Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Budak Kecik yang Dah Besar

Today is the first day of school for all my children. After a looooooonnngg summer break.

And today Haziq is officially in the secondary school. What? Sekolah menengah??? Dah besar dah tu!! Tapi suara tak pecah lagi pun?

Haziq is only 11. He should be in Standard 5 now in Malaysia but the different age in the school system here makes him in Year 7 now, equivalent to Form 1.

And there he was in his oversized secodary school shirt. The shirt, the smallest size they have, an XS actually is still big on him. If he tucks in his shirt, he would look like he has a big bottom.

I sent him to his building this morning. His friends were all there to greet him. They eagerly told him which class he would be in. And I can see they were all too eager to jump on him already. So I said, I think you'd do fine. Yeah I would, Insya Allah.

He hold out his hand and I took it and he kissed my hand. And I naturally kiss his forehead. And told him to be good. And reminded him where he should wait for me later.


Wehei, he still allow me to kiss him in publiclah. In fact those hand kissing and forehead kissing were right smack in front of all his friends and strangers too.

I like.

I walked a few steps and turned back. he was at a corner with his friends already. A few seconds later he turned and saw me and waved.

He is the budak kecik yang dah besar.

And now let us go back to JackJack's class because I think he looks like he was going to cry.

O' Allah make my children the comfort of my eyes and make them leaders of the Muttaqun

Ayah dan Haziq


Sheherazade said...

wah,haziq dah msk sekolah menengah. mcm tak percaya :O .

Zaitul said...

fullamak....caya la Haziq....sejuk hati ibu tuh.... :)

zan said...

alaa takleh tgk gambar..

dah besar dah haziq, form 1 !!

kawan2 ada tease tak sebab dpt smooches?

Anonymous said...

usually i'd just read from the reader but today, must comment, comelnya and how sweet it is the shot of the father and son. suka!


Lollies said...

ruby - itulah dia. percayalah.

zaitul - sejuk menggigil you

zan - tak ada pun. kawan2 dia sungguh respectful.

nonah - kita pun suka sangat. walaupun quality gambar tak seberapa tetapi the moment sungguh indah sekali.

Mrs.A said...

When my son was in Darjah 3 and below, he refused to be kissed and hugged in front of friends. Dalam kereta smooching, luar lagak macho.

Then when he was in Darjah 4, he totally surprised me when his dad was supposed to go outstation, he gave the dad a hug and kissed his dad's cheek. There was a snigger from a friend. My son turned and said " so what... I love my dad. dont you?". Made my day that day.

cikdinz said...

dah besar yeik...

mosh said...


Glowing sungguh ibunya tulih entry.

elisataufik said...

ohh I love that picture!
Kat mana tu?

Lollies said...

mrs a - awwwwwww! that was very heart warming. bangganya saya dengar. that's the way to go boy!!

cik dinz - and dah panjang

mosh - eh boleh nampak ek?

elisa - ni kat muar. baru lepas breakfast sate and nasi lemak. :D