Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Memori Indah

Hahahahhaa. Apa punya tajuk daaa

Subhanallah! Alhamdulillah! My past few weeks have been tremendously full. I was initially occupied with my arabic exam, and in between busy preparing (taklah busy mana) for an Outdoor ibadah camp (purpose of the entry) and then immediately preparing for my tajweed exam (It's today. I don't think I did flying colours)

I went to this Outdoor Ibadah camp organised by the centre that I am working in. hahaha can I use this term? Working in? You know the place where the Malaysians gather to teach the deen to our youngsters here in Qtar. Anyway the call it K@f@ Qtar. So some of the seniors of the teachers who have experience in doing ibadah camp organised this. The best thing of all was we had it at the sand dune itself. Yabedabeduuuu!

Masya Allah! Tabarakallah! They really did a good job!

I am happy that I was asked to help and I was so glad I did. I am tremendously satisfied with the experience I gather being the facilitator for this outdoor camping.

Yeah sure I have been camping before. But the ones I went to are entirely lagha. In factnya rasanya masa muda-muda dulu, that's where we meet the guys..but I didn't meet any though. And sure I have been to some ibadah camp. But..yyaaaaaawwwnn..mostly are filled with talks which are filled up to late night and after that kena bangun qiyam. How lah to appreciate? Or maybe it's just the devil in me.

qatarBut this one was filled with action packed activities very suitable to my adventurous nature. The participants are mostly teenagers and the to be teens soon. Alhamdulillah, I have always liked working with teenagers or interacting with them. As long as they are not rude, I like to be their friends or aunties as they call me nowadays. :P. Picture on the left are the girls in my group, Umm Salamah. We won by the way. Tee he he

If before, I like mixing with them because I love tapping these young mind so hopefully I can still be in touch when my kids' time come. Now to add to it, I am hoping that can impart something with them so they don't spend their precious time growing old like I did. Wasted years of nothingness.

qatarI enjoyed my time and I think sometimes I forget that I was not the one playing the games. LOL. When they need to search for clue, out of my nature nak buat kerja, I searched high and low for the clues too. But the part I love most was guiding the young ones to understand the clues given. They are required to think. A LOT! And they are required to search through the Quran for answers. Understandably some find it harder than others. I don't know the answers of the questions actually. So I went through it with them. Ask them to READ s l o w l y or LOUDLY. Guide them to think.

So I was so sebok looking at nearly all teams making sure they are ok and not stuck here and there. Sungguh over. Picture on the left is one of the boys' group,Amr Al 'As. Haziq's group. I am just happy to see haziq was the one with the pen. They won the boys' team. Tee he he

I am happy with this activity because I see it as a way to narrow the gap between the adult and the teenagers which I find very important for this age. they need role models whom they can emulate. Someone they can admire for the right values and also someone they can respect. respect must be earned. And with teenagers now (eh even my time), the challenges are greater because you have to compete with everything else. It's nice to give them a chance to speak their opinion the right way. I am not an expert and it is a bit too late for me to be one. I am not sure whether they would find it beneficial. Above all the fun and games. Perhaps it's a start.

The expat children here, come to think of it, are usually neglected. They mix with expats from other countries and do their own thing. the adults rue everything and they have to tag along. Makan-makan rumah oranglah. They go to movies and sleep overs (DANGEROUS). They do not have a guided activity. Little interaction between adults and the young ones. They are just here because they are our kids.

This is indeed a good start. Barakallahufik to the ones who organised.

qatar qatar

I don't know how effective this programmes usually are, but I pray it does leave an impact to them. If not soon but later. That one day, at least, they would remember..hey i've learned that before.

The weather was cold when we were there but sprinkles of rain now and then. But overall it was really nice.


May Allah guides us all to do the right thing. May Allah make these young ones leaders of the Muttaqun.


OO said...

Allahumma Ameen to you do'a here.

What a gRRRRReat way to bond with other fellow muslims/muslimahs.

This sort of program is vital to be in touch with the younger ones - jiwa muda dan adventerous (sp??)..errr..yang dah beyond teenager pun boleh gak ber-jiwa muda hehehehe..

memang, I pun sama kalau I feel comfortable with the crowds, I tend to do things "over" jugak!! menyebok jer...hehehehehe..

May Allah bestows all of you, the youngers ones, the facilitators and all with His Bountiful Rahmah - Hidayah Taufiq so that we will always be on the right track.

أم الليث said...

Tidur kat mana? khemah ke chalet?

alhamdulillah i was privileged to experience these types of activities in my youth. mmg sangat seronok especially the side activities hee hee.

but too much of these programs can get tiresome by the end of adolescence (like me!). rasa cam seen it all attitude. so as the teens get older, the organisers will probably have to be more innovative and ingenious!

auntie rozi mmg cool! hehehe in touch with the youth. glad you are enjoying your fulfilling experience! :D

abi said...

bilalah boleh join jugak.

zan said...

masyallah..what u did was great and when u said the camps that u went in your youtful years full of lagha..ohh sungguh terasa..but in good way lah lollies.

may we become better muslimah insyallah and i hope the kids will hv better bonding and learnt something from the camp, esp from auntie lollies :)

Lollies said...

OO - ameen to your dua. i ni sebenarnya macam reliving my youth ni. he he

aliya - tidur kat khemah. tapi khemah yang memang dah siap at the camping site. so tak adalah depa kena buat survival skill ke apa.

tu lah the same thught i have, the kids all seem to be so hapy and nak pergi lagi next year. I wonder what else can we do. Insya Allah sepanjang tahun ni boleh cari idea. You nak share yours ke?

abi - why not you yg organise for the students at your place? :D

zan - hahahahha. but it did shape us to what we are. taklah entirely lagha ek? banyak gak skill that we learn. :D

masdiana said...

I was looking at the pictures with jealousy, but in a good way insyaAllah, + byk2 doa 'Allahumma baarik'. :-D May Allah pour His mercy on the organisers involved + grant His tawfeeq + hidayah to all of you + us insyaAllah.