Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sya the Bridesmaid

I think, after the bride and groom, Sya must be the one who is most excited about the wedding. Because she and her BFF were the bridesmaid of the day.

We bought the two girls a nice gold dress with black sash and big black flower on the right string. I really love the dress. It feels almost like the year 30s style.

And she get to put make up on, wear those flower thing on the head and basically be the most glamorous girl of the day.

sya Sya and DIna the bridesmaid

I don't have a better picture of them though. Since most of the good pictures have the bride in it. And look at Sya in the picture. With all the make up, mascara, headdress. Look at the way she sit? Tsk tsk tsk.

Well she enjoyed her day until the time comes to clean off her eye makeup. Hambik ko susuah nak hilang.


mama pasha said...

guna mascara remover lah ibu... tampal kapas kata mata yg tertutup wait for a few second then wipe it off.. ;) cantiknya sya.. :)

elisataufik said...

ha ha duduk macam gangster!
Ikut siapa lah agaknya ek?

Lollies said...

diah - ayooo. itulah namanya susah. tak pakai mascara lagi senang. tak yah pakai remover. :P

elisa - err lover sits like that most of the time.