Monday, December 29, 2008

Back on Air

My computer died on me just when the school holiday starts. Oh man! I suddenly became anti social. I had no car (tapi kereta dah dapat balik like four days ago!). No computer! I became a hermit!

I had so much to tell. Hmm ya ka ni? Well at least so many things happen. Just before the computer died on me, I was editing some walimah pictures. Buat slide show segala. Upon detecting disaster about to happen, I managed to save all pictures in an external hard disc. Legaaaa. What I ralat most was I couldn't produce the VCD for the BBQ makan-makan at the pengantin's house last week. Will probably blog about it. Insya Allah.

Then I went jalan-jalan to Zikreet, Qatar. Interesting landscape. I want to explore this area more. Will blog more with pictures.

Then I received a surprise sms from Elisa. She asked whether we were having plans for the weekend. It was a three days weekend, and I quickly rope in people for a dune bashing trip. So her five days stay was an answer to my hermitness. Will blog about this the soonest.

But with the places that we bashed to, my camera's memory card is full up to the nose. Tolooonnnngggggg!

familyThen after Elisa left, we painted the majlis. I had this small project for the room. Will will will blog about it. I managed to rearranged some furniture as well. It doesn't make the room appear bigger or anything, but it gave a better sense of belonging for me.

The lack of computer has also made me more rajin around the house. I managed to iron all clothes in a short period of time.:D. I read books more. :D. But somehow I feel like spending and buying things more. Especially when I look around the house. Thank Goodness tak ada kereta. :D

So just a short one for now. Just to tell you I am still alive. And missing the internet loads. I want to mention the person who nursed my computer to life, bro silver. So many times he has help us when it comes to gadget. I owe him big time. BIG!

So what are you guys up to?


atiza said...

didn't go anywhere during this long hols..aku rasa ketark bawak kereta arini...aku tak driving since aku langark bontot kereta orang masa besday aku aritu..kau masa lepas accident aritu ada rasa ketrak2 nak bawak kereta jugak ker?

take care..

disturbia said...

salam ...
been ur silent reader for while.. just want to say welcome back... missed ur entries :)

elisataufik said...

kadang2 bagus jugak tak de computer/internet ni..
Bolehlah memasak macam2 untuk tetamu..

I pun nak blog pasal trip ituhari.. tapi internet asyik ada asyik takde... potong stim la.

Unknown said...

baru sekarang i boleh read your entries. if not, everytime firefox ada error.

Gartblue said...

just so u feel less hermit-ish .. we hung out at home too ... Kereta ada, internet pun ada but fulus agak kureng .. hehehe .. Ppl are not posting much these days .. Kenapa ye?

mosh said...

lamanya nak repair. and so many things to blog about!

similar case here. hermitish coz fulush agak kureng...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I didn't get a chance to miss anyone much though. Been having putus2 internet connection since 2 weeks ago (ni dekat office..huhu).

Seronok is what I would describe your hermit-ish moment there. :D

Jo Kontan said...

Salam Maal Hijrah Lolleetahh.

I AM Glad you are back.

Mai-ed sini, takdak post.
Mai-ed sini, takdak post..

Lollies said...

why is it that i cannot access my own post eh? kena pi cari orang yang ada link my post and access it through there. bengkak

Lollies said...

aie - aku mungkin slightly different case. sebab aku kena langgar. tapi aku sungguh wary masa brake for traffic lights or something. asik tengok cermin belakang aje and aku sekarang stop extra jauh dari kereta depan. tapi masa mula2 tu setiap kali ada missed accident rasa nak terkeluar perut

disturbia - he he. i am baaaccckk

elisa - eh kat sini network ok pulak. ooppss tak mau speak too soon. :P

lana - errr orang lain punya entry ok?

Lollies said...

gart - tak taulah kenapa. tapi ko masih meriah kan?

mosh - buatlah aktiviti2 yang tak memerlukan fulus. supaya boleh di blogkan :D

snv - :D. tapi nak blognya tak tau bila. masih rearranging stuff in teh house ni.

jo - yayyyyyyyy. saya akan letak post segre kalau gitu.

Mc Ani said...

ingatkan kenapalah tak update?

tak yah cakap pun tahu, sekolah nak buka so memang busy...but I am catching up with my reading! Rindu betul kat books!!!!

Mdm gart - fulus kureng tu biasalah...nak kek oren!!!!

Jill Yusoff said...

aku memang suka keluar tajuk, check out that hot painter man!

Ummi365 said...

glad to have you back