Friday, December 05, 2008

Ini Sudah Leceh

Sometimes when I go out, to the groceries especially, I notice there are man who would eye me and follow me around the aisles. This is terrifying because I usually shop in the morning. At certain grocery stores, not many people are around.

So what I do is I would walk quickly to where there are more people.

And the next thing I do now is I don't go to that store in the morning again. Now I choose bigger stores where there are more people.

Today is my grocery day again. I found those biscotti finger things. Yayy boleh buat tiramisu. And bought this supposed to be less fat cream cheese. Hmm sedapkah nanti?

Anyway, I was looking closely at these aisles for biskut marie. Where the hell did they put them? Dulu kat sini. Then I noticed a man was watching me. Haiyoo!

Then when he noticed I saw him, he circled around the aisle I was at, trying to get closer and closer to me and nearly brushed my back.

I was scared. Scared sampai rasa sangat marah! So finally when he was in front of me I said to him, "You! Stay away from me! Understand?!"

He was quite shocked actually. Thank goodness he didn't get defensive or err angry. Because we wre alone at that particular aisle. In fact he was so shocked that he said oh! ok. and left.

Tapi as for myself forget the biskut marielah. Entah mana dia kedai tu bubuh agaknya. I didn't see him after that at all.

Then I went to pick up the kids. Eh asallak jam jalan ni? So the lane I was on was crawling. But the lane on the left tu laju sikit because they would turn elsewhere. Then I noticed this car was inching next to mine. And I turned, this guy was trying to get my attention. Hah?? And waved at me. hah??!!!

Then he slowed, crawling next to my car. In the process he blocked the rest of the cars behind him. And he was waving and waving trying to get my attention. By this time I was pissing in my pants already. Shit betullah. If the guy in the store tu at least he is a non local arab (sebab dia tak pakai thawb). This guy in the car is local. So that scares the shit out of me.

But somehow, I managed to get to the lane on the right. So we were then set apart. Legaaa

If any of you think that you get attention over here because you are pretty ke apa, sorry to tell you, that is not the case. They go for anything. Such a loser if you think prettiness and looking good is a factor!

I am not the only one yang kena harass ni. Ada yang kena lagi teruk. Ada yang siap rub his private parts lagi (tapi not local guys so far). Why the lady tak marah, you might ask. Well, kadang-kadang kita jadi takut kan? Kadang-kadang kita terkejut and really tak tau nak buat apa. Kadang-kadang kita malu apa orang fikir pasal kita kalau kita kecoh. Wallahu3alam. But then again this happen in any country kan? May we be given strength to defend our honour.

My theory is, these "predators" target their victims by vulnerability.

Being alone makes you vulnerable.
Being asian also makes you vulnerable.
being alone and asian makes you double vulnerable.

why asian you may ask? Sebab being asian kat sini can mean that you are a maid, or someone in blue collar. Harassment is many times about power. Who has more than the other. (teringat cerita disclosure).

Undeniably there are my friends who are arabs (but not locals because I don't have local arab friends) who are harassed. Tapi kaw-kaw kena harass dia orang ni. Tunggu depan rumah segala. And telling them you are married and have kids will not deter them. Ni my firend ni lah. Tapi I suppose in their case because dia orang ni memang lawa sungguh. Masya Allah! Lawanya dia orang. Anyway my friend finally had to tell her husband and her husband pergi bergaduh dengan predator tu. Siap kata I love her to the husband pulak tu. Such courage. So kulang ajaq!

Unfortunately also some asians love harassment. Especially kalau yang harass tu local with big cars and big money. Dalam kes ni it is not called harass anymore, it's called win-win situation.

being female or male is not a factor though. Not here.

So I am kinda feeling uneasy about it. This is not the first time. Funnily this only happen after I don the hijab. MAsa tak pakai dulu adalah jugak, but not as much as now.

Ini memang melecehkan. If it persists I might have to do something more drastic. Niqob may be an option.


Nadia said...

kalau kat kg ada pakcik van jual groceries.. takde la nak harras sebab skali dia stop semua mak2 budak nenek budak keluar...

maybe you are alone kot tu yg suka2 je kacau org... cari la grocery least you can reduce the chances nak kena kacau even not 100%..

Lollies said...

a good idea. nak implement aje susah. sapa nak ikut I jom.

أم الليث said...

i'm not surprised. padan ler KSA tak bagi perempuan drive or go out alone. bukannya "oppress" women but to keep them safe from these psychos!

kalau niqob tak jalan, pakai burqa je terus. pakai niqob mata nampak terlebih lawa la plak heheeh

hijab ni dua hala tau. kita kena tutup aurat DAN jaga pandangan. men and women!

again..what maniacs derang nih!!

atiza said...

at least kau berani jugak nak marah mamat tu...kalau aku, diamkan jer la..takut nanti kena lebih teruk..

u take care doll

Gartblue said...

Oh babe ... Sungguh leceh and sungguhla piss in my pants moments. Yikes! btw, the thoughts of u in jubah got me to get ine for me too. Niqab. Hmmmm

أم الليث said...

i was thinking about this all day: kenapa kat developed country cam australia ni takde org lelaki perangai camni.

ada sebenarnya tapi:
1. derang tak target asians sgt so kita tak perasan
2. sbb ada bnyk s3x centres merata2
3. p0rn is acceptable
4. pr0stitution is acceptable

jadinya takde keje la derg nak target pompuan2 yg kurang kemungkinan derg bleh dpt kalau xbleh dpt senang2 aje kat tempat2 tu.

point is kat mana2 pun ramai org dah berperangai macam ini. kita implement hijab one-sided aje mana nak berkesan hijab tuh.

shidah said...

oh lollies... bila pakai hijab, dugaan lebih besar :) bila pakai abaya lagi la.... kena ekor ngan pak arab.... my lesson learned, sekarang ni as much as possible, bila i terasa nak pakai abaya, masa gi office je, atau gi rumah msian je....

Lollies said...

aliya - betul tu. ada sesetengah ladies yg pakai niqob ni, the eye make up mak oi. macam nak pergi party. and memang lawalah. dengan eye lashes yg lentik tu. pakai niqob tapi buat i rasa nak tengok aje. he he

aie - sebenarnya aku takut gak. tapi dah dia makin dekat. i had to take chances. tapi lepas tu aku belah terus. tak cari dah biskut marie. now aku dah tak boleh buat kek batik. Grrrrr

aliya - kes macam I ni memang rampant. tanya sesapa pun mungkin ada pernah kena sekali dua. sebab tu my thoughts are dia orang ni target those yg dia ingat desperate macam dia. asians are easier targets because we might be workers biasa yg tak ada laki atau kena tinggalkan laki. Pedulilah pakai hijab ke tak. mana tau win win situation ke.

some of these people, bila bab ni part hijab pun lupa. Grrrr

shidah - tulah. pak arab suka tengok non arabs ni pakai abaya eh? mungkin kalau kaum dia pakai, tak berani dia nak kacau kot.

Lollies said...

gart - eh terlepas pulak komen awak ni. he he dont worrylah gart. aku thinking kalau pakai niqob time aku pakai abaya sebab aku perasan kalo pakai abaya ni lebih kecenderungan untuk dikacau. and plus niqob looks ok only if you ear abaya (or jubah) kalau pakai seluar ke skirt ke errr macam tak kena.