Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Cikgu Lollies

So i told you that I volunteered to teach the young ones among the Msian community here. I agreed to volunteer for a number of reasons even though I do worry about the conflicting of opinions that might arise. But in the end, perhaps I am that person who likes to touch and feel for herself, so I accept. And i pray that all will be good. And my experience will be beneficial for me and also for the children. And May Allah be please with these.

Anyway I am teaching akhlaq. Ok ok laugh laugh. AT first I said sungguh tak seswai I teach akhlaq. But then it is probably the easiest for me. I am teaching the young one age ranging from 6-7 years old and also the middle young one 9-11 years old.

The young ones are tooo cute, masya Allah. They looked scared at first and I tried my very best to win their hearts. Cewah macam bagus. And some of them probably after feeling more comfortable, happily showed me his ninja turtle bag. And some also have many stories to tell. Too many perhaps. And also some just like to call me but really has nothing to say. *Pening* But the girls are just adorable. Masya Allah. Bat eyelashes.

In the end, I found myself tercungap2 jugaklah handling the little ones because they need so much attention. And they are quite active too. Not all of them can read. And not all of them can write Allah and Muhammad in arabic. Insya Allah no rush.

When I thought dah cukup tercungap with the little ones, the middle young ones are even louder. Can you believe that there are 42 in the class of the age 9-11?? And more than half of them are boys? And more than half of the boys are excited little people? Sometimes the boys were so loud, I forgot there are girls in the class too.

But they are pleasant children. maybe one or two who says words yang memeranjatkan to my ears. I wonder if their parents know.

By second week not only I found some are very adorable while one seven year old had ipod stuck in his ear (which i told the boy to keep it away when I teach) listening to song I don't even know the title. I received cute hugs from the little one and I also heard the word bodoh and penampar (not directed to me though).

Aduhai Tuan Hj Bakhil, Cikgu Murni senak dada macam ni. :P

Anywaaayyy, my first lesson to all of them, irregardless of the age was,


I think before I start babbling on this is the sunnah, this is how Prophet Muhammad s.a.w do or this is what he said, and also this is what Allah tells you to do, I should make them to understand (And agree) that they will always listen and they will obey to Allah's command and the Prophetic ways.

Insya Allah, if I said the Prophet eats with right hand, no one will eat steak using fork on their left hand. Same goes to all of us.

Anyway we made bookmarks as one of their first activity.

We listen we obey

May the children have love to the deen. And may they grow up guided.


OO said...

Congratulation Teacher Lollies for embarking a new and insyaAllah the most rewarding journey in your lifetime!!!!!!

The challenges to teach that range of age - I totally understood!!!

but am sure you won't be discouraged..just look deep into their eyes..the UNSINFUL PURE's you who's going to be part of their life journey..

to distract the active ones, perhaps you need ABM (alat bantuan mengajar - use GG method (still remember??) )

I use toy fishing rod and flash cards - HUUUUUUGE HELP THERE!



Peri PiA said...

happy teaching Cikgu Lollies :)

Hansac said...

Sami' na wa ato' na...

megigoreng said...

kite suker cikgu Lolly :) you did a great job proud of you and keep up a good work...did my daughter say any bad words?? ko cubit jer...aku kasik green light muahhahahha...

Lollies said...

OO - Tulah you said you are teaching that age range kan? How many are in your class ya?

The thing about teaching this, is it is only once a fortnight and each lesson is only 40 minutes. At firstt I said. what? 40 minutes?Mak oi lamanya. tapi come to the real thing, I am always teaching over 40 minutes. I think the teacher yang come after my period will complain very soon.

But since they are young ones, and the nature of weekend class, I nak buat more activities rather than a quiet you sit i talk method. while diselitkan with activities lain. Insya Allah

Lollies said...

ruby - thank you

hansac - waahh cikgu sangat bangga sekali dengan awak. :)

megi - hahaha. baru satu dua kelas aje. belum tau lagi. Insya Allah.

anak you very nice. very attentive dan sangat active dan sunguh suka membantu. Saya beri dia satu star. *tamal sticker star glitter glitter*

أم الليث said...

hehehe sabar betul cikgu lollies. i takleh la ajar budak kecik..mesti asyik nak jerit aje kahkah

selamat pagi cikgu!

zan said...

wahh lollies dah tambah title baru..

terima kasih cikgu lollies :)

all the best, you are doing great!

butterflutter said...

bestnya jd cikgu :-) I know you wl enjoy it. Good luck and all the best wink..wink..

Lollies said...

aliya - tu baru 2 kali ajar tu. i am not sure whether i can tolerate rudeness much. i usually cannot. nakal I prolly can but rude oh dear.

*suara cikgu* selamat pagi murid-murid. duduk. bukak buku muka surat 67 dan aliya baca. sementara cikgu pakai cutex ni.

zan - hahahaha title baru.

BF - ni first time ni. tak taulah whether its my thing or not. with anak sendiri I think much easier.

masdiana said...

Allahumma baarik! imagine the huge rewards insyaAllah... am soooo proud of you, of being a friend. may your 'goodness' rub on me insyaAllah. :-)

Anonymous said...

kena pakai spek frame besar with necklace tak?

MULAN said...

wallaaa... i bet the students semua akan enjoy sakan dengan teacher lollies.. have fun.. banyak pahala tu..