Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mak kahwinkan akuuu

Dr. Azh@r is a very prominent figure among the Malaysians here in Qtar. In fact not only among the Malaysians, but also the relevant figures in Qtar. I remembered when I was about to go to Qtar, many people asked me to look out for Dr. Azh@r. One of them is PB (Primary Basic)'s mum. They were close friends back in the UK and were also neighbours in Malaysia. When I was taking care of my mum in the Hospital besar Mu@r, even the hospital director asked me whether I knew Dr. Azh@r.

My first encounter with Dr. Azhar was when I attended one of his talks of his mission with MERCY , I can't remember where, was it Bam Iran, or Peshawar or Kabul. But it was a place of calamity. I began to know him better when I was in the ASS and later on we took off with our numerous trips to the dunes.

Dr. Azh@r is a highly respected man due to his knowledge and his humbleness and his community get together. Everyone admires him and his family for all the good reasons. Thus it is not surprising that when he announced that his daughter is getting married, many jumped to help.

I am telling you, everyone really looked forward to help. Sampai ada yang tertanya-tanyalah, kenapa tak panggil-panggil lagi ni suruh tolong. And Dr. Azhar also has set up an AJK commitee to sort out this walimah thing.

The real purpose of this entry this time round is to tell that I was asked to help. he he. They wanted me to take the wedding photos.


I was nervous of course for when someone asked you to do something, the whole taking pictures thing become more serious. Not just the clickety click that I have been doing all these while.

I was even more nervous to take the solemnisation photos because the aqad was done at Sheikh Ab@ssi Madani's (ex president FIS party in Algeria and a very prominent figure here in Qtar) house. I was worried about being the female going about taking photos. Somehow this nerve wrecking thoughts did limit my freedom. So I tried my best to take from far angles. The dim light was a true challenge for my lenses are not fast enough. Hu hu hu. It was really frustrating. Sesiapa nak donate lens NIKKOR f/2.8 (or better)70-200?


He he felt like putting in the tok kadhi picture sebab hensem. I remembered the tok kadhi when he asked about the mahar and got a shock of his life. The bride's mahar (mas kahwin)was our normal standard (definitely waaaayyyyyy more than the minimum Johor's mahar RM22.50) but was too little in normal Q@tari standard. The Q@taris would usually ask for serba tinggal, with a big villa fully furnished come with maid and driver. Tu diaa. That does not include cash and jeweleries of course. So the kadhi was asking the bride whether she is really sure for more than three times. Still not satisfied with the bride's answer (yang tersipu malu ketika itu), he asked whether you want to put any condition to the mahar. When the answer remained a sweet no, the kadhi exclaimed, SUBHANALLAH! Reminds me of an entry by Saifulislam about mahar in Jordan. Read it here.

I spent many nights sleeping late editing the photos and putting it into videos with songs. And that was one experience that I tremendously enjoyed. And it also taught me what I am lacking off (which are many) and where I can improve (which are plentiful).

And then there was the wedding day itself which poses another challenge initially. they separated the male's venue and the female's. Thank God, they asked someone else to take pictures at the guy's place. I cannot imagine splitting myself to two. The photographers at the male's side were Mr. Zulu Leader and my lover. Tee he he.

It was a really tiring day doing all the standing and walking and clicking and more days editing, but it was best best best.

Too bad I can't show you the pictures of the bride, which is really the crust of taking wedding photographs, and kind of disappointing because there goes my portfolio (macam bagus) but I suppose these links of photos of the day are good enough.

Aqad Nikah


Walimah belah lelaki

Walimah belah perempuan


Both my lover and I were busy that walimah week (24/5/2008). Because I had to take photos of the bride and the rewang, I went out early in the morning and stayed late. He had to help with the tables on the guy's side. We forgot something very important. I only remembered the following day and quickly texted him,

"Guess who has been married for eleven years?"

Ada orang guilty.


KakNi said...

LOh.. kok gitu... sampei lupa anniversary sendiri dong..... waduh waduh...

Happy belated anniversary ya....

mommy@lif said...

happy belated wedding anniversary.. 11 years and counting... yeah babe!

Neeza Shahril said...

Happy 11th Anniversary lollies...
sometimes, guys need a reminder..
you should snap his picture on that day and say, 'ooppss!! I thought you're the groom' hehehe.. and see whether he remember something.. heheh..

nice pictures.. handsome khadi tu...
balik malaysia, boleh la buat freelance jadi wedding photographer.. hehe..

Lollies said...

akuni - teramatlah seboknya. yakah satu keluarga berewang katakan.

mommy akif - Insya Allah

neeza - tapi masalahnya saya pun tak ingat. ours is actually on 23rd May, saya sendiri ingat on the 25th. he he

kadhi tu amatlah machonya. dia pandang aje macam tu, menggigil groom tu. hahahha

elisataufik said...

kalau lupa mesti GANTI!!

good pictures. I like gambar pengantin lelaki (?) dengan budak on the tangga tu.

shidah said...

happy anniversaries. esok jangan lupa bawak camera. kasi ambik gambar lawa-lawa.... :) 8:00 am, ok?

Lollies said...

elisa - eh ada kat blogspotlak dia. ya ya itulah pengantin.

shidah - alaa nak kena bawakk kamera ke? malaslah pulak.