Monday, August 24, 2009

Mari Baca Quran

Two days into fasting now. Alhamdulillah. I have lost 200g. Lover lost 3 kilos.

Anyway, I was told of this tip to help us live the Quran during Ramadhan. This is the aim to finish the Quran in one month. So if you want to finish twice or three times or like the some of the tabi'e, they finish the Quran every three days. At the last ten days of Ramadhan, they completed the Quran every night. Masya Allah! Eh digress pulak, if you want to finish the Quran more than once in Ramdhan, do your maths and double triple quadraple millionaple your efforts.

The tip is to try and read the quran two pages before prayer and two pages after for every fard prayer and everyday in ramadhan. Minimal that is.

But I think you know this already lah. But I am just over excited hearing the tip.

It is unfortunate though that we do not really understand what we read. Insya Allah we can refer to the tafseer.

But but but nak sharelah sikit
I know we do not understand the language, but I think most of us know some simple words like jannah, An Nar, Jahannam, mu'minin, the name of rasul, Allah's Glorified names and many more. So perhaps we can live the qur'an by reflecting on some of the familiar words.

Like when we come across the word Jannah, we can reflect and imagine what Jannah is nd make dua' that we will enter Jannah. Make dua that Allah will always shower us hidayah thus giving us easier path to enter Jannah. Du'a that we are steadfast.

And when we come across the word Jahannam or the word Azab, we can make dua that we are not sent into it or be tortured with Allah's promised torture for those who disobeyed.

The word muttaqoon (those who have taqwa), we can make dua that we are included as one of them.

The word wail like in the surah AlHumazah, the first verse. Wail means woe or dalam bahasa melayu means celaka! Meaning Allah is cursing someone. Like in Surah Al Humazah, 104:1, Woe to every slanderer and backbiter. When we find this word, perhaps we can make dua that we are not among those Allah curses. Naudzubillah.

Make sujood when we come across the verse of sajadah. Have ihsan that Allah is watching you when you worship Him.

When we found verses that glorifies Allah, we can stop and make takbeer. Reflect on verses that has Allah's names. Like Al Alim, al Baseer, As Samiee.

Insya Allah we can slowly make ourselves to live in the quran by constantly trying to reflect on Allah's word.

Imagine that Allah is speaking to us when we recite.

Perhaps we can progress ourselves by noting down the word we like or a verse we found most profound to us so we can savour the Quran.

Anyway for those whom i managed to pass the booklet of Ramadhan, you can find these in the book page 32-33. :)Eh macam kelaslah pulak.

These are for my ears first actually.

An attempt at fooling the kids thinking they are eating something grand. Himalayan basmati rice fried in garlic and chiily and diced slected chiicken wrapped in moist omellete.


zan said...

apa buku? tak dapat pun :(

love this entry and thanks for sharing. kena calculate jugak hari off days :)

nasi pattaya versi qatar eh?

MULAN said...

mmg grand itu ala2 nasi pataya..

thanx lollies.. thanx for sharing.. pesal la bila time nak ngaji, ada je halangan konon.. padahal sendiri bikin.. moga kita sentiasa dilapangkan hati & dikuatkan iman utk melawan nafsu yg jahat itu..(nafsu sendiri bikin..)

elisataufik said...

Tahun ni, i have decided to tadarrus with the translation on my ipod. Lambat sikit, tapi Insya-Allah, lebih menghayati. And I can still continue listening even when I 'cuti', which mengikut kiraan ahli falaq, will be very sooon.. :P Hopefully that way, it wont be as 'potong stim' as the years before.

Anonymous said...

another thought-provoking entry, thank you. how about sharing that booklet?

Ummu Layth said...

200g...! tak tahaaaan :p

hehe this year i'm trying something different. i'm going to read juz 29 every day for the whole month. I've been trying to memorise it in the past months and got one more surah left. anyhoo, i'm hoping if i read it that so many times i will perfect the memorisation of the whole juz inshaAllah and still get the rewards of tilawah because in Ramadhan every letter in the Quran that is recited is multiplied in reward MashaAllah

Lollies said...

zan - i kasi booklet tu masa jumpa the guys hari tu. you want it? email i at nanti i pass kat you.

in fact to anyone who wants the book, do email me at it's my pleasure to hand you the book. It is bahasa melayu.

Lollies said...

anyway to those yang i dah kasi, i made some amendments in the document by adding a ramadhan checklist. and other ladies dah cantikkan sikit document tu. if u want do email. :)

doc yang baru ni page lari sikit dari the one said in this entry.

mulan - we are all guilty of that kan mulan. let's do our bestest best. :D

elisa - potong steam? hehehehe. kadang2 lepas 'cuti' momentum jadi slow ek. kena usaha keras ni!

waaahh siap pakai ipod.

anon - if you would like a copy do email me. :D

aliya - 200g you. i can tell it is 200g because there is no change on scale. tapi i am sure ada cuma biasalah weight yang pakai jarum ni tak tepat. :D

Masya Allah, you are nearing to memorise the whole of juz 29. That is very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Oooo tak semua org dapat eh. I thought Screw tak dapat sebab you rasa dia hopeless. Gone case. ahahhaha

OO said...

Lollies, please email me the book and thanks.

Aliya: made an attempt to hafaz when my kids started sekolah tahfiz in january. Sekarang Faris dah habis juzuk 30 dan sedang buat Yasin..I jer yang masih dok takat surah an-naba' and few surah after that!!!! MasyaAllah, anak2 kecik lagi senang nak absorb sebenarnya.

Memang lepas "cuti", momentum jadik slow. Kena kuat semangat. Mine insyaAllah lambat lagi.

masdiana said...

Allahumma baarik! AlhamdulIllah, have been doing what you've suggested here for a while + it did help me 'feel' + 'taste' the beautiful Words of Allah more, sometimes. May we all attain that, may we reflect more + practice more of what we read, till we become (or at least try our best to be like) our beloved RasulUllah s.a.w., whose character is the Qur'an.
I pun baru nak gain momentum nih... ish ish ish... :-(
Nasi goreng pattaya you tuh sungguh mengancam la... curi idea boleh? Better still, order 4 boleh? :-)

atiza said...

hmm..dah tertinggal train banyak dah ni..on top of that, la ni cuti..rugi betul rasanya...

nanti aku cuba tips kau..tapi kena double skit la kot for the lost days..