Saturday, February 27, 2010


My friend told me that it is getting difficult to talk to me nowadays. I suppose I am. We were talking about a paper report which puts the blame on the weather (rain) that causes disturbance on something (I forgot what it was).

On another note, there was a recent event here in Qtar - camel race. There was heavy rain on the very day. The article came out in the country's leading english paper as "Rain disrupts National Show : Rain played spoilsport and dampened the spirit of the National day celebration." And the article went on and on telling that the photojournalists were not happy, how the promoters were forced to suspend the much publicised show and the camels were also in low spirit.

You would think, for a country where the rain comes once a year and the amount only make up for perhaps two days rain in Msia, people would leap for joy when it rains. Oh I remembered they had to make prayers to ask for rain many time before. HERE But here the paper goes about how unhappy people were about the rain.

And also with FB status. It cringes me so much when I read people curse the rain because it spoils their plan. It is understandable to see status like "Gosh! It's hot! I'm standing in front of the AC for the whole day". Or "It's so cold, I think I have lost my ears"

But "Daymn! It rains! There goes our picnic plan" just makes me cringe and scared.

Rain is when one of the times when du'a is most maqbul and we use the blessed time to curse? To be angry? Who are we angry at? Is it not to the creator of the rain? Angry at the creator of the rain when it is the time that He wants to give you what you ask for? Angry at THE creator? You dare to be angry at ALLAH? *nangis*

But my friends asked me, so how to say when rain, like in my post about Jeddah happen, and the destruction seemed like it was caused by the rain. Qadr Allah, I would say. If He doesn't will anything to happen, it won't happen. Wallahu'alam. That's all I can think off. If you know more, please share it with us.

And when it rains, make du'a. Beg for His mercy. Beg for Allah's blessings. Also ask Allah to give us beneficial rain and not harmful. In the end Allah knows best what He gives to His slaves.

But i think, besides that, perhaps I am getting difficult to talk to. Dah jadi party pooper and boring gamaknya. Ahaks!

Sometimes I feel that I am at the crossbridge. Should I say it or not? Should I? Yes? no? A part of me feels, alaa, masing-masing dah besar taulah. On the other hand, enjoin good, forbid evil. You will be asked if you didn't tell. Susahnya.

In f@cebook, you can see many things, which may represent part of people's habit. So you can see what people like to do, play games, build farm, build restaraunt, jadi mafia, tengok gambar, status happy, status marah, tulis notes etc.

Unfortunately also, comes with all these are some application yang fun and normal to many people but is really a red alert siren : the horoscope. JENG JENG JENG!!

It cringes me to see people play with horoscope. It cringes me seeing them subscribing to the application. It cringes me seeing people subscribing to "what is my luck today", fortune cookie and the likes.

Stay away from horoscope. Even for fun. The fun comes when coincidentally the prediction is correct. Then what? Believe? And later what? Looking forward to it? Avoiding what it says to avoid? Doing what it says you should do?

Horoscope and believing in zodiac may all "fun" way of telling the future. But nothing is fun when we know that rasulullah sa.w.. said

The Salaah (daily prayer) of whoever approaches a fortuneteller and asks him about anything will not be accepted for forty days and nights.'
[Saheeh Muslim vol.4,p. 1211, no 5440]

And this is just approaching, or reading, baca aje tak percaya pun, fun fun ajelah ni. Even only reading, and not believing will make your salah not accepted for forty days. Bear in mind though, this is not a green light for you not to pray because if you do not pray, that will mean another thing. Your ibadah will not be accepted unless you repent with sincere repentance. And what if you die in the state of not making repentance yet?

And more to it than that, astrology is like fortunetelling because it deals with, guess what, telling the future. And fortunetelling or telling the future are shirk. And it is shirk because it is claiming the knowledge of the unseen and the future of which the knowledge only belongs to Allah.

With Him are the keys to the unseen and no one knows except Him. Al An'aam 6:59

Say: None in the heavens or earth knows the unseen except Allah An naml 27:65

I understand this is not how we feel or our niyyah to think that we have Allah's power to tell the future. Or the fact of just reading it, we are admitting that someone else has the power. But when it comes to the matter like this, there is no fooling around and poking around. RAsulullah s.a.w. said

"What I fear the most for my nation after my time is: the injustice of their leaders, the belief in the stars and the denial of divine destiny" Colected by Inm Asaakir and authenticated by As Suyotee

Let it be known that shirk is major sin. Cooperating in shirk is also major sin. It is a sin so grave that it will not be forgiven by Allah unless you repent when you are still alive. This also include believing that the sign of stars determine the personalities.

Even if everyone is doing it, it doesn't mean that it is right. Do we really dare to say, this is just for fun, when we are walking into the fire of shirk? And if we don't believe in the horoscope, don't go near it, for Shaytan will make you believe it, bi iznillah. He is the master of trick and have thousand of years of experience in the field. And shaytan's ultimate objective is to make us Kufr and join him in hellfire. And the moment you believe in the horoscope you read, you will fall into Kufr.

Whoever approaches an oracle or fortuneteller and believes in what he says, has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad s.a.w. reported by Abu hurayrah collected by Ahmad and Abu Dawood.

Put your trust in Allah, And fear Him and fear of death in the state of shirk. i ask Allah that He preserves us and guide us to the correct path.


أم الليث said...

I love this entry!! muah muah

Essentially it is the same here too. Negara bukan Islam but still...

all year they complain that there's no rain; water levels are going down, the country will run out of water, bushfires here and there.. but when it rains...curse here curse there..complaining abt how plans are ruined. Astaghfirullah.. how ungrateful is mankind's nature.

abt the shirk stuff on FB..i totally agree. nak ckp bnyk2 kali bknnya orang tak tau. if ppl knew the extreme danger of those things to our aqidah and amal...they would not scoff at this sort of advice u are giving nor would they justify themselves that those acts are only in jest. our aqidah will be our salvation.. it is no laughing matter.

Nuseiba said...

Lolls, *hugs* Ni bukan hug kesian. Tapi ni hug yang tetiba rasa nak hug. Boleh?

For me, I suppose, when one tries to practice not saying lagha things, it would seem that there is little to talk about with the people we normally converse with (unless its something that enriches us mentally and spiritually). And if any talking is done, some would feel like they're being put out by reminders that anyone might suddenly come up with. Wallahu'alam.

Just to comment on Aliya's comment. I really do think that some people really do not know, or realise the extent of their action. Sometime, the way that advice is being given is given in such a way that the person receiving is just being told, "no, thats haraam, it is shirk" and thats it.

I'll let you on a little bad secret, once upon a time, I didn't know that looking at zodiac (where they talk about a person's trait based on the date they were born) was bad. There was no little warning bells, or flutter of apprehension in my heart when I did read any, even if I did scoff at them. It is the way someone came up to me and reminded me that it is haraam that I knew. I don't know how I might have taken it if it was done in public (like commented publicly rather than private message) without much digestion on how it is wrong.

Yes, people needed to be told, cakap je banyak2, insyaAllah it will get through. Cuma kena right channel and right way je lah. (of course, some people would just be defensive and put up a mighty wall of denial...well, win some, loose some I guess).

[sorry banyak sangat cakap]

abi said...

MasyaAllah ukhti. very good entry. very good. I am concern with the horoscope thing. yes i am. i even hide it from appearing in my news feed. but i am more concern about this "Login FB get RM100" thing. it is clearly haram but still there are people advertising it.
nevertheless, this is a very good entry. and i am very happy and sad at the same time, you did what Nabi Muhammad SAW ask us to do when we see sin. barokallah ya ukhti.

BabyBooned said...

ok i've been staying away frm horoscopes for a while now, but skarang sah taknak jenguk langsung. insyaAllah.

as a teenager jgn nak kata lah.. everyday dok carik horoscope. then wondered why they're always inaccurate. pfft. what a waste of time (and dosa!). hee..

as usual a great entry of reminder to us, lolls. thanks :)

masdiana said...

Allahumma baarik - another great entry! :-)

May we always enjoin good + forbid evil - it's a quality of the ppl of best nation boasted by RasulUllah s.a.w. (Aal-Imran (3):110) + stay away from the only zulm that won't be forgiven by Allah without taubah b4 death.

Anonymous said...

Good one rozie. Just the other day I subtly "tegur" a relative on FB about this horoscope thingy. Nasib baik, two days later dah tak de dah dia punya horoscope appearing on my wall.

- rozi, jeddah-

rozi hamsawi said...

btw, am going to copy one the hadith u quoted and paste it to my fb status! thanks

Lollies said...

umm layth - i am shivering each time i think about this shirk stuff. I ask Allah that He forgive our sins of shirk the one we know and the one that we don't know. sedih dan takut sekali.

Tapi I think we are not that well informed. And tak begitu yakin pun yg horoscope is shirk. like iklan haram tak boleh tapi horoscope boleh letak kat paper. so horoscope is not a sin?

the school syllabus needs to be changed!

pb - Huuuuugggssss. i need it atually. after i wrote this entry, i cried. because I know I am part of it before.

ask my closer friends, they can tell you how much into zodiac i was. not the reading horoscope so much, but more on the belief that personality trait goes with your stars and which star suits what. and the extensive research i made.and the people whom i discussing it with. not to mention feng shui. i studied directions, colour element and apa lagi entah. had books about these too. I was about tochose suitable colour for my houses according to these.

I thank Allah, sujud shukr, that I didn't die during those time. And I ask Allah for forgiveness.

Lollies said...

abi - apa tu? login dapat 100? i tak pernah nampak pulak. bunyi macam chain letter pun ada. i need courage to tell people. I ask Allah for wisdom and that He guard and guide my tongue.

babybooned - Alhamdulillah selalu inaccurate. :D let's focus our reading to something else. baca cartoon strip lagi bagus

diana - i use to not understand this dulu. that Allah does not forgive shirk. Alhamdulillah after knowing what it means, I feel so relieved. Nevertheless also very afraid.

Together ramai-ramai, Insya Alah, we can make our daawah. sikit2lah he he

Lollies said...

rozi - thats good for you. it is not easy to make a good teguran.

mosh said...

technically, it was the lack of rain (or the heat rather) bending the train tracks that caused the derailment of trains :)

to be very conscious about the tendencies of shirik from a big fan is such an amazing transformation. definitely much better than being ignorant about it from day 1 and still is until now =)

Dills said...

I talk to you more nowadays. I dont find it difficult at all. Alhamdulillah... Nasib baik time i kat umah u tak ujan. Kalo tak jom mandi ujan sambil berdoa.