Saturday, March 21, 2009

Contradict Each Other

Some people are asking for my help. I did eagerly want to.

But somehow some of the words they say contradict themselves. One day she says this. On another day, she said something else that contradicts her own words earlier.

She probably doesn't know that I have a memory of an elephant.

And also I rarely delete my sms messages.

I am having doubts now.

And I don't like feeling like this.


Anonymous said...

Selalunya macam tu, kita (with sincerety) beria-ia, tapi orang yang kita nak tolong tu buat hal. Just don't give up! Insyallah ask for nothing in return and take these 'setbacks' in your stride

Anonymous said...

Husnudzan je... maybe s/he forgets what s/he asked you in the 1st place, or maybe after saying the 1st thing something happened to make her/him change the words... Best is just confront, remind her/him what was said in the 1st place + ask why the change.
Remember the 'intention' tazkirah we had - insyaAllah you've already gotten the reward for your intention + actually helping the person. These snags are for extra rewards from Him insyaAllah. :-)
I hope I'm not the person mentioned here, for I do have a memory of a goldfish! :-)

Lollies said...

datuk azgrowlen - the thing i worry ni is my help will affect an innocent person (kerja ala broker gitu. That is my biggest worry. I am seeking His guidance.

diana - Jazakallahhu khair for teh advice sahabati. I like to comfort myself with your words. It's a struggle you know. the was wassah creating doubts and trying to berbaik sangka and on the other hand do not want to be taken for a ride.

Don't worry definitely bukan you. In fact bukan di sini pun. Ini kes perhubungan jarak jauh gitu.

mosh said...

elephant as a role model for memory retention ok, not size ehehehe