioknya.

2. The Gift of Jumu'ah


Haziq has learned formally about Jumuah prayers at his Friday Fardhu Ain class. And this book is a supplement to what he has learn. I like English Islamic Children book because the approach is more friendly than a Malay one. What he learn macam ala ala sekolah, but this book has different approach altogether. A great book to read together and learning about what is so special about Friday with your kids regardless of gender. All while making them knowledgeable about the blessed day of Friday.

3. The Gift of Ramadhan

books books

Self explanatorylahkan buku ni? Coming Ramadhan nanti adalah modal.

4. Abu Lahab and his wife Arwah

Photobucket Photobucket

Sya will be reciting this soorah soon. bestnya nak introduce bad guy dalam cerita nabi.

5. The surahs to seek refuge


Oh I am just so happy to find this bbok. Dengan kalernya yang terang. Dengan gambarnya yang best. Sya has just memorised the three Quls. (I know I know lambatnya. Hu hu. Mak ajar tak strict sangat kot?.) And I am currently putting in new routine at night that is to recite Fatehah, the three Quls, Ayat Kursi and syahadah before they sleep, followed by hugs and kisses. With the help of this book, I can explain to them
why we are doing all that.

Kan senang kerja aku Cik Bedah oi.

6. Those Who Backbite and Slander


This book is about surah Surat Al-Humazah (The Slanderer) which explains about backbiting and slandering others and its evil effects. OK..I definitely have not got to these Surah with the kids. I know Haziq has memorised it, but we have not discussed the story just yet. In fact I err have not betul-betul memorise this surah. *hangs head in shame*. Tapi learning about the story nanti should help me lah kan?

7. The Night of Decree

books books

Hah! Lagi buku yang sesuai untuk Ramadhan

8. The gift of friendship.

Alaa tak jumpalak kat internet and malas nak scan. But basically this book tells us the importance of friendship and it summarises the 6 duties that a Muslim has upon another Muslim like accepting invitation, blessing them when they sneeze and all that. Sungguh amat sesuai untuk story mory dan pengajaran with the kids when the topic arises in my homeschooling.

All these books are written by Shazia Nazlee and published by Darussalam. And each cost QR8. Surely it is cheaper in Malaysia. The books are printed on high quality paper, big font and fantabulous pictures. Children will like it. Myself being a child at heart person LOVES it.

booksI also got another book entitled Ammar in Makkah also published by darussalam. The QR3 book is about a young boy, Ammar, who went on a journey in Makkah with his family. This children book is for children to understand the journey. Ooohh definitely will be useful for Haziq especially. Can't wait to use this book for good.

booksAhh another book for Sya particularly. Sya has learn about Wudhu' and is able to do it without my constant supervision. I want to go to the next level of telling her which one is wajib and sunat. And to put down formally what nullifies a wudu'.

But err I have a questionlah. the book says one of the things that nullifies a wudu' is eating camel's meat? Ya ka ni? And the book also says "When in doubt, do not renew the wudu' unless you are absolutely sure that your wudu' has become invalid". I thought it's the other way round.

I bought a few books for myself. Tapi panjanglah pulak post ni. Tak penting sangatlah.

Some of you may find, alaa ini pun nak happy. But I have always find it hard to find good and cheap books here especially Islamic one in English. So I have all reasons to be astounded.

Subhanallah, I find that when I think of something, I will be shown the answer or the way. When I want something, I will get it. It is really easy to make me happy tau.


Ummu Layth said...

wow bestnya. eh you buat homeschooling ek? i ada jumpa webpage ni indonesian family buat homeschool kat america. jap ek..mana linknya...

Ummu Layth said...

about the camel meat tu. ceritanya begini.(mafhum aje ye..can't remember the actual text)

semua orang masuk masjid nak solat after eating a jamuan of camel's meat. pas tu tetiba je ada orang kentut. but no one stood up untuk pergi ambil wudhu' semula. so instead of memalukan orang tu and suruh own up, the Prophet told everyone who ate the camel's meat to ambil wudhu' semula. so semua orang bangun ambil wudu' and no one knew who kentut tadi.

wallahu a'lam.

ms ngantuk said...

interesting books. i love the ones with stories behind the surah. u tak nak buat bisnes mailing orders for books ni ke?

Lollies said...

ummu layth - Ohh double wow to your link. terus saya bookmark. makin spoilt for choices saya ni with the resources. I am happy.

alaa my homeschooling bukanlah dalam arti kata sebenar pun. Cuma term tu sedap. And I only teach mostly quran and islamiic knowledge. tapi ada buat syllabuslah. kena buatlah kat sini sebab fardhu ain yang ada seminggu sekali tak cukup. sebagai orang yang tak terer i need to find as many resources as i can to help me to teach.

and thanks for the story. barulah faham.

ms ngantuk - kat msia dah ada dah company ni. Have you heard of UKS?

Ummi said...

Wow superb.. i really like the idea but i didn't have the time to do it alas the duties are all rested on the ustazah who comes home 4 hours a week.

Lollies said...

ummi - that's the thing. i don't have the luxury to have ustaz/ ustazah ti our house. sekolah international kat sini pulak tak mengajar ugama. yang depa ada is the once a week fardhu ain class. mana cukup. i realise the responsibility is very heavy on me. tapi yang sedihnya i can never be as par as the ustaz/ ustazah. just praying for the best untuk anak-anak.

masdiana said...

Mabrouk! Rawnaq tuh mmg best ek? Yg psl wdhu' tuh, your questions were covered in our fiqh class kat Markaz Maryam - I think the author shared the same view as the author of the book we referred to in the fiqh class, but the good thing is Sr Fareeda was there to explain that that is just 1 view + there are other views as well.

Lollies said...

diana - oohh nampak sangat i was not in the class masa tu. hu hu hu.

eh awak ni dah balik sini ke? i have a question that is bugging my mindlah/ about the evil eye tu. did you gett the proper answer masa lecture kat maryam centre tu? bebila boleh tak kita discuss?

Swahili said...

Ive been wanting to write about such book in Bonda, always slip my mind. Harris has a few of the publication frm Darulssalam (Wudu).

Anther one you should look for is I bought several as gifts for my nieces. they love it. cuba cari kat Geant, ada kot. Ive been to several Middle East country, semua nampak kat Geant (predominently).

Oh and the Darulssalam book ada jual kat KL and Sin, hehe, kita je tak tahu.

Lollies said...

oh yes i love the goodworks stuffs. infact i bought a board game on quran knoledge. i think i blogged it here. wait ah

there it is. but most of my goodworks i got it in msia. they have it at mph and other big bookstores. and like you said they have them mostly in giants here. tapi nasib-nasib lah. kadang-kadang ada. kadang-kadang tak ada.

memang darussalam ada jual kat klcc. i quite love that small shop. tapi the last i pergii, i was not looking for kids stuffs (tak ada anak lagi masa tu. he he)