Thursday, October 15, 2009

The List is Out

1,200 expatriates selected for Haj
Web posted at: 10/14/2009 3:32:49
Source ::: The Peninsula

DOHA: The Haj Committee has selected 1,200 expatriates, from a total of 5,100 applicants to perform Haj this year.

The selection follows the online registration for expatriates Haj pilgrims introduced by the Committee recently for the first time in Qtar. All the winning candidates were informed through SMS yesterday and they have been asked to complete the other formalities in a week, Haj Committee sources said yesterday.

Qtar has a total quota of 1,500 expatriate Haj pilgrims this year, besides the nearly 4,000 Qtari pilgrims. However, efforts are on to get the quota raised, considering the high number of applicants.

The committee also announced the quota of pilgrims allotted for each Muqawil (Haj contractors) in the C-Category. This category is dedicated for expatriates travelling by road. The selected pilgrims have been asked to contact their respective Muqawils and complete the necessary formalities for the pilgrimage with out any delay. Those who fail to meet the deadline would miss the opportunity to perform the pilgrimage this year.

Meanwhile, the committee has said that all the pilgrims will be vaccinated against seasonal flu and Hepatitis as in the previous years. The vaccines will be administered before their departure to Saudi Arabia.

A senior official of the Medical Committee functioning under the Haj Committee, in a statement issued yesterday, has also clarified that the seasonal flu vaccine given this year is similar to the one administered in the previous years. “Many people were given this vaccine in the previous years and no side effects were reported,” said Dr Faleh Mohammed Hussain, Assistant Minister for Policies at the Supreme Council of Health and head of the Medical Committee. He said the H1N1 vaccine would be given to the pilgrims as and when the vaccine arrives in Qtar.

The Saudi government has made the vaccination mandatory for the pilgrims provided the vaccine is made available before the pilgrimage. If the vaccine is not ready by that time, people will be allowed to perform the pilgrimage on condition that they get vaccinated against seasonal flu, said Faleh.

And I am not in the list. :(


azGROWLen said...

was hoping that you and your lover would be. Mesti ada hikmah

أم الليث said...

you must be extremely disappointed. i am also disappointed on your behalf. but that's ok.. the Prophet and the companions were also disappointed when they couldn't perform hajj the first time they wanted to. InshaAllah your time will come soon. You are already so near the Haram land already :)

أم الليث said...

btw, this is Aliya. new username :D

Lollies said...

azen - so were we. :(

aliya - I find your words very uplifting. And it did make me stronger. Thank you so much Aliya. What more apt i, I am listening to Anwar Awlaki Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) in Madinah part 2. And I can recall the disappointment of the companions masa Hudaibiyah. May I am also granted so much goodness out of this also.

oohhhh dr mom is aliya. Ingatkan sapalah tadi.

masdiana said...

That's ok... He'll grant it to you at the best time for you, as only He knows what's the best.

Teringat when we didn't get to go the 1st year - was dissappointed then but as time passes I became glad - it was not time for us to go yet as we had so much to prepare for it.

Anyway, may you be granted hajj mabrur when the time comes. :-)

zan said...

*hugs* your time will come, one day.. insyallah.

shidah said...

I'm not in the list too. I was hoping to meet my mum there, so double dissappoinment for me. Maybe Allah wants us to be better prepared, till the time comes. inshaallah.

Anonymous said...

lollies dear

mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya.

we applied too for this year, mungkin belum lagi masa untuk menerima jemputan dariNya.

I Do

Anonymous said...


Dear Lollies, hv been following you for quite a while now.

I had to wait for 4 years till I could finally go. And when I was there, Allah made everything easy for me, so InsyaAllah yout time will come.

ps: why don't u juz go n apply for your own visa and go on your own. I knw a lot of people who did that.....I'm one of them.

butterflutter said...

Adalah hikmahnya ya Lollies

elisataufik said...

Sorry to hear that..
Belum rezeki.. Insya-Allah, satu hari sampai jugak. Semoga lagi susah perjalanannya, lagi besar pahala nya!

mosh said...

Kalau umur panjang, many more chances for you to go from there in the coming years, right?