Wednesday, February 02, 2011


It is really nice to say the country's name eh? Esfahan. Esfahan. Esfahan. It is so easy and beautiful on the tongue. And so is tehran and Suez and Timbaktu.

Anyway Esfahan when we got there was not strikingly beautiful. Its outskirts are mainy industrialised. I think a nuclear plant is somewhere somewhere. Perhaps I have always prefer sceneries rather than cities. But Esfahan stores so many jewels of Iran.

And I think if you make first research on Iran, most of the buildings that will appear on your google page will be of esfahan.

Just to add more pictures on the web.

Jameh Mosque Imam Mosque

Imam Mosque

Khalju Bridge


Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

mula-mula in awe of such beauty of structure lepas tu rasa pilu thinking about them in its heydays.

You know, where have all the people gone?

Mana pigi orang dalam rumah besar ni?


elisataufik said...

LOVE the first picture! <3

Lollies said...

:). I know what you mean. Just to explain the pictures first. The first two pictures are Jameh msoque and Imam Mosque of which both are working mosques. And the last picture is ha khalju bridge. Still being used a s a bridge cum dam.

In iran most buildings are still being used except if they have turned them to museum like the pahlavi's palace or the golestan palace. For the former, i suppose the current ruler takkan nak pakai tempat mewah macam tu. Tapi i donno how their place look like. Khomeini punya buruk though.

What are left not used usually dah hancur anyway due to their frequent earthquake.

But in other places like oman i see many glory of the past that are ot used. It was the central government area and such. remind me of a verse that Allah will replace a civilisation to another

But how many (countless) generations before them have We destroyed? Can you find a single one of them (now) or hear (so much as) a whisper of them? (Surah Maryam: 98)

papabear said...

awesome... really awesome...

aft3rglow said...

what a beautiful place.. hope i can go there before some western country pick a fight with Iran and bombed it all up... i supposed jalan esfahan dekat sogo was also inspired from this place ;) long time not reading you Lols