Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Lagi Kisah Ngeri

Somehow, off late I have been thinking about our end of life. Good? Alhamdulillah. Bad? . I seek protection with Allah from it.

I use to know one couple. They were my neighbours. I was in my teens then. They were young and had no child.

I used to lepak at their house because their place was nice. Despite we were living in low-cost houses, they decorated their house in style. In my eyes, at that time, their house was like thouse houses in deco magazine.

Anyway they were beautiful couples. The wife pretty, the husband err tak ingat. Maybe that's why I like to be at their place because I was a teen looking for an examplary figure to emulate (?).

After sometime, the wife found a new interest in modeling. So she was often not in Muar. In KL for photo shoots and what not. So I rarely saw her. I saw her husband now and then.

Then there were stories about the wife enjoying too much time living the new lifestyle. New man. Wild parties and such. The husband, in the meantime, resorted to drinking. He was also trying to get her back or something to that effect. I don't know much because this was cerita-cerita orang tua.

But the wife remained living in the capital city and the husband got scruffier each day in the small town of Muar.

Fate has it, the husband after a binge of drinking met with a fatal accident. he died on the spot. I didn't see the wife after that.

This event gave a big impact on me when I was in my hormone-raged teen. Being the wild teen girl at that time befriending people who drink and take drugs, I was very afraid of drinking for the fear of death in that state.

His death brings me two fear, one : death in the state of sinning, and two :him being the husband died also in the state of anger to the wife. Either way makes me very afraid.

I ask Allah to keep me and all of us in the straight path and to give all of us good ending in life.

May Allah forgive them.

My first Kisah Ngeri Series HERE.


Anonymous said...

hmm fikiran sebegini kerap terlintas di minda saya juga.

tapi kalau terlepas kat paper melayu, they will spin it.

'lollies sejak kebelakangan ini menunjukkan perubahan tingkah laku dan berfikir tentang kematian'

Lollies said...

screw - i hope that is a good sign.

(eh ya ka? tengah scroll balik post-post lama)

famyGirl said...

Ameen to your dua darling.

Lollies said...

famy - Ameen Ya Rabb Ameen. Fear dying not in the state of Islam and dying in the state of syirk. May Allah protect us

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

kisah ngeri is indeed necessary to keep us on our toes, kan. amin to your doa...

Lollies said...

babybooned - i hope by me putting it here (and all of you tak kenal pun dia kan, Insya Allah) will serve as lessons for all of us.

Ya Rabb, The Most merciful, forgive your slaves for their misdeeds.