Monday, January 24, 2011

Along the Mountain Track

I have the tendency to choose the mountain when I go travelling. Perhaps this is because of my camping interest which when I was younger, tend to be at the mountain, or perhaps also the humidity of the sea always give me the rashes not to mention, takut melengut.

But I am young no more. So the work to have the best view of the mountain leave me lots of non-existent muscle pain. I didn't learn my lesson when I went to Taman Negara did I? Nor the steep hike that I had to take with flimsy slippers at Wadi Bani Khalid, Oman.

In Iran we hiked up a small mountain or a tall hill to reach Castle Roudkhan of what seemingly never ending steps.

iran iran

Iran iran

Castle Roudkhan 4

I think I lost loads of kilos just going up and down the hill but happily gained back due to the delicious food in Iran.

Also, as if not learning our lesson that driving up and down the mountain and cutting across it will cause stomach to be tied into a knot, we did again what we did in Oman. Knot in the stomach.

But then we saw these




So we will probably do it again.


roserose*MrsYusof* said...


papabear said...

lovely. thanks fro sharing this lollies :P

elisataufik said...

The hike and the drive actually nampak sungguh best.
I want to go!!!

Btw, You should really go to Wadi Shab. Memang kena hike, but it's SO worth it.

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

valdera hahahahahaaa

m.u.l.a.n said...

masyaAllah..... cantik nya...!!

doakan i akan sampai sana one day...

famygirl said...

MasyaAllah, what breathtaking views! made all the hiking and stomach-knotting worthwhile, kan? :)

Atas bukit tu sejuk eh Lollies? Berkabus je nampak

papabear said...

That's a big climb! Fuh! enough just by looking at it..